Friday, 15 June 2012

Houkago Princess 3!?

This post is exactly the reason why I need to PV review drunk, and why I should never write at 6:00am in the morning when I am clearly freakin' TIRED (this message has been brought to you from the future... 14:32pm)

I was... extremely baffled, but...

Houkago Princess have gained four SEVEN candidate members.. actually, they are a totally new unit I think, called Houkago Princess 3! Houkago Princess 2 FAILED, hence why it isn't there

... Dafuq?

But yeah, there's 7 of them, and I wasn't expecting this when I decided to, at 4:00am, research HouPri and see if they had updated - I don't think that anything could have prepared me for n00bs of pure suprise. I am seriously wtf-ing right now...


Hi, HouPri3 (Totes rhymes, lol). What am I to make of this?

I mean, I'm happy but still totally wt-ing right now, because seriously, when I went onto the HouPri site, then the blog, the picture I saw had three totally different girls in, and for a few minutes, I had a mini heart attack when I didn't see Yumeka, Yuuki, Rena or Mayuka there - and then, after shitty google translations and a few posts later, I found out that - oh yay - they are candidates.

Thank fuck.

I seriously was going to cry if Rena, Yuuki, Yumeka and Mayuka graduated. For cereal. But thank giggity (yeah, giggity) they are still in HouPri! It seemed they were doing something else the day HouPri were performing at a wrestling match and being pimped out by some dude.

Lucky son of a--- DAMN Hitomin looks hot as a blonde, and Sakino!

Also, seems like the girls had fun watching a strip show take place back stage. All dem happeh faces!

But seriously... dafuq? Dafuq!?

It seems like all of these girls in HouPri3 are all candidates to be new members of HouPri, (or 2, this might be stage 2... OH WAIT I GET IT! GEN 3, DAFUQ, Duh I'm an effing idiot)...

I feel so stupid...

Okay, Gen 3 HouPri candidates - I am assuming that is who they are. Originally, Aoi and Rena were trainees,  so it's kind of understandable that HouPri, if they do go into Gen 3 No grads please, they are all awesome then that means they will need potential candidates. Okay, HOORAH!

I'm finally getting into this whole HouPri3 think xD

Okay, all of that aside, let's meet the n00bs before I start to seriously do some damage in this post...

First up is Shiroboshi Chiaki, and she is the President of Tea-Ceremonies (Google translate said tea-bowl, but I'm gonna say Ceremony because I can). We all want to marry her, I bet.

Next up is Yamaguchi Miran, and is the President of Football. Okay, thank goodness there are some more sporty ones, because the other one graduated.

Then there is Ayase Miho, the chairman/pres of Pace. So she's calm then? I dunno~ But she seems adorable, and calls herself Miho-tan.

Next on the agenda is Asakura Megumi, who actually has a good amount of info behind her. She is 17 (she be old in Idol age) and was born April 2nd, and is Blood Type A. She is the President of, I think, blandness?

If she is, das cool.

Okay, Sakuragi Nene taimu! I love her freakin' bob, dunno why. Anyway, she's 16. I have no idea what she is the president of.

Shiroishi Rika is up next. She is 16 (I think), and the Chariman/Pres of Dimples. Also, IMO, she looks the most boring of the lot.

And this charming ball of Oshi-goodness is Momose Momiji Hana (no, I am not kidding) and she is 17, born on January 9th 1995, and she is the President of Healing. I also think that she will become a new favourite, rivalling Hitomin and Rena, for my utter adorance in HouPri. She is also in a little duo thing called TanTan Revolution/Tan Tan Duo with Miho.

And I think that's it... unless HouPri have a few more n00bs hidden up their sleeves. But lordeh, this is a surprise - I'm reminded of AKB churning out new research students that they may never use and the sudden surge of auditions in Morning Musume as well. Hm...

Well, whatever the case, awesome sauce for HouPri! But, please bring out another single, I've been waiting too long. Seriously, when I go to your sites for updates, I expect single date releases, titles and new outfits - not new members (though a surprising and pleasant surprise).

Bring out your Pyjama Party single or something!

Oh, and here's a picture:

And I don't care who dafuq is in this picture, it's made of win - Zukkini, you have rivals.

Here's the official HouPri 3 Blog: Bloggity Blog Giggity

And a happy picture of the ever-growing DIY Idol Army:

There so fudgin' MANY!!!! PS Yumeka's not here, she's ill/scandalising herself

Ah fuq, there's so many of them! Better start rememberin' dem names!

This post has been brought to you by Zombie Chiima, who needs to get dafuq in bed. (06:12am)

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  1. So if they're princesses AND presidents how does the order of titles go? President Princess Chiaki? Princess President Chiaki? Or do they just decide to use one or the other dependent on their mood? Hmm...

    1. I have no idea honestly! XD They're just called After school Princess~ Hence the title of Iinchou (President/Chairman) and they have certain aspects they are in charge of~

      Mostly they'll just use their names I think, but upon introduction they will state what they are the chairman/president of.


    I haven't really kept up with HouPri for a while so the fact that there's HouPri3 really surprises me ._. (you mean like 3rd gen? xDD) I have to say out of the new members Miho (CUTIE), Nene (MY AGE AND SEKUSHII/CUTE HAIR STYLE) and Hana (... her face kinda reminds me of Acchan xDD cute~) really stand out


    So looks like I found a new member to add to my faves? I hope her singing skills can match up with Nanyan's and Yukki's~ >D

    1. OMGAWD KIRARAWRRR <3 I missed you! o 3o

      I don't think anyone has kept up with HouPri, hence the sleepily written, and rather eccentric, post on my surprise xD And I like Hana, but I dunno who will be my HouPri3 luver - Maybe Megumi, Miho, Miran or Momose (had to keep it in the M's lol) - I adore Momose's name (it means Flower Maple Rose I think XD)


      And yes, same~ Hopefully these candidates will do something other than blog XD

    2. MIRAN LOOKS LIKE MIO'S (isn't that the name of the tall baby-faced girl from gen 1?) AND YUKKI'S LOVE CHILD <3

      Momose is such a pretty name~ it has a fairy tale vibe to me *o*

      YES. I NEED TO FEEL AS MOVED BY THEM AS I DID WHEN OSHIETE KUDASAI CAME OUT. (was I really moved...? xD I enjoyed the song a lot, I'll leave it at that~)

    3. I think Mayuka has le baby face XD BUT YAY MAYUKA AND MIO CREATE MIRAN 8U

      or Nana - she also looks like Nana o 3o

      Momose~ Let's love her XD <3