Friday, 15 June 2012

Sashihara Rino in a Scandal!?

I care about very few members in AKB48, but the two that I do tend to take notice of are Watanabe Mayu and Sashihara Rino. Mayu, because she's really appealing in an intriguing way, and Sashihara Rino because... well, she's adorable, she's a total Idol fangirl (She's a Yurina fan~) and my sister really likes her, so I tend to take more notice of articles and news pieces on those two rather than any other AKB48 member... Oh, and Mariko, but she's done so little that I know of...

But tonight/this early morning, as I browsed through the internet for news to put into Okay! Musume Digest, I decided to click on Arama, and found something... well, horrible...

Rino's in a scandal?

... What?

Seriously. What. The. FRICK?

Now, if you're wondering - no, I am not mad that Sasshi is in a scandal. I'm mad at the fact that this guy is apparently a former boyfriend.

So, before I let my feelings blow up this entire post, the scandal is basically this: Sashihara Rino's ex-boyfriend has leaked out some information regarding his relationship with Sasshi, one that they had when she was 16 whilst she was in AKB48. Apparently, the details he leaked stated that she was a rather precocious girl for her age.

Here's the snippet that was taken from the article, courtesy of Arama:

“She was really precocious, despite being a year younger than me… When I went in her room, she told me ‘Are you just going to stand there looking at me?’ and ‘Come over here,’ and then put my hand on her thigh. Something snapped in me then and I pushed her down and we kissed for the first time.”

Okay, now that I have said that, let's...


I honestly don't understand why ex-boyfriends feel the need to sabotage the girls who are doing so well in the Idol industry. The last time I read something similar to this was a scandal on Kamei Eri, back when I was new to Morning Musume and researching a lot of things about them (find the translation HERE), and seriously, that article itself annoyed me to no end - it made me mad to know that a boy, who had dated a girl who was doing well as an Idol, would sell her out just so that he could have his own five minutes of fame, or to sabotage her. I find it so unfair!

And now another article has popped up which is pretty much the same, but this time, it's poor Sasshi.

I will admit, my main problem with the article is regarding the boyfriend - I do think that it's really unfair when a person does this because seriously, it will only benefit them in the long run. Maybe they are bitter, so they feel the need to destroy something good in Sasshi's life (or any Idol's, I dunno) but I find it extremely unfair and uncalled for when something like this happens.

Also, I really don't like how she is portrayed as a carnivorous, sex driven woman - maybe she is like that, who knows, but I still don't like how she is written in the article.

Anyway, currently this is a 'rumour' of sorts, so until we get further confirmation, I can't really say much else. I'm glad that she was able to date and all, but to have an ex do this to her is kind of a slap in the face for the poor girl.

If it is true, then I dread to think what her die-hard fans will do burn her photo's because she, le gasp, dated someone!

But, apparently it's all a rumour - and let's hope it stays that way, but if it isn't, then I do honestly dread to think what will happen to Sasshi. And also - this article came out a perfect time, right? Just after she gets ranked so high in the senbatsu and all. Maybe Friday really are just being dicks and trying to sabotage a currently popular member who isn't Queen Yuko.

But seriously, what a horrendous way to get into a scandal. I really don't like this guy who did this.

And that, my dears, is my opinion.

I am so freakin' upset, even if it is a rumour! xD


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  1. Oh god I hope to god this scandal doesn't go to far... Sasshi is one of the few AKB members I like too (... coincidentally the other is also Mayuyu xDD huh) so it'll kill me to see her rep get trashed cause of some stupid dude :( She's such a sweetheart!! I'd hate to see the girl so excited to meet Kumai-cho go out cause of something like this D;

    1. Me neither, but apparently it's all a rumour - and considering the way it is written sounds like an M-rated raunchy fanfiction, I wouldn't be surprised now that I am more awake and able to think straight XD

      Poor Sasshi D;

  2. I'm about to be really offensive and opinionated, so plz don't read if you are a big enough Sasshi fan to be offended.

    Okay she got moved to HKT48 which is the dumbest thing I have ever heard.I am livid beyond belief, first of all how dare she steal the popularity from the HKT members. Some people are saying that it will help them gain popularity, but even though thats true it would be the most negative possible. Because she was up so high she is now 'lowering' herself to HKT? Da fuq is that? That's pretty much taking every single thing away from HKT as a group. They are going to get popular because of Sasshi, and god forbid this becomes the Sasshi show. How DARE aki-p move her there in an attempt to save his oshi. I just KNOW the HKT girls are pissed. They are the ones who are supposed to make names for themselves, and now Sasshi is going to be the center of attention and it's going to look bad for everyone. So now HKT is the jail group? Great for them.

    I never hated Sasshi, but she has just solidified herself as being terrible. Yes it sucks that her bitter ex-boyfriend caused all this shit, but she still did something wrong too, she has NO way of defending herself, and her being moved to HKT as a punishment is a joke. She knew she wasn't allowed to date someone and she did anyways, so she got caught, but unlike the goddessa that is Hirajima Natsumi, she gets to STAY IN the 48 family, and probably still will appear on singles, I am LIVID.

    My poor WakaHaru will never get a chance to shine now with Sasshi in the picture.Not to mention the HKT girls who had to actually build themselves up to being the center of HKT like Kodama, Sugamoto, and Sakura. Yes, Sashi did have to build herself to being at the top of AKB, but she got caught in a scandal and her punishment is that she gets to be the star of ANOTHER group that in no time will be dubbed Sasshi and co.

    1. First all, thank you for stating your honest opinion.

      Secondly, I'm kind of hurt on both sides. I wonder why she is being 'demoted' in a way, because let's face it, even though I want HKT to debut more than anything, they are not on the top of the 48 food chain. I wish they were, because I would love to support them - AKB and NMB bore me too much. And I also think that, no, Sasshi being added to HKT doesn't necessarily mean they will gain popularity. Big chance is she will lose popularity, and it will affect HKT. And I do think that Aki-P saving his oshi is unfair, considering two other girls were forced to graduate (okay, they had solid evidence that they were dating, but still) and Sasshi wasn't. But as people say - this is how much of an advantage the popular members have over the members who aren't popular.

      I actually wonder if her popularity wil stay as solid as it was before this. I doubt it will, because the Japanese Wota can be vinidctive from what I read and hear on the internet. You never know...

      Honestly, for a while now I wanted HKT to debut so I could support them. I still want them to debut, but I think they will have a bumpy road to go through now...

  3. Hy i like this blog um i'am being late to comment but for me this news such freaky thoughts of somebody. while she's in the air they were trying to take her down and end up with this scandal. however this scandal doesn't make me doubt that she will gets more than she achieved before.

    1. Hello! :D I am sorry for replying late!

      I agree! It's sad that people will do this, but there are those who are mean and want to hurt everyone else's happiness. Hopefully, Sashihara will get through it.