Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Drooling over Costumes and Covers

All opinions are my own~

Recently, Hello! Project have released Morning Musume's up-coming single covers as well as the brand new profiles showing the girls off in their extremely sexy costumes for One • Two • Three. I actually planned to do a cover review after I had seen them for the first time, because honestly, they are so. damn. PRETTY! But, due to extreme laziness, I didn't - but now I am here, looking at their costumes and CD covers, because for their 50th single, Morning Musume have seriously intrigued me except for the songs, with one being a song I am now okay with, and the other being a song I have yet to listen to So, without further ado, let's have some eye candy!

Starting with the Queen of Lollipops and Gum drops herself, Haruka is the most surprising in terms of how she looks. I mean, considering she's like, 11-12, she is definitely one of the hottest in this get up. She looks... well, mature, and to be bluntly honest, she rocks this look! The styling is perfect for her, from the hair to those chunky heeled orange boots! Seriously, whoever designed these costumes - THANK YOU! You made every Lolita-lovers dream come true in the form of this little darling of perfection!

Seriously, Haruka is one of the most attractive MoMusu's, and probably the prettiest 10ki member. Also, when I say attractive or hot, I mean it in a 'Wow, I wish I looked like her, I be jelly' kind of way

Seeing Sato in this get-up, I really can't see any change like there is with Haruka. She pretty much looks the same, but with a sweet and innocent air around her despite the more grown up and mature look she is pulling off. Sato is extremely cute, especially with that haircut, but the mature image doesn't suit her - however teal does. So glad that she is rocking the colour! To me, she looks like the cute best-friend next door type who you see as innocent and sweet.

I actually didn't see much change from Baby Predator either, but, I love her hair like this Are those devil horns protruding from your head, I see?. She is definitely very pretty (actually, all of the 10ki are) and I enjoy seeing her rock a more mature image. I would say she pulls off this image really well, much better than Masaki, but she doesn't rock it like Haruka does! I also love electric/cobalt blue on her! It's a really eye-catching colour, and it makes her stand out a lot more than any of the other members in Morning Musume's One • Two • Three dance shot PV! A stand-out colour for an outrageous dancer - she works that colour, and it looks great on her!

Admit it: Iikubon is crazy gorgeous in this get-up. She looks hotter than she did in Ren'ai Hunter, and she really is working the outfit. Even though she looks so innocent, she seems so sexy and mature. This costume (and that colour) was practically made for her! And that hair - seriously, who though horn-esque hair could work so well in a more serious and mature song? I didn't! And I didn't think that Haruna would be able to pull off Kare to Issho Reina hair.

Yeah... seriously, recycled hair - but it looks great on Iikubon! She pulls it off better than Reina did, and with her hair up and out of her face, she looks even more mature, sexier and more sophisticated! Horn-hair, I bow down to you~

STOP! Oshi time~

Zukkini is absolutely adorable, but when I first saw pictures of the costume, I didn't like how it looked on Zukkini. To be honest, the white does accentuate how much bigger she is than the other girls (she's not even that big, but she's bigger than the others, admit it) - especially because the corset is one of the shorter ones, so it doesn't elongate her torso at all. However, I still think that she looks awesome, especially with that hair. I know that the hair is something that is a hit and miss thing, but honestly, I love it - she reminds me of a Pony, and a pony she will be. It suits her so well, and it's nice to see a hair style that's a little different, and adds to her innocent, playful and childish nature. To me, the hair basically says that, despite this mature image Morning Musume has going on, Zukkini-Pony is still a child who is playful and innocent. It's a great look that works in her favour, and that colour? I love it! I love green anyway, but on Zukki... well, I love it more!

Okay, guess what? I admit it - I will throw down the towel and admit it - Riho looks attractive here, she honest-to-Lord Gaki does! For once, the stylists made her look less boring and extremely mature and, dare I say it?... Gorgeous. Now, don't jump on your horse and kick off just yet Riho lovers, because I am not saying she isn't gorgeous - because she is, but in a more plain way. She's a very pretty girl, but I love how she looks here. Her hair is great, the costume really works for her, and red is definitely her colour - okay, it's like 'hooker' red (don't get bitchy about it, I've had one person accuse me of calling her a hooker when I only called the colour hooker red, cos that's what it is to me), or red-light district red, but that's because it's so bright, but it really works for Riho and adds to her matuturity (despite being a kid) in these photo's. She was probably the second biggest surprise next to Haruka, actually, and yes, she rocks this look!

Gurl, you be fierce!

Eripon... Oh man oh man, Eripon, how delicious you look in this outfit... seriously, Eripon looks even more gorgeous with every PV, I swear she does. With every new release, she becomes so much more radiant and really shines and stand out. I mean, seriously, I was stunned by how gorgeous she was in Kono Chikyuu and Ren'ai Hunter, but I am amazed by how stunning she is here! I am really anticipating how she will do in the PV (lord Gaki help me if they don't have lots of cam-whore shots of this girl, seriously) because Eripon seems to really work it when that camera is turned on! For a member who's been in just over a year, she really knows how to switch herself on when performing, whether it's a PV or not, and that's what makes me think she is a great idol. She can't sing that well, no, but damn she works that camera - probably better than Sayu!

Really, I am anticipating the PV and how she will work it when it eventually comes about, because she looks extremely... well, sexy. She has some serious sex appeal, I believe~

Speaking of sex-appeal, here's the Princess of hawtness herself, Fukumura! I really love how Princess looks in the outfit, she is smoking! It is definitely a very befitting outfit, because she seriously pulls it off - and those pigtails! YIKES, how can something so cute become extremely sexy and grown up? Honestly, when I first saw these outfits, I thought that Princess and Iikubon were playboy bunnies! Honestly, just stick some ears on the girl and she will be your bunny for the day! She's gorgeous, flawless even. This Princess... I would totally bow down to her in this outfit!

And then Winky... well, she's just Winky. Nothing much else to say, so moving on...

Okay, I'll be serious - actually, I don't really find anything different about her in this outfit, much like Masaki. Basically, she looks the same - same hair, same giant-ass bow, same poses... Yeah, everything is the same with this one. I don't think that the outfit adds anything, either. It doesn't detract from her cuteness, nor does it add any maturity to her either - now, if they had styled her hair differently, put the bow on the back of her head and probably pulled some of her hair from her face, I would have seen a drastic (and pleasant) change - but no. Same old Winky, same old big-ass bow.

Lovin' the bright blue, though!

And finally, the Queen Bunny herself, Sayummy is here! So, where to begin...

Actually, I feel the same way about her like I do Reina - there's really no change in style, and the costume neither detracts or adds to her beauty or maturity. Admittedly, she also reminded me of a playboy bunny, and I love how both she and Fukumura compliment each other in looks and member colours. I do like this outfit on her, though - I do think it shows off her 'sexy side more, and shows that her era of Morning Musume is a sexier era~ But please, Tsunku, stick some bunny ears on the girl! We need the Queen Usa with her ears!

Oh, looky looky! I seem to have finished with the overview of the costumes and what I think~ Okay, time to move on!

Regular Edition: AKA, Pool Edition
... Why do they have swimming pool wall tiles?

Very recently, Morning Musume's single covers were released for their hyped-up single, One • Two • Three/The Matenrou Show, and let's just say, I am impressed~

Honestly, these CD covers have to be some of the prettiest that Morning Musume has ever had I was expecting more for the regular edition, though and really work in favour of the costumes, in my opinion. Also, I love how there are 'cool' and 'cute' covers for the singles - maybe it's to switch it up between the two songs? I don't know, all I know is that One • Two • Three is a bit of a more mature song, which doesn't suit the cuter covers, but hey - who cares? All the covers look good to me!

Limited A is a really cute coverm whilst Limited B has a cooler look to it featuring the wonderful Sayumi, and Winky. Now, before I say anything else about the cuteness of Limited A - Baby Predator, what the hell? When I first saw that cover, I said 'Ayumi looks fucking scary!', because seriously, she does - if that was the look the photographers wanted, you know, creepy predator style look and pose, then well done for her - but really? Everyone else looks great, but Baby Predator is just looking... scary! I think she wants to murder me!

Well, other than Baby Predator and her Killer pose and stare... the cover is very nice. Everyone looks great, Winky looks like she usually does, Zukkini is beautiful, Masaki looks adorable (though I wish she wasn't so far to the right, she looks like she'll fall from the side of the cover!) and the only thing I don't like about is how hidden Princess is when compared to everyone else. They really stuck the poor dear in the back :(

And regarding the 6ki Limited B...? It looks good - just one of those regular pouty, moody images that Reina never seems to tire of, or Sayu, for that matter.

Limited C and D are actually two of my favourite covers - C because I really like how it looks overall with the girls posing, and D because... well, come on! It's 9ki!

Limited C is a great cover, in my opinion. I love how all the girls look in it (though Riho and Msaki look extremely bored... especially Masaki) and I like how they all have a different pose. Fukumura's really accentuates her sexy side, whilst Haruna's seems more innocent, very demure, but still very attractive as she stares at us with come hither eyes. The rose decoration in the background is also very appealing, and it doesn't take away from the girls themselves.

Limited D is a beautiful cover - I love how classy it is, especially with how Eripon is sitting and staring at the camera. Eripon definitely has the best posture of the 9ki, in my opinion. Anyway, the cover is very Yume Miru 15sai-esque. I immediately thought of S/mileage when I saw the cover, but it looks great! However it does annoy me how Zukki always seems to get the end of everything (Pyoko, she had the sign that said Morning Musume when everyone else had a letter), but... I'll have to learn to accept that. Anyway, it's a cute cover, and I love the outfits that all of the girls are wearing - especially Eripon. Te only thing I need to pick at is why oh why has the Swimming pool wall of tiles appeared again, but this time in a crappy off-white colour? Really, H!P? Really now?

Oh well... The cover is classy and elegant, and reminiscent of the true S/mileage~

And finally, Limited E and Limited F. Limited E is probably the most popular cover, it's what the fans seem to like the most. But me...? Well, yes, it is my least favourite cover. I just... don't seem to care for it. Now, Limited F on the other hand - wow, they look like dolls! Especially Haruna and Ayumi! I love how Haruna is sitting on a book in this shot, and also how vintage the set seems for these girls. It gives a nice mature vibe to the 10ki, and really compliments their looks.

Okay, Limited E... It's the one cover where I don't care for how most of the members look. It's the one cover that gave Haruna a goofy photo, Zukki looks stoned, Haruka looks stoned, Masai looks bored and Reina looks like she has had botox. (same with Zukki, I think they OD'd on the lipgloss) For me, this is the most disappointing cover - however I love the cooler look it has, it's very psychedelic, shall we say, however it's also quite boring in my opinion. The poses seem too familiar, honestly - the only stand-out member on this cover for me is Eripon, who looks god-damned sexy. The rest of them? I've seen those poses millions of times - especially Reina and Sayu'.

Limited F is a totally different story, though, and just so happens to be my Number 1 cover out of them all here. I love the vintage look to the entire set they have, and I love how their modern-day black and white clothes contrast with the patterned vintage wallpaper, red leather chair, small table and the leather bound books. It's a mix of modern day girls in a Vintage world. It's classy, and it really shows the maturity of tthe 10ki girls (well... barring Masaki). It's a great cover! I like it a lot, because overall, it looks great - especially as Harunyan is at the front! WOOHOO!

So, all in all, I pretty much love the costumes and I like the covers for these two songs. Whilst I am not really that keen on the first song itself (I am okay with it, I listen to it more now, too) and have never heard the second song, I think that the covers are what would make me want to buy this single - especially the 9ki one. However, I don't think that they are that great either, especially Limited E. I just feel that these covers (other than Limited E, despite how much I dislike it) don't fit the image of the song One • Two • Three. Considering there aren't any covers for the second A-side's costumes, I can't really tell if the covers will fit that song at all, but, I do think that the first two covers, however pretty they may be, do not fit with the song or the overall look of the girls. Yes, Limited A and Limited C are extremely lovely covers - but they don't look cool like the costumes do, do they?

In all honesty, I prefer the Generation CD covers to the group covers, because they are all pretty simple, but very nice and great to look at. I like that the backgrounds for the Generation covers are real sets and not a background that were created for the covers. It's a lot more real, and fits with the image of the girls - especially 10ki's.

Overall, they are pretty good covers. Regular Edition was a giant disappointment, I really would have loved to have seen the girls holding up photo frames, as if they were pretending they were pictures, but we need to like what we get, basically~

So... which one is your favourite?


PING!!! Idolminded Recommended Reading: June 14th, 2012


  1. My favorite is definitely the 10th generation cover. I just love that look.

    And I totally agree about Haruka. She is crazy beautiful and she's only 12. What is she going to look like when she's 20?!

    1. I think that the overall finish of 10th gen's is the best! I hate the wall for 9th gen's DX

      And Haruka will be a bombshell at 20 I think!

  2. MY MAA-CHAN (gotta find a nickname for her; I keep rotating between Satou/Maa-chan/Masacchi it gets confusing -___-) DOESN'T NEED TO LOOK MATURE GURL SHE 13 (little baby demon is an exception to that rule~ she looks hawt here gotta admit)

    I just want to say Reina looks damn HOT. Yes she looks exactly the same as she does in every single single but damn she ALWAYS looks hot. AND I WANT TO SAY I WANT MORE ZUKKI. ZUKKI IS LIKE THE CUTEST THING IN THE WORLD I'VE FINALLY COME TO TERMS WITH THAT THE NEXT COSTUME SHOULD BE SOMETHING THAT SUITS HER BEAUTIFUL AND BEWBIEFUL BODY <3

    As for the covers, my favorite would probably have to be Limited D followed closely by Limited A. D because, after the gen 6, 9th gen (along with 8) are tied for my favorite gens. There's something totally sweet and innocent that we haven't seen from the girls in really ever (Pyoko Pyoko wasn't really "sweet" so I don't count that xDD) It's super old school S/mileage which I love too~

    And then I love A because it's just so fun! The background is messy, yes, and Ayumin looks like she's about to shove Masacchi out of the frame, but I love free spirited Morning Musume. (Another reason is, even if you can't see it in the cover, during the shoot Shige-san was holding Masacchi's hand and that was simply too cute for me to handle <3)

    1. My sister calls her Maa-chan XD I sometimes call her Masakissu in my head~ And agreed that she doesn't need to look mature, she's a child o 3o BUT HARUKA DAYUMN <3 and lol at little baby demon~ Who's that? Haruka or Riho?

      I would LOVE more Zukkini, she's adorable - I want them to have a fun PV next time XD THEY SHOULD BE SPACE RANGERS IN THEIR ULTRA SMART COSTUMES *^*

      9th gen was my favourite until 10th gen's one caught my eye, but honestly, I like both those editions because I like both generations~

      LOL Ayumi is already plotting domination XD And awww hand holding ;A; Sayumin really likes dem when they are young! XD Maybe Riho's too old for her now? XD

    2. Little baby demon=Haruka. I know you like her and I know that I am also weak-willed (when they first joined/when I first started liking MM, I had absolutely no love for Maa-chan, Zukki or Reina and their my top three in the current lineup) BUT I WILL HOLD OUT FOR AS LONG AS POSSIBLE.


      10's is really cute too, I just keep finding little things I'm not too fond of and nitpicking because I'm stupid xD Harunyan's leg positioning, HARUKA IS SLOUCHING, Masacchi looking like she does in nearly every other pic here (... baby please show some excitement D;) and Ayumin looking like she just crawled out of a tv screen all in all is interesting, just not my style --DERPS--

      (and from all the pics that have been appearing on the H!O pic board and on tumblr, I think Reina has been marking her territory xD She has a soft spot for Maa-chan and I like to imagine she's leaving the rest for Shige LOL)

    3. Poor Haruka! XD I can't really say who you should and shouldn't like, and I don't mind~ I didn't like Haruka at first ^3^

      Ranger Green Zukkini RHYMES XD XD And yes indeed, youth @.@

      I think that Masakissu needs to just try and become comfortable in her photo's. She's photogenic, but yeah, she lacks her emotion D8 Hopefully she will gain emotion soon ;D AND LAWL AYUMIN IS LE GRUDGE XD

      I think that no one can resist Masukissu xD