Tuesday, 17 July 2012

It's the Rise of Mayuyu's Army in 'Twin Tail wa Mou Shinai'!

Watanabe Mayuyu, the alien of AKB48 and resident creeper, is back once again, but this time with a B-side PV to follow up her second singles A-side, Otona Jelly Beans. Will the PV be as pink and gawdy as the last video? Will the song be as simple and generic?

With Mayuyu, most likely!

Or not?

Twin Tail wa Mou Shinai is one of the coupling tracks to Otona Jelly Beans, and is featured on Limited Type B CD, and is a song about graduating from her Twin tails (cry everyone, cry!). Looking at the title, you would think that this would be a mature song about change and growing up, and becoming a new person who wants to better themselves, nd the PV would match that, and show a more sophisticated, adult Mayuyu who can stand on her own and do things her way...

Yeah, it isn't like that at all... or at least the PV isn't. Much like Otona Jelly Beans all. over. again. Seriously, Mayuyu, show your maturity T^T I want to see it just once...

Oh wait, I forgot - you will never graduate from your Kindergarten image! GAARGH!

... Onto the PV before I lose my mind over her image! RAWR!

Mayuyu: "I honestly don't give two f**ks what you're saying, Manager-san~"

Hey, this video looks like it'll have some plot to it!

Poor Mayuyu, she looks stressed. What's a popular, super duper cute and wonderful Creeper Aien like herself to do when Manager-san makes you do so much?

Mayuyu: "Hmph..."

Unhappy Mayuyu is also a kawaii Mayuyu!

Mayuyu: "Oh my Lordeh Gaki... I know what I must do!"

Kill Manager-san so that your schedule is dropped due to depression and lack of manager?

... Or walk down some stairs, I mean, it's your call and all...

... Oh balls what the fudge puppets are Nogifail46 doing here!? They're blocking Mayuyu's glorious radiance!

Mayuyu: "Teehee~ Well, I do need backing dancers to make me look good, y'know?"

True, and no one can outshine you, my little Creeper Alien~

Mayuyu: "..."

What? What is it, Mayuyu?

Oh sh***... Now I get what you mean...


... Now please, take out the batteries so that this girl never sings again. EVER!!!

Mayuyu with her parade of backing dancers.

I hope they feel happy to be in her presence! They are unworthy of her Creeper cuteness!

... Wait... is this... Mayuyu, this is...

Mayuyu: "That's right~ My loyal fans have been waiting, but now is my time... I unveil to you all... The Creeper Alien Army of Mayuyu! Teehee~"


Mayuyu: "Now, for a rest~"

Mayuyu... wait, why are you resting...?

Mayuyu: "Oh? You didn't know? My army is here to serve me and only me, and to do everything that I don't want! Isn't that great?"

So... you're just lazy?

Oh~ Nogizaka front girl doesn't look happy with the other one. Why? Afraid that she's cuter than you?

Mayuyu: "Oh crud, Manager-san~ Don't recognise my minion~"

Mayuyu Centre is always awesome, but the unworthy ones need to bow down to her!

... I SAID BOW! Not play hair dressers and cry!

Mayuyu: "I have more plans~ Muehehe..."

Oh lordeh I don't like where this creeper smile is going...

Mayuyu: -mumbles in sleep- "First... my chores... zzz... then... take over... zzz... AKB48... zzz..."

Actually, I like this plan~

Oh lordeh they're changing back into Nogifail46 Dx WHY RUIN THE PERFECTION!?

Nogifail Member: "OW my hair, my f**king hair!"

Lolololol! Looks like someone's hatin' on another member!

Why aren't they bowing!? She's your QUEEN!!!

Mayuyu: "First Nogizaka46, next... AKB48, then the world..."

Mayuyu, are you still plotting and planning Idol domination?


Well, isn't this a surprising little release from the Alien herself? Honestly, I wasn't expecting a PV for this song, but I'm glad it came out, but the one thing I really wasn't expect was Nogizaka46 popping up to support Mayuyu in this single. Seriously, I didn't see it coming. Not until I saw that the group name the song is under is Mayuzaka46. I am not kidding o-O

Anyway, regardless of how much I am disappointed in Mayuyu for not sporting a mature image yet again, I actually really like this PV and song. In fact, it's much better than Otona Jelly Beans, though anything could beat that easily~ But I do prefer this song, and I think it's because it's generally nicer to listen to and easier on the ears. It's cute, and it has that Mayuyu vibe to it, but also has that calmness of Nogizaka46 that the group seems to sport in their rather snore worthy singles... or at least the first two. So, mix the two up, and you get a really nice single out of it, with Mayuyu as the main vocals, and the Nogizaka girls as back up vocals and singing the group parts. Also, finally, the Nogizaka girls are singing a song I like. Woohoo~

In fact, regardless of Nogizaka46's presence in this PV, I enjoyed everything about it. The little story line that was present, the costumes, the setting and the song itself. It was all pleasant to listen to, and it is a nice, neutral and much needed change from the eyesore that is the A-side of this single. I also want to take back my thoughts on how Mayuyu is only suited for anime songs, because... nah, she should still sing just anime songs.

Anyway, the PV - let's start with that. Actually, when I first watched the PV, I was taken aback and actually quite unhappy that Nogizaka46 were being featured in the PV and the song. I honestly did not want them there, and I was wondering why they were taking up Mayuyu's spotlight - which I do regret and I wonder why I thought that. I don't like Nogizaka46, I make no effort to hide that fact, but considering they are the so-called "rivals" of AKB48, (Pfft) I never expected them to be in a PV or even a song with an AKB48 member, especially a PV that is for Mayuyu, who is currently a soloist. So yeah, I was shocked and surprised, and I didn't want them there. But after watching the video a few times, and listening to the song on a loop, I actually realised that it's good that these girls are there, because it doesn't just add to the storyline, but it also promotes Nogizaka46 more as well as Mayuyu, and will help to gain fans for both groups.

... But they're not gonna be rivals if Nogizaka are getting all cosy with an AKB member. That is not how rivals work, Aki P. (Or at least for me) Just get a damn Hello Project act as your AKB rival, already!

I went off track...

The PV is really quite sweet. It features a small storyline about Mayuyu, who is overworked and just wants time to herself, and so she resorts to calling upon Nogizaka46, who I will call her 'minions', and changes the girls into replicas of herself, and gives them all tasks that she has to do just so that she can rest. So, her minions go off and do Mayuyu's bidding, and she rests. That's pretty much the storyline of the video, with the ending being that the girls change back when they have finished their jobs, and Mayu wakes up to finished work, and a happier Mayu!

Other shots in the video are your mandatory group shots, dance shots and Mayu close ups, and with all of these things bundled together, you get one really cute, girly, pastel-coloured PV - the sort of PV I quite like! I enjoyed the lightness in colour of the video, it felt really refreshing, and I loved how the scenery for the dance shot was made up, it almost looked like Mayu and the Nogizaka girls were dancing in the clouds or in a pastel paradise, and the dance itself is cute - I really like it, but I love it when you see the really happy, joyous girls dancing, because they make it all the better. Then there are the group shots, which were really nice to see - the Nogizaka girls were all put into different groups, with the three front girls together of course, but I liked the chemistry that the girls had in the video when they were together. They really looked like they were enjoying themselves, and it made me like the girls more.

Gah! Did I say that about Nogizaka46!?

Anyway, it's a cute PV, and I liked how it showed off both Mayuyu and Nogizaka46. I thought that the story line was really cute and a great way to use more members and to also show a lot more Mayuyu. It was great to see a little creeper army being created! So, all together, it's a really strong PV in my eyes, with a pretty cute song attached. It's cute, it's entertaining, and the chemistry between the girls is amazing in this video, and it made me like Nogizaka46 more - that's got to count for something!

I feel so dirty for complimenting them! Arrgh!

The reign of Mayuyu is upon us! Are you prepared to bow down to your Creeper Alien Queen? I sure am!

All hail Mayuyu! The Alien, the Creeper and our Queen! -bows down-

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