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Okay! Musume Digest! #2

The week has been pretty slow, hence no updates... also, I've been busy with a few other things so I haven't written any reviews or anything like that, but I have been updating this post every day if there was any interesting news, so yay~ Anyway...

Hello again everyone, and welcome to this weeks edition of Okay! Musume Digest! This time there is plenty more to report on, so a little more to read than last weeks!

Now before I get into this weeks Digest, I would like to give a brief explanation behind the idea of it:

I am hoping to continue this ~Digest~ every week, where I will put in the little bits of news from over the course of the week that I find interesting or relevant, with information that was never wrote up into a full-blown post. Sometimes there are snippets that are released which I take an interest in, but don't necessarily write up because I find that there isn't enough there to go by, so, that is where this Digest comes in. I was actually inspired by Hello! SayuNii's Shuukan Yoro! to do this, but never seemed to put it into place until now.

I will also be using the ~Digest~ for poll results when I do make polls, and will also give my opinions on certain posts. Hopefully I will have a lot to report about, as most of the small things are always updated, such as TV show appearences, CM announcements etc. Basically, it's a news paper in a way, featuring different little bits of news that I have piled up from the week that has happened. I seem to want to keep it all condensed, as this isn't a news blog, but rather, a fan blog.

So, please enjoy the Digest, if you will, and go on forth, young venturer, and see what this week has brought us all (that you have probably read somewhere else, mwahahaha!)

All of the Digest after the break!

Oshima Yuko is now officially the Queen Bitch for this single, at least in AKB!

The General election votes came in on the 6th of this month (June), and coming out on top was none other than the Heavy Rotation Queen herself. Too bad I wanted the Alien to win, or I would have cared more. But it was obvious she was going to hit the numbers more than everyone else, now that Bore-chan is out of the race.

Also, on the same note - The 27th single is set to release two days after Bore-chan's graduation! Does that mean she will be in it, or not? Who knows! But considering she didn't join in with the Senbatsu - no.

... Unless she's a cameo?

StylipS' next single (third overall under this unit name) will be called Choose me Darling, and will be another anime release. Speculation is that, for the PV, the girls will all fight to the death for the boy, each yelling 'CHOOSE ME DARLING' before killing one another off.

OR it will be another cutesy affair. Who knows?

Also, it looks like S/mileage are ready for a sexy new Summer campaign...

Rumour has it that, instead of the Zombie Apocalypse, Japanese Idols will turn into Donuts! 

S/mileage have been chosen to participate in a 'Mr. Donut' CM, where the girls will look scrumptious for the viewers, and take on the roles as, well, you guessed it - donuts.

Am I the only one who feels like Kana is in her element of weirdness here?

Okay, stupidity aside, in all honesty... What the heck? I found this randomly on Hello! Online whilst looking for Zukkini and Eripon pictures, but actually came across... well... this horrible little thing.  I actually don't know what to make of it, honestly I don't, because when I envisioned them endorsing Donuts, I imagined them eating them, doing some crappy acting and crying 'OISHII~', not this weird, whacky and creepy image. Poor S/mileage.

But I still think that this is Kana's field. She seems to be the sort who would willingly do this for the fun of it. Y'know - put a donut on her head and go with it.

Iikubo Haruna will be dropping in on the radio show Young Town on the 16th June, from 10pm till 11:30pm.  It looks like UFA are preparing for Morning Musume's Chocolate Diva to take on the Variety torch that Sayumi lit, as she also appeared briefly on Hirnunadesu, where she was the model for a hairstylist who showed girls a quick and easy summer hair-do.

Hello! Pro Time's replacement, titled Hello! Pro Life, has aired its first episode, titled Hello! SATOYAMA Life! The first show features Iikubo Haruna and Ishida Ayumi of Morning Musume, Nakajima Saki of C-ute, Wada Ayaka and Fukuda Kanon of S/mileage, and Mitsui Aika of Hello! Project all going to a farm (I have no other way of saying what it is, though I'm sure it's not a farm) and asking the farmer questions, talking about the vegetables and plants he grows, Nakky tilling soil and learning more about the produce of Japan.

It seems that Hello! SATOYAMA Life won't follow the same concept as Hello! Pro Time, but instead take the route of these Idols learning more about their country and culture, creating a more educational and insightful show that will provide a lot of interesting information and teach the viewers more about Japan, whether the video is about agriculture or something else. Hopefully the show won't be all about agriculture, or many of the viewers will become rather bored - but we will see in future episodes.

It's also nice to see Mitsui Aika back and rearing to go. It was pleasant to see her leading everyone else in the  video and asking questions, she was really involved with this activity and seemed really interested in what was happening.

Kikkawa You is going to Atlanta!

This is great news for all Kikka or H!P/UFA fans in general, as this marks another great artist visiting the States and making many a fans' dreams come true. Kikkawa will be a guest at Anime Weekend Atlanta, where she will undoubtedly sing (or at least, I presume she will). The convention is in September, and it runs for three days from the 28th until the 30th of September, in Atlanta, Georgia. Want more information? The go HERE so that you can get as much information as possible, and to also possibly book tickets to meet Kikka.

Now, UFA, when are you going to send your Idols to London? Because when one does not travel, one wishes for their Idols to visit their country - London, please. Thanks. I don't want to just see Becky Cruel or another youtube dancer at MCM Expo.

On a sadder note, Fujimoto Miki's restaurant will be closing down.

On June 8th, 16 third-year high school students suffered from food poisoning after eating at the Yakiniku restaurant, Sumibi Yakiniku Hormone Miki-tei. Out of the 16 students, three female students have been hospitalised, but there is nothing life-threatening (thank goodness). Due to this incident, the restaurant in question is now prohibited from holding their business operations indefinitely in accordance with food hygiene law.

According to the prefecture’s officials, the students visited this store on May 31st after an athletic event and ordered the buffet course. Furthermore, according to the medical examination, Enterohemorrhagic e.coli 0157 was detected from some of the students.

After this article was written, Fujimoto Miki has since spologised for the incident and shown her concern for the people who suffered from food poisoning.

I pray from my heart that those customers will get better even one day faster. Also, we apologize for the inconvenience and concern to our other customers. We sincerely apologize for this matterI am the image character for this chain as assigned through my agency. I feel bad that a restaurant with my name has caused this kind of incident. I feel bad for what had happened"
This was reported on June 9th, and Miki has stated that, despite being the face for the chain, she does not participate in management despite being a 'producer'. Hopefully, for everyone, Miki's apology will be accepted and those who are ill we regain their health quickly.

Source: Tokyohive

This is a devastating piece of news to wake up to, and it's sad that this has happened to a ell-known Japanese Idol who is extremely well known to the public. I hope that everything is resolved as soon as possible, and that the students get well and I hope that Miki won't be given bad publicity because of it, either. It's bad that it happened, but it's also devastating to know that those who work in the restaurants didn't check the meat or make sure it was cooked right.

On a happier note, the radio rip for Morning Musume's The Matenrou Show has been released and is on youtube now! If you want to check out the second song to this Double A-side, then check it out HERE!

Now, in all honesty, I have not listened to it - I refuse to listen to it, actually, because I have already listened to One・Two・Three (and was horribly disappointed), so I will be restraining myself from listening to any of the other songs until the PV's for the Double A-sides are out. However, from what I have read on Facebook, this is another (oh man...) Reina/Riho lead, and I can't really say that much else about it right now. Hopefully everyone can give the song a listen, and decide for yourself whether you like it or not!

Dance for Zukkini!

Morning Musume channel has updated with a new video, featuring Zukki, who is now asking the fans to dance to One・Two・Three after watching a Nico Nico dance group perform Renai Hunter around a month or two ago. So, will you be participating?

I think that this is a great oppurtunity for any fan of Morning Musume, especially those who enjoy dancing, because then it means that you can cover this song and send it into the MM girls themselves, where they (or UFA, Tsunku etc) will watch it. Hopefully, this will also mean that international fans can show their love and dedication for Morning Musume, and it might make UFA and Tsunky-boi think about going to London new countries to perform, and not just Paris or the US.

... Or, they won't. Who knows?

Anyway guys, as the Loony Tunes would say, That's all, FOLKS!

This week was actually quite surprising for me - I realised that I had begun to search for small activities that the Idol world was bringing up, when I had never done that before. I've started to look at the smaller details, and I actually liked doing that, especially when it came to the S/mileage Donut CM (which I have yet to watch) and also watching the first Hello! Pro Life episode.

I hope that this was an interesting read for you, but, if you were bored... oops. ;D


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