Friday, 6 July 2012

5 Kenshuusei Audition for MoMusu's 11th Generation - All Speculation for now!

According to TOP YELL magazine, five Hello! Project Kenshuusei have participated in Morning Musume's 11th Generation auditions.

They are:

Takagi Sayuki (15)
Kaneko Rie (15)
Kosuga Fuyuka (14)
Miyamato Karin (13)
and Tanabe Nanami (12)

Currently, there is no official announcement that any of the girls have passed through to the next stage, but it is nice to finally hear some news concerning the 11th generation auditions and to find out which eggs have auditioned for Morning Musume, the eggs who are rumoured to have auditioned.

And it's surprising that four out of five of these eggs auditioned for S/mileage last year, with only Tanabe Nanami being the odd one out!

Fans will be happy to know that Karin has, once again, auditioned for a Hello! Project main group (apparently). Whilst she didn't pass for S/mileage last year, I am sure that many fans will be wanting her to join Morning Musume. Now, whilst I wouldn't mind for Karin to join, I don't particularly care if she does join or not. If it is a singer that Tsunku is looking for, then yes, please let her join - everyone knows that she can sing.

Kosuga Fuyuka, or Fuu~chan, is the interesting one in this bunch. Last year she made it into S/mileage as a trainee member, but had to drop out due to health problems, and later returned as a Kenshuusei member, so to see her audition for Morning Musume's 11th Generation is surprising, as she was able to make it into S/mileage for a while, and had become best friends with Meimi. Whilst it is a pleasant surprise, I actually wouldn't want Fuu-chan in MoMusu - I kind of think of her as S/mileage girl, not an MM girl.

Regarding the other three, Takagi Sayuki (is she seriously 15!?), Kaneko Rie and Tanabe Nanami, I really have no opinion on any of them. I don't pay attention to the Kenshuusei in general, other than the ones I liked during auditions for 9th or 10th generation, but out of the three, I would probably like to see Nanami pass and make it into the final round of the auditions. She has a very sweet face and seems quite likeable.

With Sayuki, I find her features a bit... off, bluntly speaking. I do thinks she's cute of course, and as an actress, she's pretty good - she participated in Reborn ~Inochi no Audition~ and did a good job as the assistant, but right now I don't particularly care for her. I know nothing about her singing skills, so if she does happen to pass to the second or third round, I really hope to hear her singing because she might be a strong competitor.

Kaneko Rie is actually quite interesting - she's one of the older eggs in terms of generation, and the only one within her generation not have debuted in a group (she is a 4th generation Kenshuusei). In all honesty, I would like to see this girl debut over everyone else, as she has been in Hello! Project since 2008, and has probably been waiting to debut for a while now. It would be interesting to see her in the auditions if she passes through to the next round.

If the article is correct, then these are the eggs who probably have a great chance at passing to the next level. Nothing is official so far, so we can only speculate right now - and if these are the Kenshuusei who are in the running for MM's 11th gen, then be prepared to cheer on your favourites, guys!

It's Karin who's the favourite. Everyone but me loves Karin xD

Till next time!



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  1. I can't believe you don't love Karin because I absolutely adore her. And all I can say is yes my baby is auditioning again! ;A;

    As for the other Kenshuusei I'd love for Nanami or Sayuki to make it. Sayuki is a really great singer and would be a complete asset to the group. I haven't actually heard Nanami sing sing since she was in the replacement Shugo Chara Eggs group song, but she did have a pretty good voice then. So it's pretty safe to say that her voice is still good.

    As for Fuyuka and Rie I'd prefer them not to make it. 11th gen really needs a girl that can sing since the 6th gens days are numbered. And honestly neither of them can sing very well.

    1. I'm one of the weird ones - if Karin gets in, I will be happy that she finally got given something, but if not, I won't really care either... it's because I'm not a fan I guess, but I know that a lot of fans will be annoyed if she doesn't make it or get something better out of it.

      I can definitely see the appeal of Sayuki - she looks quite cute, other than how nervous she sometimes looks, and while I have yet to hear her singing voice, I will trust you on this one xD and Nanami is just adorable <3

      Rie, I thought she would be a stronger candidate, considering she was in the same generation as Mizuki and Akari, she's had a pretty good run in the eggs. Oh well xD And Fuyuka - I prefer her in S/mileage.

  2. I was hoping that Yamaga Kanae would audition. She's got an elegant vibe to her. Bums.

    1. I took a look at all of the trainee's to see who was in the Kenshuusei now, and I actually really like the look of Kanae. As you say, she has an elegant vibe to her - reminds me of Iikubo and Fukumura mixed up in a way. I wish she had audtioned, he would have probably become my favourite!

  3. No Yamaga? ;^; --my fave from the S/mileage audition--

    Oh god here comes the Karin invasion >< --not stoked about it; her fans are insane-- If she DOES make it, whatever, I won't hate but if she DOESN'T... ahhhh

    Omg Fuu-chan *o* I've missed Fuu-chan so much >< While I agree she's more of a S/mileage girl, I think she'd fit in well with the current MM. (I think she'd fit in well with Haruna and Masacchi) She reminds me a lot of Konkon and I'd love to learn more about her~~

    And Nanami. God I love Nanami. She was so cute on the (very) few episodes I watched of Shugo Chara! Party. If she doesn't make it I'll survive but I want to see Shige-san fawning over her and her adorableness. (SHE AND MASACCHI CAN BE THE AIRHEAD KAWAII DUO) --I can't remember if she was an airhead LOL OTL--

    1. Nooo we need your favourite ;A; And I agree about the Karin invasion DX ARRRGH

      With her intelligent look, I would actually like to see Fuu-chan in Morning Musume. She has a refreshing face, ne? XD

      Nananananananana is her new nickname ;D and LOL AIRHEAD DUO that's Masachii and Eripon, though Eripon probably see's them as rivals XD

  4. Yesssss my karirinnn is auditioninggg!!!!! I am one of those fans stated in the comments abov and I jut so happen to be a Kenshuusei fan also ok. And my four fav eggs have auditioned and I pray my Karin tAnabe kaneko and Sayuki passes omfgg!!

    I am in love with my sweet Karirin and tanabeeeee voice is perfect if you watch the next generation video of hello project on momusu you will hear a lot of Karin tAnabe and kaneko and some Sayuki. The bet voices are tAnabe and Karin.

    I feel that no matter what tAnabe kaneko and Karirin should join I want this more than anything and Sayuki too but the first 3 more. Their voices are awesome they re crazy good dancers especially Karin and tAnabe Sayuki and Karirin are perfect actresses. They are too awesome.

    Please pass them tsunkuuu!!!

    1. If fans are enthusiastic, it's okay~ Because they love their idol ^3^ and I am glad that your four fave eggs are auditioning! :D It makes it exciting for you :D

      I think that if these girls were to pass, they will all be awesome editions to MM - every girl is really, whether they can sing, dance, act or present themselves well on tv.

      Hopefully the audition results will come in soon for the first round!