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Station♪ - A Mini Live Review

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I am not really the sort of person who reviews lives, because I generally don't watch them unless they are graduation concerts, but with an indies Idol unit such as Station♪, it actually is worth the watch of lives because there are so few videos for the group, being new and all, and it does give me a better look into how the group performs too.

Now, Station♪ is an indies unit that I have been following for a little while now, ever since I heard about them whilst looking through JPHiP's Idol Postwhore thread, and I've been casually checking on them since. I have seen the PV's for their three Indies singles, and I am also looking forward to their upcoming album, titled GO! GO! by Train. Then, today whilst looking for Indie Idols due to absolute sadness via the graduation of three HouPri members (read here) I stumbled across the Hello! Online general Idol thread, which I had never seen before, and found this as the most recen post - a mini Live performance by Station♪.

I was riginally going to post this under the weekly Digest, but thought that I should actually write a review for it instead, especially for the second and fourth song, as they are both new and will serve as previews for the upcoming album.

Anyway, here I shall now list the songs:

1. Kinenbi ni Aimashou
2. To the Light
3. Let's Go Tetsudo Idol
4. Guru Guru Beam

The first song on the list is Station♪'s third single release, Kinenbi ni Aimashou, which is also my favourite song out of their singles. It's a very sweet song which is about meeting again on an anniversary. As it has been a year since the unit was formed, I am guessing that this single speaks for the group itself in a way, especially as the girls have held a recent live for their anniversary (and also the upcoming release of their 1st indies album).

The live itself is very lovely, with gentle sweeping movements throughout the song, and it was great to see the fans moving their arms along with the girls and copying them. Whilst the song itself wasn't sung live, I still think that the performance went well for the girls, and it was a great song to start off with.

To the Light is a new song, and will be released on their upcoming album (it will be the second song). From the title, I would have thought that this song would be just as gentle and soothing as Kinenbi ni Aimashou, but it's a surprisingly powerful song with an even more powerful performance and precise dance moves. I really enjoyed how much heavier the song was when compared to their previous singles, and enjoyed this different tone that the girls used. The performance itself, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The girls really kept the rhythm and looked great on stage, and were pretty good at keeping in tie with each other. I loved how the lights were in the background, too, it really added to the song and the pace. I really like this song, and I honestly can't wait to here a high quality format of it!

The third song, Let's Go Tetsudo Idol is from the girls' second single, and is an upbeat and happy song with a fun dance. I really like this song, for the fun element it has which really compliments the girls youth. The performance for this song had such high energy, with a lot of smiles and excitement, which is always great to see from youthful Idols! It was a fun performance, and it really made me feel excited to see these indies Idols with a great amount of energy and happiness when performing on stage, you could really tell that they were all having fun and enjoyed the performance, and I really got into the song itself as they performed!

Now, the last song that is performed, titled Guru Guru Beam is the song that I am the most interested in, as it isn't on the album, and as far as I know, there has not been a 4th single announcement.

The performance itself for this song is pretty high-tension - that is really the only way I can describe it. It's face paced, there are a few great dance moves thrown in there, and the girls really get into it and you can see that they are hyped up for this song. It's a really enjoyable watch, and the song I would recommend that everyone take a look at it (it's the second video). I like how this song is the heaviest of the four, and really takes on that more rock-ish feel. I was instantly reminded of PASSPO with this song, actually, but I loved how Station♪ pulled the entire song off and how they looked. The girls were really into the song, and so were the fans. It was really fun to watch, and honestly, it made me excited for Station♪'s future.

All in all, the Live was extremely fun to watch. There weren't many songs performed, but with the four we did listen to, I am happy to know that two of those songs show a different direction in Station♪'s sound. The girls did an amazing job during their performance, and I absolutely loved To the Light and Guru Guru Beam. These girls gave a strong performance, and I think that they can go far as a unit. I would love to see them gro stronger and continue to experiment in different sounds like they did with this performance.

Hopefully, there will be more from Station♪ soon, because I don't think that I could live without them now! >3<


PING!!! Idolminded Recommended Reading: July 1st, 2012

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