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Let's Make a Little 'Magic' - Show Luo's 'Magic' PV Review~

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For some reason it feels like it's been forever since I last wrote a PV review... Then again, I focused on Morning Musume, graduations, auditions and the like a lot more recently, so yeah... but now, it's time to get back into the swing of things with a brand-spanking new PV review!

And who better to review than the rather delicious and divine Show Luo?

If you are unaware of just who the gorgeous Show Luo is, he is a Taiwanese singer, dancer, actor and TV host. I was introduced to Show Luo through the Taiwanese drama Hi My Sweetheart where Show played a dorky, but rather loveable young man who then turns into a reckless playboy after his heart is broken by his ex-girlfriend. As Show Luo sang some of the songs from the TV series itself, I became interested in him. Then, in 2011, he debuted in Japan with an album, Only For You, and had his official single debut this year with DANTE. And now, here we are in the present time with Magic.

Magic is Show Luo's second Japanese single and shows a total contrast to his previous single, DANTE, in which Show showcased a dark and mysterious side of himself which looked cool and tough. In this single, however, we get a more refreshing and carefree Show Luo.

Honestly, I haven't been following Show much since his debut, but I absolutely adored DANTE, so when this video popped up on Arama I was extremely intrigued, and wondered if this single would be a Mandopop release or a Jpop one - It's Jpop, so I'm happy that Show is continuing to release in Japan, because seriously, he's adorable and a wonderful singer... and hot. How hotness and adorableness tie together is beyond me, but he pulls off both.

Anyway, enough of my fangirlish antics... Let's get into the magic with a pic spam!

The opening has Show Luo creating the title... Yes, I am happy, I'm in Heaven... -dies-

I want to hold his hand, though... ;^;

Oh, she's pretty... I kind of approve, Show, but honestly, you and Rainie should get together.

Show: "I wana touch your heart~"

I wanna touch you...

Ouch, that's gotta hurt! It's not this girls lucky day.

Either Show Luo's attempting to whistle, sing, or he feels the girls pain... either way, this is a funny screen cap xD

Ow! That's gotta hurt!

Yeah, he's in pain.



Oh Show, why are you so perfect? Seriously, why?

Look at him! He's adorable! Look at that face and tell me he isn't as cute as a derpy puppy. TELL ME!

Show: "Your wrists are weak, WEAK!"

I like the umbrella...

Show: "Give me give Little Kiss"

Yeah, I'll kiss you, but it won't be little...

Okay, her smile is infectious and she is gorgeous, NGL.

Girl: "What's in the bag?"
Show: "Take a wild guess."

Show has decided to let this girl borrow his secret stash of weed for later

... Oh wait, it was just a hot dog to feed to the dog.

That. Derpy. SMILE <3

-rolls around fangirling-

Show: "Here's my number."

Lucky cow :/


I'm sorry, but I had to xD He reminded me of the Success Kid meme when I saw how I had paused the video xD

My sister made up the sentence, btw XD Clever bean is she~

She seems happy to have Show's number, lucky duck

Looks like that weed came in handy, cos she's trippin' now!

Oh wait, no, Show is an Angel. Then again wasn't he always?

Sending her back so soon, Show? Has she bored you that much already, or maybe she doesn't compare to Rainie?

... Wait, are we replaying the day where she basically created catastrophe by injuring herself?

Looks like our darling Show is a stalker! Oh my!

Show: "BAKA! This is a TREE! Don't walk into it!"

Show lectures the girl he is guiding about how tree's can't jump away from her just because she isn't paying attention.

Oh lordeh, he is sexy <3

Show, make magic with me, kay?

Oh dear, it's raining! And this time, there is no randomer to pass her an umbrella OR a hot dog!

But wait! Show has returned! But this time, she can't see him!

In all honesty, these scenes were so cute and entertaining with how she reacted.

Okay, Show, I have fallen in love with you all over again - Marry me!

Wait, Show, why is there American symbolism in this video? Your scarf flag, and now the hot dog. It isn't the 4th of July, is it!?

I bet America is his next target for a new debut, oh please! Then ENGLAND!!!

And we end with an Angelic scene, befitting for this Angelic-voiced figure of Supreme adorable/sexyness.

Okay, let me melt into a puddle for a second...

Show Luo is probably one of my favourite male artists. Even though I actually don't generally care for male artists (well, as of late I have enjoyed JE quite a lot...) I grew a great liking for Show Luo's music. I don't listen to his music constantly, no, but I do have songs of his that I like and will listen to depending on my mood. I guess it's because I just enjoyed his acting, and that lead me to enjoy his music as well. I mean, it was pretty much the same with Niigaki Risa. But that doesn't mean he is a bad singer, because honestly, he is a wonderful singer!

Anyway, Magic is such a cute song and PV! After such a cool and mysterious song like Dante, I think that Magic is a nice change of pace and really works with a more refreshing and slightly summery theme, whilst showing off Show's cute and charming side. This video, in my opinion, definitely works in his favour as he gets to show off his lovely smile and a few funny faces which really show how cute he can be. In Dante, the video was more focused on his dancing skills as well as how mysterious he can be, but Magic shows off his dorky and adorable side, and that's the Show that I honestly do prefer to see.

The PV is pretty much about a Guardian Angel who watches over a clumsy and rather unfortunate girl who is falling over everything and getting into trouble. Show decides to help her by posing as a human, and guides her along despite how confused she is, such as giving her the umbrella, and then the hot dog to befriend the dog with. Then, when he gives her his address, she visits him and he seemingly takes her back to the day where she went through such misfortune, and follows her. She can't see him, but he helps her because she never looks where she is going, and he doesn't want her to get hurt. In the end, Show Luo helps the girl to have a normal day without getting hurt.

I found the PV to be very sweet and extremely cute. Show Luo showed off such a sweet and charming side that he didn't show in Dante, and he really played a great part as the Angel watching over the person he was guiding. I thought that the storyline was nice, and the PV very refreshing. The scenes that were shown, such as Show walking down a path in pale blue clothes, reminded me of summer, and I liked that the American flag scarf and the hot dog reminded me of the 4th of July. I found every clip entertaining in its own way. Show's expressions in each scene were cute or funny, and it was just a great, feel-good PV that made me laugh and smile. Both Show Luo and the actresses smiles were infectious, and I just thought that, overall, the PV was well put together and really quite sweet.

It was also nice how the song title was incorporated into the video itself. Magic make me think of magical things happening, and that is exactly what this video delivered - Show Luo performed his own magic to help the girl along, because he is an Angel, and there were even scenes with a little CGI added in there to show off that 'magical' essence of the video. I liked how they had somehow put in the magic, and I think that it worked well.

The song itself is extremely cute - it's a relaxing and cute song, one which is happy and refreshing. It's summery, the sort of summer song that I could listen to happily if I wanted to relax on a sunny day rather than play about and jump around. Show's voice is so calming and gentle in this song, and he really adds such a happy and carefree atmosphere with just his voice.

I do, however, think that the song itself is quite forgettable if you listen to it only a few times, however that doesn't mean that it isn't good, because it is. Show Luo is a fantastic singer, and he really made this song wonderful to listen to. His voice is soothing, and I loved how he sounded here. The song is enjoyable and really nice, and I just really like the overall feel of it.

Overall this is a really cute PV and song. It's a great combination, and I enjoyed the more relaxed and carefree feel to this song and video. It's a wonderful change from DANTE, and Show Luo is absolutely adorable here. From cool to cute, I really love what Show Luo is doing right now. He certainly knows how to keep us all entertained.

If you know anything about Show Luo, even if it is a little, what do you guys think of him? Do you like his adorable pieces, or his cool work more?

Anyway, please enjoy the adorable Show Luo in his latest PV, Magic!

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  1. I thought it was funny how Show invited her to his cloud and when she got there - FWOOM! - he disintegrated her!! Didn't anyone teach you not to trust strange angels, you silly girl? Hah!

    But seriously it was a very sweet song and I loved the theme of the video and agree with you in every way. Magic! is magic. Oh, and by the way, your pic spam comments are magic too, Chiima. Good post!

    1. I know! XD He should have let her stay for some tea XD But oh well~ Show is an evil Angel, I guess ;D

      I do like the song and video, both so sweet and they match perfectly. And thank you very much for your kind words! :D