Thursday, 12 July 2012

50,000 Views Contest!

I HIT 50,000 PAGEVIEWS! OMG Thank you SO so much T____T

I love this blog, I love writing on it and I really love it when I know that people like my posts - if they actually like my posts, that is.

So, of course I am incredibly happy that I have hit 50,000 page views! This is a major milestone for me. Whilst people may prefer considerably more views, I have never received so many page views for any of my blogs that I created - so to see that this blog has garnered this many views, it makes me incredibly happy and I just can't help but feel extremely proud of myself and the blog itself. I honestly never thought that I would have come this far, or gained so many incredible readers in the short nearly-2 year run that this blog has had.

I honestly wouldn't have gotten this far if it wasn't for the fantastic readers I have, as well as all the help Ray gives me with his Recommended Reading posts on Idolminded - ever since he started to post about my own posts, he has really helped me to gain viewers, and without him I probably wouldn't have hit this amazing amount of blog views today!

So, as a thank you to all of my readers and followers, I will be hosting my first contest on this blog to thank everyone, because everyone who reads my blog has made up the amount of views I have right now, and I really want to give something back to you all.

~It's Contest Time!~

This contest is for my readers! It is my way of thanking everyone who reads this blog and has helped me to get to 50,000 page views!


The Prize for this contest is a CD - it's actually up to you what CD you would like to purchase, as long as it is:

1) Regular Edition
2) Available to ship to your country
3) Not overly expensive (Hey, I'm not made of money!)

Originally, I planned to purchase the Regular Edition of One Two Three/The Matenrou Show and give it away for this contest, however as I have a diverse amount of readers, I know that not everyone would be happy with that - so I thought that freedom of choice would be the best option. However, if I was to narrow the prize down, I would choose these two singles as an option for the giveaway, providing they are in stock:

However, I would like to give everyone the option of what CD they want - but as I said, it needs to be a reasonable price for this contest.

Now, concerning the winner...

There will be ONE winner!

HOWEVER, if I find that there are two people deserving of the prize, there will be TWO winners. If I do just so happen to choose two winners, then the first prize winner will get to choose a CD of their choice, whilst the second place winner will be able to choose from a selection of CD's such as One Two Three/The Matenrou Show or Otome Senso. It depends on what is in stock, really >___<

The reason why there is the chance for two winners: My sister has said that if we find more than one winner, she will pay for the second prize. So there ya go ^3^

Okay, I had better get onto what you guys need to do in order to enter for the contest!

You have Three options to choose from for this contest - you can do one, two or all three of them, but only ONE ENTRY per category per person!

1. Create a Banner for my blog (cos I always change it so I wanna see what others can come up with)
2. Write a review for a song or music video you like
3. Draw a picture of your favourite MoMosu member or all of MoMusu!

Now, I would like to set out a rule or two for everyone to follow.


1) If you are under 18, please ask for parental permission - I don't want your parents thinking that strangers are sending you random things and asking questions!

2) Do not use multiple accounts to send in entries! This is unfair to honest contestants who truly want to win something, so do not do it!

3) Send all your banner and picture entries to with the subject title as [CONTEST] 50,000 Views. This is so that I don't mistake it for spam! If you are writing a review, send me a link to your blog through the comments or an e-mail~

4) This contest starts on 12th July 2012, and will end on the 12th August 2012 - so a month from now!

Also, you will need a username and valid e-mail address for the contest, and if you win, a valid address for shipment.

If you guys have any other questions regarding the contest, please feel free to comment and ask!

Good luck everyone, and thank you once again for helping me make it to 50,000 views! You don't even know how happy I am...

Btw, I am on 51,000 views since I hit to big 50,000. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!


PS Just so you know, I'm nervous cos I've never done a contest before D8


  1. First Off:
    CONGRATS ON 50,000 VIEWS!!!!

    Second is where do you make your banners like that morning musume one? I'm getting ready to start a blog and i really want to know where you made yours becuase it looks so good!!

    third is: is there any type of limit on the review part of the contest and can those items be shipped to the us?

    1. Thank you very much! :D I was really happy to see those numbers, I never thought that I would hit them ^^

      Regarding banners, I make them all myself with photoshop. Some people use Gimp, which is a free and simpler version to photoshop I think.

      Thirdly, there is no limit~ We all have different ways of reviewing things and I would like to see how everyone reviews! :D And the items will be shipped via CDJapan, which does ship worldwide (I hope) - I will definitely keep in touch with the winner(s) until their item gets to them so that I know when they get it and if it arrived safely~

  2. so it says one entry per catagory so would we be able to send in a review and picture of momosu or can we only do one thing?

    1. You may send in all three entries :) As long as you only have one of that entry~ So feel free to do a review, a picture and a banner if you want :D or just a review and a picture ^^

  3. For banners, do you have a preferred group or girl?

    1. I don't mind for groups, most groups that I review I will either like or dislike xD But MoMusu is the safest bet here xD I also like Houkago Princess, Afilia Saga east and Alice project :D (I have more but I will save you from too many!!!) and for girls, in MoMusu, it is Suzuki Kanon, Iikubo Haruna, Ikuta Erina and Kudo Haruka - graduated, Niigaki Risa and Koharu Kusumi. For the other groups, I say any are fine because it might get complicated thereon after @.@

      I apologise if this is confusing xD

    2. No, no. And I apologize for not saying CONGRATS!!! I was too excited to start making something. '^_^ I love making headers...

    3. XD don't worry about it :D AND BANNER *^* <3

  4. Would we be able to add like our signatures or 'made by' to the bottom corner of the banner?

  5. You may :D I have no objections to anyone doing that ^^