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Chiima's First Impressions of an AAA Album - 777 ~TRIPLE SEVEN~ Album Review

All thoughts and opinions aimed towards this group are all my own and no one else's, unless otherwise stated. What I think about this album and the group itself are what I honestly think and feel, and no one else's opinion can change that. If you don't like what I write, then you know that you don't have to read this blog, right? However, you may stay and see if, at the end of this post, you hate me, kay? xD

I haven't done an album review in a while, and seeing as it really has been some time since I did one on this blog, I thought that now would be a good time to take a look at an album from a group I've kinda been liking for well over a month or so now.

AAA have recently released their 7th album, titled 777 ~TRIPLE SEVEN~, and whilst this is generally not the sort of group I tend to go for when searching for my Idols, these guys really peaked my interest with their summer single 777 ~We can sing a song~, which I kind of butchered after looping it so much on my music player. Anyway, I gained a slight interest them, enough so that I actually took a look at some of their newer single songs and decided that they were worth checking up on every now and again.

As a new, and rather casual, fan to the group, I can't say that I am totally dedicated to them yet. They're good, but I haven't found anything by these guys that has really blown me away.

Well, maybe the album will do that for me, because this will be my first time listening to a few of these songs. Some I have already heard, others I haven't. Big chance I may have forgotten some of the songs, though, so it may be a whole new experience once again anyway.

So, before we get into anything, let's take a look at that track listing, shall we?

Track Listing:

1. 777 OPENING
2. Charge ▶ GO!
3. 777 ~We can sing a song!~
5. Perfect
6. Lights
7. Last Love
8. I$M
9. Sorry, I...
10. Still Love You
12. Thank you (39 ver.)
13. We Are!

There is also a bonus track which is present on only the CD only an, mu-mo and PLAYBUTTON editions which is a special summer medley made up of three songs, SUNSHINE - No End Summer - Summer Revolution. However, I don't have it, so we will have to skip that track...

So, shall we open up this album and see what it has in store for us, eh?


I'm not really used to 'openings' on albums, though I do know that PASSPO are one of those groups who have an opening for their albums. Anyway, I actually really like this opening and how it sounds like a marching band. It's quite catchy, and has a really nice tone to it. At one point, though, I swear it sounds like something out a fairytale musical, or the Nutcracker. Either one of those fits the image of part of the opening's instrumental, but it quickly turns into another track, one which I can clearly tell is my beloved 777 ~We can sing a song~. Heck, I'm even singing the lyrics to it!

Actually, I may prefer this opening and how it sounds compared to the actual instrumental for 777 ~We can sing a song~

... Ah well, it's over. Let's move onto the next song, shall we?

Charge ▶ GO!

During my search for random AAA songs, I did happen to take a look at this one, and honestly, I quite liked it when I first heard it. The beginning sounds like a really pretty ballad, and everyone sounds great in it! I loved the mix of male and female vocals, and I was really getting into the song, even if the sound didn't fit the name of the song...

And then, for some odd reason, the instrumental suddenly changed? Wait... what? Where the hell is my ballad!?

Honestly, I thought that at first. It was such a weird change for me, hearing a really nice instrumental charge into something a bit more up-beat and techno-poppy. I was surprised by it, but I've actually come to like it, and I do like how the composers decided to change the song up a bit by adding in a mix of up-beat and slow instrumentals to give us something quite cool and catchy, but also gentle and soothing. Yeah, it's a strange mixture, but somehow, AAA make it work, even it does sound a bit... out of place? Drunk? Messy?

Eh, who knows... but whatever, I like it. It actually makes me think that the song is called Charge ▶ GO! for the reason that it slowly, but surely, charges into a different sound and changes your opinion of the song before you can even make up your mind what you think about it.

Yeah, there are a few 'WTF' moments, like when the rap suddenly slips in after quite a nicely paced slow, techno-like instrumental, but you get used to it.

Again, the song is a strange mix of instrumentals, and for some people it can get quite messy and even annoying with the amount of times it changes tune and tone, but it's different, and I like how it suddenly changes... sometimes.

Though this would probably be a bitch to listen to drunk, I bet. Maybe I should try that one day

If it weren't so random, I would probably adore this song... but only if it kept the ballad sound to it, however I find nothing wrong with the song either. It's just weirdly organised, like the composer was high on cookies or something xD

777 ~We can sing a song~

Here's my baby! The song that helped me to take some notice of AAA and to realise how much I want to marry Nishijima and how much I adore Mitsuhiro's voice.

This song is really nice, and it was actually the song I played the most this summer. I just love how carefree, happy and energetic it is. This song is the perfect beach song, something I could see myself listening to if I were to lay on the beach or lay in the garden. It puts me in a good mood, and the repetetive, easy to remember lyrics help me to like the song more. That, and Mitsuhiro's solo rap lines are wonderful. I like how the composer was able to mix in a bit of rap without totally screwing up the instrumental of the song and turning it into a hazardous maze of different sounds I like Charge ▶ GO! but it's messy...

I love the friendly sound of this song, and whilst this probably isn't their best song (I don't know yet, I need to listen to more of them) I like it a lot, and I am happy that this was the song that allowed me to become even more familiar with this group. I don't think that I could think of a better song to introduce me to AAA, actually, because it's carefree, simple and nice to listen to - all the things I seem to like in a song!

That, and Nishijima is freakin' yummy...

Mhm, next song!


Ah, another song I actually listened to before finding this album.

This is also another song with yet another messy instrumental, and admittedly, this one pisses me off a lot more than Charge ▶ GO! did with the constant change of sound, though honestly, this has less instrumental changes, but for some reason it gets annoying faster with SAILING.

Now, I think that I would honestly like this song if it kept to the one beat, and that's the chorus. It's really pretty and gentle, and everyone sounds amazing, but the change in direction for the instrumental annoys me to no end because I like the chorus so much! I wish it wouldn't change! Why, oh why, can't it stay soft and pretty for me? Why does it have to move into a totally different instrumental with rapping and more up-tempo beats? Seriously...

I think it's SAILING that has made me realise that AAA may be the sort of group who have these experimental instrumentals that constantly change in the song and don't stick to one sound, and whilst I liked it for Charge ▶ GO!, I don't think that I can stand it for every song of theirs. It makes me happy that 777 ~We can sing a song!~ is how I was introduced to AAA, because I might have never listened to these guys again if SAILING was the first song I heard from these guys.

Actually, the first song I heard by AAA was Charge ▶ GO!

I don't mind the song... I just wish that it would stick to one instrumental, and not change after I get used to one sound...

Okay, so let's move on, shall we...?


Here's a song I am unfamiliar with, though I did take a little listen before actually starting this post. Perfect is a song which I expected to sound... well, kind of perfect in a way. By that, I mean slow, gentle and a song that's meant to be quite meaningful and sweet in its own way, something which I would like and take an interest in. And honestly?

That is what it sounds like. It's a song which is slow in pace, and is sung for the female listeners. In fact, I only hear the boys singing in this song, and that's quite nice. All of the guys sound amazing, and I love how they fitted in a rap without ruining the song or creating too much of a gap. It fits nicely within the song, complimenting the softness of the tune whilst giving it a bit of an edge.

I love how I can hear little words like Lovely, Perfect and Baby you are Perfect in the song. It's almost reassuring, the sort of song you would want to listen to if you were feeling down or needed some motivation. It certainly makes me feel like the singer is singing to me, which I like when listening to a song that helps to lift my spirits.

It's an incredibly sweet song, and I love how the guys sound in this. It's pretty incredible, and I have a feeling that I won't get enough of this song for a while now...

Ah, I wish I had one of them in front of me now, singing this song to me and telling me I am perfect when I really am not... xD

I actually don't want to go onto the next song, but I need to... ;A;


... Though I don't regret switching songs now!

This is a first time listen to Lights, though it is the second A-side to Charge ▶ GO! as well as one of the prettiest songs I have heard from AAA as of right now.

The instrumental is beautiful, and once again, everyone sounds great. I just love how everyone compliments each others' voices despite there being more girls than boys. They all really work and blend well together, they all just fit. The boy really impressed me in this song, the girls too, but I was taken by how lovely the male voices are in this group. They really suit the softness of this song and compliment it well.

Ah, and guess what?

Yeah, there's a rap in it. Again. AAA won't leave off of the rap, will they? Not that I'm complaining, of course x3 I like some rap sometimes, and if AAA deliver it this well constantly, I don't think I will have a problem liking them even more after this review...

Anyway, this song sounds so sweet, and the tone really seems to compliment the name of the song too. I didn't think that this song would be anything too heavy or loud, but I was surprised by how gentle it was.

Then again, I'm a sucker for slow piano based songs with some soft raps thrown in there... x3

AAA, I'm falling for you...~

Last Love

As far as I know, this is a new song like Perfect is, and this song opened up with a tune that I didn't expect. It's slightly K-pop-ish in sound, taking on an old-fashioned as well. Oh, and this is also a song that is dominated by the girls, and they sing it really well.

Tough honestly, with a name like Last Love, I was expecting something softer and... well, sadder, so I was surprised by how mature, cool and strangely sexy it sounded.

I would actually expect a song like this from a girl band, SNSD or Girls Aloud, because the sound is somewhat nostalgic. It's up-beat and cool, the coolest song from this album so far, and I quite like it, though I don't think that this will ever become my favourite song on this album. I seem to favour the boys...

Anyway, the girls sound great here - I have no idea who is who, but I like both of their voices. I know that the girls are good singers, well that's what the song tells me, and I don't hate either of their voices, which is a bonus!

I really don't have much to say about this single, other than it's good and I like the beat, but I doubt I would play this one constantly like I would Perfect or Lights.

Actually, listening to this, I thought 'This is the song of a cougar'... Weird o-O


This is the track on the album which includes an MV, and is also the B-side to the single Still Love You. It's a pretty cool song, one which I'm really enjoying now that I'm listening to the song fully. At first, I only heard snippets of the song and was sure I didn't like it, but hearing the rest of it, I'm liking it a lot more and really enjoying the sound and feel of the song.

The song seems to be the main theme of the album, which seems to be poker and casino's, and sounds really cool. There are quite a lot of effects in the song itself, such as the sound of the singers' voices being manipulated quite a bit to sound like they are at a distance. Even the instrumental sounds like it has been manipulated a little, as if it used to be a loud, techno-pop club song which has been changed around to sound a bit more distorted or as if the bass has been tuned down quite a bit.

Well, whatever I am saying, it's interesting to listen to. I quite like the song and how different it sounds to the other songs on this album. Everyone, once again, sounds great, and I'm enjoying the sound of this song a lot more than I thought I would.

... Oh my god! It reminds me of the underground for some reason! Maybe that's why it sounds so distorted and cool? x3


And I have nothing else to say xD Though guess what?


... They've fit a rap into every song but the girls' one so far xD clever producers.

Sorry, I...

So, a song that has the word 'Sorry' in the title. Well, that sounds like something woeful and slow, so what's it sound like...?

The complete opposite, of course. Damn you, AAA x3

The song actually starts off with what sounds like techno music, something I would certainly hear in a club if I ever decided to venture out of my room and act social, but soon changes (quite smoothly, actually) into another instrumental which is quite nice to hear. It's a lot smoother than the techno beat instrumental, and more welcoming for my ears in a way, though it quickly returns to the original instrumental and continues that techno, poppy beat which is actually quite cool.

Oh, hello rap! You seem to think that I can't live without you in this album, don't you? Making up for no rapping in Last Love?

Ah well, it's still quite a good song, actually. I like how the instrumentals transition smoothly, actually. There's no messy move from one tune to another, and the techno balances well with the second instrumental's more sincere tone, which I'm liking quite a bit.

... Wait a minute. Do I hear... auto tune? That sounds good?

Now that's a first. Then again, the only groups I have listened to that have used auto tune use it in copious amounts that destroy the song. Here, it seems that the composer/editors actually know what they are doing. Thank goodness. So yeah... the auto tune sounds good, and I actually like how it adds a different atmosphere to the song in its own way.

So yeah, this is a pretty good song. I'm liking the use of two different instrumentals which seem to balance each other out well without getting messy, and I like how the effects used in the song work so well with everything and pulls it all together.

Even though I was expecting something softer and a lot more sad, I'm really enjoying this take on a song asking for forgiveness.

Now, I've forgiven you... next song please!

Still Love You

I'm enjoying how this song was placed below Sorry, I... because it makes up a sweet sentence. Anyway, thinking about this song and not the other one, I've actually heard this one before, and I really enjoyed it the last time I watched/listened to it!

It's a pretty cool song instrumental wise, fusing dance-beat rhythms with a slow paced, gentle instrumental to give it that added kick to get you excited during certain parts of the song. Basically, it's a bit like an up-beat sad love song in a way, and I think that the composer(s) did well with fusing the up-beat rhythms to the sadder tone of the song, creating something that is a lot more epic than your regular run-of-the-mill sad break up song.

I also really love how the girls sound in this song - they really stand out in this song, and I loved how they both sounded. Nishijima and Mitsuhiro also really stood out to me in this as well, their voices are honestly really beautiful. I swear, these two will become the two I really like in this group if I continue to follow AAA...

The song is something I wouldn't expect to like, but in fact really enjoy after listening to it. I love the unexpected sound to it and how the mix of instrumentals contrast but work well with each other. The song, though it is about a break up, sounds sad but is unexpectedly cool and up-beat, with the emotions of the song being portrayed by how the singers sound as opposed to how the instrumental sounds.

It sounds awesome, to put it bluntly - I'm loving everything about this song, how it relies on the singers themselves to bring the emotion and feelings to the song whilst the instrumental simply compliments everything else.

Oh, and dat rap!

I also absolutely love this PV! It's so well paced. Love!!!


I have never heard this song, though it existed before this album was created. In fact, it is the B-side to my much be-loathed SAILING, and is actually a steady one-instrumental kind of song.

And it's so... freakin'... PRETTY!

When I see the word WISHES as a titled, my mind immediately goes to I WISH by Morning Musume, though I actually expected this song to be a beautiful ballad, minus the sudden up-beat sound just after a nice opening, and that's just what it is! It's a gentle song with a soothing sound, one that picks up for the chorus to give us the full force of AAA's vocals whilst still staying true to the tone of the song.

It's a song that's about love and how the person wishes to be with their loved one forever, even though their loved one doesn't seem to know their feelings, and I feel that everyone in AAA portrayed the emotions of the song really well. Listening to the song and knowing the meaning helps me to appreciate the beauty of this song more than I normally would.

The song is just as beautiful as Lights and Perfect, and is a sweet song that I think I will be returning to soon after finishing this album off for the review. It's lovely, and I think it's a great song about love and wishing for a relationship to last.

And wow... there isn't a rap in this one...

Okay, where did you take my AAA, you imposters! They always rap!!!

Thank you (39 ver.)

Another slow song!? Wow, I'm spoilt here, AAA! How did you know that I like slow songs?

... But it doesn't last long x3

Thank you (39 ver.) is another nice song from AAA, and sounds quite happy tone wise as opposed to the sadness of Still Love You and WISHES. It has a great instrumental, one which is pretty strong and actually gets stronger the longer the song goes on.

It's a song which I would actually listen to if I was in need of a song to lift my mood. It sounds incredibly happy and lively, despite how it sounds at first. Actually, listening to it more, the song really suits the title - it sounds grateful in a way, as if the instrumental and the vocals are thanking the listeners, and really, I don't think that a better song could have been chosen as one of the last songs to use for this album.

It's a nice song! I don't think I will stop saying that in this review, because really, I have yet to be disappointed by AAA with the songs used for their 7th album. This song is just as good as the others, just as brilliant, and pretty amazing like every other song!

Wow, AAA, you're not disappointing me yet...

Oh, and before I go off on a tangent, I was listening to this and wondering if, or even when, a rap would come into play, and honestly, I have given hope for one to appear, thinking that AAA had layed off the rap once again (which would have been weird) when BOOM! Rapping!

Oh yeeeeah! I knew you couldn't keep away, AAA! You love your raps too much, don't you?

This song is immense, and I love how it sounds! Damn AAA, why are you so good!?

We Are!

The final song on the album, We Are starts off with great spirit. It's a pretty high energy song, one which has a lot of energy and spirit thrown into it from the singers themselves. The opening line, whoever it just so happens to be, is amazing. I love the power they put into their voice and how motivated they sounded. In fact, they all sound motivated and powerful in this! It's a great song for the boys, it really gives them power and force in their voices, allowing us listeners to appreciate the effort they have put into the song.

Just listening to this track makes me feel really happy and energised. It makes me want to motivate myself more and probably do some running or something - I feel like I want to get up and do something! It's got so much charge in the instrumental, and the singers themselves sound like they are ready to get up and go, like they have become energised themselves. The song and the sound, and the voices of all the members combined, is extremely happy-go-lucky and energetic.

Actually, thinking about it... why does this song sound like something I would hear in an anime? It has that same genkiness, that high energy that most anime songs have, that all-too familiar anime sound...

Oh no way...

It's an anime opening! No wonder ONE PIECE is in the song! XD It's an opening for One Piece!

Oh well, these guys really do it freakin' justice, and honestly, I am really glad that it's mainly the boys singing this song, because their vocals are so wonderful here, they really work with the power of the instrumental.

It's an amazing song, and the guys just sound incredible.

Wowzers, it's so incredible...

And I've finished! 13 songs later, and I'm finally done with my impressions of this album and what I think of the songs contained within it! So, what is my final verdict?

Well, let's see...

This album is freakin' amazing!

I'm loving the choice of songs that AAA has on here, and honestly, I don't hate any of them Okay, so I don't care for SAILING, but honestly, there are aspects to the song that I quite like, such as the slower parts of the instrumental, and whilst Last Love isn't exactly my cup of tea when it comes to songs, the girls sounded amazing and I was reminded of when I liked Girls Aloud back when I didn't have the internet. Other than that, all of the songs are solid and really well made. Each song shows the strengths of AAA's vocals, and allows everyone to shine in their own individual way.

I also like how, in nearly every song on this album, AAA are able to slip a rap in there for the pure sake of letting us here the gorgeous sound of what I think is Mitsuhiro's voice. Somehow, with every song that includes a rap (barring SAILING) they are able to make the rap fit the song perfectly without taking anything away from it or having to change the instrumental (or having to change it too much, in some cases). The rap works well with each song, and I love how it brings a certain edge to the songs that wasn't present there until that rap comes into play.

I'm really liking this album, and seeing as this is the first album I have actually heard from AAA, I am extremely impressed. I like something different about all of the songs, and I love that there are quite a few slow, ballad-like songs mixed into the album to balance out the more up-beat songs, but for me, the cherry on top of this album definitely had to be the We Are! cover song. It really helped me to finish this album off with a much needed bang, and to finalise how I felt about this group.

To finish up, I find AAA to be a pretty amazing group. They have great vocalists who really put their all into their songs, and really bring forward their emotions and feelings so that the listeners, Japanese or not, can understand the meaning and feel of the song. They make their songs stand out with their stellar performance even in the studio, and I love how when I listen to them, I feel so happy and in tune with what they are portraying in their songs.

I'm glad I took the chance to listen to this album and allow myself to be taken in by AAA. This may be the start of a beautiful relationship, or it may not. Either way, this album has opened me up to the group and has helped me to anticipate anything they bring to the plate next. Well, whatever happens, I feel like I will continue to follow AAA now that I have had a taste of their music, whether I am a casual fan, or a hardcore one.#

Though of course, they can never replace Morning Musume. No group can, I think.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have the sudden urge to go and watch One Piece and run around the street because I feel so freakin' energetic...

And honestly, I never thought I would say, or write, that I wanted to watch One Piece. Damn catchy anime songs!

Now, bask in their beauty!!!


PING!!! Idolminded Recommended Reading: August 24th, 2012

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