Sunday, 5 August 2012

Happy Birthday, Zukkini Baby!!!

Happy Birthday to You, Omedettou~

I honestly don't have much time, and I was planning to do some reviews today, but I have somewhere to go... and then I decided to look on Hello! Online, and realised that I had forgotten one important thing...

It's Suzuki Kanon's birthday! My little Zukkini is growing up! -sniffs-

I actually can't believe I forgot! I am such a failure as a fan, considering she is my Oshi, but this also makes me suspect my inner wota, because I actually thought about Birthday songs today, which made me wonder why. Now I know why - Inner Wota, thank you! You KNEW!!!

So right now, I am listening to Birthday Song by AAA as I write this, because it's the song that I kept thinking about today. Anyways, to my little Zukkini, the ray of sunshine I love and adore, my Oshimen...


I love you, Zukki... your smile is always beautiful, and I love how you are random, how you act like an old man in personality, and how you are a weird, quirky butterfly who enjoys being weird. I love you so so so so so much!

Never change, my lovely little weird Idol! >3<

Here's a video of Zukkini singing her lil' ol' heart out with Yeah! Meccha Holiday! This girl really knows how to liven up a song and make it her own >3<

To celebrate, here are some birthday songs!

AAA Birthday Song

Alice Project Happy☆Bade (Seriously, that is what it translates to XD)

Aika Mitsui's version of Hajimete no Happy Birthday.

Suzuki Kanon, Fukumura Mizuki and Mitsui Aika's singing Sungoi! My Birthday

And of course...

A PICSPAM FOR THE BIRTHDAY GIRL! 8D (I will add a break cos' I have around 94 pics in here XD)


  1. thanks for reminding me that it was our Zukki-baby's birthday. I've been so caught up with work that i completely forgot.

    1. You're welcome! I've been caught up too, so I was thankful that I was reminded by Hello! Online xD