Thursday, 30 August 2012

Giving AKB48 a Chance: The 3 Day Challenge - Day 3 (Part 1)

So today's the last day, huh? The 3rd and final day of this 3 day challenge, the one where I actually look into AKB48 and really give them that chance that I needed to give them, in order to broaden my thoughts on not only the group itself, but also the amount of songs they have and how diverse this group really is (despite what their A-sides sound like).

But let's be honest here; I kinda still feel the same way about AKB48 as I did before this challenge, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, because hey, I didn't hate them before, though this challenge helped/allowed me to look into songs that I would have never bothered to looked into unless I forced myself to (which is essentially what this challenge is about - forcing me to care and to see how I am 3 days later) and I feel like I care more about AKB48 right now and I also know that there is a lot more to them than just crappy A-sides with really good MV's. So I have learnt something about AKB, and I guess I can't judge them based on solely their lack-luster A-sides. Whoo~

Anyway, moving on. From Day 2, I had happy feedback, which made me really happy! Coming home from a slow day at work (where I was thinking about what songs to use from a list someone had sent me last night, yaaay!) I was quite surprised to see more comments concerning the post, but one of these comments made me really really happy. It's so sweet! x3 I'm gonna post it, because I feel proud of myself now! xD
"Helloo I just wanted to say that I love how you're covering AKB! I actually am also a Morning Musume fan, and though I don't hate AKB, I've never tried to get into them. Your post is helping me listen to AKB more than I ever have, and I think it's widening my J-Pop world just a little bit. Thanks =D!"
This comment has really brightened my day, and motivated me even more to finish up this 3 Day Challenge! That, and a few people have been sending in little lists of their favourite songs from the 48 groups for me to listen to, which really does help me a lot in this sort of situation! So, I'm really pleased with all the comments and feedback I have been getting from AKB48 fans or non-fans. It spurs me on, and keeps me writing! Yaaay!

I may have to begin a One Week Challenge next, I mean, Ray said something about challenging myself to look into Visual Kei... xD How wonderful that would be for my sister, though tastes change within 3 years, I guess...

Anyway, I am babbling on! I think that it's about time that we get into the third and final (unless there is a part 2, which might just happen!) post for this 3 Day Challenge! It's time to get moving, and listening to some Stage Songs once again! Yipee~

Challenge Accepted!

Day/Night 3 (Final Challenge):

Why bunnies and cuteness, you ask? Because Minegashi Minami, that's why! Seriously, I want to hug that chubby faced beauty!!!

Anyway, back to the real topic on hand (Minami is a cutie!!!), I will be using some of the songs that others have suggested in comments, including the other 48 groups! This includes NMB, a group I dislike greatly for the pure fact that they bore my socks off and in no way entertain me... but that could be because I haven't listened to them in a long time, though their song Virginity failed to entertain me when I first heard it. Hm...

So before I have to scarper off to my Drama thing, I will forget all of my lines and kick back, relax and listen to some Stage songs, a few songs which have been A-sides too, and allow myself to finish this challenge and see just where AKB takes me...

Song 1: Junai no Crescendo

This song was suggested to me by an anonymous sender, who gave a lovely list of different songs which they personally like, with certain songs recommended more than others. Junai no Crescendo was one of the more recommended songs, so I decided to choose this one as the first song to look at.

The opening is really nice, and watching the performance, who is that I see... no, it can't be, can it...? Minami, my chubby cheeked angel! It is you, darling! Well, I'm already liking this song, because the angel is in it, as well as TakaMina, who is a pretty darned good singer may I say? Definitely improved from when she was in her early Idol career (she sounded quite nasally) and she sounds amazing here, though I will say the Angel Minagashi is my favourite voice here. Her voice is surprising against her cute face.

This song is quite cool to my ears, but really easy to listen to as well. It has a lot of appeal actually, and I am quite enjoying it. The opening was what made me want to listen to the song more, but the vocals help to keep my interest. Every one of the three girls sounds great, and I enjoy how perfectly they work together. They all have a certain maturity to their voices, and for this song, I think that maturity is needed.

No wonder this was recommended. It's a pretty song, sung by wonderful singers. I'm liking this, and considering this is a No Sleeves song too, I may just have to look into the group and see how much more I like them...

Song 2: Oogoe Diamond

This song was also recommended by the same Anonymous user, and actually I was quite interested in looking into this song anyway, because the 10th single was the first single to introduce Matsui Jurina in an AKB48 single, as opposed to her own group, SKE48. Now that I've started watching this, I actually remember this from when my sister was into watching videos from AKB48 - and this was one of the songs she liked quite a bit for how catchy and fun it was... and I liked it quite a bit too, but never remembered the name (or never bothered to learn it).

This is a really nice song, and one of the catchiest A-sides I think. It's got a nice beat to it which can get quite infectious if you listen to it enough, and the PV is well made too - I like the performance from the girls in the video and how it shows the work they put into the performance for their 'school'.

The Stage performance itself is pretty bad ass, because there is so much more energy put into the performance than the MV really shows, and you really feel the power and effort these girls put into their stages when you watch them sing live. I also feel like the girls really show more emotion in their stage performances compared to their MV's, which makes them a ot more likeable, admittedly.

I'm enjoying the stage performance of Oogoe Diamond. It's performed wonderfully, and really show cases the true energy of this really good song. Definitely worth a watch, guys! The live I mean, not the PV!

Song 3: Dakishimeraretara

Another song that was trongly recommended, Dakishimeraretara, this song sounds slower than what I expected, honestly, but it sounds extremely promising, especially when the vocals come into play! These girls are all really strong singers, which I am liking a lot!

And the chorus... Okay, this song got a lot prettier! It's absolutely stunning. Oh boy, this song... I might start loving this song, because it actually has to be the prettiest stage song that I have listened to yet. The instrumental is just a pleasure to listen to, and the girls vocals are amazing. For me, this is a true love song, in a way. It has just the right beat, the right amount of power put into it from the vocals, and a good amount of sweetness which makes it just oh so beautiful and such a wonder to listen to.

Ah, I'm falling in love with these girls and this song... help me? Wait, no, don't help me... I like it too much xD

It's a very beautiful song, one which strikes me as the 'perfect' love song. It doesn't sound too sad, nor does it sound overly happy and cheesy. It's cute but also really strong, and honestly, if this came out as an A-side from AKB48, I would probably buy it, because that's just how pretty it is!

It makes me feel happy x3

Song 4: Candy

Aaaaaaand cue the cavity check! It's time for Diabetes and dentist appointments, because this song, or at least how it starts, is extremely sweet and full of sugary goodness! Oh boy, my teeth...

From a love song to something that is filled with cuteness, this is certainly a cute, and a rather nice, change from the beautiful Dakishimeraretara. The girls have such sweet voices which really suit the tone of this song, with a refreshing breath of vocals from Masuda Yuka, who has the best voice out of all three... but that's because she isn't forcing the sugary sweetness and drowning me in the fake cuteness that the other two are.

The song is, in general, a really nice song! I'd say if you hate cuteness to the extent where you feel like you need to visit the dentist, then you should probably avoid this song, unless you want to hear Masuda Yuka with her glorious voice, but yeah... I doubt this would be for everyone, but I'm a sucker for cute songs. I mean, I love Rainbow Pink, so that kinda tells you something about my preference in songs, doesn't it? So yeah, this song is nice! Cute, sugary and tooth-ache worthy! A gloriously cute song, with cute voices and one mature, beautiful voice, to top it all off!

This is definitely my sweet treat dessert from this challenge! Thanks for giving it to me, Anonymous who suggested it >3< Wheeee~~~

Song 5: Yuuwaku no Garter

Another song suggested by the very same Anonymous, and the first SDN48 song I will be looking at... ever. Honestly, I took no interest in this group, and that may have been for the reason that at the time they were around, I was not a fan of AKB and refused to listen to any group associated to them. So yeah...

Anyway, SDN were the more mature group, the girls who really were quite sexy in comparison to their sister groups, and made up of older women. Even the song sounds more mature than most Idol songs, and takes the perspective of an older woman who I think (think think think) has cheated on her boyfriend with her best friend. Wow... risky, right? But hey, whatever works for the group...

The song itself isn't just sexy, but the sound and the feel of the song is sexy. Okay, wait... everything about this song, from the girls singing to the dance, is sexy, mature and risky. And I thought that Baby Baby Baby was bad...

But regardless of the amount of sex this song oozes (how many times will I use that word in this mini review of this song?), it is a good song. I like how mature it sounds, the guitar rifts, the tone... it's all good, and compliments the meaning of the song perfectly. Risky? Oh yes, but it's damn good, so I don't really care. Now, why the hell did these guys graduate? I mean, SDN... wow. I'm liking them already just from this song, as well as mentally kicking myself for never giving them a chance because of my stupid thoughts on AKB48.

Mental KICK!!!!

Song 6: Ame no Pianist

This will have to be my last one for now, but I aim to put up a part 2 as soon as I can because I really need to go, and I want to post this before 7pm England time x3 So, for now, the last song I have chosen to look at is SKE48's stage song, Ame no Pianist.

Why this song? Well, it's SKE, though I was originally going to try out the debut of NMB and see how it fared this time around with my judgement, but I couldn't find a PV which would load quickly enough, so I had to go to plan B: Another song, and this one caught my interest. I like SKE, so I just thought it would be nice to use this as my last song for Part 1 of this post.

So, the song itself is different from most SKE songs. I usually think of bubbly and extremely genki when it comes to any song by SKE, but this one, whilst quite up-beat in its own way, is mild and a lot more toned down, but also a lot more mature and seems to be about a break up (well, it's what I read from the translation of the lyrics...), something which is quite different from my beloved Okie Dokie and Perao Emerald. That said, it is a refrehing and cool kind of song, and I like its tone.

The girls singing all sound very good in this song, and give it that maturity that it needs, but also a bit of innocence with their soft voices. They compliment the instrumental quite well, despite not being the strongest singers... well, if they are strong singers, this song certainly doesn't let their strength come out. But anyway, it's nice, and I like the song enough to not turn it off x3

It's a change from the usual genki songs I hear from AKB, but it's refreshing~


And that will be all from me for now, folks! If it wasn't for my drama group tonight, I would probably have about 10 songs written up on here, and then a further 6 on the part two. Alas, it is not meant to be... until later tonight, of course! I have a few more songs to get through, but for now, I hope that these will do~ It's actually becoming a lot of fun doing this!

Curse you, drama group!!! Curses!!!



  1. Wow I see you listen to a few songs I recommended ♥ Glad to see you like them and perhaps we have the same tastes. I really hope you do give AKB a chance. I, myself, use to hate them too...but one day I watched this drama and Miichan (Minegishi Minami) was in it. I didn't even know she was a part of AKB48 and before I knew it, I fell for them.

    I also grew a soft spot for them because they used to get all this criticism and hate from Hello! Project fans. They used to be nothing and worked their way to the top.

    1. I really enjoyed the songs, they were ones I really liked! And I will continue listening to AKB, I've done so for a while, but I'm hoping that I will now be a lot more open to these girls. And Mii-chan <3 The beauty x3

      I do admit, H!P fans can be scary when it comes to AKB. I know cos I was one of them, and I do think that it is horrible what we H!P fans can say... but honestly, AKB fans can be just as bad... ANY fan of any group can be as bad as anyone else when it comes to their group D8

    2. Oh since you're a Miichan fan I thought I'd show you her solo (if you haven't already seen it)! It's a ballad but it's beautiful ♥

      Also her stage song:

      Spreading the Miichan virus ♥

    3. Ah thank you so much! Mii-chan looove x3 <3