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A refreshing Summer with Sea☆A's 'Friendship Birthday ~Arashi no Yoru ni~'

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It's that time of the year again, my lovelies. Summer. And with it being summer, it can only mean one thing for all Idol groups in general.

Summer PV's.

We've already had a good batch from Troops48 and the ever-so lacking S/mileage, but now a barrage of other Idol units will be bringing out their own summer singles. So, here I am, in my pyjama's sitting ever so comfortably with a bottle of Lucozade beside me, ready to start off the first of hopefully a few PV reviews of the on-coming Summer-Song storm that Idol groups seem to dive for. So, let's hit the beach and get ready for some beach fun!

... Well, kind of.

Okay, so first off, SeaA are back with their latest single, Friendship Birthday ~Arashi no Yoru ni~, a single which I have honestly wanted to listen to fully since it was first announced. Sadly, the video was nowehere to be found, and Lantis' youtube hasn't uploaded the full video as of yet, so, I was moping around and waiting, hoping that this video would come out. I like  SeaA, I really like them. I loved Dream Shooter, and Deli-DeliDelicious is my favourite single from these girls, so of course I am going to anticipate their third release. Thankfully the release was worth the wait, or I would be extremely butt-hurt right now.

The PV was something I half expected, but was surprised by too - I had seen the previews, of course I had, but I don't think that I expected the video to be the way it was all the way through. To put it simply, the entire video is based pretty much solely on the girls in a natural state. They hang out together, they take pictures, walk around the city and pretty much have a good time whilst they ignore the camera's. Though it isn't completely like this - we do get some rather generic Idol shots of the girls sitting alone and looking pretty, but other than that, we get the girls spending the day together and having fun. That's pretty much it.

These shots were probably my favourite, I loved how they put it into our perspective

But that doesn't mean that the video isn't good, because it is - I thoroughly enjoyed the video, and I was quite surprised by how much I did like it. I thought that it was very cute, I loved how it was edited and I enjoyed watching Seaact just like good friends on a walk around a brand new city, going around the sights and eating together.

Natural smiles and beautiful wind blown hair as Valerie rides a bicycle and Beryl smiles for the camera
It was really nice to see these Idols in such a natural environment, with natural smiles and acting naturally, like there were no camera's at all bar the one that they had themselves. The video looked like we were watching a small group of girls on a day out, not a group of Idols who are choreographed or told how to act and look in the public eye. The natural state and the carefree feel of this PV made it extremely refreshing and really enjoyable to watch.

The song is incredibly beautiful, it makes me so happy when I listen to it - It has such a gentle and natural feeling to it, like the girls were really happy when they sang it. It's refreshing, like something I would listen to on a day where I just want to kick back and relax and do absolutely nothing. The song isn't up-beat or overly perky like most summer Idol songs - it's like that refreshing summer breeze on a really hot day, a breeze you openly welcome because you need it.

This song is actually about friendship, as the title suggests, and is about that special person beside you who you always want to see and spend your time with. This could also be a love song, but this story pretty much depicts the relationship between two characters for a game or anime that this song is actually for. The lyrics are really sweet, and very heart-felt and meaningful. I really enjoyed the lyrics and I like how this is a song that is about friendship, and not love. 

I think that the girls of SeaA did a beautiful job with this video. The naturalness of the video and the beautiful song are both very refreshing and welcoming after so many cute and up-beat songs have come out. This video shows off the natural cuteness these girls have, and also shows off the beauty of the summer without the girls staying solely on the beach whilst dancing around in bikini's or skimpy clothing. This is a natural summer video with a very lovely natural summer song, and I have thoroughly enjoyed it.

SeaA are continuing to impress me with everything they do - their first two PV's were both wonderful, and with the addition of this song, I think that the group are just going to continue to get stronger. I love how this Idol group continue to go strong and sell themselves without having to rely on bikini's and beaches, and still showing their natural cuteness and refreshing faces. They are simply adorable, and I am so glad that they created a PV like this - simple, refreshing and very effective. There is no dance, no lip-synching scenes, just the girls having fun together and a few scenes where they pose and look to the sky. Nothing flashy - just that natural presence for a refreshing summer PV.

Unless another PV comes out and steals SeaA's thunder, I have a feeling that this will become my favourite Summer PV and song for 2012... That is unless 9nine's new song doesn't win my heart over like Friendship Birthday ~Arashi no Yoru ni~ has.

Please enjoy this gorgeous PV and experience the natural feeling of summer with this wonderful group~

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