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BerriKyuu Create Happiness in their 'Chou HAPPY SONG' PV!

It's finally here, BeriKyuu's long awaited (now official) second single PV together. Yes, it is awesome, it is wonderful, it is...


I honestly think that we've all secretly been waiting for this PV since the song came out - especially with the craptastrophe that was Amazuppai-fuck-shit - or at least hoping for a PV to actually be coupled with this song, because, let's be honest - this is a stroke of genius on Tsunku's part, and who could really blame the fans for wanting more from it? Well, seems like we are getting more, because not only is there a digital release, but also a solid single release coming soon, with a C-ute version of Because Happiness and a Berryz version of Shiawase no Tochuu, as well as new 'arranged' versions of Chou HAPPY SONG. So, since the song itself was revealed, it's become a pretty big topic for fans, both Japanese and International.

And now we have the PV!

Honestly, I was so very happy when I heard that there would be a PV to couple with this amazing song. And not just the concert PV that people thought we would all get. Oh no no no... a real PV. And seriously, Tsunku, UFA - you've finally pulled it off. You learned your lesson with the horrible little piece of absolute fail that was Amazuppai blah blah, you've made up for your mistakes and you have proven that you can do well.

Finally... you have done right in the world!

... Well, at least for now. But my goodness, UFA seem to be doing pretty darned well with their videos right now (C-ute, Berryz and Mano mostly, S/mileage and MM are getting the short end of the H!P stick here). Let's hope they keep it up, eh?

Anyway, finally! The video is here (before MM's too, but meh) And it seems like we are also getting a slight preview of a song remix, because I swear, the original didn't have that disc-thing going on in it that DJ's do during their mixes. Seriously, what is that?

Anyway, before I derail... Guess what time it is? Pic Spam time!

So... damn... C-UTE!!! <3

Love that they're in the same room xD

And... press PLAY!

Seriously, this is a creative way to open up a video. Best opening ever for two songs turned into one, IMO~

This is so cute >3<

But this just so happens to be C-uter! <3

I love that C-ute are in white, it kinda shows the pureness of their song, Shiawase no Tochuu

Whilst Berryz wear bright red, a colour which is loud and energetic, like their song Because Happiness

I'm sorry, but Miyabeam is the ultimate perfection <3 She is absolutely adorable! How could you deny that face anything?

And so is the Angelic Airi! Oh, Airi, why so shocked? Of course you're beautiful, darling~

Momo, Chinami and Ri-Suck-OH! are practicing their blow-job faces once again, because they haven't really needed to use them lately

Yurina looks positively adorable here! Seriously, how can I find her boring!? I need to love her more!

Great things about this pic:

1. Chisato looks like she's seen a Saint.
2. Maimi knows that she is that Saint.
3. Airi's obviously drunk.
4. Nakky is glaring at Mai.
5. Mai is glaring at YOU!

Okay, Mai hugging Nakky is so adorable, and Chisato looks BOSS here. She knows she owns the video. She knows she owns my heart~

No! Don't cry, Yurina, I love you too! You stole my heart in this video!

Miyabeam, don't cry! You are still my Numero 1 in Berryz and Buono! Do not fear, darling!

Mai approves of THIS PV!

... And so does Maimi, but creeper Nakky doesn't. Mwahaha!

These shots are really nice~ Love the backgrounds and how it's styled so that we can see all solo shots Amazuppai fail was the same, but this works better because it IS better

Oh look, the Sleepy Pigeon is back~ Yes, I call her a Pigeon, because she reminds me of one. Dunno how, she just does.

Thank le Lordeh Gaki she isn't pouting her way through the song like she always does.

Wait... UFA can afford a BACKDROP? -faints-

I have a feeling they are going to be using curtains and drapes a lot now... One Two Three has drapes

Maasa looks adorable here! Forget Maimi, Maasa is the cutest!

Chisato knows she's loved, so does Chinami, who looks wonderful in this PV.

Miyabi, you stole my heart again...

Mai, seriously girl, you keep getting prettier everyday!

Risako's finally revealed to everyone just who is her one and only - and who could blame her?

... Where the fuck is Captain in these friend shots? Seriously, where? We get enough fucking Momoko as it is.

Mai is trying out her blowjob face too!

Miyabeam and Chinami mid-convo, whilst Mai kicks ass with her solo lines~

Nakky is absolutely adorable, as always - and with her hair styled that way, she looks just like a princess <3 Seriously, this girl needs more screen time AND more lines!

Whilst this girl needs less - maybe if she lost those hideous pigtails, she would be cuter.

... Believe it or not, I like her so much more now xD

Oh YEI they're together! Hurr <3

Creeper Momoko, Ri-Suck-OH! wants to pucker up with Captain, everyone is happy...

Dafuq Maimi?

Looks like Mai is having a good time dancing like a sim.

The best of the best, finally together!

... Now Kiss!

I'm adoring all this pink and cuteness.

... Aren't you girls missing an A?

Let's hug everyone! Because we RABU EACH OTHER <3

Seriously, I thought the hugging was so cute!

Chisato next to Yurina is funny to see xD

I also love how these costumes remind me of the WOW WOW YEAH YEAH concert costumes Hello! Project came out in back in, what? 2011?

And... reference to H!P~ Which is cute and a nice finish to the PV.

Okay, so like nearly... everyone in the Wota Kingdom, the blogosphere, the H!P fandom... I like this PV. A lot. Probably more than a lot, who knows? But, no matter how much I like it, I do like it, because it is honestly really really good.

Recently, UFA have been doing really well with their videos, but I won't go ahead and say this is the best that UFA have done, but, it's better than some of the videos they have recently released. However, I do think that they are getting there - especially when it comes to the older groups' videos. (aka the groups that don't have kids in them)

Anyway, regarding the PV - it's very happy. It's airy, refreshing, and it is a really happy video. There are scenes where we see the girls hugging each other, Risako kissing Airi's cheek, everyone pushing each other out of the way to get to the camera playfully and the girls just having fun for the song. It's the sort of video that will really make you smile, because the girls are all smiling, they are happy, and you can see that they are all good friends. It's a feel good video, and I think that, because the girls themselves are enjoying their time together, it makes the video so much more enjoyable for us to watch. Seriously, there is nothing better than a happy Idol in a happy video!

The PV is actually very simple in terms of how it's styled, such as the simple backdrops and how it is all edited together. Much like Amazuppai, we get the solo shots all grouped together again, but this time with a bigger image in the middle featuring either of the two groups, or a split screen with both groups. We also get the basic solo and dance shots as well as bigger group shots, but throughout some of the dance shots, we see an overlapping effect where both videos of the girls dancing (as there are individual dance shots for both groups and then a full dance shot of them all together), as well as the dance shot which features both groups together. I found that really interesting in the video, and thought that it was a nice effect to add, showing the groups together through their individual group dance shots.

Now, as I watched the video, I began to notice a few similarities to two other PV's. The first thing I noticed was that, during the group shots where the girls playfully push each other out of the way, I was reminded of Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku and how the groups all jump in front of the camera, run off or push each other out of the way. The other similarity I saw was, of course, the grouping of the solo shots which also happened in Amazuppai. The third thing I noticed that bared a similarity to something was, of course, the costumes at the end of the video. These costumes look so similar to the Hello! Project Wow Wow Yeah Yeah Summer 2011 concert opening costumes, where the girls had WOW or YEAH! written on in silver. The costumes were also pink, so I was reminded of that when I first saw those costumes.

But even with the similarities, I think that this is a great PV. It's incredibly happy, it's cute and it really makes me fall in love with this song more. It's extremely enjoyable to watch, and many fans have stated that they love it, and I can honestly see why. BerriKyuu have been together 10 years now. They've grown up together, and you can really see that they are all friends and that they all have a strong bond, and that friendliness is shown through this video. They are all really close to each other. Their friendliness makes the overall feel of the video so much more wonderful to watch, and it's really sweet that we get to experience how close they are here with such a happy song and PV. We didn't get this with Amazuppai, but I'm thankful that we were able to get it with this video.

Another thing to note is how the video starts off with two separate groups, Berryz and C-ute, but in the end they come together as one. This is shown in the beginning and end; When the opening sequence plays, we see Airi and Momo in separate rooms - they both play their respective PV's for their groups, showing the two separate songs being played together by mere coincidence. Also, in their rooms are posters for the album's for their groups. During the end, and this may be the fans' favourite part, we see the girls walk/run off and their costumes become pink, showing that BerriKyuu are one group, and not the two separate groups that we usually see. The colours of their dresses basically blended, and they became one entire group. Then, at the end of the video, the finishing sequence shows that Momo and Airi are taking out their CD's, and they have turned into the Chou HAPPY SONG single, indicating that they are now one group with one song. I think that the way the video opened up and how it ended was really beautiful, and really well done, it basically speaks for the single itself - it started out as two separate songs (and BerriKyuu started out as two separate groups), but then it became one song, and one group singing it.

Now, before I finish off this post, let's talk about the song itself. I stated previously, in a post way way back when the song was revealed to be the pure wonder of two separate songs from Berryz and C-ute's newest albums, that I loved this song. It's pure wonder to listen to, it sounds so happy, and it's amazing how two songs, that sound nothing alike, can be brought together and make something so beautiful and wonderful to listen to. I actually like the songs separately, too, but I think that I love Chou! HAPPY SONG more because it's a song that brings two absolutely amazing groups together... and it is also the song that made me really like Berryz more than I used to.

The girls sound amazing in it, they all get their turn to sing, and they all sound really happy. It's a great song to listen to when you want something happy, catchy and extremely infectious. It's cute, and it's really energetic, but also gentle. It's somewhat different to other H!P music, I think, and I really like that something so incredible came from two totally different songs which became one.

I'm really glad that this song was able to get a single release (both digital and a hard copy) as well as a PV release, because it's seriously amazing. I really hope that Tsunku and UFA continue to create great music and nice PV's for the groups within Hello! Project. This is a step forward for the agency and BerriKyuu.

I just hope that they keep it up.

How do you feel about this PV? Was it everything you ever wanted from BerriKyuu?


  1. Hi. I'm sorry for my sudden comments.
    I am 21 years old university student (female) and I am a big morning musume fan. My oshi is Riho Sayashi by the way.
    I commented because I was so surprised and very happy to find non-Japanese morning musume fan...
    I look forward to reading your blog!

    1. Hi! :D Don't worry about the sudden comment, comments are always welcome ^^

      I love Morning Musume, and Zukki is my Oshi :D I also love C-ute! >3< I'm not a big fan of Sayashi, and sometimes I might rant about her, but I do think that she is deserving of everything she gets like lines and being an ace.

      There are plenty of other none-Japanese fans on the internet, especially International bloggers! ;D