Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Hip Thrusts and Sexy Faces! Let's Get it on with Berryz in 'Cha Cha SING'!

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This is gonna be a hyped up review for some reason, I think...

Berryz Kobou's latest release is going to be a cover song of Thai singer T'Birds song Row Mah Sing, giving the Berryz girls a Thai flare in their latest PV whilst still bringing energy and cuteness all the way through!

When I first saw the covers for this up-coming single, I kind of dubbed it as the Berryz version of Koi no Dance Site because of the look and feel of the covers, and after hearing the song from the previews, I still thought that the song had the same impression that Koi no Dance Site has - it's fun and kind of whacky in its own way, so I was eagerly anticipating the PV to see how it would fare with the song itself and how it would appeal to me, because seeing the covers, you get a lovely Thai Princess vibe and a certain amount of elegance from the girls, whilst still expecting fun elements to be added because of how upbeat and energetic the song is.

So... does the PV deliver?


As someone who isn't a fan of Berryz in general, I have started to really like the girls since Be Genki because of their fun and childish image. Whilst we see C-ute growing up, Berryz seem to be changing direction every single. From the horrible single that was Aa, Yo ga Akeru to Be Genki!, we see a sharp change that goes from maturity to super-hero genkiness, and personally, I love the Genki image that Berryz sports, because whilst their members may be older, let's be realistic - they have one child Momo too many holding them back from seriously growing up and sporting a more adult image.

I'm griping about a certain member too early on in my PV review... gaaah, I seriously need to stop letting my mood get the better of me when this member is brought up...

Okay, calm down... Let's get to the PV pic spam, because honestly, I haven't done one of these in a while!


I swear, UFA are really digging the drapes for recent singles - One Two Three, Chou HAPPY SONG and now Cha cha SING. S/mileage's single next?

... Oh DAYUMN look at those pants! Trololol!!!

Miyabi - everyone's favourite Thai Princess <3

Chinami... MY favourite Thai Princess of wonder~

... For some reason I want her to produce a random magic carpet o-O Totally getting the wrong country here, Chiima...

Oh, Ri-Suck-OH!, you and your... erm... hair...

I actually like her hair in this xD

Okay, forget Yurina - look at how god-damned happy Maasa is! She's totally jamming to the music!

Momo: "I'm pregnant..."

Who's the father?

Saki looks so cute and kinda dopey xD Adorable <3

Chinami: "I have come to the conclusion that Maasa is the father to Momo's baby."

Maasa: "No... Not me. It isn't me, I swear! Take a paternity test, anything! IT CAN'T BE ME!!!"

Even Berryz know how flawless Miyabeam is, so of course, they bow - even the Annoying one!

Oh, Chinami...

Chinami: "Huuuuur!"

Risako: "My milkshake brings all dem Wota to da yard..."

Risako trying to be sexy is always hilarious to watch, because she fails at it so hard.


... Or midway, y'know.

Yurina: "Let's play Who's the Daddy to Momoko's baby!"

Risako: "I'm so sexy... it could be me, but it isn't. I'm too sexy..."

Risako: The Pouting Pigeon, trying to pout her way through PV's since... well, since whenever she started.

Maasa: "..." -stares at you intently-


Maasa is hotter than anyone else in this video. She even beats Miyabi - Is this my opinion? HELL YEAH!

Oh wait... I think I made a mistake. THIS FACE is the hottest thing in this video.

You continue using this face of pure sexual pleasure, Chinami <3

Saki: "You WILL buy this CD, mindless Human!"

... Okay, Saki just looks creepy here...

Oh, Chinami... pure beauty... <3

Miyabeam... -shot-

Yurina: "I can't be the father, I mean come on... I'm a saint... Look at my hands, so saintly..."

I love Yurina's pose, she looks absolutely gorgeous here!

OH! A nearly perfect group shot! Too bad Chinami's so far behind D8

Miyabeam: "Om..." -meditates-
Saki: "Who's the Daddy!?"

Oh, it seems like a Gremlin was added to this shot...

Maasa is freakin' gorgeous! Have I already said that?

Chinami: -Stares into your soul-

Those... eyes...

So damn penetrating! Seriously, she could stab your soul with those eyes!

Berryz: "SING!"

I thought that was your job?

Miyabeam: "Bow, bitches!"

I absolutely LOVE those colours in the dark! Drapes FTW!

Risako: "Pruu... Pruu..." -imitates pigeon noises-

Everyone wants to poke Saki...

Oh LORD I just saw that Momo is doing her stupid little pinky thing! For crying out loud, get her out of the PV!

Chinami: "Are you the daddy!?" -points at viewer-

Chinami likes YOU!

Work it out girls, WORK. IT. OUT!

Risako: "Eh?" -looks around in a drunken manner-

The Berryz girls are extremely happy for some odd reason...

Berryz: "No one's the father!"

I love that platform, and I love seeing Chinami in the front and Momo in the back...

... Yeah, that didn't last long, did it? Chii in front and Momo somewhere where we can't see her, I mean.

So... my thoughts?

Honestly speaking, I think I am in love with this PV, and it's not because of the drapes.

Much like Chou HAPPY SONG, this is one cheaply budgeted PV with an added bonus which makes it so loveable: It's extremely happy, and you can see that these girls are all having fun and seriously loving every moment of this PV, from the dance shots to the group scenes. It's clear as day when you look at them all - they absolutely enjoy doing what they are doing in this video, and that makes this PV pretty damn awesome in my eyes!

No, it doesn't have extremely expensive locations like the milion AKB48 pv's do, and no it doesn't have a storyline, but I like it because the entire video itself is extremely fun to watch and it makes me really happy. I don't think that I have ever liked a PV this much by Berryz, and I definitely know that none of their PV's have ever made me feel so excited about a single release by them. So what if it's a cover of a Thai song? So what if it isn't theirs entirely - This is an incredible song, and Berryz really went to town with it! From the costumes to how much fun they all have, I think that this release is going to be an incredible one from Berryz. It may not wow many fans, but honestly, it's wow'ed me.

When I first watched this PV, I really got into it - I was copying the pelvic thrusts, I was imitating their hand movements and I was even singing along, I loved it that much - I really enjoyed the enthusiasm and energy that Berryz had here, and I wanted to copy that enthusiasm that they had. They looked so happy during the shots of the PV, it was wonderful to see. I absolutely love it when a PV comes out, and you can see that the group put all their effort into the song, and that they love it - and that's what I think MoMusu and S/mileage currently lack.

Of course there are downfalls in the PV, but most of the downfalls for me are to do with Momo - I really didn't want to see that god-damned Nerushite Nyan!? pose through the PV, but guess what? It happened. I really don't see why she has to bring that into a video... it's the same with her pigtails. Whilst I am glad she is trying to create a style for her fans to follow, why those hideous pigtails? I don't think that she pulls them off well. Sure, she's cute, but not that cute.

Another thing that's on the downside of the PV is the location - of course we get another budget set from UFA, but it's to be expected - at least they made it pretty with the drapes, though I would have liked to see more from the UFA team with this PV. Actually, I half expected flying carpets to come in...

So, other than the small downsides to the video, I really enjoyed it - the choreography is extremely silly and amazing in its own way, and really fits with the nature of the song, and the girls look like they are loving that dance! Especially those pelvic thrusts. Speaking of which, watching the scenes with pelvic thrusts, Risako was really getting into it and I couldn't help but laugh at that - she looks like she was really going for the gold with her thrusts! You go girl!

Actually, concerning Risako and the song itself, I honestly want to say that I don't like how she wavers her voice throughout nearly every song she is in - it's almost like she's atempting vibrato, but can't handle it and so just makes her voice go everywhere because she thinks it sounds okay. Seriously, I would love for her to stop doing it - it sounds out of place sometimes. Risako's voice isn't my favourite, but I do like it - I just want her to quit the whole forced vibrato-thing.

And now the song itself - We all know that it's genki-galore, and I think this is the song that would rival Dschingis Khan for the amount of quirky whackyness that it has in the sound. The same goes for the video, actually - it's ultimately a very fun song, and the girls sound like they absolutely love it! There's a lot of energy and happiness in the song, and it's seriously infectious. Coupled with repetitive words, you get a song which makes you incredibly happy and gets you singing along because you just can't help it!

... Or is that just me?

Anyway, I really like the song - I may not have remembered it after hearing the radio rip, but I can honestly say that I will remember it now. It's a happy and lively song, and all of the girls get a chance to shine. Even though some get more lines than others, you don't really notice or mind because you know that they all love singing this song, and they all sound incredibly bubbly and happy! Heck, I didn't even mind Momo's voice in this, because she actually sounds like she isn't trying to use her horrible cute voice on some parts... and her voice matches this type of song, too.

The girls all look amazing, and it's great to see them all enjoying the video, and that is what ultimately made the video a winner for me. I know that the PV or song won't win everyone over, but I'm happy with the exciting sort of feeling this single gives me, and how happy it makes me when I watch it. Even though Berryz aren't my favourite group, they are quickly winning me over because these girls love what they do, and you can see it. I'm totally won over with Berryz version of Koi no Dance Site...

... Minus the SEKUSHII BEAM~~~~ ... though I count Chinami's sexy face as the new Sekushii Beam~

So all in all, it's cheap, but it's good, and I think that that is one thing UFA do well... So long as the H!P girls are happy and loving the video, of course!

MoMusu, S/mileage - get happy!

Watch out, SEXY TIME!

GIF from Airii~n Deshou?

Oh yeah, you know you wanna see this video now...

So go watch!



  1. Chinami does punch me in the soul. It hurts so good...NO ONE IS THE FATHER!!! :-D Maasa would be my suspect too. And Diamond Sucker is kinda laying it on thick here...yeesh. I didn't even notice the vibrato-ness but there it is.
    I love LOVE that STOP SEXY TIME pic. It's the wallpaper for my comp now. Thank you. m(_ _)m I had no idea this was a cover song when I first heard it. It has been stuck in my head since this morning. I totally agree about the Koi no Dance Site thing. It definitely reminds one of that. [this comment is way too long] Momo is always something that annoys me about Berryz pvs. Lucky for me, despite getting a lot of lines, I notice Maasa and Chinami much more. MAASA HARDCORE AWESOME HAPPY ftw!!!!! <3

    1. Chinami is love in this, I really like how she just brought out her usual goof side xD and damn Maasa is gorgeous... I love your nickname for Risako, it fits her so well! Especially in the solo PV song thing she did with Ogawa Mana -I loved your review for that, insert fangirl here-

      XD MY PICTURE WAS TAKEN WHOO! 8U I just decided to use one of those meme generators but with Chii and make my own mwahahaha, and it honestly is surprising that this is a cover song. Of course its been toned down from the original, but Berryz sound amazing and Tsunku did a great job.

      CHINAMI MAASA FOREVER! The two girls who are pushed to the back, but have made their way to the front and stand out more than someone with pigtails xD

      I love happy Maasa, she looks so awesome! >3<

  2. MAASA~N <3 she keeps getting prettier and prettier *w* She, Chinahime and Miya made this PV for me. Maasan because of her BEWTIFUL FACE, Chinahime with her wonderful expressions and Miya and her Thai princess look. I really don't like Risako's purpley hair in this one I kind of want her to dye it back or something... I was glad to find out it was purple though since in pictures it looked gray... >>;;



    1. Maasa is so gorgeous ;A; She actually appealed to me the most throughout the entire PV because of how stunning she looked, and how comfortable she was. Out of everyone, you could tell that she loved this song and video the most. And OMG I love your nickname for Chii xD I used to call her Chiina-Chubs xD or Chima-Chubs XD

      I was fine with Risako's hair for this, because as you said, it doesn't look gray! XD


      PPS I know xD I actually didn't know that Pika had changed her FB pic until I went onto dubbers and saw it - I know she likes Chinami but so do I! 8D

    2. MAASAN IS MY PAPA :DDD And yeah, Maasan really seems to love all the funky songs~ (Her smile in Yuke Yuke was really pretty too~~~~) And Chinahime is my new nickname for her ever since I first saw the Limited A cover for this single. She looks so pretty!!

      --I just saw it when you two were having a conversation xDD--

    3. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA -has nothing else to say xD-