Friday, 15 June 2012

Sasshi's been moved to HKT48...

Recently, Sashihara Rino was reported to be a part of a scandal, where it was believed that, during 2008-08, she had a boyfriend whilst being a member of AKB48. Now, after appearing ona  radio show she is a regular on, it has been confirmed that the scandal is 'half true, half false'.

Sashihara revealed that she did know the person, but that they never dated. She also apologised to her fans for what has happened. After revealing this, the creator of AKB, Aki-P, announced that Sashihara would officially become a HKT48 member.

After this was announced, fans have either been saying that this is unfair to both parties, unfair to HKT, or unfair to Sasshi. There are also those who are happy that Sashihara has been 'demoted', and also wish that she would stop denying everything. Whatever way you go... it's all extremely hard to take in.

I'll admit, I'm extremely shocked by this, and surprisingly, I'm really hurt too. Not hurt that it's true, but hurt because she is being transferred so suddenly, so soon after things have been going really well for her. She debuted as a soloist, and she received 4th place in the Senbatsu, going from #9 to #4 within a year! So far it has been pretty amazing for her, and now all of this...

I really wanted to cry when I started to research and find out more about it. I'm just in absolute shock. I think that my sister is taking it a lot harder than I am right now, because she likes Sasshi a lot more than me, but seriously... I don't really know what to think other than 'Why Sasshi?'.

When I read the article regarding her 'scandal', I was praying that it was all a rumour - my friend even told me it was, that it was just Friday being dickwads again - but no, it's Shuukan Bunshun, a different magazine, and the fact that Sasshi has somewhat confirmed that she knew the guy, we have no other reason but to believe that there is some truth behind it - whether or not she DID date him is currently a mystery, but a lot of the Sasshi haters seem to think she's lieing, and should admit that she did sleep with him.

Heck, my sister, who loves Sasshi, thinks that it is quite true - after reading a few sources, she does feel that there is some really good evidence there regarding a past relationship. If it is all true, then really, I am sad that Sasshi was revealed this way, just when she was really becoming popular - it just shows was a dick her ex is for selling her out.

As for Sasshi being transferred to HKT, I find it rather unfair on both parties. For Sasshi, she's being demoted to what is seemingly a rather inactive group that Aki-P can't be bothered to debut because he already has three groups plus JKT to promote, and I also find it unfair on HKT, because their group is being used as a method of punishment. Why? What logic is there to use a group, who are most likely working this asses off to promote themselves in the hopes that one day, they will have PV's and original songs, as a way to punish someone who made a mistake? It is totally unfair on both parties, and I see no reason it.

But, I am also thankful that Sasshi hasn't been suspended or has been forced to graduate. However, as much as it would kill me, I would have preferred her to be taken out of the senbatsu, because she loves AKB, and she's worked hard to promote not just herself, but the group that she adores and to be recognised as someone.

I'm hurt for both sides, to put it bluntly. It's unfair that HKT are being targeted as the punishment group because they really haven't made a name for themselves yet (I do blame Aki-P on this one) and it's cruel for Sasshi that she needs to start over again. However, I also feel like this is unfair to all the girls who have graduated from any group, even the ones outside of AKB, because of scandals. I do see this as plain favouritism, and even if I like Sasshi, it would have been so much fairer to graduate her than keep her. But, as some commenters say, this is the advantage of being a senbatsu or popular member. Your agency and amanager(s) will overlook what you have done to save the group, to save them losing money. But, there is the big chance that they will lose money on that certain member anyway, because we all know what fans can get like.

And also, regarding those who say 'Sashihara being in HKT will make them more popular' - I honestly call BS on that, because as I stated before - big chance Sasshi will lose popularity because of this scandal. It could destroy her career, pretty much. I highly doubt that many of the Japanese Wota will care about HKT now that Sasshi's in there. This may just be my opinion, but I think that bringing Sasshi into HKT could hurt them more than help them...

Poor Sasshi... I'm dreading what her 'fans' would say to her. Big chance a few of them have started to burn her pictures already, and there is an even bigger chance that she has lost a large chunk of her fanbase. Of course, there are the less crazy fans who will stick by her - apparently she has had fans who have commented on her blog 'Soredemo Sukidayo', which roughly translates to: Even so, I still love you - fans have been writing this in regards to this sudden turn of events, and it's wonderful to know that she has fans who care about her, but it also heartbreaking to think that maybe she might be getting abuse because of this...

I'm sad about what's happened, because I like Sasshi. It is heartbreaking to have this happen to an AKB48 member that I quite like. I may not pay attention to the group much, but Sashihara is a good member. I was looking forward to her in the MV, and watching her become a stronger force within AKB48. But who knows what will happen now?

Maybe she will move up from HKT48 after some time, maybe she won't... I just seriously hope that the poor girl is getting through this without too much trouble.

And, regarding the announcement where she revealed that this scandal was a half-truth, here is the recording of her revealing it. It's a teary confession, and it really cut through me and made me want to cry with her.

Sasshi... Soredemo, Sukidayo~

Source | Radio Show Translation | Shuukan Bunshun Translation (Full Article)

On a more positive note, looks like I'm supporting HKT now. SKE/HKT all the way peeps.


  1. That paper timed this very very well. And it's so horrible of them to have done so, this has sent all kinds of domino effects onto all of the AKB fandom.

    1. It was, and it's disgusting. I hope that AKB and HKT will be all right with it.

      Some fans are saying that this will make HKT popular, some think that this is a ploy by AKB themselves to move Sasshi to help expose HKT more... but the Japanese know the wota better than anyone else, they know they can get crazy.

  2. the main reason why Aki-P hasn't fired her is because he likes her. He's not going to mess with the election because fans would send him hate and Sashi has that idol event with Buono coming up. If she's fired, then AKS will have to repay a whole load of people.

    I feel sorry for HKT more than Sashi right now because they are being use like this, and most likely, when they do start releasing stuff, she'll be center which isn't fair on the girl who was originally picked to be HKT's center.

    I believe that she should be punished for her involement in this scandal but Aki-P should leave HKT out of it as it sounds like he's punishing them.

    But on the other hand, this could be seen that he's trying to teach the girls of HKT that getting involved in scandals will hurt their careers within the 48's what with the recent suspensions and graduations of members from NMB and AKB for being involved with the opposite sex.

    All of this feels like when Friday was getting Morning Musume members fired for scandals when they were at their peck.

    I'll end here cos this is getting too long for a comment.

    1. I think that the not firing part and clear favouritism is why people are so unhappy about it, because some fans' oshi's were fired due to their scandals, so they wonder why it can't happen to Sashihara either. And oh dear, they don't wanna waste money, do they? :/

      I can see the problem with Sasshi taking away centre position, and I think that is unfair too...

      I think that the tabloids just want to stir trouble - it's what they are best at, sadly u.u Hopefully everything will work out in the end DX

  3. This news devastated me, not because of the scandal, I still support and believe in sasshi all the way, but because she's been transferred.

    I worry that she would lose the popularity and rank that she worked so hard for. I really love Sasshi, and I hope that all her fans would continue supporting her and voting for her, so that even when she's in hkt, she would still top the senbatsu elections, and maintain her spot of no.4th and even go up higher. So it will be like, take that Aki-p!, he'll be forced to take her back.

    I don't know how those elections work, but if Sasshi is in hkt but still rank high in senbatsu(higher than other akb members), like 4th or 3rd, that would be really cool. Sure Aki-p transferred her, but as of now, she's still 4th right? If also her ranking was taken away, that would be so unfair to those fans that voted and worked hard to put her there wouldn't it? I hope they don't lose hope, and still continue to support Sasshi, sigh if only i lived in japan :)

    Oh yeah, so now technically Tomomi Itano is back in Kami7? now that Sasshi is gone. I have nothing against Tomochin, but the ranking shouldn't be changed. Sasshi should retain her spot in the kami7 :)

    1. I can understand that. I think that many of her fans were devastated by the transfer, because it means less exposure for her now seeing as HKT are the group who have yet to debut...

      As far as I know, Sasshi is still in the senbatsu and still in Gingham Check. I don't think that Aki P or management would strip that away from her, that would be far too harsh. Hopefully, she will be able to keep that title for a while, even as a HKT member.

      Currently, I have no idea about Kami7. I pay little attention to AKB as it is, with Sasshi being the acception because she stands out to me and I like her. However, I think that Sasshi may still be in the Kami7.