Friday, 20 July 2012

Hello! Project announce two new Units, Peaberry and DIY♡!

Wait... could it be...? Yes, Oh my God yes it is... Oh Lord Gaki, it's bloody true...


I hearby dub DIY♡ as the unit of Le Legs!!!

... I think I might cry... -gets out hanky- sniff sniff~


Peaberry and DIY♡ are two new units within Hello! Project who will be unveiled during the summer live concerts, with Peaberry being unveiled during the Ktkr version of the concert, and DIY♡ being unveiled during the Wkwk version. The unit Peaberry, consisting of Wada Ayaka and Sayashi Riho, will sing their song Cabbage Hakusho whilst DIY♡ will perform their song Forefore ~Forest for Rest~. These two units have been issued by the Hello! SATOYAMA movement project.


I first saw this news after buying a bunch of alcohol drinks today for tomorrow night, so I'm pretty late jumping on the news wagon, but seriously, when I saw this news I was over the moon, more so when I saw the lineup of DIY♡, because hey - IT'S HARUNAN! That, and the fact that DIY♡ consists of three members who I really like in Hello! Project, one I quite like and the other I am liking a lot more than before, so yeah... I'm pretty keen on the lineup of DIY♡, and that is honestly the group I am looking forward to.

Then there is Peaberry, a two-nin unit consisting of Dawa and Riho, and the unit which I'm kind of looking forward to, but not as over the moon about. Probably because it consists of two girls who are slowly growing on me, but it isn't exactly that surprising to see Riho getting a unit...

but it's a bloody surprise to see Haruna getting a unit, but guess what? I'm bloody happy - and very many others aren't~

So, other than the absolute happiness that everyone has over the fact that, finally, H!P seem to be churning out new units consisting of existing members, there is also a bit of babble going around about the lineup of DIY♡, or mostly the fact that Haruna's there. Nothing about Peaberry, because yeah, everyone likes those two, but some people are wishing that Haruna was swapped with Ayumi, and Chinami with Captain, as these two aren't exactly the strongest dancers in H!P. whilst the other three girls, Maimi, Nakky and Miyabi, are all pretty awesome dancers, so of course people are voicing their wishes over Haruna, the weakest dancer of Morning Musume, being taken out and replaced by Ayumi.

Of course I can see their reason, especially because DIY♡'s Hello! Project name stands for Dance In Your♡, so we will visualize this unit as a dancing one because of the name. But honestly? I wouldn't take any of these girls out, not even Maimi, the only C-ute member I don't care about, because this unit consists of more mature members age wise in Hello! Project, and considering Haruna seems to be getting a good amount of exposure and popularity, it's probably the best move to put her in a sub-unit with these girls - the same with Chinami, who's being pushed a lot more now thanks to Cha Cha SING, I wouldn't swap her for Captain like some people want - she is deserving of this spotlight. Then again, that's a personal opinion.

Yeah, the unit might be dance based, and we all know that that is one of Haruna's weak points when it comes to talent, but who cares? I don't recall Maimi being a great dancer in the beginning, considering she flailed around like she couldn't handle her arms or legs when she was a kid - it's more about who Hello! Project think fit together, and what sort of image they want to create, and with DIY♡, I think that they want to create a more mature image for these girls rather than a kiddish one, and whilst Ayumi, a killer dancer, might have been appropriate, I think that her height wouldn't have fit the bill for this group - come on! This unit consists of girls with outrageously wonderful legs, so yeah, I don't think that Ayumi would have fit in well, because she's quite short if you think about it. That, or they just thought she was too young, because every member barr Haruna is around 19, so they are all older members of course. And that just brings us back to the theory of a more mature group~

Legs legs legs...~

Concerning Peaberry, I really have no thoughts on them, other than that it's a pretty smart move on Hello! Project's group. Pairing off one of the most annoying S/mileage singers (IMO) with the most popular Morning Musume newb member is a good step forward, and as DAWA herself is quite popular, I'm sure that this unit will be a strong one money wise. Vocals? Eh, who knows? Personally I'm not keen on either of their voices, but I think that they could work - we will have to wait and see, however I do prefer some units over groups because I think there's more room for the girls to show off their individuality and also, there's a lot more fairness in lines, so I actually think this group might improve how I feel towards both Dawa and Riho. I will look forward to that~ Also, their song sounds quite cute and interesting.

And thinking about the songs and the unit themselves, doesn't this ring a bell? I'm actually thinking more so about Ecomoni, a unit which consisted of Ishikawa Rika and Michishige Sayumi, two of the weaker H!P singers at the time, who were made into a unit to promote environmental safety - well, Peaberry certainly fits that bill in my eyes, but instead the girls are going to promote farm life. The same goes for DIY♡, except that these girls will promote DIY and such - but their song actually reminds me of Ecomoni, too. Well, both of the group concepts are interesting, and they might just work. So yeah, I'm looking forward to these units~

Hopefully they will bring out CD's, because seriously? I might buy DIY♡'s! PLEASE BRING OUT CD'S DX

What are your thoughts on this nice little development in H!P?


  1. I'm really really happy because this is the first time since my joining the entire H!P fandom that I've seen a new group formed! And it just so happens that I think the member choices are AWESOME!

    Let's see... DIY... MIYAAAAAAAA! Haha, I also love Harunan and Chinami a lot! I really like Nakky too, and Maimi... well, she's one of my least favorites, but I can't say I dislike her.

    Now for Peaberry: I really really like both of them! Dawa is my second favorite current S/mileage member. I know a lot of people criticize her for not having the best voice, but I still love her! And Riho has actually become one of my favorites lately! I used to not care about her, but lately I've really seen the star power she has.

    So overall, I am SUPER HAPPY! :D

    1. Same here! I'm excited because these two units are the first for me, and I am so happy with DIY!

      Maimi is my least fave too! D8 However I hope to see my like for her improve :3

      I'm not overly keen on Peaberry because it has the two voices I dislike quite a bit. I'm not a fan of DAWA's voice at all, though it's 100x better than Meimi's, and Riho's... grates my ears a bit :/ But I want to see what this unit brings~

  2. I know it's so exciting!!! I can't wait for DIY; it's the perfect formula for an awesome group! As for Peaberry... I pretty much agree with what you said. But who knows? They might turn out to be awesome! But probably not. Then again, I'm biased.

    1. DIY <3 the group of le LEGGIES <3 and Peaberry... I kinda held back on what I wanted to say cos I was sSOOOO HAPPY ;A;

  3. H!P looks like it's on the up again. I really can't wait and hope these aren't just more one-shot units, man, I'm sick of things like High King and Kira Pika that make one single and die out Dx

    1. Apparently the units will run for two years, along with SATOYAMA life, so probably a few singles will be produced (if singles are produced). I would love for them to last, but hey, who knows? They might if they get popular enough ^^

  4. As far as Haruna in DIY goes... The H!P has always been about training and growing idols. Haruna being around such skilled dancers and performers is as much about her talents as it is about THEIR talents rubbing off on her. I love Ayumi but she's still a bit young to teach and help the weaker dancers; Reina is Reina and Sayu's not that great a dancer. Haruna being in this group gives her time with really strong dancers who can hopefully help her improve and grow.

    The really impressive thing about DIY however is their face. They're all so good at conveying things in songs when they want to that I think it could be a great unit.

    Also Peaberry. Sure! Go for it. I heard their song LQ.. it's not awful... Sure! The two halves are stronger than the whole but it's kind of a bit bland for my personal tastes. I like the classical music blend though and their harmonizing sounded good even with the awful quality. Riho's... to my ear blander voice softens out the sharp quality of Dawa. Conversely Dawa's harmonizing gives a punch to Riho's voice to where it isn't quite so... bland. It's nice. Not for me but I can understand how other people really would like the song.

    1. Ah, thank you very much for this comment! Hopefully a lot more people will have this understanding, because so many are unfair to Haruna about her vocals and dancing skills... u.u

      I actually hope that Peaberry will be a great unit,that way I will like the girls more, but currently, they are a little too bland xD