Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Okay! Musume Digest! #8

Another week has gone by, which can only mean...

It's Digest Taimu!~

This week has been semi-okay for news, but it's also been a week where I've been pretty lazy and I've procrastinated to the max because of a game my sister introduced me to, so I've actually just been playing that and getting nothing on my days off... Dx Thankfully I have somewhat gotten off my butt and done other things so that I don't waste all of my time on the game. Why are they so addicting!?

Oh well, c'es la vie...

In other news... I got my first contet entry for The 50,000 views Contest I am holding! I am happy >3< So, before I go onto the poll... if you want to enter, enter! I don't mind where you live~ I will try to get that prize to the winner >3<

Muahaha shameless advertisement D8

Okay, onto the poll...

Who is Momoko's Baby Daddy!?

The results are in, and the paternity test has spoken. The father is...

Shimizu Saki! Captain, the paternity test has spoken! YOU are the father to Momoko's child! Congratulations!

... In all honesty, I thought that it would be Maasa! But hey, the paternity test has spoken! Wheee~ And now, onto the rest of the results!

Sudou Maasa 24%
Kumai Yurina 17%
Sugaya Risako 13%
Natsuyaki Miyabi 10%
Tokunaga Chinami 6%

... Chinami is the least likely to be the father? But she's like... the most fatherly member? I could see her being a dad, I seriously could! xD Oh well... Congrats Captain! Say goodbye to your moolah! :D

Anyway, it's time for...

Le News of Le Week!

Once again, it seems that my readers have been searching for my blog with... strange keywords in Google search engine...

Is there something y'all not telling me, guys? Like... what your preferences are...?

I kid, I kid... but sometimes these things are too hilarious to hide, and honestly, I find the one I put in a pink box hilarious xD

Iikubo Haruna gets a little... antsy when her fellow MoMusu members insist that her colour is brown...

And Tsunku gets his sexy on for you!

Okay, joking over... it's time for the real...


Takahashi Ai will be playing the lead role in a horror drama series, Juhou 2405 Watashi ga Shinu Wake as a news reporter.

It's always great to hear news concerning former Morning Musume members, and as Takahashi Ai is now an actress, it's great to find out that she has landed herself a lead role in a drama series. Whilst Takahashi Ai doesn't really appeal to me as an actress, I am happy that she was able to gain the lead title!

A clip for the drama series is also available, so check it out if you can!

The drama series has already aired its first episode, so check out the series when and if you can~


Indies Idol unit, Station♪, recently held a press conference and live for the debut of their 1st official album. The conference as been uploaded to youtube, where the girls comment about the album.

Whilst I can't understand what the girls are saying, I am glad that they are able to get coverage for their 1st album. As far as I know, the original four have been together for around a year, which means that they have trained together and debuted together this year, so to be able to create an album with each other and their newest member is a big thing for the girls, and I'm glad that 2012 is going well for them all.


Mano Erina will take part in a new stage play titled Itamu Hito from October 19th until December 9th.

When it comes to acting, whether it is a stage play, a drama or a movie, it isn't surprising that a Hello! Project member is involved, because H!P are pretty active when it comes to acting - especially Mano Erina. So I'm glad to see that she is still keeping up with her acting activities in a new stage play. Whilst I don't have much more information, there is a lot to read for those who understand Japanese, and hopefully more news will come out later on.

Source | Source

The full Miku Miku Dance version of Kikkawa Yuu's song, Koko Kara Hajimarunda! has been released!

As all Kikka fans would know, this song has a vocaloid effect attached to it, so I don't think it's a surprise that a PV has been released with Kikka in a computer generated form. I was surprised by how cute and refreshing the PV was, and I liked it as much as I enjoyed the original. Okay, so her vocaloid character looks a little scary - but in general, I don't like Vocaloid, so that could just be me.

Anyway, if you're a fan of Kikka, then take a look at the PV and see what you think!

Source | Source

Mano Erina has cut her hair short!

Whilst this isn't exactly 'news', I do think that hair cuts themselves are big changes - and this new short cut shows off a more mature and sophisticated side to ManoEri. It's surprisingly refreshing to see her with shorter hair, and the style really suits her - this short cut is much better than Chisato's and Eripon's, though I think that Chissa's short cut itself was a terrible mistake (it has its good and bad days Dx) Anyway, I am loving this new style that ManoEri is sporting! She looks good, and it's great to see how mature she is becoming.


S/mileage and Morning Musume's 10th generation members have been invited to perform live at Nihon TV's Summer even 'Shiohaku 2012'. The date has yet to be announced.

It's no surprise that S/mileage have been invited to yet another event, but it is a surprise to see that only the 10th generation members of Morning Musume have also been invited to perform. This is going to be great exposure for the girls, and fans will be able to see them perform without the other members of MoMusu. Of course this is amazing news for fans of both groups, so to those who can make it; Go! Go and see the girls perform!

Hopefully more information concerning the event itself will be released later on.


AKB48 member, Kashiwagi Yuki, will be debuting as a soloist. Whilst Akimoto Yasushi was not present, Nagura Jun announced the news to the AKB and French Kiss member. More news to be released.

Honestly? When I saw this piece of news, my first thoughts were '... Seriously? Another one?' and wondered what the need there was for another soloist who within AKB48. In general, they only really choose the popular members, though I can only think of two who are pretty active right now, such as Mayuyu and Tomichin (though I actually forgot that she was a soloist), as well as one who had a rather short-lived career, unless her apparent 'scandal' has left her solo career unharmed.

Anyway, if Yuki is going to do ballads (which Aki P is apparently entranced by) then I suppose I will look forward to the girls debut, though I'm preparing myself for not caring about this soloist, because the only AKB solo act I care about now is that Creeper gimmick...


A preview of Tsugunaga Momoko's Momochi! Yurushite Nyan = Taiso has been put up on the official Berryz youtube channel for the world to see.

Honestly, this is one release I could do without, because I'm honestly not a fan of Momoko Tsugunaga. Her voice is quite... irritating, and it kind of shows in this, though it suits the type of song, because this is a children's song - and that's not surprising. However, I can't deny the cuteness of the song and also, I really like her dress, but I'm not going to say I love the song when I clearly don't. However, I think that it's kind of clever of H!P to make a song out of an annoying little catchphrase for kids, and given Momoko's popularity, it's a good idea to give her a solo... though I would have preferred that solo go to Miyabi and given a more mature feel, but that's just me~

Regarding the PV itself... what PV? It's a dance video that looks like UFA couldn't be bothered to spend anything on... not even the graphics. But it's only a B-side song and I don't think that it's really meant to a have PV anyway...

AKB48 have performed their 27th single, Gingham Check, which will be released on the 29th of August. This will be their election single, with Oshima Yuko at the centre.

... Is it just me, or does this sound like another generic AKB48 single? Because it sounds vaguely like a mix of Heavy Rotation, Everyday Kachuusha, Ue Kara Mariko and probably a bunch of their other singles.

... But I still like it, because I like the cute, generic stuff, and this is a pretty cute song, however I am disappointed that they didn't try harder with the songs composition. But, other than that, I am kind of liking it, and I am also really anticipating the PV because I love Gingham! It's one of my favourite patterns. The dresses in this are really cute, though almost a carbon (but nicer) copy of Nogizaka46's GuruGuru Fail dresses, as well as something that Dorothy Gale puked up when she was in Oz, though of course Yuko's dress stands out the most and is probably the most 'original' in style out of the rest of the dresses, as it features the least amount of Gingham.

Long story short, I am anticipating the PV release of this single. It might be really fun and cute, and I really want to see what Aki P will do with it~

Tokunaga Chinami has opened her official Twitter account! For a limited time, Chinami will tweet away.

When I found out about this news, I immediately went to follow Chinami - she is one of my favourite Berryz members, so of course I was going to follow the girl! She has been tweeting about Thailand, as she has been given the chance to go there alone to promote Berryz' up-coming single, Cha Cha Sing, and so her tweets have pretty much been about what she's been doing - which is seriously great! Hopefully everyone can follow Chinami as she tweets away until she stops. Hopefully she won't, because come on, she's so wonderful!

Source | Twitter

Tokunaga Chinami is in Thailand to promote Berryz Kobo's up-coming single, Cha Cha SING!

As previously mentioned, Chinami was able to open her Twitter account earlier this week, and she has been tweeting about her adventures in Thailand! Chinami has gone to the country by herself (well... with a manager I guess) and has been able to dance to Cha Cha Sing with other people, (apparently) launched her own smile campaign to make Thai friends and to learn how to speak Thai, tried to meet BIRD (she hasn't as of yet I think) and has basically done a few activities to promote the Cha Cha SING single in Thailand!

Honestly it's so amazing to see a member of Berryz get this opportunity, and I'm so happy that it's Chinami, because whilst she isn't one of the most popular members of Berryz, she is the funniest and has the best personality out of them all in my opinion! It's great that she is able to go to Thailand and promote not just her group and their single, but also herself. Hopefully everyone can get their Twitter on and follow the girl and her adventures in Thailand!

Kikkawa Yuu will once again be a guest performer at the Hello! Project summer concerts.

For fans this is great news because it's not just where Kikka grew and became the performer that she is today, but it is also where a vast majority of her fans originated, so it'll be great for all Hello! Project fans who are able to attend the concert, as they will get to experience Kikka live and to see how much she has grown since her debut as a soloist.


This week's episode of Hello! SATOYAMA Life includes a DIY Café where Ayumi, Maasa, Chinami and Maimi learn about some of the items in the Café and even have a go at making something themselves, as well as showing the agriculture side to the video with Haruna, Fukuda Kanon and Nakky once again helping out on the farm asking about peanuts, and another part with Aika, Dawa and Ayumi learning a bit more about potatoes, and a small segment on Morning Musume's trip to the shrine before the release of their 50tth single, a bit on their live performance.

This weeks episode has certainly been a lot more entertaining than the other episodes so far, giving us a look into the girls doing DIY as well as a few clips on Morning Musume's recent activities to help promote their 50th single. It's great to see that the show is going in this direction, and I hope that we get to see the girls do more than just agriculture next time. Hopefully we will continue from where we left off in this episode next week, and see how the girls fare in their DIY!

So that's all for this week folks! Hopefully next week will bring us more news and joy! Until next time, kyu~n


  1. Haha the Yurushite Nyan video isn't the full PV (I think), its just the Otomomochi version~ I actually really like the way she sounds in the song, since there's some parts were she souds really powerful like when she sings "chotto namaiki mo yurushite nyan" --re-becoming a Momoko fan for some reason--

    1. Ah~ Well even so, I don't want the PV either way XD Though the song sounds cute, but it's Momoko's voice which grates me DX Though in Buono and some Berryz songs she actually ditches the cuteness and properly sings :D