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Okay! Musume Digest! #4

Okay! Musume Digest Numero 4!!!

There's quite a bit of news this week, with most that have videos attached to them... Actually, news wise, it started out slow but the week got better, with the biggest news being Nakazawa Yuko's pregnancy announcement, and Sashihara Rino being transported moved to HKT48. But, there were also little tid-bits to add on as well.

But first, we will get on with the poll results!

This weeks poll results are in, and the winner has been decided. The winner is...

Tanaka Reina recieved 17% of the votes! Bask in her Oshi-ness!

Tanaka Reina! So, for everyone who has voted, this weeks poll winner and your Oshi of choice is Reinyan, aka Winky, who's big-ass bow has charmed and hypnotised you into loving her~ So, to all of you Reina lovers out there, here she is. Your winner!

And now for the other poll results!

Michishige Sayumi 15%
Suzuki Kanon 15%
Sato Masaki 15%
Kudo Haruka 11%
Ikuta Erina 6%
Iikubo Haruna 6%
Fukumura Mizuki 4%
Ishida Ayumi 4%
Sayashi Riho 2%

Now before I start on the news itself, I would like to say how surprised I am with the results; I was pretty sure that Riho would rank quite high, as she is popular with both the Japanese and International wota... but, I guess this blog doesn't attract many of the Riho lovers...

Maybe it's because I'm not a Riho lover, and they keep their distance? But also, I am surprised that Kanon ranked very high. I am so happy, though! Kanon placed in a 3-way tie for 2nd place! WOOHOO!

Okay, now it's time for the


Hello! SATOYAMA Life episode 2 has been broadcast, and features more farming! More Haruna, and more Nakky!

Episode 2 is basically a continuation from the 'Satoyama' side of Hello! Pro Life, and is also (thank goodness) the last part featuring the farm... I think. But this episode isn't just about farm life, oh no, it also includes...

Yup. Kissing.

Okay, that's only one side of it - but thankfully, there is another part in this episode which is a lot more interesting than the dull farming that we saw (as I said previously, these episodes will most likely be more about the girls exploring their culture and helping to broaden and educate the viewers, too). The second half is actually about C-ute and Berryz Chou HAPPY Song photoshoot and Music Video recording - yes, music video recording! So, thankfully Hello! Pro Life will continue with broadcasting H!P related necessities, such as MV shootings and, hopefully, audition footage. However, thank goodness, it is all shot from a still camera and not the members filming everything themselves, though that was quite cute before.

Looks like Hello! Pro Life will be a bit better than what the first episode offered, and next week: Glass blowing. Yay~

Chou HAPPY SONG has been released already, so YAY!

Ikebukuro TV, a youtube channel which uploads activities that happen in Ikebukuro, have uploaded a new Houkago Princess video, featuring 6 of the 8 girls performing. As usual with Ikebukuro TV's videos, this gives us an insight into the performances of HouPri as well as songs that have yet to be released, and to watch the girls grow as Idols and to see their personalities.

I have been following IkebukuroTV for a while now, and the channel offers a lot of different footage from various people, not just HouPri, which gives everyone an insight into different aspects of the culture, such as 20 year olds celebrating the day they become an adult etc. Also, there will be times where some (not always) subtitles pop up, and most likely there will be a description in both English and Japanese in the description box of the video. I like the youtube channel for Ikebukuro, as it helps to encourage foreigners like myself to find out and learn more about Japan.

Also, if you want to comment on the channel, Ikebukuro are more than happy to reply back, which I honestly think is great!

If you like HouPri, then definitely check this video out and see if you want to watch more from HouPri and IkebukuroTV!

MomoClo are endorsing Pepsi!

Popular Idol group Momoiro Clover Z have been chosen as the image characters of SUNTORY Pepsi Cola's newest product, Pepsi Black. The CM will start airing on June 19th, the day that the drink will hit stores. For the CM, MomoClo throw away their colourful costume for a more adult and darker theme to tie in with Pepsi Black, where they will express the theme of the drink, 'Adult cola'.

Check out the making of!

In all honesty, these costumes remind me slightly of the rock band KISS, especially with that make-up. The girls also look like zombies crossed with black swans, but, it's great to see them out of colour for once! They look less... well... annoying. But that's all a personal opinion! I hate Shiori's hair in this

Anyway, I hope that this excites MomoClo fans, because some on - they're CM characters! Nothing better than endorsing good products.


Michishige Sayumi, Ikuta Erina, Sayashi Riho, Iikubo Haruna, Sato Masaki and Kudo Haruka will appear on a music program called 'Myuu Sata' on July 6h and 13th. They will most likely be promoting Morning Musume's 50th single.

I'm glad that UFA seem to be willing to promote the new members more right now, especially the girls who have the most personality that is fit for TV appearances (Eripon and Iikubon, of course). This is  great opportunity for the girls to get their names out there as well as to promote this brand new Morning Musume which is coming into a new era!

Hopefully videos will be uploaded when they have been broadcast, but we will have to wait and see!


Idol group 9nine have been featured on Kawaii Girl Japan, a youtube channel which features Idol units and helps to promote these Idol units in Japan and also overseas. For today's video, 9nine talk about their upcoming single, Ryusei no Kuchizuke, and their one-man live as well as talking about themselves positively. This is also 9nine's first video with Kawaii Girl Japan.

I love watching Kawaii Girl Japan because it's a great way for me to catch up on my favourite Idols and to see how they are promoting themselves and their singles as well. Plenty of girl groups go onto Kawaii Girl Japan and promote themselves, such as Morning Musume, Vanilla Beans and Fudanjuku. It also helps that there are clear subtitles, which helps overseas fans like myself to understand what everyone is saying.

9nine are really cute in this video, and if you like 9nine at all or would like to try and get into them, check out the video and take a look at their really cute personalities!


To commemorate Morning Musume's 50th single release, M-ON! TV will be holding a special on July 4th! On the special, the new Morning Musume will appear and show the change in the line-up as well as the new charm that they all have as a group now. In addition to that, the girls will receive messages from graduated members.

t has been almost 15 years since Morning Musume released their first official single, Morning Coffee, in 1998 - so hitting the 50th single as well as their 15th anniversary is an achievement that many other groups may not have accomplished.

Honestly, I am so happy that Morning Musume will be able to share such an achievement on TV to show off the new girls as well as to hear messages from their senpai. This single really shows how far Morning Musume have come, and how much it has also changed since they were first created.

Everyone, please look forward to seeing this episode if you can!


Sashihara Rino has officially been moved to HKT48. Staff recently took down Sashihara's profile from the 'Team A' category, and has now added it to the HKT48 official member page. However, she is currently not under Team H or Research Student. Instead, Sashihara has a team all to herself titled'Team Undecided'.

Lastly, Sashihara has not been completely removed from the AKB48 homepage, but has instead been moved to the bottom, below the research students.

Having read this article, I can now understand why fans are becoming unhappy with the treatment Sasshi has been receiving. Whilst other girls will clearly get punished and be forced to graduate because of the circumstances that Sasshi fell into, Sashihara Rino herself is being given a second chance, which I am very happy about, but I don't understand just why the staff feel the need to give her her own select Team. Isn't that a tad unfair to the rest of HKT? I understand that Aki-P himself said that this was not bad for either Sasshi or HKT, but still, it feels unfair to everyone else. If Sashihara is going to be moved later on to Team H or to the Research students (the latter is very doubtful, though) then I don't see a problem with it, but I do see a bit of a problem with just giving her a team all to herself if they don't plan to move her into an existing team. It's almost like they are handing Sasshi the bag of cookies without even asking the other girls if they want any. It is unfair... but if it does just so happen to be this way, then we surely have to deal with it.


AKB48's resident Creeper, Watanabe Mayu, is releasing her second single this July!

Mayuyu will be releasing the single, titled Otona Jelly Beans (Adult Jelly Beands) on July 25th, with the hopes that she will show off a more mature image than the cute one we all know.

Watanabe commented on the single and the concept, stating, “It is quite my type of song!  On the jacket, I tried to show my natural and mature side.  It was fresh and fun.”

In regards to Mayuyu getting a second single, I am seriously happy. I fell in love with Synchro Tokimeki and the video, so I honestly can't wait for Mayuyu to bring out her second single for the summer! I'm also anticipating how the video will look and how the song will sound, because finding out the title, it sounds both playful and mature. Hopefully it will be as cute as Mayuyu always is!


Morning Musume's 10th generation member, Ishida Ayumi, will be releasing her e-Hello DVD titled Greeting ~Ishida Ayumi~, and Morning Musume's youtube channel has now released a video trailer for it.

Like all of the other e-Hello DVD's, this one shows Ayumi doing a few carious things, like walking up stairs, hiding from you and peeking out with a huge predator-like smile on her face and also the generic, but very much needed, school girl uniform. The music featured in this e-Hello is quite playful, but not overly childish and fits how Ayumi acts in the video. She looks very carefree and happy here, and she really does look beautiful. She is a very beautiful young woman, and this video showcases that well.

Hopefully all Ayumi fans will be able to purchase a copy of the e-Hello DVD, or at least watch the trailer, because it is worth a watch to catch Ayumi walking around in school uniform.


Morning Musume creator and Hello! Project Casanova, Tsunku, has announced the 'Second Stage' auditions for AKIHABARA Backstage Pass. The Auditions have actually been going on for a while now, but the auditions have been extended until the very end of June.

AKIHABARA Backstage Pass is looking to recruit girls aged between 15 years old to 26 years old. Only girls who have graduated from Junior High up can audition, and not girls who are still in Junior High, and the girls must have an interest in entertainment, they should be able to work at least two days a week and should not be signed to another agency, among other requirements.

Whilst this may have gone on for some time now, it is still good to know that the audition period has been extended. This perhaps means that there has been a lot of interest in a position as a Maid and entertainer. Aso, about the age requirements; as AKIHABARA Backstage Pass is also a maid cafĂ©, it makes sense for the age to be quite high, as that is a full to part time job itself, and a minimum age is required for girls who are still in school.

Hopefully we will hear more news on the auditions later!


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