Friday, 11 May 2012

Chiima's ~Top 10 Morning Musume of 2012~ List!

It's that time once again, you know, the time where you need to pick out who your favourite members are of a group. Yeah, that time. However it seems that I am still only picking out Morning Musume members. Why is that, you ask? Because I can't be arsed to remember every AKB48 members name, that and I don't really like the group much, and also because all of the JE lot are still rather new to me. I think the only other group I could do a Top something of (that is outside of H!P) is Fudanjuku or Houkago Princess... but I can't be bothered, really, I can't.

That, and I have a deep love for Morning Musume that Fudanjuku and Houkago Princess can't really fight against.

Anyway, getting back on track, yes, this is my 'Top 10' post for the new and current Morning Musume members. All 10 of them. This post has been something I've wanted to do for a while now, but I've pretty much waited it out until a little before or after the graduation of Niigaki Risa and Mitsui Aika. Honestly, this was originally meant to be a Top 11 post, but hey ho, we've lost another one due to health issues. That's how H!P seems to roll right now~

Anyway, let's get stuck into this post and see who fares with my love!

10. Ishida Ayumi

I'm surprising myself by putting Ayumi so low, but honestly, I don't pay much attention to her. Ever since she has joined she has not really stood out to me at all, and I don't see her as an outstanding member. She's a great dancer, I will give her that, but I don't really see much about her that grasps me and wants to make me a fan. Anyway, I'm just glad that she's learnt to control her voice and not butcher her lines.

9. Sayashi Riho

This one won't come as a surprise, though honestly, I'm liking her more recently. She seems to have learnt how to sing and sound less whiny live, and she's also been a real eye-catcher in the Ultra Smart concert. I still can't really see her charm point other than the fact that she is Loli-bait and that she can dance really well, but yeah, she's slowly growing on me. However, I think that it's that constant expression she always has, and how she never changes the tone of her voice in songs, that keeps me from liking her more - She just looks the same, smug way in PV's all the time, and she always sounds the same. I would honestly love a change of pace. If that happens, she might climb my list!

8. Tanaka Reina

Oh hi thar, Reina! Looks like you climbed my list a little!

Reina is a member that I think I will constantly dislike for whatever reason I give at the time, but I admit, she's becoming more and more likeable lately, especially in recent PV's. There are times where she will be as bland and constant as always, but then there are times, such as Only You and Renai Hunter where she will stand out and make my jaw drop. It's those times where I wish I really did like her more, and it's where I see her appeal. Sadly, her appeal seems to drop for a few single before returning again. Anyway, I don't mind the girl - I just wish she would hog a few less songs, and up that enthusiasm and shine a bit more.

... Oh, and I also forgot about her in the Ultra Smart concert for a second, which was quite bad but also funny!

7. Fukumura Mizuki

What I am about to admit is really terrible, but when I was thinking up this list, I completely forgot about Fukuhime. When I did eventually remember her, I actually contemplated why I wasn't going to put her lower on my list, basically behind Tanaka - but then I remember how much I adore her voice. Sure, she's a rather forgettable member if you don't try hard to remember everyone, but when she sings you know it's her. She has this beautiful soft voice, and I love that about her. She also has this very shy personality and is a real beauty. But that's pretty much it about her. I like Fukuhime, but not a whole lot.

6. Sato Masaki

I wonder how the hell Sato got this far, honestly, but recently I've started to quite like her - not enough for her to break into my Top 5, but enough for her to get this far. Anyway, she's adorable, and also a surprisingly good singer. You would think with her horrible audition, she wouldn't be this good, but hell, she's improved! I think that Tsunku has found a real gem, and she will just keep on improving more and more. I don't like the girl like others do, but somehow, she's wriggling her way into my heart...

5. Michishige Sayumi

Sayu's moved up on my list - last time, she was Number 6, but she's now broken the Top 5. Whilst I am not completely in love with the last two of the Old Generations, I do like Sayumi a lot. She is a beautiful young woman, and I love her narcissistic personality. I used to like her mostly because of her cuteness, but I find that I like her more now because of how she treats the other members of Morning Musume and also because of how sensitive she really is despite her so called poison-tongue personality. Sayu is gorgeous, and I enjoy watching her interact with the newer members, especially Haruna. She's an interesting character.

4. Kudo Haruka

The Queen of Lollipops and Gum Drops herself has really climbed my list, going from one of the bottom spots to the Top 5! I never intended to like Kudo, I always thought of her as a brat - but somehow, her bossy and dominating character worked its way through my ice cold heart and thawed it out, because I now really like her. She's absolutely adorable, and her bossy nature works in her favour - it's charming, and her bossiness won me over. I also love how, despite this rather hard-up, leader-like appearence she has created has suddenly been broken down by her fear of ghosts. It reminds us that she is a child, though a rather grown-up one. Kudo is certainly a charming Loli.

3. Suzuki Kanon

In the begining, when 9th Gen first became members of Morning Musume, I wasn't overly keen on Kanon. In fact, I didn't want her to get in! But when the new members were announced I suddenly really started to like her. She's such an interesting and funny girl, with a wonderful personality. She makes everything a lot more fun, and when she wants to be, she is hilarious and is the real personality of her generation. I adore Kanon, and I am glad that she has stayed in 3rd place for my favourites. She is cute, charming and comedic gold in my eyes. I honestly just wish that this little beauty would be given more time to shine as a singer, because she has some powerful pipes on her!

2. Iikubo Haruna

Haruna is such a beautiful girl, and I am so happy that she got into Morning Musume, because she was my first 'favourite' to make it in during auditions. I like her personality above all else, she has such a sweet and innocent character that is just really likeable. She also praises people a lot, especially the people that she likes, such as Sayumi. I just love how sincere she is, and how she cried when she was able to hug Sayumi for the first time on Sayu's web show. I also really like her voice - whilst it is still weak and in need of a bit more improvement, she has such a calming and gentle tone to her voice, much more gentle than Fukumura's is. She is also very hard working, and overall, I find her endearing. She is wonderful to watch as a performer, and even more wonderful to watch on TV shows. She is certainly a variety sort of girl.

1. Ikuta Erina

I think that my Number 1 is a real no brainer, but that's only because I make it quite apparent how much I adore this girl. I absolutely love her. At first it was because of her awkward under dog nature, but then it was because she was a real beauty and had learned how to work that camera, and then it was because of her wonderful personalty. She is such a fun and cute girl, and is wonderful to watch now that she is comfortable in the idol environment. Another aspect about her personality which has won me over is her love of Idols - Yes, Sayumi also loves idols, and so does Haruna, but not the way that Eripon does. Eripon is a Wota, and that makes her stand out and it also makes her extremely likeable for me. I love it when I see other Idols show their wota side! Currently Eripon is the only one who has done this, and it seems to be a good and a bad thing on her part, but honestly, I adore this aspect about her. She may suck at singing, but Eripon is a wonderful Wota-Idol, and I absolutely adore and love her.

Here... have some Eripon GOODNESS! -throws pictures at you all-

Oh lord I am hyper...


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  1. I love your descriptions of most of these people. :)

    Alright, so... is it okay if I give my list? Pretty please? :P

    10. Sato Masaki
    9. Michishige Sayumi
    8. Ikuta Erina
    7. Kudo Haruka
    6. Sayashi Riho
    5. Fukumura Mizuki
    4. Ishida Ayumi
    3. Suzuki Kanon
    2. Iikubo Haruna
    1. Tanaka Reina

    And BTW, Reina is my favorite member of ALL TIME, and I'm convinced no one will ever beat her. :)

    1. Thank you! And I love reading other people's lists! It's so nice to see who people favour and, if they write down why, exactly why they do :D

      Reina is good, I admit that - and I have a feeling she will climb higher because she keeps impressing me in MV's, but I've never been a big 'fan' of her XD

  2. I usually completely agree with your opinions, but right now I think they are PRETTY far off. You have your opinion and I have mine, that I will now share kindly.

    10. Michishige Sayumi
    9. Ikuta Erina
    8. Sato Masaki
    (TBH the bottom ree are so interchangeable, but after Renai Hunter Sayumi's line solidified my hatred of her, Allah forbid she becomes leader)
    7. Kudo Haruka
    6. Ishida Ayumi
    5. Fukuwara Mizuki
    (I really don't care about any of them, but I don't hate them)
    4. ikubo Haruna
    3. Sayashi Riho
    2. Suzuki Kanon
    1. Tanaka Reina

    Omg @ my taste being THIS similar to Shayna (good taste gurl)

    Reina is also my 2nd fave of all time, second of course to the Godessa Abe Natsumi. But tbh Abe is in my top 4 Japanese human beings of all time along with former AKB member Oshima Mai, Yuki of former superstar group Yellow Generation, and Mizumori Kaori; so Reina has nothing to be ashamed of. Reina is totally my 5th tho, or maybe it's Nachu of SDN48, but either way Reina <3 prayin so hard that she becomes leader,

    But I liked your reasonings for your picks even though I disagree with most of them, but hey freedom of speech y'know.

    1. Haha, we all differ with members that we adore :) I do like the Underdogs that little bit more in all honesty - and with Sayumi, I do like her character. I also don't mind her voice xD

      We all have our own reasons for liking members - if I wasn't a big fan of the underdogs, I have a feeling that I would be the biggest Reina fangirl in the world, because that girl is extremely talented and super duper pretty.

      Anyway, lists do change, but sometimes they don't. I may start to develop a bigger interest in certain members as time goes by ^^

    2. Whoa, that's weird how close ours are. Not to mention my second fav member of all time.... is Abe Natsumi. O.o Whoa, haha.

      Even though I don't really like Sayu, I actually think she'd make a good leader. She's very encouraging to the new members, and she sees a lot of their strengths. I don't really know about Reina because I haven't really seen her interact with the new generations much.

      So as much as I love Reina, I'm pulling for Sayumi for leader.

  3. Actually I disagree. In my opinion, a leader is someone who sets a positive example for the team, someone who you want to strive to be like, and Reina is just that. She's the freaking renaissance man of Hello!Project.
    Sayumi might be more friendly or motherly to the new members, but the thing is, if people model themselves like her, then MoMusu will not last for my longer. The person you want to set the example for you is the best person in the group, which is Reina. Reina is the best vocalist MoMusu has had in years, and she's a top of the line dancer as well. She also knows exactly how to appeal to the general public.
    Not to sound like a hater (which I totally am), but Sayumi is exactly the opposite. She can barely sing, and she is only slightly above good dancer. While she may be more caring or whatever, she can't set the example of what to strive to be like, like Reina can. On the other hand tho, I don't want the tradition of oldest member becoming leader to be broken.
    So if anything make Reina and Sayumi co-leaders, at least that way everyone benefits in multiple ways.

  4. Seems that nobody can actually make an impartial list. Some of the reasons are bordering on just plain comical.

    1. And...? We all have our individual reasons for liking someone over another person, and seriously, YOU don't have a bias in H!P or AKB or any other Idol group you follow? Pfft. People will always have their own reasons for liking someone, yourself included, and regardless of how I rank people, at the end of the day it is my opinion and my thoughts, and the reasons why I chose these girls in this order are written there. Don't like it? Go sign up, stop being an Anonymoose, write your own blog and give 'impartial' reasons, and then I will go on your own blog and say 'OMG YOU'RE SOOOO IMPARTIAL, OMG!!!1111!' because I assure you, I will think you are just as impartial as I was, and I will think that your reasons are just as stupid as you think mine are.