Thursday, 24 May 2012

Morning Musume Look HAWT!

It just so happened that today, or yesteryear, who knows... a few pictures were leaked on the Interwebs for the Wota world to bow down to. What pictures, may you ask? Oh, these pictures that you will see soon...

Anyway, I was traipsing through Facebook and came across a Hello! Pro Time (soon to be deceased, btw) picture that a friend of mine had uploaded (and tagged me in, mwahaha) and I was surprised, and extremely happy, because it seems that these are picture from a jacket shooting of Morning Musume's 50th single - what song it is for, who knows, but my bet is 1 2 3. Anyway, I toddled off to Hello! Online and found a few more glorious pictures, including the one above, that show off the lovely MoMusu girls in all of their glory!

And lordy, Harunyan and Sayummy both look like some hot Playboy Bunnies, they just need the ears

Seriously, I don't think that I have ever seen Harunyan or Fukuhime look so god damned delicious, er, I mean gorgeous. And Hey-llo, Zukki seems to be taking over from Aika as the boobs of Morning Musume! Good going, girl!

Seriously, Winky and Sayummy should be ashamed that Fukuhime and Zukkini both have bigger busts than them, cos I swear, they have been stuffing their shirts! We know they're both flat!

And lordeh, Haruka looks damn hot here! I'm sorry for being a perv, but that girl does not look 11 here... Yeah, she is some serious Loli-bait, and that hair is stunning on her. I actually anticipate how great she looks in whatever PV this shooting is for - And if these are just regular pictures, I will laser beam UFA for not showing us the gorgeousness of Haruka dancing around in a corset.

Anyway, AMEN to these pictures.


  1. I second that AMEN and raise you to a YOWZAA! I am so excited for this single!!

    1. Definitely a YOWZAA needed - I don't think that anyone could imagine this new, younger MoMusu looking so... well, gorgeous and hot. And I think that now we have a sneak peak, everyone is excited!