Thursday, 28 June 2012

Have a Tweet Dream with Fairies in a 'Tweet Dream' PV!

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Okay, seriously, what happened to this group to make me like them a little bit more!? Seriously? I... I don't even... I don't know...

Fairies are the one group that I never wanted to go back to, not after the horrible song that is More Kiss. I really had no desire to follow them, or to keep up to date with the girls at all, but for some reason, I was dragged back... ironically enough, with a song about 'following' and keeping up to date with them. Yes, it is Tweet Dream.

Seriously, I'm wondering how and why I suddenly have this urge to care about them. I mean, I still don't rate the group highly, but this has beccome my loop-song as of recent. When the short version of the PV was released via the official Fairies youtube, I decided to give it a try because I liked how it was for a drama about a Twitter romance. And then I fell in love with it >.>

Actually, funny story - after falling for Tweet Dream, Fairies' official Twitter began to follow me. Weird o-O Follow Follow - Tweet Tweet. Follow Follow - Do it Do it Do it.

I... what the hell, Fairies? Everything else you do, it's 'meh' to me but everyone else loves it, then the one song you do that people think is weaker compared to past singles is the one I fall for. Seriously?

Now, this post would have actually been done sooner, had it not been for a Thunder/Lightning storm where I live, so for about 3-4 hours, the power was out, and I was napping, because that's what I do during a storm - I nap because I get sleepy and I don't like thunder and lightning e.e

So yeah, the post is delayed by a good 4-5 hours because of the storm that happened around the area I live, and between worrying for family members out in the storm as well as wondering why the heck my niece was enjoying all the loud noises, I was kinda miffed because I was half way through screen capping this PV for y'all and my pic-spam obsessed self, and had to turn everything off in case it died... and the internet was dead, too.

OH HEY I'm rambling ._. Then again that's totally normal xD

Let's Have a Tweet Dream~ with a pic spam!

Paint buckets? Wait, what's this have to do with Twitter? Where is the blue birdy!?

Ooooh, this looks nice - I like the Arty chaos that is going on here, reminds me of what a Drama or Art studio should look like!

Pretty >3<

WAIT, they're in nice clothes for once!?

Whoever she is - she appeals to me the most out of everyone, she's so cute and seems less boring than most of the otherss.

OMG CUTENESS - she reminds me Ogawa Saki (Kurai) and I love her hair <3 Sooo shiny!

Okay, it's getting somewhat interesting with these additional scenes~ I like their clothes.

OMFG BALLONS!!!!!!! <3

I f**king LOVE Balloon!


Holy Lord Gaki, those are the best costumes Fairies have ever had. Praise Gaki, their agency finally did something right!

"Alas, poor Yorik, I knew him well..." -all hold up skulls-

Seriously, I love those costumes <3 OMG I can die happily knowing they used corsets, a prince like costume and pretty skirts.  KZN AJKXNJKSNKJSNKJSNDJ <3

I am so glad I screen capped this, so cute x3

Okay, I'm getting a sense of De-Ja-9nine...

.. And once again, De-ja-9nine...

But hey, don't worry Fairies, it's cool. Steal away, I mean, I'm pretty sure other groups will do the same thing at some point in their Idol career~

Oh... Lord Gaki, girl get bangs! Your forehead reminds me of that Horrible shreiking Vampire in S/mileage before she got bangs and looked semi-human.

... You're still pretty, though, but you remind me of the Vampire.


Someone hates the Paparazzi.

So pretty, I love the colours she has on her shirts~

Omg you're o sweet! Be in my Tweet Dream >3<

She reminds me of Aibon, and her smile is pretty.

Everyone is handing a silver platter to the lead gurl.

I also love their clockwork-like moves here, so smooth o-o

Honestly, there is something wrong with me - I love it when an Idol has either:

A) Chubby Cheeks or
B) Nice lips

And she has nice lips. I want to stare at them all day long o-o No lie... Or maybe I like how she lip synchs. I dunno~

Lip Fetish~ Trololol

Oh, you Kooky Kids, you don't eat them!

You fight to the death with them for Twitter Followers!

Okay, this is a sweet picuur right here.

Seriously, those costumes - especially Lead-girl's, blue corset girl and the prince like one - are LOVE <3

I love how messy, yet still well put together, everything is xD

Oh man, I want those clothes... I want other Idols to wear these sorts of clothes... They look Fairytale like... -sigh-

I was genuinely surprised by how much I enjoyed this song and PV. Usually, I don't really find Fairies appealing as a group at all, but when I first watched this and heard the song, I was really taken in by them for the first time. The only other song that I kind of liked was No More Distance, but I didn't take to it like I did Tweet Dream. The other surprising thing is that it's electro-pop... I hate electro-pop, yet I love this song!

It's surprisingly addicting for me, because I haven't stopped listening to it since I first heard it. It's the song that I think of when I wake up, or when I am doing something else like watching another video. I just seem to want to always have the song on, because I like it so much. Maybe I'm making up for the times that I haven't liked Fairies' work? Or maybe they finally did something right in my mind, who knows? Either way, I really like the song, and I also really like the PV.

Finally, the girls have appealed to me in some way! Now, don't jump too quickly, I'm still pretty much 'meh' on the group, but they have begun to show me something that I like, and that is mainly the costumes they wear and the PV itself. However, thhe girls still aren't really jumping out to me at all. I genuinely feel that the girls are boring and over-rehearsed in their videos, and that they really don't try to stand out in any way. To me, they all seem the same - same smiles, same movements and the same lack of enthusiasm. Now, there are some girls who really try hard and stand out because they really do look like they are enjoying the song, but others just really don't do anything other than smile because they have to. This is why I don't really care about Fairies - I prefer groups with character, and whilst Fairies may have the singing and dancing talent that other groups lack, they don't have the enthusiasm or energy that other groups do, and it really takes away from the group and makes them less enjoyable to watch.

There was one girl who really stuck out to me throughout the entire video, though, because she really had the personality and energy that everyone else seemed to lack. I don't know her name, but here she is:

I honestly felt that she had performed the best in the entire video, and she stuck out to me the most because of that. I was glad that there was one member of this group who was more daring than the rest, because everyone was else was boring (other than the girl who is next to the one with personality in the picture above) and didn't seem to really enjoy the video.

Now, that aside, the rest of the video was pretty good - I loved how it was put together, despite the fact that the video has nothing relating to Twitter, and how visually appealing it was. The backdrop was gorgeous, and the girls' clothes were amazing. I absolutely loved the wardrobe in this video, finally, Fairies are getting cute clothes! From the few PV's I have seen, I really didn't like the clothes they wore, but this time, it looked like the girls had fallen into a Fairytale inspired wardrobe for their dance scenes, and I absolutely loved that, especially the corsets and prince-inspired outfit.

Concering the dance-shot itself, I wasn't overly impressed. Considering the fact that Fairies were formed for their amazing dance skills, I was left wondering why the dance wasn't as energetic or well choreographed as I thought it would have been. For an energetic song like this, I was hoping for more moves that are harder to pull off. In my opinion, the dance is pretty tame, but it's cute as well. I think that it's nice, but I would have liked to have seen more added to it, and a lot more energy and thought put into it. Then again, the scenes we do see are only parts of the dance shot, so hopefully a full dance shot is released, because I would love to see the whole dance.

Paired with the song, I think that the PV is really cute - but as I said previously, I would have liked to have seen more to the choreography, because this song is quite energetic and deserves some awesome dance moves. It's a nice song, with a lot of electro-pop going on - and that's the one thing that gets me the most about this song, because I have stated before that I hate electro-pop. There's only one other song that appealed to me that is electro-pop gaore, and that's Spring of Life by Perfume, so I was honestly surprised when I found myself wanting to listen to Tweet Dream more and more. It's honestly quite addicting, and I have listened to it non-stop. I've actually found myself stopping videos I am already watching because I feel like I need to listen to Tweet Dream, and it's constantly on a loop because I enjoy it so much. I even sing along to it, because there are so many Engish lyrics in the song that it makes it easier for me to sing along with, especially the cute Follow Follow, Tweet Tweet. The repetitiveness of those lyrics is cute, and I like how it fits with the whole Twitter theme the girls have going on here.

It's a nice song, and it's so easy to listen to. I really love how it makes me feel like jumping around like an idiot and attempting to dance. It's catchy, fun and the girls sound amazing here, even with all that electro-pop laced in there. For a song which seems to appeal to fewer people than the other tracks the girls have released, I am seriously enjoying the energy and Tweetness (Pun intended) of this song. Hopefully, Sparkle is just as good and will help me to like Fairies more and more.

So, in conclusion:

I enjoyed the PV. It was visually appealing, and the girls looked amazing in the clothes they performed in. The additional scenes were really cute to watch, and I absolutely adore the backdrop. The only thing that falls flat is the lack of enthusiasm from most of the girls and the tame choreography, but for me, this PV is pretty much a winner, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching it. I feel like Fairies have finally started to appeal to me, and it makes me quite happy to think that.

Paired with a cute and energetic song about Twitter, Tweet Dream is a cute song about following your loved one and wanting to know Everything You Do and wanting to know you.

You are follower and you are Follower~

Will you Follow Follow, Tweet Tweet?

Follow Fairies on Twitter! Follow Follow, Tweet Tweet
Follow Me on Twitter! Follow Follow, Do it Do it Do it!


  1. Ah, the Fairies girl you like is Fujita Miria. She's my favorite too -- she seems to have more personality than most of the other girls put together.

    That being said, the other girls do have their charms. It took me a while to warm up to them, but they're my favorite group outside of H!P at the moment. They have their own TV show now, and it's worth a look if you want to get to know the girls better. A fan group has subbed the first four episodes, I think.

    I like this song a lot, but the PV is kind of meh. The girls spend too much time sitting around. Hopefully the dance shot version will be better.

    1. I actually seem to prefer Inoue, but I think Miria would probably beat her in terms of personality and individuality within the group~

      I think it might take me some time to warm up to the girls too, but hopefully I will begin to like the group more.

      Also, regarding the girls always sitting down - yeah, it seems boring, and seems like they are doing so little. It's kinda frustrating xD

    2. Ah, I like Inoue a lot too.

      She strikes me as the "cool" character of Fairies. Reminds of Yossie of Momusu.

    3. A Yossie character! I was never around for the Yossie character D; but awesome >o

  2. CHIIMA IS A FUJITA FAN. OMG YES. --she's my second favorite, right after Inoue, the oldest girl and the one with the two strands of curls around her face (describing people is hard)--

    As for Fairies as a group, I first started paying attention to them after they appeared on Black Variety with Momusu. I really love Beat Generation but everything else is pretty meh to me. I agree that this PV is really pretty but it doesn't pop for me like Beat Gen did.

    Overall I really like the PV and the song, but I was really expecting a good about of a strong dance shot. The parts we did see I rather enjoyed, though the whole L thing was weird at the end of each chorus and looked kind of awkward.

    1. Inoue <3 That's the girl I liked throughout the entire video, she is so pretty and she has such a likeable face XD She's probably my favourite member o 3o

      I began paying attention to them because I thought Tweet Dream was a cute name for a song, but seeing them on Black Variety with MM - they bored the hell out of me. Whilst MM were comfortable with their surroundings, Fairies looked out of place and insecure.

      I wish the dance was more challenging, tbh. Fairies are a dance vocal unit, so honestly, this dance disappointed me XD

  3. "Fairies may have the singing and dancing talent that other groups lack, they don't have the enthusiasm or energy that other groups do" I think you shouldn't say that considering the fact that you don't know them. You can't judge or know the girls' personalities by watching music videos, right? The person above has suggested you watch their TV show "Harajuku KiraKira Gakuin". The show has 27 eps, only 15 are subbed so far (the subbing team is still working on the rest)
    Here are two vids on youtube cut from some episodes:
    Fairies acting like "super grannies" + Miki crying
    Fairies fashion characters (funny)

    1. I don't usually watch TV shows, which is why I tend to rely heavily on music video's to let me enjoy a group. I think that their personalities didn't come out in the MV's, and honestly I thought they were cute on Black Variety with MoMusu when I did watch that, though very shy and reserved and quiet. But again, I don't watch TV shows because they either don't get subbed when I am interested, or I can't find them/I have little to no interest in the group who are on the show.

    2. Yes, they were quiet on Black Variety. Even us, fans, thought they weren't being themselves. They don't SELL characters.
      Groups like AKB and MM sell characters. Each member should have a specific personality. I'm a fan of AKB and MM, but I don't appreciate the fake fan-service personalities. Fairies may seem less energetic and quiet because they are more natural. They don't have fan-service personalities.

      Oh I totally get what you mean about shows. This is why I'm planning to take Japanese classes. I think my Japanese is good, but I need to improve. You should work on your Japanese if you don't want to face troubles with shows :P

    3. Most Idol groups though need to sell their characters; if they don't, they're not really selling the group... or at least that is what I think when it comes to Idols. I know that they sell their skills as dancers, but as Idols, should they not sell character, too?

      However, as you say, they are more natural... but it also plays up to the ideal sort of girl that fans like in Japan; demure, shy, quiet... reserved even. As a group, I would like differing personalities preferably.

      Sadly where I live there are very few Japanese classes... in fact, there are none. XD

    4. They don't have to sell characters in order to be popular. Their natural personalities are good.
      Yes, in Japan, they like girls who are shy and cute, but the world isn't really into that. Fairies is aimed to international people. Still, there are shy girls in Fairies, because that's their nature. Miki is the shyest and you see her very popular with men. Sora, who's boyish and doesn't act cutesy unless she's goofing out, is the least popular in the group.

      "As a group, I would like differing personalities preferably." I gave you mini summaries about each girl, and they all have different personalities.

  4. Hi there. I'm DudeOhno. I'm probably the most hard-core Fairies international fan lol

    I'd like to comment about what you said:

    What you wrote about Fairies twitter following you is funny and...creppy lol like "HAHA WE ARE GOING TO GET YOU".

    "WAIT, they're in nice clothes for once!?" Excuuuuse me, HERO black outfits were GREAT 8D

    I'll tell you a little about the girls:

    Inoue Rikako is the oldest girl and the shortest fairy. She's the peace-maker. She's slightly an air-head. As someone who knows Fairies well, let me tell you that Rikako's character is very normal compared to the others. She's my third favorite, by the way.

    The girl with nice smile is Mahiro. She looks cute and innocent, but beware, she's a devil. She's also the worst dancer.

    The girl with big forehead that you think she should get bangs is Sora. She's the second eldest and the group's best dancer. She's my favorite as she has the most unique personality. About her forehead.. yeah, the stylists did wrong for her. Now she has cut her hair very short to suit her boyish personality. Hurray, no more big forehead. She's also a main vocalist next to the center girl. After she cut her hair, the other Fairies -mostly Miria- started calling her "Prince". If you watched their show, you'd see how Miria basically has a crush on the boyish Sora lol. She also tweets stuff like "i'm heading home with prince <3" haha

    The lead girl is called Momoka. She's the most popular and most hated member. Personally, she's my least favorite as I think she sometimes acts too cutesy that her gestures look awkward and fake. I don't hate her, don't get me wrong please. She's the group's main vocalist and she aims to be the future Amuro Namie.

    Miria - You said that she stuck out the most for her energy. Let me tell you a little about her, my second favorite. Miria is an ex-model. She used to model for a magazine called "Seventeen" before she debuted in Fairies. She wanted to become the center, but..well, she's not. She's known as the "sexy" member. Some fans say that her ducklips are annoying lol. Even though she calls herself "Girl with great energy", she is not very energetic. She's the least talkative fairy. Plus, she has a crush on Sora lol

    Kawane- I call her SunShine. As you already know, she left the group to concentrate on her studies. Most of us -Fairies fan- do not believe that she's coming back, because the things their agency has done screams "GOODBYE FOREVER". We also don't believe that her reason for leaving is studying. Kawane has received a lot of hate for her weight. You know how Zukki of MM gets called "Fat"? The same thing happened to Kawane. Some people called her "Disgusting" and said stuff like "go disappear". I think Kawane got fed up =(.

    Miki- She's the tallest and the youngest fairy. She's very shy and a slow-talker. She's loved by fanboys more than fangirls.

    I hope you would reply to this long comment lol

    p.s: True that Fairies' appeal point is their dancing skills, but that doesn't mean they should always dance hard. The dance style for Tweet Dream is a style they have only tried once. You should watch Beat Generation, Sparkle or White Angel for awesome dances.

    1. I found the twitter thing weird but awesome, I wasn't aware that Idols followed international fans, but it made me happy all the same as well.

      Thanks for the summaries of the girls, too. I don't watch many of their things because I still have little interest the group. Even when their debut was announced I was more interested in an Indies unit at the time, and I still need to find interest...

      I feel sad now knowing that Kawane was mistreated. She's darned cute, and honestly, I would cry if any of my lovely Oshi's or favourites left because of the bully fans >o<

      Miki seems to have a sexier side, huh? XD She looks mature for her age!

      I personally did like Tweet Dream, probably because of the clothes more than anything. I like girly things, and in general Fairies seem very stylish and cool, but I also enjoy dances depending on my mood! xD I like E-girls' dancing, but in order to watch something that intense I have to be in the right dance-type mood!

    2. Well, Fairies is a group made to appeal to international fans, so I think it's good to follow international people, don't you agree? but hey, their main twitter stopped following people now lol oh and each girl has her own twitter

      I got interested in them because their agency, Vision Factory, is known for being fierce. They don't have many girl groups, sadly, and I think J-pop needs more not-cutesy groups.

      If you like girly things, then what did you think of Sweet Jewel? It's Fairies' most girly song lol and it's also the least popular.
      Yeah, they want to appeal to the world, so they need to be "cool" and "stylish" because cutesy dancing in skirts thing isn't much appreciated in the world.

      E-girls are great dancers, but they need to give them songs that would show their REAL skills.

    3. Quite a few Idols nowadays follow International fans; I have had girls from various groups follow me (which is amazing in itself), and I like that Twitter can do that.. and ooh they have solo twitter accounts!!!

      I agree that J-pop needs less cutesy groups, and I think that MoMusu are going in a different direction (same as Juice=Juice and C-ute) when it comes to the groups, but I also like cute girls so yeah...

      I have yet to see any of their other discography to be honest; I took a look at HERO (I think that is the name) and thought it was really cool and I actually quite liked it from what I remember, but if I have little interest in a group I ignore them...

    4. I think Momusu is still a cutesy group. Their current music is not cutesy, but the girls are. The talk with high-pitched voices to be "kawaii" and I don't like that. Erina is my least fav in MM because of the way she talks. I still don't know about Juice=Juice but I liked their song. C-ute is my fav H!P group since they're the most mature. (Though Mai speaks in a very "kawaii" voice)
      Fairies have 9 original songs, so checking them out would be easy. They also have 14 English covers.
      Mthree (Fairies' sub-unit) has 2 songs. Mthree is cutesy, so you might like them.

    5. Characteristics wise, yes, they are cutesy... but I also think that the way Erina talks is somewhat natural, but also a little forced. However I don't mind that, but not all the girls are cutesy, like Haruna and Riho or Zukki.

      I think that Mai has a certain image they want her to uphold for a bit longer.

      I actually checked out MThree's new song, I prefer the dance cover to the PV. I don't like the PV, it looks tacky DX