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Let's Kick it for Football! - Fudanjuku's 'Ame Tokidoki Hare Nochi Niji' PV Review!!!

All thoughts, opinions and feelings regarding this single, the song, PV and members of the group are my own and no one else's. If you do not like my opinion then simply do not read this blog. If you think I am, in anyway, offensive, then you may go and find a blog which isn't as offensive. Please respect what I write, as well as my opinions, and I shall in return respect yours. Thank you.

This PV review has been a long while coming, but due to complications regarding my computer, as well as other aspects of my life getting in the way, I have held off of this review until now.

Fudanjuku are, as you probably know, one of my favourite groups right now - I think that they are a really great group, I love their look and sound, their theme and their videos. I just think that they are a great package, and that they are a strong and solid group that are worth a listen to. Okay, so they aren't everyone's cup of tea, but really, you never know until you try, right?

Anyway, when I first heard that they would be bringing out a new single, for an anime no less, I was ecstatic - with the absolute wonder that was Kaze Ikki I couldn't wait for what they would bring out next. And honestly, I don't think I could have expected anything more from one of my favourite groups. Maybe it is the fangirl in me speaking, but I really like this release - Honestly, Fudanjuku keep amazing me with what they bring out.

Anyway, before I really start to get into why I like this video, let's get on with pic spam! Let's kick it!

Oh boy, Fudanjuku have decided to go down the Dorama route... u.u

Not much goes on, other than the kids being forced to draw their dream jobs or something...

And then we finally get into the PV! Woooo!

... A football field? I am getting some serious Deja-Seishun Collection/ OH MY GOD!

Oooh, snazzy! :D

Lovin' the creepy duck face, Koji

Such a pretty shot -DEM ASSES!-

This PV probably has the best shots in any of Fudanjuku's videos ever...

I love the close-up shots for the dance, it adds variation~

Quite artsy, me thinks

Seriously, Kensui's vocals are the BOMB in this - she/he really knows how to bring out that damn power!

Momo is so cute in this, I can't even... -squeals like a freak-

This is one bloody beautiful shot...

Kouki, why you so hawt?

Damn I'm loving these camera angles...

Okay, really good shot - admit it, it's beautiful~

It's night time, bitches!

This is the shot that reminded me of NMB48's OH MY GOD!

Ryouma gets little love with solo's in this, but hey, at least she/he gets a decent amount of screen time! <3

Oh Momo, you steal so many hearts with your glasses and cuteness <3

Fucking RENJI LOVE! <3

Loving that Renji is the only one with a bold shirt, makes him stand out

Seriously, I am getting the hots for Uramasa

Something about those chiseled cheeks and that sexy look he has going on there...

This dance is freakin' awesome!

Oh yes, because there is nothing like an embarrassing dance move like this...

Okay, Kyouhei's Jizz face just beat out the embarrassing dance move by a long shot

Renji: "Bow Chicka Wow Wow"

Renji knows he is hawt!

I'm loving all of these awesome shots, I really am...


Koji: "I'm more polished than the Big G up there"

Koji is looking pretty bad ass in this, I have to admit.

Kensui, taking the centre position where he BELONGS!

Okay, there is something about him/her that reminds me of a puppy dog, and also reminds me that he is actually a she...

Damn your cuteness for reminding me that this group is made up of Drag-Kings... =.=

I absolutely love the pop of colour on their shirts in this scene, really makes them look less bland and more like the rainbow that they are.

This dance <3

Aww, awkwardly cute Ryouma!!! <3 <3 Steal my heart, baby!

Kouki: "Does my hair look big in this?"

Looking elegant, but manly~

I'm loving this group shot, they really do look awesome here. Sadly, too much white going on...

Ending stance, lads! This match has ended!

And look what the kid drew A football on a field! Who woulda guessed?

Okay, yes, I love it - but I have my reasons. Of course I do. And no, it isn't just ebcause it's Fudanjuku... seriously, it isn't.

Actually, I really did not want to like this song at first. When the full PV finally came out, and I watched it for the very first time, I was dead set on never listening to it again. Why? Because Renji and Ryouma didn't get a solo line in this song, that's why. Yes - I am that petty (I will delve into this more later, I promise). But then I watched the video after a week, and honestly, I fell in love with this song and video so much, and I am so glad that I gave this song that second chance.

This PV is amazing - I honest to God think that this is the best PV to come from Fudanjuku since Onaji Jidai blaaah and their recent release, Kaze Ikki, and it is mostly thanks to the amazing camera-work and the performance of this video. I was absolutely amazed by how many shots there were in this video, because we get such a variety, and there really aren't that many locations used! We get a moving camera during the dance shots, close-ups during the dance itself, members popping up in front of the camera, diagonal shots, shots from high up, shots from the ground whilst the members are on the bleachers and then just stand-alone normal, still shots which you can find in every other PV from any other Idol group. A big part of how good this video is has to do with these shots - they make this video interesting, you get different ways of looking at the video, and it really gives variety to what would be a regular Idol PV.

Now, there really isn't much else going on in the video - which is why the different shots are so great in this video. But what we do get is the formula of dance shot and close-up shots, though they aren't that boring either. The members themselves make their individual shots entertaining with how they act and look. We get the cool Renji pulling out his moves during his shots, the shy and kind of awkward Ryouma showing off his cuter side in his solo shots, and Kyouhei pulling out those orgasm-like faces that were quite funny to cap. The dance shot itself is really fun to watch - we get close-up, mid and long shots of the members dancing, and their expressions and how they move are amazing in this - it doesn't get boring, and they certainly keep you entertained throughout the entire video with just how they express themselves and how they move. You can really see that they are having fun here.

Now, regarding the field in this video - I was at first skeptical about it, because Morning Musume and NMB48 have done it before Fudanjuku did, so people could easily say 'They are copying' - but seriously, when you compare both of those PV's to this, Fudanjuku easily wins. It's one of the most entertaining and well edited video's that is based on a football field - that, and they have a reason to use the bloody field. This is a song that is for an anime.

Actually, let's talk about the song and how good it is, shall we?

Really, I love this song - it's powerful, fun and really brings up your energy. It gets you in the mood to do whatever you want to do, and is quite empowering in its own way. For an anime song, it is really original and doesn't sound anything like a song that comes from an anime, and that seriously surprised me - I was waiting for something that was going to have this cartoonish sound and feel to it, but instead we get extreme power, energy and something that is really cool and really makes you feel like you should do something. Then again, this is Fudanjuku - they just bring out really well made songs that you can listen to over and over again.

Now, I did say in the beginning that I was set to hate this song - but all that changed after another listen. I really was not happy that Renji and Ryouma (and probably a few other members) didn't get any solo lines, but when I listened to it again, I came to realise why. This is a pretty powerful song, and whilst Renji's vocals are pretty deep, I don't think that he has much power as the other members do for this song. It's also pretty obvious was Ryouma didn't get a solo line in a powerful song like this - his vocals haven't fully 'developed' yet, and he sounds too much like a girl, so it's pretty obvious why he wasn't given his chance to shine in this single, though he certainly impressed me in the video. Anyway, this song is powerful - and I think that Koji, Kyouhei, Kouki and Kensui's (all K's, seriously?) vocals were the perfect choice for this single - especially Kensui. Boy, is he a powerhouse or what? Seriously, for a newbie member, this guy has some of the best, if not the best, vocals in the group, and I wouldn't be surprised to see him continue being a centre for a while now. Kensui has some seriously amazing vocal cords on him, and I am really impressed by his performance. He is flawless, in sound and video, and has really left a big impression on me here.

The song is just amazing - the solo's, group parts - everything. It is a winning song, one which is fitting for a football based anime. The song, at some parts, sounds like a football chant - which is why it sounds so empowering and energetic. It makes you want to join in and pump your fists in the air, and it really gets you in the mood to watch some football. In fact, I want to watch this anime - and I hate football!

This is an amazing release from Fudanjuku - a simple video made into something great by fantastic editors, with winning close up shots and dance scenes, and an amazing song to boot that really makes you want to jump up and chant with the crowd. If this doesn't become my favourite release from Fudanjuku, then I will be seriously surprised, because it is such a fun and wonderful release.

Fudanjuku, don't stop surprising me now! I honestly can't wait for your next release!

So, what do you all think of this release from a really great group? ;)

((P/V)) 風男塾/雨ときどき晴れのち虹... by makino-tsukushi


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