Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Okay! Musume Digest! #7

Baby, hit it - it's DIGEST TIME!

The week's been pretty slow this time around, with a few things going on here and there, but nothing that outright interested me - then there were some updates today which excited me, as well as the PV for Cha Cha SING being released yesterday, so I've been in a pretty happy mood with the things that have been happening from last night through to today.

I also had a pleasant surprise concerning my stats on the 5th of July, a day after Morning Musume's 50th single was released, and cried from happiness...

I hit 50,000 page views! Honestly, I became so elated with happiness at that, and began crying. I ran to my sisters house and told her, though she was hoping that The Matenrou Show's PV had come out xD I don't think that I could have been happier, honestly, because I've never had a blog that, to me, has been so successful. I am so happy hat people read my blog, so to see these numbers means a whole lot to me - to see even 100 viewers is a whole lot to me! It makes me incredibly happy to know that people visit this blog, so everyone, thank you for reading and helping me to gain over 50,000 page views for Okay! Musume Time!

50,000 views is also the reason why I posted about Being an Idol Blogger~ I wanted to write something special, as well as something tht was inspired from Happy Disco's posts

Okay, now that that is out of the way, I will get on with the Picture of the Week!

Oooooh YEAH BABY! Get those hips thrusting!

Don't deny it! This is one sexy dance they have going on here! WHOO! You go girls - especilly you, Ri-Suck-OH!

I'm too damn hyper right now... So, what's the poll for this week, you ask?

In Cha Cha Sing, who is Momo's Baby Daddy!?

If you have read my PV review for Cha Cha Sing, you will know that I made up a random story where Momo is pregnant (trolol) because of an image where she holds her stomach, and she was looking for the father. So, who is it!? Who's the Daddy!? Is it Maasa, Risako, Chinami, Captain, Miyabeam, Yurina...? WHO? Personally, I think that it's Maasa! Oh my!

This is a pretty random poll question, and I honestly don't expect people to get it, but it will be funny to see how people will answer! So, who's the Father!?

... I really am hyper DX

Anyway, time to get to the...


Morning Musume's One Two Three/The Matenrou Show has sold 100,598 copies in its first week, topping Morning Coffee, Summer Night Town, Shabondama and other singles. In total, Morning Musume's 50th single has outsold 33 singles for first week sales, and has also outsold 28 singles for total sales. For 1st week sales, Morning Musume came 3rd, and have also broken their own record of the group/artist with the most consecutive Top 10 singles, with this being their 50th!

This is what all Morning Musume fans have been wanting, a 100k first week sales, and here we have it! With all the great promotion and the great reaction to the single itself, Morning Musume have achieved an awesome weeks sales!

Honestly, even though I wasn't keen on the single at first... okay, One Two Three, I have come to like it more and even found myself getting immersed in the excitement when the single was released last week. I was really excited for Morning Musume, and I wanted the girls to do well despite what I thought about the single, and I am really happy that they have achieved such an amazing amount of sales! I really hope that this kicks UFA in the butt and gets them to promote more, because honestly, Morning Musume has what it takes to continue being a top Idol group in Japan!

It has officially been announced that Ikuta Erina will change her member colour to yellow-green at the start of the upcoming Autumn Tour for Morning Musume!

Before Niigaki graduated this year, during her final FC event as a Morning Musume member she passed down her member colour to 9th generation member, Ikuta Erina, who had become a big fan of her senpai, now it has been made official! During Eripon's Ustream on July 4th, Gaki-san congratulated Eripon on changing her member colour.

This is great news for Eripon as she idolises Gaki, and so to receive her beloved senpai's member colour is wonderful for her. Whilst purple does suit Eripon, and I will miss the colour as well, it makes me happy to know that Eripon will be able to wear Gaki's colour with pride. Gaki's colour was my favourite colour out of all the Morning Musume members before Harunan's chocolate colour was introduced, so to have Eripon wear it also makes me happy! I know that some fans don't want this change, but it is what Eripon wanted, so everyone, please support the new green-coloured Eripon!

Billboard Japan also has an article up about Eripon's upcoming colour change, so be sure to check it out!


Up Up Girls will hold their first one man live on September 2nd!

This is great news for all Up Up Girls fans, as it means the girls will be able to perform their songs as well as appeal more to the general public and get themselves known. Whilst I am not really a fan of the group itself, their music is great and quite catchy! Hopefully the live will be a great experience for the girls and hopefully a lot of fans will go to watch them!


Indies idol group Station♪ have released a 30 second CM for their upcoming PV, titled Kun heno Chizu, which will be included on Station♪'s 1st album, titled Go! Go! by Train.

It's surprising that the PV is set away from the station backdrop we usually see from the group, however, I like the change of pace with location. It's nice to see the girls outside, and whilst we only get to see 30 seconds of the PV, we get a good look at what to expect from the song.

The album Go! Go! by Train will be released Jully 11th!

An official CG version of Kikkawa Yuu's latest song, Koko Kara Hajimarunda! has been released on UniversalMusicJapan's youtube. The video is 1:50 minutes long.

Now, I am not the biggest fan of Kikkawa Yuu - her songs are generally a hit and miss for me, with most (especially HapRapi Sunrise) being a miss, but this is a really nice song, and I was surprised to see an official CG version of the song come out. It's a cute little video, and very much like the original. After watching it, I think that its a great idea to bring out a CG version of a PV, considering the song itself is actually mostly auto-tuned like a vocaloid!


Mano Erina graces the cover of Goo Bike magazine.

It's always great to see our favourite Idols on a magazine cover, so of course I am happy to see that Mano is continuing to promote herself in different ways, and seeing her on the cover of a bike magazine gives her a more mature and edgy feel. I've also seen Reina and probably Koharu on the cover of motorbike magazines before, so it isn't strange to see the more mature members of Hello Project on the covers.

S/mileage will take part in the "SUMMER FESTIVAL [Water7] 2012 @ yokohama" Idol event on July 31st.

S/mileage are certainly favourites when it comes to events right now, so it's no surprise to see that the girls will be taking part at an Idol event for the summer, where they will most likely perform their summer song Dot Bikini as well as their upcoming single song. Hopefully all fans of S/mileage within the area will be able to go!


Morning Musume recently held a CD event in Ikebukuro Sunshine City, where the girls performed their latest single. During the event, first generation member Nakazawa Yuko turned up and talked to the girls as fans cried Congratulations! to her from the crowds.

Whilst the performance itself was cut from the footage, it's great to see a clip of the girls together and talking about the single, as well as to see Yuko talking to the girls and even making Shige cry (from happiness). Hopefully everyone can watch the video!

A show called ZIP has a report on female fans of Idol groups, asking the girls who their favourite Idols are - of course, AKB48 and Momoiro Clover Z dominate the ranks.

This is a really interesting video to watch because whilst Idol fans are somewhat more common in Western countries, female Idol fans aren't as prominant as male Idol fans, so it's interesting to see ZIP take the chance to go out and get a female fans perspective. There is also a bit about a Hello! Project and Nakajima Saki fan who has collected a lot of merchandise to support her favourite Idol.

I enjoyed watching the segment, because it's honestly great to see these girls show their Wota sides to the world that we usually see from Japanese men. Hopefully everyone can take a look at the video and enjoy!

Recently on ogizaka46's TV show, Nogizaka tte Doko?, the girl group performed their 3rd single, to be released on August 22nd, titled Hashire! Bicycle.

Finally, I thhink that the girls have been given a decent song that is befitting of the A-side title. With their first two singles lacking in both sound and PV's, it seems that the girls have found a sound which is actually quite interesting - though, once again, they got the short end of the stick when it comes to the Costume department. Seriously, they look a little clownish in these outfits - but then again, I'm just picky.

The latest episode of Hello! SATOYAMA Life is once again here, and once again shows agricultural life with Maasa, Chinami, Ayumi and Maimi turning their hands to planting, whilst the second part of the video shows Aika, Haruna, Mano Erina and Maimi continuing their adventures in glass blowing as well as eating some delicious looking noodles.

An added feature to this episode is a 'bonus episode' at the end, which shows both Aika and Haruna spending time together and going to a café and trying different types of drinks and cake that they have never tried before.

Whilst the episodes may not be the most entertaining, I still think that this is a great way for everyone to learn about Japan's agricultural side as well as other parts of Japan that everyone is curious about. Hopefully everyone will be able to watch it and hopefully enjoy!

MorningMusumeChannel, the official youtube for Morning Musume, have uploaded a new video advertising One Two Three/The Matenrou Show in an interesting way, by showing fans just how the promotional billboard was put up for everyone to see!

When I saw this video, I got excited because I thought that it would be a video concerning The Matenrou Show, however it is a video promoting One Two Three on its own by having the song play to a sped up video showing us just how their large poster was constructed for promotion!

It may not be an entertaining video, but I would say check it out! Hopefully UFA will keep up with the promotion for a while!

9nine member Yoshii Kanae will be taking to the stage in her musical debut, Macross the Musiculture!

This musical will celebrate the 30th year of the popular anime series, Macross, and Kanae will play the role of a girl named Sakura Crawford. Macross the Musiculture will be an original story set in the year 2062, and will revolve around Macross 29, the 29th Macross Class Spacecraft that departed Earth. It will feature music and love triangles that are essential to the series.

Yoshii commented, 
"I love to sing, so I’ve always wanted to try a musical. When I received this offer, I was full of surprise and happiness.” 
She also expressed,
Honestly, I’m anxious and nervous. This is my first time, so I have no idea what’s going on, but I want to be myself and play this role with confidence.
The musical will run from October 3rd to the 8th at Tokyo Dome City Hall.

For any 9nine fans, this is fantastic news, as we all know that Kanae is a fantastic singer (considering she is now the lead vocalist of 9nine), and so it's exciting that she has been given the chance to show her acting skills in this musical. This is an awesome chance for her, and whilst she isn't my favourite member, I am absolutely thrilled that a member of 9nine was able to be given such a great opportunity!

Congrats, Kanae!

Oricon's interview with Morning Musume members Michishige Sayumi Sayashi Riho and Iikubo Haruna has been translated into English by Hello! Online for international fans to read and understand.

When I read the fully translated interview, I loved how different Iikubo was than Sayumi and Riho during the interview. She was at ease and had a very carefree and random atmosphere about her, one that showed that she wasn't afraid to say what was on her mind, which she certainly did, and it really appealed to me. Whilst Riho had a more professional front, it was great to see that Harunan had this certain nature to her which showed how charismatic and random she is in interviews! Despite being a 17 year old who has a very pure and refined look about her, Harunan is in fact incredibly random and 'gross' in personality! She has a totally contrasting image to her personality, and I find that really awesome about her!

This is definitely worth a read, not just for the random Harunan, but also for how grown up and professional Riho is, and how laid back Sayumi is as a leader. It's a great read for fans, so go on, check it out!

As I said, it's been pretty slow this week, but I think there has been a good batch of news for everyone to read! The most surprising thing I saw was definitely 9nine's Yoshii Kanae's announcement of starring in a musical, but I am honestly really happy about it!

Hopefully there has been enough news for everyone this week, and hopefully more news will appear next time! Adios, guys!

-runs off-


  1. The best thrusting I've seen in any H!P video. Go Saki! The song is REALLY good as well! And I'm really happy for Morning Musume!

    1. Indeed it is! Saki is certainly working those thrusts! And the song is amazing! Tsunku really did a great job on it~

      And Morning Musume, they deserve it :D