Thursday, 12 July 2012

Houkago Princess 3: Candidate Introductions

IkebukuroTV, a youtube channel for Ikebukuro based news, has uploaded new videos introducing Houkago Princess' Stage 3 candidates! There are in total 7 videos, one for each girl, where they get around 30 seconds to introduce themselves. If you are still interested, check the videos out for yourself~

First up is Yamaguchi Milan:

Shiroboshi Chiaki:

Momose Fuuka (Also known as Momose Momiji Hana):

Ayase Miho:

Asakura Megumi Erina:

Sakuragi Nei (Also known as Nene):

Shiroishi Rika:

Out of all the members, Nene and Asakura have stood out to me the most - these two have the most enthusiasm and charisma out of all the girls, and really stood out because of that. Asakura (Erina) also has a gorgeous smile which I really like. I'm pretty sure I will have to watch out for her, because she might become a favourite from the candidates.

Fuuka is also one who I want to watch out for as a favourite, because whilst she is kind of shy at the minute, she has a likeable face and I find the 'shy' types appealing, especially when they are awkward as well.

And Miho looks like Miyashita Mayuka - replacement maybe?

Anyway, these small introductions are a great way for everyone to pick and choose the girls they like! So, who's your favourite?

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