Monday, 30 July 2012

Forever my Chokubo, Forever my Honey Pie

Iikubo Haruna's new official member colour is Light Yellow Honey! So, with this new colour, what are everyone's thoughts and feelings?

Well, first off, I sadly never saw the Ustream episode, cutely titled ~Sayonara Chocolate~, because I was slaving away at work (LIES) and wondering what colour Iikubo would get, hoping to high heavens that it wouldn't be Eripon's dark purple (it wouldn't suit her, I continued to tell myself) and actually wishing that it would be what every other fan said it would be: Light Yellow.

It's Light Yellow... The fans were speculating correctly! HECK YEAH, go you, Hello! Online writers, lovers, readers and general Honey lovers, because you guessed it, Iikubo Haruna is now representing the colour yellow! The Hello! Onliners are so clever, I wish I speculated as well as you all~

Anyway, I'm actually a lot more accepting of her colour change. I still don't like it, but hey ho, what can I do about it? Anyway, a pastel colour suits Harunan quite well, I think. If she hadn't gotten a new improvised colour, like her chocolate was, then I actually would have preferred she had Aika's lilac colour, because Harunan is mature, and she seems to suit those colours too. Anyway, the pale yellow suits her, and I like how she seems to go with calling her colour a sweet food again... Though I think this colour is more lemon sherbet than Honey, but oh well...

As I said, I am more accepting, and to know that it is a pale yellow, and not Ai's bright, eye-killing SHOCK yellow makes me happier, because this colour suits her more, and it also means that her fans will be able to finally buy glowsticks her colour. Though I still kinda half-wish that she had white, but I can live with sherbet lemon honey yellow~

So, what does everyone think of her new colour? How many are happy, and how many of you are in tears?

The world stopped pointing and laughing at me, btw... xD



  1. Yellow is Cuca's color! I think the pale yellow suits her. Honiikubo, ftw!

    1. Ah, that seems to be her new nickname now? My sister calls her Honeybo xD I might call her Honiibow xD <3 And Yellow is really Cuca's colour? *^*

  2. So she goes from the color of #2 to the color of #1. Bring on the golden shower jokes? Too soon? Well whatever. Yellow it is.

    1. Haha! Honestly, I was ready to post on here that she had gone to 'Pee Yellow' but didn't XD But yeah, bring on the golden shower jokes when you need them!