Thursday, 26 July 2012

Love La Doll

Usually I keep introduction posts for Indies Idol units on my other blog, but because there is so little information on this group, I actually thought that I would post here because I do have some thoughts on these girls that I want to talk about... and I really want to get everyone to know them >3<

Love La Doll is a group with very little information on them... so little that they don't even have a website, and when you type in their name on Google, you will get a lovely list of sex dolls or something. I'm being serious - all I really get is stuff on where to hire a sex doll, and I don't want that! I'm looking for Idols, not Sexushii Dolls!

Anyway, away from that topic... There are three girls in Love La Doll, and they are Kana, Aya and Lee. Kana's colur is blue, Lee's is purple and Aya's is pink (or red, who knows?). Also, Lee may be of Chinese descent, hence her name, and she also speaks Chinese. The girls appeared on Kawaii Girl Japan for the first time too, which is how I found them. And so I researched...

I love Kawaii Girl Japan, it helps us International fans understand what they girls are saying as well as introducing us to new units, like this one.

From Kawaii Girl Japan alone, we get to know the names of the girls, we find out that they are going to be performing at this years Tokyo Idol Festival event, and that their dance for their single was choreographed by Nico Nico Douga and Youtube dance star, Aikawa Kozue (also known as xxxayu3. She is also a member of DANCEROID). The girls also have a high ambition: They want to embed their names in history like Pink Ladies and Candies.

Also, these girls were apparently formed by a Cosmetics Company. No wonder they dance in a salon...

The girls also have two videos up on youtube! I was quite surprised, considering there is nothing on these girls that I can find, so to realise that they have two dance videos for their songs LOVE☆MAGIC and HONEY♡BEE was a surprise.

The first is LOVE☆MAGIC, which is a upbeat dance-like song with a really cute dance that fits the song well. The girls are also really cute, and oh man, Lee's legs!

You can slightly hear this song on Kawaii Girl Japan, but only faintly in the background, so it's nice to hear the full song with great audio quality in this video! I was really impressed with the video too, because the girls are all so beautiful (I won't say cute, they look too mature for that) and the song is well produced for an Indies Idol unit. Okay, so the setting is a salon? Who cares - the girls are really interesting to watch, and the song is upbeat and fun! I didn't expect something so good, actually. I half expected something so-so.

It's a winner for me!

Next up is the cute and wonderful HONEY♡BEE. This is the song I am currently holding on loop, because it's really wonderful to listen to! The dance itself is really cute too, but I am really enjoying the sound. I love the girls' voices in this, especially Lee's (I am forming a bias here xD). This is actually the first song I heard from them in HQ quality, but I fell head first for it. It's so cute, catchy, energetic, fun and upbeat! I love how much fun it is and how playful the girls are throughout the video! They also look really happy, so that is an immediate bonus for me!

Both of the songs are really good - well produced, and pretty amazing for me. I love the energy and effort put into them! And its no wonder - apparently the songs were produced by ArmySlick, a composer who has composed songs for KARA, so two have a well known composer and a well known choreographer/youtube dancer behind the making of their debut single is great!

For a debut Indies single, this is really great. I'm already in love with these girls, and I would love to see more released from them. PV's, more dance videos, more songs... who cares? They have had a nice debut, and if Tokyo Idol Festival footage is ever uploaded, I want to see these girls performing!

Okay, time to loop HONEY♡BEE again!

Also, here is a small article on Kawaii Girl Japan (in English) for everyone to read! HERE!!!


  1. I'm glad you posted about this group here as they have caught my interest. They're songs are really fun to listen to and I am not surprised to hear that is probably because they have someone who has worked with a big name act before. I can see these girls going far as the company behind them seems willing to put their money behind them.

    I did find that CDJapan has the single for Love Magic available through them. It comes in two versions, a regular version and a Chinese version. They both come out on August 1st, so this seems to be a very new group if this is their debut release. They have no track listing information up unfortunately but since the singles are about 1000 yen each I would assume they would at least have two songs on them.

    CDJapan links:

    1. I am really enjoying their songs right now! Especially Honey Bee - it's such a cute song with an even cuter dance! And it's nice to find a company who want to put money behind their Idols. I think that they could go far because of the effort put into the group itself by the people who created them.

      OMG CDJAPAN <3 I just might have to buy this single, it's a good price and I really like their songs! And a Chinese version? That's awesome, it kinda shows what direction they want to go.

      I will need to save my money! Kyaa!

      Thank you for the links to their singles! <3

  2. I'm very tempted to buying a copy of the single myself. But I just put in my order for August and since it is through paypal I can't add to it. Maybe if I have enough for another order in August I'll pick this up with something that's sitting on my wish list.

    Not a problem. I figured I would search for them just in case they might be listed so I was pretty happy to see that they are as they are still just an indies group.

    1. Ah damn, not good D8 I actually hope I can get enough for it, but I will be buying birthday presents in August for mine and my sisters birthday in September, and CDJapan is needed xD

      I think that CDJapan is getting good with adding Indies Idols now! It makes me happy ^^