Saturday, 2 June 2012

Have Some Beach Fun with SUPER☆GiRLS in 'PuriPuri♥SUMMER Kiss'!

It's the continuation of the Summer-PV storm that is about to hit our computer screens, and what better than to continue with a PV from a rather generic Idol unit with a very generic concept to it as well? Yes, my dears, I am talking about that generic Idol PV:

That's right... Bikini's.

You know that Summer is officially here when any other group that isn't a part of Troops48 breaks out the bikini's, starts to dance on the beach and give everyone a whole lot'a fanservice!

PuriPuri♥SUMMER Kiss is SUPERGiRLS summer single for 2012, and a direct contrast to SeaA's natural and cute Freindship Birthday ~Arashi no Yoru ni~ PV. This is every Wota's Summer-Idol dream come true... If you're male or take a fancy to girls, that is.

Then again, I'm not exactly surprised by this PV, because in all honesty, SUPERGiRLS reek of generic Idol-ness - but that's what I like about them, and also, they're fun - they may be your typical generic Idol, but you can't deny that no matter what, their PV's have a lot of personality and thought put into them, and that's why I like watching this group - they are fun, and they certainly bring more to the plate than some of the other Idol groups do coughAKBcough personality wise.

So let's break out the sunscreen, put on our sunnies and prepare our hands, because these Idols need oiling up, stat!

Girls only? Okay, good thing I'm of the Female variety too...

Okay, it's cute that they came out in the rings. It also took away frm the generic Bikini clad opening.

Absolutely adorable xD

Saori is gorgeous, your argument is invalid! Now shake that body, Saori!

Okay, whoever the heck she is, she's adorable, and her voice owns all. Thank goodness she gets the good lines!


And so the fan-service begins...

AKA the stuff that matters, not just the Bikini's

Totally miss the watermelon, but it's okay, we'll crack open YOUR head!

You know, for fun!

Shake dat ASS!

Seriously... The amount of fan-service in this is absolutely unbelievable...

Saori is so mother fuckin' sexy, I... I just...


Seriously, I thought that the video would be just filled with fanservice it is but then suddenly the absolute genius called absolute idiocy and fun stepped in and made the PV worth watching.

This looks like the perfect cover shot - Why is this shot not on a cover? Why!?

Okay, she's adorable...

Hula Hula Dansu~

Yes, move them hips Dimple-girl...

Okay... wow... LOL!!!! XD XD XD XD XD

Seriously, YES, this is what you do at a beach! Not dance around! You BURY EVERYONE!

Flawless, absolutely flawless <3

Oh no! She prefers Saori-sama over all of us! Hid in SHAME!!!


Saori, you look god-damn sexy in Sunnies and a bikini whilst holding a gun. You also look totally bad-ass

Also, YAY, shaved ice eating contest!

Okay, this chick has to have the most boring voice out of everyone, her lines were just so bland compared to everyone else's.

Look at Dimples being all sexy with the flower thing. You sell it, girl!

Saori's getting drunk by the pool...

Girl: "Ahahahahahahahaha!"

Saori + Ass = WIN

Also, yes, this is fanservice. Slap them butts!

Okay, lol, I loved this scene XD She looks like she's trying to NOT look guilty XD

Pigtails: "I... I didn't do it!" -noms more-

Again, winning voice here <3

Dimples is adorable, I also loved this scene dedicated to her and how boho she is.

Dimples: "Boho Chic, bitches!"

Seriously, those look really nice. I want.

... I also want Boho Dimples' headband.

Everyone wants a lil' bit of Saori, whether it's a hug or slapping dat ass!

Oh this is damn cute...

Until you look into the background and see purple-bikini acting like Obaa-san with her bad back. Then we lol.

How cute is she!? Such a wonderful smile!

She looks like she enjoys blowin'...

That there whistle xD


And they still look adorable at the end, even after all the burying, brain freeze and drinking!

Okay, so let's be honest here - Bikini's aren't really everyone's cup of tea when it comes to Idols and Summer singles, and I know that some fans have been disappointed with SUPERGiRLS approach this time around with their Summer PV. I can totally understand that - as a girl who, whilst loving Idols, does not exactly care for full-on Bikini PV's, I do feel slightly disappointed - I get enough of that from Troops48, and it gets stale after a while, so seeing Idol groups that I like S/mileage wearing Bikini's and imitating the popular Idol groups does make me roll my eyes and wonder how they could have done it differently - but then I remind myself that not all of these groups imitate Troops48, and they add their own spin on their Summer PV.

Much like this one, actually.

Whilst SeaA delivered a beautiful and natural PV, showing us how they enjoy their summer as friends without being on the beach the whole time, SUPERGiRLS have delivered a full on Beach PV - but they don't leave it at just sunbathing, dancing in the sand and oiling each other up - nope. They actually issue other activities in the video, such as a shaved ice eating contest (which results in brain freeze, oh my) and some Watermelon bashing as well as other cute activities that you could easily do on the beach with your friends if you wanted to. So, whilst we do get that rather yawn-ful Bikini-clad video, we do get some cute and fun scenes thrown in there as well, which does make me think that both SeaA's and this PV have a little bit in common - activities that you could do during the summer, with your friends.

When I started to watch this, I had been told by my sister previously that this was a pretty boring PV, so I was actually waiting for something bland and boring - something that would be befitting of Troops48 and their generic PV's, something I would be expecting. I actually thought those things when the PV started, and I compared quite a few of the scenes to most AKB bikini PV's - but then the fun began, and I saw that, whilst this was a rather generic Idol Bikini PV, it was quite different to what Troops48 do all the time. The more I watched the PV, the more I enjoyed it.

I even found the fan-service to be charming in its own way, because I found myself seeing this PV as a sort of parody to other Idol PV's rather than a PV that was only showing off the girls as sex symbols. I enjoyed how they shook their butts before suddenly dancing humorously with bow legs, totally killing that fan-service feel to the PV and adding a humorous and charming aura. Even the scenes where the girls tapped their butts wasn't too bad, but I do think that's because it wasn't what they did throughout the entire PV. Yes, it was fan-service, but it wasn't like the girls were stripping off their school uniforms outside until they were down to their bikini's, or sharing a bathtub together...

Even the little kissing scenes, though rather reminiscent of a certain AKBIdoling!!! PV, was cute, and it tied in with the songs title as well. So whilst there is a lot of fan-service in this video, I don't mind it so much because how they present it is in a rather playful and somewhat tasteful way, and the girls are having fun with it too, and I found that to be a strong point to the PV. Even though the girls were in Bikini's, they were having fun and doing activities on the beach. Yes, we have a rather generic bikini PV, but I was so happy to see these girls doing summer activities and having fun with the song.

Speaking of PuriPuri♥SUMMER Kiss, it's cute! It's Idol-generic cute, to put it bluntly. Basically, it is your typical Idol summer song, filled with sugar and hyperactivity and cuteness, and it fits the video so perfectly - especially the chorus where they begin to act silly and shake their butts for our enjoyment. The song is just fun, and it has a lot of words in that we will recognise that references summer - Soda, SPF, New Bikini, 'Natsu Power' (Summer Power), Beach Party and probably more that I have forgotten to mention. It's cute, it's hyper and it's very summery and fun to listen to. It's been stuck on repeat all day for me, I enjoy it that much, and yes, it's just that catchy.

As Aim from Janakya Mottainai says, this is an Idol bikini PV done right. SUPERGiRLS are a group who, whilst extremely generic, know how to make a PV great and how to sell themselves to all of their fans without taking away the element of fun. This PV is so well done, and I have thoroughly enjoy watching it. Not everyone will take a liking to this, but I've found myself liking this video and song a great deal. 

SUPERGiRLS seem to keep on reeling me back in for more, because they haven't been boring me since I started to notice them with their PV Everybody JUMP!. Let's just hope that they keep up with this winning streak they have going on!

Anywhoo, have a Saori picture. You know you want it:

What are your thoughts on this PV?


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  1. Someone's not going through a severe Sea☆A crush are they (you can't tell, don't worry). It is an awful staple of idols thanks to the 48's, but they've done it nicely- it's bright, cute and full of cliches.

    The song itself is awesome at the start... but melts into what I call "idol noise".. just that underwhelming singing with the occasional shouts to wake you up. I'm torn...

    1. Oh no, never, not really, especially not with Estelle~ xD

      Yes, I do blame AKB for their... PV staple, but other Idol units DO put their own twist on it (like Dot Bikini, for a good example of a bikini PV done differently). And, ah yes, clichés <3

      Idol noise XD nice. I like Idol noise, it seems!

  2. Lalalalalalalaaaave SUPER☆GiRLS. Maybe I'm just too new to the idol scene but I've yet to find a group whose catchy, upbeat music and goofy, fun-loving behavior I fancy more than this group.

    1. Maybe you're waiting for your perfect group to come along? I am quite happy with cute, generic Idol music as well as some good music, but we are all completely different. SUPER☆GiRLS probably aren't prepared for your devoted love yet ;D

  3. I absolutely adore SUPER GiRLS. While you might think they're generic, that's kind of a plus for me. I love that they took all the best elements of each idol group out there and rolled them into one super group. (See what I did there? XD) You should really watch their other bikini PV, Max Otome Gokoro. It has more of an element of friends having fun in bikinis. And there's a lot more silly, idoly moments.

    And I stand by loving this group and this PV. The PV is really adorable and fun. And I like that fanservice isn't the main focus. And SUPER GiRLS are actually a really great group. You should seriously give them more of a chance. Their songs have been catchy and infectious since day one, and their PVs since Max Otome Gokoro have gotten increasingly better.

    1. I do agree with you there - they seem to make everything better than other units do. I prefer them to AKB48, by far.

      I've only just started to really take notice of them, and right now I'm stuck in Saori-limbo where the other members don't matter to me XD I've seen a few of their other PV's, but not all I think. I think the group is great, they have some of the better Idol songs out there. I'm getting closer to becoming a bigger fan, don't worry XD

    2. Me too. But I prefer a lot of groups to AKB48. I even liked SKE48's msuic more than AKB48. But the 48 groups are pretty much on the bottom tier for me.

      I'm the same way pretty much. Except it's Ami instead of Saori. Lol. And that's awesome. SUPER GiRLS seriosuly need more love. And they only have like 7 PVs so it's super easy to catch up. :]

    3. Out of all the 48 groups, I honestly prefer SKE because they have better songs, better presentation and a lot more to offer than NMB and AKB do.

      We're too similar I think xD

      Yeah I'll probably be able to catch up in about a day with SUPER GiRLS :3

  4. SAORI! I love Saori<33

    1. UWAAA! That is perfection! Her voice is sooo adorable! <3