Monday, 4 June 2012

Where's My Pony?

Heat of the moment PV Overview... er, I mean dance shot.

Okay, so I'm fucking tired but my sister came over all excited, woke me up and told me that the Dance shot ver. of One・Two・Three was uploaded onto Morning Musume's youtube channel. Oh Yipp-fucking-ee.

As you can tell, I am in no mood to really give two hoots about this song (still) - though it was recently battling for dominance in my head with Chou HAPPY Song, but of course for the Berikyuu awesomeness won. But yeah... it sounds a lot better cos' the quality is good, but dance shots do nothing for me at all - give me a real PV and then I might start caring, but with the way this single is heading, I'm probably not gonna buy it... (I will though, cos I promised myself to buy any single that 9th Gen/Zukkini is in).

Anyway, Pro's...

One: Eripon Centre - Thank you!
Two: Riho's wearing Hooker Red - This means I can bitch about hookerness in the PV Review
Three: Said PV Review will hopefully be done drunk... and Baby Predator's a better dancer than Riho.


One: Where the fuck is Zukkini?
Two: Why the fuck is Sayummy in the back?
Three: Where the fuck is my pony Zukkini?

Seriously UFA, are you shitting me? Why the fuck is Sayumi put in the back and traded in for Baby Predator, the Shrieking Child (who does particularly well on whoa-whoa's - then again, she's auto-tuned, so meh) and... er, yeah, that's it. For fucks sake, UFA, I want to kick you all. Sayumi's the mother-fuckin'-Leader - choose a better fucking time to shaft her and put her in the back with Zukkini and Iikubon, kay?

This song is made of fuckin' auto-tune - At least give the spotlight to the Queen of Auto-tune, and not the mini minion in Red who needs it just as much. Hell, if it's all auto-tune - give lines to the girls who don't get them as much, it might, oh, y'know, PROMOTE THEM?

Also - Zukkini in the back, wtf?

I'm hoping that the PV and the Matenrou Show really exceed my expectations or at least help this single to appeal to me besides the costumes because this 50th single is currently really pissing me off.

Then again I'm in bitchy mood. Oh well, fuck being nice. I'm 'meh-ing' over this single and slowly beginning to hate it.

I'll be back when the real PV is out with close-ups and shit, and hopefully I'll be drinking by then.

Oh, bright spot: At the start of the video I got excited, but then Meh'd before it even got to the chorus. Truth. 

...So I liked some of it for a brief moment :/

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  1. LOL!! My little Zukki, my little Zukki~

    I can't agree with you more on the odd arrangement, why is the leader doing bugger-all? I can't really tell who's singing due to the electro but I'm failry sure Sayu has next to no lines D;

    1. Zukki now has a theme song~ Woohoo!

      I actually wonder what the heck has happened! WHY is Sayumin in the back? I mean... She finally gets Leader position, but it costs her her lines? And I checked some CC a person did for the lyrics - she gets end lines it seems :/

  2. The director: "I got an idea. I'm going to do this thing where the shot goes out of focus for dramatic effect. It'll look really cool."

    No, nameless director, it is not cool. It is not cool at all. Thank you so very much for the headache and queasy stomach. Ass.

    If Chiima's distaste for this song wasn't enough to convince me I should hate it too, watching the PV sure did the trick.

    1. I agree that the editing was a bit iffy - roaming camera's aren't the best for people with weak stomachs DX too dizzy @.@

      Ah, just because I don't like it doesn't mean you should :) A lot of people really like this single, I'm just a black sheep in a herd of white xD But yeah, not too keen on it - but agreed, the dance shot helped me to like it a little less, though it's quite catchy which annoys me...

  3. ...What you're saying right now is in the dance shot, which is solely dancing based, Zukki - who admittedly is my favorite but not a great dancer - should be put to the front instead of better dancers in the line?

    ...Are you sure you don't mean to say "I hope Zukki gets a lot of close up shots because I know she's still improving as a dancer but she deserves camera face time, too" which would be perhaps more reasonable?

    I mean seriously. If movie reviewers can review movie genres they don't like without just going 'superheroes r stupid' and honestly evaluate what a movie can do good or poorly - why do we, a normally reasonable group of people, seem to have such difficulty separating our own personal dislikes? Why isn't it just "this is not my style of music but as this style of music goes it ranks here" and not NOOOOO I HATE THIS ALL THIS BAD?

    Also, Sayumi's in the back because she's not all that great a dancer. She's been doing it for awhile but she doesn't have the ease of movement of Fukumura, Kuduu, Reina, Ayumi, Riho, or Ikuta (a nice surprise! she really killed the dance). I love Sayu dearly. But she's never gotten her full body into the motion like any of the people above her - where she owns in dancing is with how expressive her face is and she'll be there way more prominently.

    So.. congrats. You just cheered about a 14 year old being a hooker because she's in the front with frankly not really more solo lines than Niigaki really had. Remember when people would stand at Niigaki concerts and hold up posters saying "Just quit and go ahead and die?"

    Just sayin.

    1. I was honestly wondering where Zukki was mostly in the dance shot - Yes, I get it, it's just a dance shot, but honestly I would have liked to have seen more of her - even on her solo lines you can't see her! Same with Haruna and Haruka, and even Sayumi - It would have been nice to see more of them rather than Riho and Ayumi.

      I don't entirely hate the song, and I don't entirely hate the dance - there are aspects I clearly like about it, such as the fact that the costumes are great, but really, I do not care for this music - it's warming up to me but I dislike electro pop and in general avoid it. I know that what this music means for MM is something good, cos it's different (for an A-side) and a step forward, and also it's promoting Ayumi and her kick-ass dancing skills. But I dislike a lot of elements because they obviously do not cater to my personal tastes.

      And fine, I get the point about Sayu - but it's still a bit of a diss that she's suddenly there in the back, however I'm hoping for lots of camera time - but the other diss is that she has pretty much been giving very few solo lines, which I was hoping for her to get a lot of.

      And also, the thing about the hooker? It's not meant to be taken literally, though a lot of people do that - I get how offensive it is, but I was commenting on the cooler and not the girl herself. And I don't care if Rihos in the front, because I know she's the one UFA are selling - and how can I remember about something that I never even knew about, hm? Because seriously, I wasn't a fan during Niigaki's debut as I didn't know what the heck JPOP, Anime or manga was.

      Just sayin'

  4. Just skimmed by this because I can't handle the cursing. O_O (don't hate me... I just don't like it, that's all)

    But wait a sec; you call her Zukkini, too? Darn, I thought I was original because I came up with that! Why is it that everything original I come up with it turns out that someone else has already come up with it?

    .....ah well, I love this song.

    1. Don't worry, I don't hate you! I was just extremely tired and grumpy and felt the need to vocalise that with curse words xD I apologise for that! DX

      I have a feeling I call her Zukkini because someone else said it - probably you o 3o But I like how it sounds. I can also say Zukkini in a Bikini xD and that sounds catchy~

      I'm glad the song is so well liked, that's awesome... I just don't care about it (I didn't like ONLY YOU at first and I love it now xD)

    2. I actually don't think I've ever said Zukkini out loud (or over the web, rather) because I was afraid of someone stealing it. XD XD XD

    3. O-O then that just means we are thinking the same thing XD