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Have a Tweet Dream with Fairies in a 'Tweet Dream' PV!

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Okay, seriously, what happened to this group to make me like them a little bit more!? Seriously? I... I don't even... I don't know...

Fairies are the one group that I never wanted to go back to, not after the horrible song that is More Kiss. I really had no desire to follow them, or to keep up to date with the girls at all, but for some reason, I was dragged back... ironically enough, with a song about 'following' and keeping up to date with them. Yes, it is Tweet Dream.

Seriously, I'm wondering how and why I suddenly have this urge to care about them. I mean, I still don't rate the group highly, but this has beccome my loop-song as of recent. When the short version of the PV was released via the official Fairies youtube, I decided to give it a try because I liked how it was for a drama about a Twitter romance. And then I fell in love with it >.>

Actually, funny story - after falling for Tweet Dream, Fairies' official Twitter began to follow me. Weird o-O Follow Follow - Tweet Tweet. Follow Follow - Do it Do it Do it.

I... what the hell, Fairies? Everything else you do, it's 'meh' to me but everyone else loves it, then the one song you do that people think is weaker compared to past singles is the one I fall for. Seriously?

Now, this post would have actually been done sooner, had it not been for a Thunder/Lightning storm where I live, so for about 3-4 hours, the power was out, and I was napping, because that's what I do during a storm - I nap because I get sleepy and I don't like thunder and lightning e.e

So yeah, the post is delayed by a good 4-5 hours because of the storm that happened around the area I live, and between worrying for family members out in the storm as well as wondering why the heck my niece was enjoying all the loud noises, I was kinda miffed because I was half way through screen capping this PV for y'all and my pic-spam obsessed self, and had to turn everything off in case it died... and the internet was dead, too.

OH HEY I'm rambling ._. Then again that's totally normal xD

Let's Have a Tweet Dream~ with a pic spam!

Paint buckets? Wait, what's this have to do with Twitter? Where is the blue birdy!?

Ooooh, this looks nice - I like the Arty chaos that is going on here, reminds me of what a Drama or Art studio should look like!

Pretty >3<

WAIT, they're in nice clothes for once!?

Whoever she is - she appeals to me the most out of everyone, she's so cute and seems less boring than most of the otherss.

OMG CUTENESS - she reminds me Ogawa Saki (Kurai) and I love her hair <3 Sooo shiny!

Okay, it's getting somewhat interesting with these additional scenes~ I like their clothes.

OMFG BALLONS!!!!!!! <3

I f**king LOVE Balloon!


Holy Lord Gaki, those are the best costumes Fairies have ever had. Praise Gaki, their agency finally did something right!

"Alas, poor Yorik, I knew him well..." -all hold up skulls-

Seriously, I love those costumes <3 OMG I can die happily knowing they used corsets, a prince like costume and pretty skirts.  KZN AJKXNJKSNKJSNKJSNDJ <3

I am so glad I screen capped this, so cute x3

Okay, I'm getting a sense of De-Ja-9nine...

.. And once again, De-ja-9nine...

But hey, don't worry Fairies, it's cool. Steal away, I mean, I'm pretty sure other groups will do the same thing at some point in their Idol career~

Oh... Lord Gaki, girl get bangs! Your forehead reminds me of that Horrible shreiking Vampire in S/mileage before she got bangs and looked semi-human.

... You're still pretty, though, but you remind me of the Vampire.


Someone hates the Paparazzi.

So pretty, I love the colours she has on her shirts~

Omg you're o sweet! Be in my Tweet Dream >3<

She reminds me of Aibon, and her smile is pretty.

Everyone is handing a silver platter to the lead gurl.

I also love their clockwork-like moves here, so smooth o-o

Honestly, there is something wrong with me - I love it when an Idol has either:

A) Chubby Cheeks or
B) Nice lips

And she has nice lips. I want to stare at them all day long o-o No lie... Or maybe I like how she lip synchs. I dunno~

Lip Fetish~ Trololol

Oh, you Kooky Kids, you don't eat them!

You fight to the death with them for Twitter Followers!

Okay, this is a sweet picuur right here.

Seriously, those costumes - especially Lead-girl's, blue corset girl and the prince like one - are LOVE <3

I love how messy, yet still well put together, everything is xD

Oh man, I want those clothes... I want other Idols to wear these sorts of clothes... They look Fairytale like... -sigh-

I was genuinely surprised by how much I enjoyed this song and PV. Usually, I don't really find Fairies appealing as a group at all, but when I first watched this and heard the song, I was really taken in by them for the first time. The only other song that I kind of liked was No More Distance, but I didn't take to it like I did Tweet Dream. The other surprising thing is that it's electro-pop... I hate electro-pop, yet I love this song!

It's surprisingly addicting for me, because I haven't stopped listening to it since I first heard it. It's the song that I think of when I wake up, or when I am doing something else like watching another video. I just seem to want to always have the song on, because I like it so much. Maybe I'm making up for the times that I haven't liked Fairies' work? Or maybe they finally did something right in my mind, who knows? Either way, I really like the song, and I also really like the PV.

Finally, the girls have appealed to me in some way! Now, don't jump too quickly, I'm still pretty much 'meh' on the group, but they have begun to show me something that I like, and that is mainly the costumes they wear and the PV itself. However, thhe girls still aren't really jumping out to me at all. I genuinely feel that the girls are boring and over-rehearsed in their videos, and that they really don't try to stand out in any way. To me, they all seem the same - same smiles, same movements and the same lack of enthusiasm. Now, there are some girls who really try hard and stand out because they really do look like they are enjoying the song, but others just really don't do anything other than smile because they have to. This is why I don't really care about Fairies - I prefer groups with character, and whilst Fairies may have the singing and dancing talent that other groups lack, they don't have the enthusiasm or energy that other groups do, and it really takes away from the group and makes them less enjoyable to watch.

There was one girl who really stuck out to me throughout the entire video, though, because she really had the personality and energy that everyone else seemed to lack. I don't know her name, but here she is:

I honestly felt that she had performed the best in the entire video, and she stuck out to me the most because of that. I was glad that there was one member of this group who was more daring than the rest, because everyone was else was boring (other than the girl who is next to the one with personality in the picture above) and didn't seem to really enjoy the video.

Now, that aside, the rest of the video was pretty good - I loved how it was put together, despite the fact that the video has nothing relating to Twitter, and how visually appealing it was. The backdrop was gorgeous, and the girls' clothes were amazing. I absolutely loved the wardrobe in this video, finally, Fairies are getting cute clothes! From the few PV's I have seen, I really didn't like the clothes they wore, but this time, it looked like the girls had fallen into a Fairytale inspired wardrobe for their dance scenes, and I absolutely loved that, especially the corsets and prince-inspired outfit.

Concering the dance-shot itself, I wasn't overly impressed. Considering the fact that Fairies were formed for their amazing dance skills, I was left wondering why the dance wasn't as energetic or well choreographed as I thought it would have been. For an energetic song like this, I was hoping for more moves that are harder to pull off. In my opinion, the dance is pretty tame, but it's cute as well. I think that it's nice, but I would have liked to have seen more added to it, and a lot more energy and thought put into it. Then again, the scenes we do see are only parts of the dance shot, so hopefully a full dance shot is released, because I would love to see the whole dance.

Paired with the song, I think that the PV is really cute - but as I said previously, I would have liked to have seen more to the choreography, because this song is quite energetic and deserves some awesome dance moves. It's a nice song, with a lot of electro-pop going on - and that's the one thing that gets me the most about this song, because I have stated before that I hate electro-pop. There's only one other song that appealed to me that is electro-pop gaore, and that's Spring of Life by Perfume, so I was honestly surprised when I found myself wanting to listen to Tweet Dream more and more. It's honestly quite addicting, and I have listened to it non-stop. I've actually found myself stopping videos I am already watching because I feel like I need to listen to Tweet Dream, and it's constantly on a loop because I enjoy it so much. I even sing along to it, because there are so many Engish lyrics in the song that it makes it easier for me to sing along with, especially the cute Follow Follow, Tweet Tweet. The repetitiveness of those lyrics is cute, and I like how it fits with the whole Twitter theme the girls have going on here.

It's a nice song, and it's so easy to listen to. I really love how it makes me feel like jumping around like an idiot and attempting to dance. It's catchy, fun and the girls sound amazing here, even with all that electro-pop laced in there. For a song which seems to appeal to fewer people than the other tracks the girls have released, I am seriously enjoying the energy and Tweetness (Pun intended) of this song. Hopefully, Sparkle is just as good and will help me to like Fairies more and more.

So, in conclusion:

I enjoyed the PV. It was visually appealing, and the girls looked amazing in the clothes they performed in. The additional scenes were really cute to watch, and I absolutely adore the backdrop. The only thing that falls flat is the lack of enthusiasm from most of the girls and the tame choreography, but for me, this PV is pretty much a winner, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching it. I feel like Fairies have finally started to appeal to me, and it makes me quite happy to think that.

Paired with a cute and energetic song about Twitter, Tweet Dream is a cute song about following your loved one and wanting to know Everything You Do and wanting to know you.

You are follower and you are Follower~

Will you Follow Follow, Tweet Tweet?

Follow Fairies on Twitter! Follow Follow, Tweet Tweet
Follow Me on Twitter! Follow Follow, Do it Do it Do it!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Okay! Musume Digest! #5

It is, once again, that time of the week~ Yes, it is time to Digest!

I really don't have any other updates other than the News of the Week, which consists of a lot of Morning Musume based mini-articles and my oh-so-lovely opinions (sarcasm be noted), as well as a few more pregnancies announced this week. Hopefully, everyone has been having a wonderful week~ Mine has been pretty good!

Also, the picture of the week is:

Oh yeah, Haruka's the boss, and Eripon's her love slave woman. I also now have a new shipping, HaruPon. Don't they look gorgeous together?

You know you love it!

Also, the poll for this weeks question is: Which BerriKyuu Girl Would You Take Out on a Date? Personally, for me, it would be a fight between Chinami, Chisato and Airi... but I think that Chissa would come out on top, no matter what, cos' I luffs her!

Anyway, onto the:


Morning Musume's Single V cover for their 50th single, One · Two · Three has been released! The date for the Single V release will be on July 11th.

Okay... seriously? After some pretty gorgeous covers from the group, we now have this? I read a blog post on how tacky the photoshop skills of UFA are, but seriously, this takes the cake - even I, who has very bad photoshop skills, can do this! A Three year-old could easily do what they have done here! Seriously, Reina's, Masaki's and Haruna's heads are pretty much giant compared to everyone else's in this.

It's clustered, there really isn't any room to breath with this cover, and as my sister said (though she is fine with the cover), the frame is tacky. But honestly, it's the clutter and epic fail that really makes me dislike this cover, and honestly, the girls all look bored other than Riho, Haruna and Haruka. I wish that they had chosen a better cover, and not this hack job.

Oh boy... UFA, wtf? I've lost some hope... Hopefully The Matenrou Show's cover will be better...

Maeda Yuki, a former Hello! Project enka soloist, has announced on her blog that she is 5 months pregnant, and that she will also be getting married. Due to her pregnancy, she has decided to suspend her active singing career to give herself a break.
“It’s been decided that this month, I’m going to get married to the person that I’ve been dating for a while with marriage in mind,” she announced happily through her blog. “And, and! I’ve been blessed with a new life. I’m already in my fifth month.”
“Because [I'm pregnant], I will be suspending my activities as a singer. To be honest, I want me to sing too, but I’m going to take a little break now,” 
Yuki has recieved warm support from her fans, who have congratulated her on the happy news, and also expressed their wishes to hear her sing again soon.

Whilst I have never followed Maeda Yuki, I am very happy that another tarento/Idol/Singer is having a child! Like Nakazawa Yuko, Yuki is in her 5th month of pregnancy, which means that they will both give birth aroun the same time. This is, of course, amazing news for Yuki, who will become a mother and be able to create a family with her child and new husband! Hopefully Yuki will be able to rest up, and give birth to a healthy baby! Congrats to Yuki and her soon-to-be husband!

Morning Musume's 9th and 10th Generation will be holding a handshake event on July 5th at Shibuya Tower Records.

This may be for more promotion of Morning Musume's 50th single, but it's great that the future of Morning Musume will be promoting not just the group but also themselves without the aid of Sayumi and Reina. It's great that all the girls get a chance to meet the fans and express their thanks for them all coming to see the girls! Hopefully, all fans within the area will be able to attend the event!

Michishige Sayumi and Tanaka Reina will both be holding a handshake event on July 5th in Osaka.

On the same days as the 9th and 10th gen members of Morning Musume, both Sayu and Reina will be able to promote both the 50th single (which is released on July 4th) as well as themselves individually. I do think that separating the new girls from the older two is a smart move on UFA's part because then it means that they will all be able to promote themselves, and show off the new Morning Musume, as well as to promote Sayumi and Reina individually. Hopefully, all fans within the area can attend the event!

Two new Hello! Project Kenshuusei have been announced, and they are Yamagishi Riko and Nomura Minami! The girls were announced as official Kenshuusei members at the Hello! Project Kenshuusei Happyou Kai 2012 ~3gatsu no Nama Tamago Show!~.

I don't generally follow the Hello! Project trainees, but Hello! Project recently went on the search for new members after losing quite a few through auditions for the main H!P groups, as well as graduations and additions to UP UP GIRLS. So it's not surprising that, in the past few months, they have added so many additions, and it's nice to see that many new and fresh faces are being added to the program. Hopefully, more Kenshuusei are to come!

C-ute's 19th single has finally been announced, and will come in five editions: Regular, Limited A, B, C and D, and there will also be a Single V, of course.

C-ute are one of my favourite Hello! Project groups, and I love most of their songs, especially their more recent ones. Hopefully, their 19th single will be another great song to add to the long list of fantastic singles the girls have brought out. I am looking forward to previews, radio rips and covers!

The single is set to release in September, on the 5th! Close to my birthday! Woohoo~

Morning Musume will be releasing their 13th album in September, titled 13 Colorful Character and will be available in two editions, Regular and Limited. Limited will have a DVD available with it.

A lot of people are going to be excited for this release, as this will be the first album to feature the 10th generation, as well as the album that will show the biggest change in Morning Musume's lineup since the graduations of three major members from 2011-2012 (Ai, Gaki and Aika). There will be a lot of new vocals to look forward to, and probably a new sound to the songs. Hopefully, when the album comes out, there will be songs that everyone can enjoy, and hopefully less of the two front girls and more of the girls who don't get as much. But that's just me and my wishful thinking, isn't it?~

Indie Idol unit, Station♪, will be releasing their first album on July 11th! They will also be holding a one man live on the 15th at Ebisu LIVEGATE. Their first album will be titled Densha de GO! GO! and there will be a total of 8 songs on the album, as well as PV for the song 'Kun Heno Chizu' and a Making of video.

Here is the tracklist:

2. Let's Go Tetsudo Idol (Let's Go Railway Idol)
3. To the Light
4. Kun Heno Chizu (Map to You)
5. Kinenbi ni Ai mashou (Let's meet Next Anniversary)
6. Yume no Ketsu hen (Fragments of Dreams)
7. Ichiban Hoshi (First Star)
8. Destiny
9. Susume. (Recommended)
10. Kun Heno Chizo PV
11. Making of

It's great that Station♪ are still continuing with their activities, and I am really looking forward to this release. Even if the girls are still an Indies unit, I really like the songs the have produced and the theme. If you are a fan of the group, then check out what they already have, and possibly buy the album if you can!

Morning Musume's 9th Gen have released a short radio preview of their special group song, titled Aisaretai no ni..., on Riho's radio show. This is a cool song with a modern feel to it, and really shows the mature side to the Qki girls. Aisaretai no ni... is available on the Limited C and D editions of Morning Musume's 50th single, One · Two · Three/The Matenrou Show.

I actually like this song quite a bit, though I wouldn't stamp it as my immediate favourite at all. The girls sound amazing in this, especially Eripon who has vastly improved from when she joined. Thankfully, the line distribution in the song, despite the short preview, is extremely good, which will please the Qki fans. I'm impressed with the song and how it sounds overall, but surprisingly enough, my sister isn't. Oh well, we won't always agree on everything now, will we?

Right now, I am enjoying the song - and the amazing amount of Zukki - so, I will be looking forward to the full preview of the song! It almost makes me want to buy the Qki edition of the single...


Morning Musume will appear on Music Japan on July 1st!

For many fans, this is great news, as it means promotion for the group and their 50th single! Of course, for many groups, Music Japan is a popular choice where they can perform their songs and promote their singles. Hopefully there will be more promotion on other channels, but it's great that Morning Musume will be featured on MJ!


Dance/Vocal unit, Fairies, have released the short ver (I say that cos it ends too quickly) of their PV, Tweet Dream, which is also the CM song for Waseda Academy, a drama which features the member Ito Momoka. Tweet Dream/Sparkle will be released on July 25th, and is the groups 4th single.

Now, I am honestly not interested in Fairies as a group at all, because honestly they're a little bland for me, however I do think that the group have great songs and very well done PV's, and a lot of talent. This is a great song, one which is cute and catchy, but with a heluva lot of auto-tune at its disposal, which is a tad irritating - but it fits the song well. I also like the link to Twitter that it has, though it does make me think that this is just a commercial song rather than one which is a 'proper' Jpop song, however it's still good, and as Twitter is highly popular worldwide, it makes sense to make a song about it for a drama which is about Twitter (@.@)

It's a good song, and a well made PV. I just wish the girls appealed to me more, rather than just their costumes catching my attention more than the girls themselves. Oh well...

Hello! SATOYAMA Life Episode 3 has been uploaded for everyone to watch! In this episode, Yajima Maimi Nakajima Saki, Iikubo Haruna, Ishida Ayumi, Wada Ayaka, Fukuda Kanon, Mitsui Aika and Fukumura Mizuki.

Like the previous episodes, the first half of the episode features the girlson the farm once again, with the main focus being on Harunan, Nakky and Maimi as they try to plant some edible leaves (I don't know what they are DX) and shows the girls working hard to plant them. The second part features Aika, Maimi, Mano and Fukumura as they go to buy vegetables (and get overly excited by how the doors open xD) as well as learn more about the plants and vegetables they eat.

Whilst these episodes don't exactly tickle my fancy right now, it is interesting to watch the girls go around learning about plants and vegetables and how to grow everything, and for those who understand the show, it will be quite educational, especially if you are into agriculture. Hopefully the episodes will change soon enough and show different things, because farming three episodes straight is becoming boring.

S/mileage are to release their 11th single this year! The single, which is currently untitled, will be released in August this year on the 22nd, and will be released in five editions, Regular and Limited A to D. The information was released via Tower Records.

I was actually wondering when S/mileage would bring out their next single, because it seems so long since they last released Dot Bikini, and I'm pretty sure that other fans were wondering when the girls would bring out something new. Hopefully everyone will get excited for S/mileage's latest single (I know that I won't get my hopes up, they've sucked these last two singles IMO), because sure enough, it will have that weird and whacky S/mileage edge to it.


An MV preview for Ogura Yui's upcoming single, Raise, has been released for the world to see... until it's taken down >.>

Now, I love YuiKaori the unit, but Yui on her own is a force I don't particularly care for, because I honestly don't really like her voice. It's far too 'cutesy' for my own taste, and even listening to this song, which I think is extremely cute and catchy, I find her voice too cute and weak here, because I don't think that she fits this type of song. However, the video is amazing from what we do see, and I am so happy that it looks like there was a budget to this video. It's amazing, the shots and the locations, and Yui looks fantastic here. I'm actually looking forward to the full PV coming out, because it looks amazing in the preview - I would honestly only change the singer, because Yui's voice doesn't match up to this type of song at all... OR I would tell her to quit the horrible cute act and sing with her natural voice, because I swear, she fakes it. (Maybe she doesn't, but meh)

Gal Sone, a Tarento, competitive eater and former member of TNX group, Gyaruru, has officially announced on her blog that she is 5 months pregnant with her first baby! She expressed her joy to her fans about her pregnancy.
 “Currently, I am 5 months pregnant. My physical condition is good, and I’m enjoying everyday with excitement! I will get to meet my baby at the end of the year, so I’m looking forward to it!
 She also wrote,
I used to cause so much trouble to my mom, and now, I’m becoming a mom… I want to challenge myself more to work with joy and self-awareness,” continuing with, ”My dream now is to eat many delicious things with my family.
Hearing this news is great! Along with Nakazawa Yuko, who recently revealed that she was 5 months pregnant, as well as former Hello! Project soloist Maeda Yuki who is also 5 months pregnant, is amazing! It's great to know that they will all be starting their own families soon and enjoying motherhood. Hopefully, Gal Sone will be able to rest and continue to work hard without straining herself for both herself and her baby! Congrats to Gal Sone and her husband!


Morning Musume's official youtube channel has uploaded a video that shows Morning Musume promoting their 5oth single, as well as revealing a collaboration with Recochoku.

Whilst I don't understand the video itself, this will be great news for many fans! Recochoku is a download site, where fans of music can download selected music to their phones or PC. Recochoku also has a Weekly chart for the most popular music which is downloaded.

Hopefully, this collaboration will help to promote Morning Musume's milestone single more, and let's hope to hear more news on this soon!

StylipS have released a preview of the their third single, Choose Me Darling, which shows the girls performing in sailor themed costumes and summer clothes. The single will be released on the 22nd August this year, and will be StylipS' summer single

StylipS seem to be getting great PV's, and this one i no exception. The PV looks fun, summery and well thought out. I like how the girls look summery without the use of bikini's, and I love the airy feel of it. I am really looking forward to this single's PV and the full song, because it sounds really cute and fun, and the PV looks extremely promising!

Alice Project have uploaded a new video to their channel, allowing fans listen to a brand new release by Alice Project unit, Cherry Blossom. The song is titled Margarine and it is a full MP3 release.

Alice Project are always updating their channel with new videos, with most being MP3's of their songs. There are very few PV's from Alice Project, but I really like all the music they upload, because it allows me to appreciate the song more without having to watch a video. Margarine is a really cute song, I think it's such a lovely song to listen to. Cherry Blossom is actually one of the groups I like a lot from Alice Project, because their songs are really nice. Hopefully everyone can check the song out, because it's very nice.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Erena Ono is Simply Delightful! - Erena Ono's 'Erepyon' Single Review

All opinions within this post are my own, and no one else's. Please respect my views on this single and the singer. If you do not like my opinion then you do not have to read what I have to say! If you don't mind my opinion, read on~

It feels like it's been a while since I did a single review on this blog, and I seriously need to write ore reviews on them, because sometimes I miss out B-sides when a new single comes out... C-ute's one which I am guilty of for that especially.

Anyway, the latest single which I have been obsessing over is, undoubtedly, Ono Erena's debut single! I really enjoyed the PV for this single, and fell in love with the singer herself before I had even heard the two B-sides which are present on the single. Even now I still really like Erena, and I adore this single! When I can, I will most likely purchase it and add it to my little collection of Idol things.

Okay, let's start this review before I turn into a puddle of Fangirlish Goop.

1. Erepyon

The title track and A-side of the entire single, Erepyon is a bundle of Idol love. It's a very passionately sung song, and it has a lot of energy throughout as well as superb vocals, and a bit of auto-tune added in there for a bit of difference. Thank goodness it isn't used all the way through the entire damn song. I love the entire sound of this song, and I love how the music compliments Erena's voice. She sounds absolutely fantastic! I was surprised by how she sounded throughout the song, but I love her vocals because they aren't overly sweet and unbearable like other Idols' vocals, and she can actually sing!

It's a pretty energetic song, with an up-beat instrumental and plenty of Idol-like goodness to keep you going. Whilst a lot of people will say this is your typical Idol song, I prefer to think that this song has a lot more character and charm to it than what other groups pull out. Basically, it's a winning song for me. I've listened to it more than once because I like it so much, and I will continue listening to it until my ears bleed!

2. Sentimental Girl

Sentimental Girl is the second song on the single, and is available on every edition barring the Limited C side. This song has a lot of energy throughout the chorus, as well as a more serious or sincere tone to it throughout the entire song. This actually has to be my favourite song of the three, I just love how it sounds and how well Erena sings it. It has a more mature tone to it than what Erepyon does, but doesn't lose out on the energy at all. It's a very catchy song and could get stuck in your head easily.

The arrangement is great, in my personal opinion, and I love how the song fits Erena's voice so well. She sings beautifully here, and this is the one song that I keep on a loop if I feel like listening to any of the three tracks on Erepyon. It's pretty addicting, but it's too good to resist! Oh, how I wish it had a PV to it like the other two do!

3. Kimi ga Ireba...

The final song of the three, Kimi ga Ireba is only one the Limited C edition of the singles and also has a PV to it, much like Erepyon. It's a very pretty song, one which isn't as energetic or up-beat as the previous two, but is still very nice to listen to if you want something that has a bit more of an emotional sound to the instrumental. Once again, Erena sings beautifully here, she really pulls off all of the songs she has sung, in my opinion. This may not be my favourite song out of the three, but it's a song that I don't really dislike either. I just prefer the more up beat and happy songs to listen to.

I actually still need to watch the PV to this song, but I love how gentle and soft this song is, despite how strong the instrumental is. Erepyon's voice really does sound great here, and I actually anticipate what the PV will be like because I like the arrangement, and would like to think that an airy video is the sort of thing that they would pull off for this song. It's an 'airy' sort of song, I guess, with a strong instrumental and great vocals from Erena.

Overall, this is a pretty strong single. I really like all three of the songs on here, they all have their charms, and I think that for a first single, Ono Erena did a fantastic job. It's the sort of single I would buy for myself because all of the songs are pretty awesome and wonderful to listen to. I am also happy that Erepyon is the opening track to the drama Legal High, though I would have probably found Sentimental Girl or Kimi ga Ireba more appropriate because of the more serious tones the two songs have when compared to the A-side track, however, I am glad that the single is getting promoted in such a way.

Let's hope that Erena will continue her solo career, and bring out a second single soon!

If you have listened to all of the songs, which one is your favourite?


Thursday, 21 June 2012

Ramblings and Revelations With Morning Musume's 'One・Two・Three' PV.

Just so you know: My Opinions ARE my own, and you should not take them personally - especially in this post, where I am rambling due to semi-drunkness. However these are my personal feelings towards the PV and song, and whilst I may not care for it, if YOU do then I am happy, because MM's PV's will appeal to different people - sadly this PV did not appeal to me.

Okay, so I'm semi-drunk - turns out, the day that a certain media show as on, which meant I would be drinking, was also the day that the MM PV came out - so I'm semi-drunk and ready to roll guys, because seriously, I want to review this song when I'm kinda under the influence of the goodness that is: CIDER.

No, before I go off on a ramble, let's just say this: This PV is a huge effing disappointment. I was expecting something awesome because of the bloody hype it went through, and even then, it was shit. I don't care for this PV, I don't want to care for it either.

Also, I cam to a realisation today:

I am beginning to see Morning Musume the same way as Greg of Selective Hearing does. AKA in a negative light.

Basically, this PV is the same as every other generic Morning Musume PV that has ever been formulated - your basic pretty girls fighting for the camera, looking gorgeous, and doing nothing else. Dance shot, solo shot - that mumbo jumbo. But there isn't a group shot barring the dance, which bloody surprised me - are UFA cutting costs on the PV's again?

Sayu is flawless, she can do no wrong
Really, there isn't anything else to the video, other than the girls looking like mannequin dolls and standing there, posing like in that one MoBeKiMaSu single they all did before Gaki up and left, and then singing with some forced emotion on their faces. Oh, and sparkles - but we know that UFA editors love them effects, don't we? Well, I don't - get a real director and actually put some real effort into the PV, why don't you? You did it for ManoEri, do it for the group that hit 50 singles.

I honestly find no reason to buy this single unless the Matenrou Show just-so-happens to be awesome. I mean, the A-side is pretty bad - I don't like the hype around it, the song isn't as great as people make it out to be (I am sorry, but auto tune? No, I hate fully auto-tuned songs in general) and the PV is even worse than I imagined. If there was a little substance to it, I would probably care more - but the only thing I like about the video itself is the girl I like having about 5 seconds of screen time, my Oshi getting like 2 seconds of screen time and the fact that Masaki seems to have a pretty decent amount of shared lines in this song. Yeah, the rest? Not so keen.

Seriously, I thought that UFA would pull out the stops with this single, and it honestly looked promising from the first costume appearances - the girls looked great, Eripon was sexy as hell, and even the covers are better than what they normally have - and then you hear the song and watch the PV and realise that it's still the same old stuff UFA keep pulling out, just with '50th single' slapped on it to make it look (and sound) better than what it really is. Talk about Mutton dressed as lamb.

Though I do give props to the stylists for this single's wardrobe and hair - the girls look great, and it works with the PV I guess... but it still sucks, no matter how I look at it. I just can't seem to get over this extreme disappointment that I have. I expected more...

Well, guess what? I'm probably gonna give up on expecting 'more' from Morning Musume because UFA suck. They don't know how to sell a group unless all the girls are 17+ (C-ute, Berryz and ManoEri)

Zukki looks as bored as I feel
Seriously, if this song and PV are anything to go by, then I have no hope for UFA and how they will go about promoting this group or creating videos, because honestly, UFA suck. Costumes = fine, PV's = shit. Seriously, UFA, Tsunku... get one of the MM girls on board as creative director, let them take the lead - like Takahashi Ai and her last single. I mean, that was the best MV in a while, and now you're getting crap again. Let Sayu take the ropes, she'll make a good PV.

Bow down to QUEEN ERIPON!

Yeah... this PV is a disappointment, I was expecting more, and was handed less - the hype really wasn't worth it. Then again, this is my general opinion. A lot of people will love this video, this song, everything about it in general... I just don't. It's fine for what it is, but for the 50th single, I expect more than drapes and poses and pretty costumes - I expected a storyline, some direction, creativity and flare...

Then again, this is UFA we're talking about - they're too cheap to care, and they rarely put effort into what they create now, unless it is hair and costumes and posing.

Okay, this is my semi-drunkern PV rant over with. Glad I did it, glad I don't care about the PV, because seriously, I am disappointed - but that doesn't mean you have to be!


One: Costumes
Two: Dance Shot
Three: Poses


One: No effort towards the PV
Two: Auto-tuned to hell
Three: Cheap, tacky and boring.

Overall rating: DISAPPOINTMENT.