Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Morning Musume: 50th Single Special Background for Everyone!~

This IS my own, mwahaha~

1280 x 720

To celebrate hitting their 50th single, I have created a background of Morning Musume in a cool (but kinda girly) style to commemorate this day~ This is my first time making a background properly, so I apologise if there is anything wrong with it DX

Also, I have changed my blogs banner and background to celebrate the release of the single!

I honestly had no idea what to do for this post to celebrate this milestone single for Morning Musume, and then I had an idea for making a background. I downloaded a few brushes to help me along, and found a picture of MM where everyone looked great, and where they smiled brightly. Here is the original picture:

I think that there are a few things that I could have done differently with the background, but right now, I am happy with what I have done. It came out bright but cool, just like I wanted it too. For my first BG, I think that I did okay.

Hopefully you will all enjoy the background! Just click the image to make it bigger!~