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Buono! ain't Never Gonna Stop Making Music! - Buono!'s 'Never Gonna Stop!' PV Review

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Buono! haven't been that active lately (studio wise), so when their mini-album was announced, I bet a lot of fans were happy. So, when the PV came out? They were probably ecstatic and bouncing off the walls, because Buono! PV's in general are the better PV's to come out from the UFA budget... dunno why, they just are. Maybe it's because we don't get many of them, so of course UFA actually spend money for the fans as an apology. Who knows?

Anyway, Buono! recently unveiled their surprise PV for their mini album, titled Never Gonna Stop. Never gonna stop what, exactly? Making good PV's? Because if so, then yes, never stop that. You're the only H!P group to have had some consistently decent PV's since your return from Shugo Chara, whilst the other groups have all had rather... tasteless or cheap ones (with some gems thrown in there). So yeah... Never Gonna Stop having decent videos with a budget, is that right?

So, I am happy with the PV, and I am happy that Buono are back and kicking ass again! Hopefully they will upload another PV before the year is out, and hey, how about a new single whilst we're at it? Wasn't their last single, uh... a few months back? I know it was a double A-side, but hey... I like Buono's stuff. They're the group who get decent music and decent sets or locations, so come on... who can blame me for wanting more of the girls?

That, and I actually like Momoko in Buono!. Surprising, I know.

Anyway, I have some pretty pictures to show you, and we're Never Gonna Stop them! MUAHAHAHA!...

Okay, they will stop eventually.

OH MY GAWD, DOMINOES!!!! Let's push them over! :D

Airi is doing her own thing, Momoko looks bored, and Miyabi... well, I don't care for her hair in that style.

I really wish that they used the Dominoes in the video, even if they just climbed on them


Miyabi decides that it's time for Momoko to learn how babies are born. Airi is so shocked by Momoko's reaction, she has to hide behind a book.

Oh, Miyabuu, I <3 you too, but I don't <3 that natural lighting UFA or whoever the director is seems to be orgasming over in recent Hello Pro PV's.

 Fucking hate it!

Momoko: "Wanna play poker? The prize is your life~"

Miyiabuu is wondering WTF Momoko is doing in her spotlight!

... And Airi just LURVES her new hat!

Momoko: "I bet I can fit this whole dang thing in my mouth!"

Hey, I want one now! Damnit, Buono PV's are making me hungry... I mean, getting to my damn sweet tooth!

Er... dafuq? XD Airi, you look scarily crazy here...

Jenga Time!

Miyabi has the coolest glasses! I want some too!

Momoko: "Aren't I darned cute without those stupid f**king pigtails?"

Momoko, I may like you in Buono, but you are still my least favourite member in the group.

OMFG Momoko thinks she is Scream! ARRRGH!!!


Dat face, Airi!

So mother fuckin' crazy!


Buono, stop making me hungry!

Wait, what!? Where'd it all go!? How!? You're all so tiny!!!

Oh, hey, perfect picture!

Miyabuu wants YOU... to bring her more Pizza!

And Airi is excited! YEAH!!!

Momoko wants to eat your soul

Wait, what are you looking at? Show meeeee!!!!


Omg the pictures came to life, it's Harry Potter!

Momoko, you're too short to be the Eiffel Tower.

Awww... Buono! + Fan interaction = teary Chiima (I'm not kidding)

You know what? This PV makes me jelly of the fans who were there. But oh well~

And now to sleep! Good night guys, that's the end of the review...

Ha, I tricked you all! No way is it the end! Only the end of the pic spam! You can't escape that easily... -covers escape route-

So, first things first... Finally a new Buono! PV!!! It made me so happy, though I was also really surprised, that Buono! brought out a new PV for one of their album songs, because I wasn't expecting it at all, so to see it on my youtube newsfeed was a joy. The last time Buono! released a PV was with Hatsukoi Cider and DEEP MIND, and that was at the start of the year, so I've missed the girls a bit since then. But hey, I can't complain really, they've been busy little troopers with their own groups as well as Berikyuu activities and the like...

But still, it was wonderful to see this PV there, and when I first watched it, I was in tears by the end of the video, because I found it quite sweet, really... but I'm an emotional wreck anyway, so I'm not surprised that I cried. Boo hoo hickety hoo~

The PV isn't honestly that complex, but it has a nice little set, which means that UFA put some thought and money (gasp!) into Buono's new release. We get around three to four different settings in the PV, the Domino room, the outside solo shots and then the normal living room where the girls play about and read books to each other, play some hardcore Jenga or throw pillows and balloons at one another, and every scene we get, the girls are all having a lot of fun. Yeah, it sometimes looks forced, but most of it is genuine and really nice to watch, more so the parts where Airi is acting random and looking pretty crazy, or when they are throwing things at each other. These scenes helped me to see the connection that these girls have, and how friendly and close they really are with each other, more so Miyabi and Momoko. It was nice to see the bond that Buono! has with each other, and it's always nice to see their PV's, because these three girls have amazing chemistry and never fail to deliver a spectacular PV when it comes to personality and performance.

The other parts of the PV are just as nice of course, though it seems that the poor choice in using natural lighting came back into play once again. It started with Suki yo, and I absolutely hated it, though thankfully there isn't much in Never Gonna Stop, but it's there, and I still hate it. Anyway, other than that, I liked nearly everything about the video. It was simple, but the girls did an excellent job with their performance. Yeah, some over acting in a few scenes, but other than that, it was all good.

And then there are the additional scenes!

These are basically the scenes which are from the girls' documentary of their trip to Paris, and when I saw these clips in the PV, I was simply overwhelmed. No, I didn't get to see the girls in Paris, but that didn't stop me from feeling so happy at the sight of these clips, from seeing the girls all excited at being in a new country, meeting overseas fans and interacting with them. Seeing these clips just made me really happy at the fact that UFA edited them into the PV, because it means that the fans themselves who went will be reminded of that time. Heck, they will be even happier than me that those clips were put in there! But seeing those clips in the video made me realise how sentimental the video for Never Gonna Stop is, not just for Buono!, but also for their fans. It was a treat to see those clips, and hopefully all the fans were able to see that little bit of the PV and remember what happened at that concert, and how happy they were to meet their Idols.

Now I understand why the mini album is titled Sherbet, because the main song and video are so sweet! xD

Well, before I wrap this all up, let's take a look at the song itself. Never Gonna Stop is an energetic song, not overly lively, but it's fun and it feels like a song which charges forward, as if it really is never going to stop and is heading for something better. It's a song which I would describe as hopeful, filled with messages for people to keep going even if things don't go their way. It's a song which really fits Buono!, and it gives a positive message. The vocals are strong, and the girls all sound amazing in this. I loved how the song was happy and filled with the energy of all the girls, and I loved how they expressed their joy for the song in the video as well as the song. I'm glad that it was this song that was able to get the PV, because whilst it may not be the best Buono! song, it is really nice and really fits the tone of the video. That, and I like how this song seems to be quite meaningful... at least in the terms of the title.

I like nearly all Buono! songs, and this one is no exception. It's incredibly catchy, with some easy to remember lyrics and a fun instrumental which will play in your head for a while, and great vocals from three amazing members. It's a song which I think everyone will love, because it isn't annoying or overly cutesy, and it isn't too heavy on the instrumental either. It's a perfect medium, and I am really enjoying this song from Buono!.

This is a great release from Buono!. Even though they haven't released anything for a while, I feel like they came back with something sentimental and nice to listen to. It's a song which is hopeful and energetic, with a PV that is fun and sweet to watch, as well as a nice trip back to memory lane for some fans. Buono! are still doing well with their videos and music, and I hope that they continue in that direction, because these three girls are all amazing together.

I'm Never Gonna Stop loving Buono!... I hope xD


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