Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Okay! Musume Digest! #1

I'm going to try and keep up with something I like to call a ~Digest~ every week - there may be days where I skip it, due to pure laziness or being out of whack with my blog, but it's basically like the Poll Results I used to do - but different?

Anyway, welcome to Okay! Musume Time Digest! #1. First on the Agenda is...

This weeks poll results came in, with the Number 1 spot being grabbed by:

Urgh. Dot Bikini, by S/mileage. It seems that this song is pretty popular - then again, it's cute and catchy, but it's just not my cup of tea (though I can listen to it without wanting to smash my head against the desk now, and I kinda like it... damn S/mileage songs and the catchiness that they have...).

Dot Bikini is everyone's summer song choice - why? I have no idea! Oh well, everyone likes it, so congrats to S/mileage on winning!

Here are the other poll results!

Manatsu no Sounds Good (AKB48) 32%
Nagiichi (NMB48) 26%
Aishiterabu! (SKE48) 17%
Haina! (NYC) 17%
Miracle Rush (StylipS) 8%
Erepyon (Ono Erena) 5%
Magi (Show Luo) 2%
Ame Tokidoki Hare Nochi Niji 2%

I'm suprised Nagiichi got 3rd

Tanaka Reina has been arrested for looking too damn HAWT in this outfit. That's the news.

Second on the agenda is the surprising news that Tanaka Reina of Morning Musume will be getting her own band within Hello! Project whilst still continuing activities within MoMusu. Auditions for women between the ages of 15-22 are being carried out, and Tsunku is looking for another vocalist (Reina being lead, of course) and a guitarist who can also provide vocals for the chorus. This sudden announcement has lead fans of Morning Musume to believe that her graduation is near, and that this group will become her 'future' career within UFA and possibly Hello! Project - whatever happens, this is a good move on Tsunku's part because then it secures Reina's future, keeps her under lock and key and also means that she will be a song bird forever...

In all seriousness, though, if this does mean that she is graduating soon, I honestly don't want it. Currently Morning Musume only has Reina and Riho to give some sort of vocal stability to the group, because UFA quite obviously don't know how to utilise the other four good singers (Fukumura, Kanon, Ayumi and Haruka) and prepare them for singing up front with Riho herself. So, if that means Reina is graduating soon, we only have Riho as a singer... seriously? I don't want that. The girl is okay as a singer, but she's not exactly an Abe Natsumi, Gotomo or Ai, is she? This is why UFA/H!P should get the other four good singers ready for the front line. Also, I don't agree with all the fans who BS about how Riho is the only capable singer in MM - they clearly forget that Fukumura and Haruka are better singers that Riho. That may be a personal opinion, but it's how I see/hear it.

Okay, rant over - Reina's getting a band, and I am happy about that, but I honestly hope that this isn't the ticket out of Morning Musume for her - I honestly want her in another year tops.

And in other news...

There is not other news.

So, this is what the Digest will most likely be like if I continue with it - Updates on polls, possibly updates on why I am not blogging if I stop for a while and also little updates which I don't really talk about on my blog in general.

So, what are your thoughts on the mini digest? Anyway, hope to blog again soon :P



  1. Mini digest is a good idea. You really take time on your entries don't you *feels a bit lazy in comparison*

    I'm glad that Reina is securing herself in H!P and I think I'd be happy to see her in a band where she's able to show more personality (it worked well for Buono).

    Also, why you hatin' on Dotdotdot XD

    1. I want to write things, but sometimes, the news is so tiny that I can't be bothered to make an entire dedication to it... And this was done quickly, the idea popped into my head when I was like 'No more Poll things, too boring xD'

      And nooo, you're not lazy! You put a lot of time and effort into your posts!

      And I am glad that Reina seems to be staying in H!P - it gives UFA some security with their best selling girl, but no, please no graduation XD

      And Dotdotdot is a cup of tea I do not like XD No idea why~

  2. You know what's weird is that on another blog, someone predicted in January that this year there would be a H!P band with real instruments. O.o I think Up-Front is reading our blogs or something... :P

    1. Okay that's cool xD Up-Front be stalking us all >D

    2. If only Tnukky took advice from his fans more often XD
      I think Buono are doing so well with bands, so maybe he's looked at the sales figures and is raking in cash for better pvs for Momusu *fingers crossed*

  3. Weelllll... the Senbatsu results will be out tomorrow ^^ Which will give everyone plenty of stuff to talk about. I know you don't really follow AKB but it's still going to be pretty exciting in terms of reactions from the fans!

    1. Whilst I admittedly don't follow AKB48, the elections are a big thing - and I want Mayuyu to win. I'm looking forward to the winners XD

    2. Mayuyu was at #3 in the prelims. I really hope she beats Yukirin and gets at least #2. Definitely keeping my fingers crossed!