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I swear, Akira's in a Harem... - Dream5's 'I★my★me★mine' PV Review!!!

All opinions on this group, their song and PV are my own and no one else's, unless otherwise stated. If my opinion is, in any way, offensive or you just flat out don't like it, then you don't have to read this blog. My opinions are my own, and I have a right to voice them and write them down on this blog! If you want to give your own opinion, then feel free to write them down on your own blog too! However, if you don't care what I say, read ahead! ;)

If you are unsure of just who Dream5 are, they are (yet another) 5 member Avex unit which focuses on two main vocalists, and 3 backing dancers/backing vocalists, and are about one year older than Tokyo Girls' Style. The interesting aspect about this group is that there are four girls and one boy who make up the group. They are also not as active as their sister group, TGS, having only released 6 singles to date, but are just as good in terms of music and presentation.

Recently, Dream5 released their latest single, a Double A-side titled I★my★me★mine/EZ DO DANCE, and having just found the full PV myself, I have found that I really do enjoy Dream5 and their music and performances a lot more than what TGS produces.I guess, for me, these guys just stand out a lot more, but because of that, I really have started to wonder why I haven't kept up with their releases as of late... so this might be the start of me paying more attention to this group, which certainly needs a lot more lovin'!

Anyway, before I ramble away like a mad woman, let's get into this pic spam of I★my★me★mine!

It's that time of the day again, kids... Counting with Numbers!!!

Seriously, class? I thought I had left school to become an AIDORU!

Screw the books, I have a career!

Okay, these two are adorable - I love the hat, too! *o*

Looking like a little doll is always a bonus <3

Ah, the 'Lost in Love and Books' Library look... A story that never seems to get old

Is this the Shakespeare section, or Edgar Allan Poe?

Is it just me, or does Akira get hotter in every video we see him in...?

Oh lord I feel like a pedo...

I swear, I've seen this setting in 9nine PV before...

ChikuTaku 2nite?

Okay, this is a clever edit to the books - so cute! >3<

'Let's Dance, I Need You' - So. Damn. KAWAII!!!

Make way for the star of this show, bitches! Mikoto is here!

Akira: "Who's in a Harem group? I am!"

Seriously, Akira must think he is one lucky devil!

Yuuno is the cutest thing on this planet... I adore her cuteness, though she looks like she belongs to Ebichu...

Momona is gorgeous *o* She looks so mature for her age, seriously!

Momona's heart aches for the love of a man...

As does Kotori's - for now, she shall wait with the dusty old books of woe...

And Yuuno, so lost in love, dreams of her Prince Charming...

A wonderful, but easy, effect that shall never get old

Akira spotlight! YES!!!

Mikoto: "I am the kawaiiest of them ALL!!"

Mikoto is so lovely... <3

Attack of the Mikoto Minions! Kyaaa!

... Can you guys become an official couple? Please?


Mikoto: "Bitch, get outta my spotlight!"

Mikoto does not want Kotori to share her space.

Oh, this dance... <3

This is such a cute effect, I love it >3<

Mikoto: "If I let go of this book, then Akira will never be mine!"

Mikoto's looking a little bit crazy with that book... o-O

And Kotori is just looking beautiful, as always

Akira, Mikoto and Momona threesome!

Kotori: "Hey, what about me!? Akira is MINE!!"

Girls, learn to share!

... Seriously, this guy is in a harem. I swear! Someone, make a manga out of this group!

... PFFFFT!!!!

Who wants to be Akira's girlfriend?

All: "ME!!!"

Even Akira wants to date Akira XD

.And the winner is...


Mikoto: "Bitches, I KNEW I would win!"

Momona, you are just so gorgeous <3 How did you get such beauty?

Mikoto: "Who's Akira's girlfriend?"

All: "ME!!!"

I adore it - Hands up in the air, I honestly do. I think that this video and the song is great, and it makes me wonder why I don't keep up with this group like I think I should do... And then I remember that I can get lazy with following groups. Oops.

But I think that this might be the song that helps me to keep on following Dream5 from now on, because it is so good. When I finally found the full PV for this song, I came to realise that this is a group of really amazing performers and singers. They are entertaining, they always look lively and they produce really good videos and music. I honestly wonder why these guys aren't as popular as TGS, because their music, dance skills, vocals and videos are just as good, if not better, than what TGS produce.

Whoever directs and creates the videos for these guys is a real keeper, because I★my★me★mine has such a colourful and fun video that is really lively and entertaining. There really is never a dull moment in this video. Everyone is smiling (unless they are looking like they are worried or deep in thought) and you can really see the energy, effort and fun they are putting into this video. All of the members of this group are entertaining in their own way, especially Akira - he didn't fail to make me laugh in this video with his fun and quirky antics during his solo shots, and I absolutely adored Yuuno in this - her smile is so cute and infectious, she really looks like she adores what she is doing in this video.

Everyone looks amazing in this, and I think that their acting and dancing skills are so good! The dance is so lively and entertaining, there are parts of it that really make me think it is a fun dance, and then other parts make me wonder how they became 'cooler' with their techniques despite the song being so lively and genki. But, all throughout, I think that the dance is really entertaining and one of the strong points of this video. It's amazing to see these five perform together when they are dancing. They all look great together, and they really work together as well as dancers.

And this song - I don't think I have ever liked a song this much upon my first listen, but I really think that this is Dream5's best song to date.

It's fun, energetic, lively, cute and just overall really good in my opinion. I love the vocals, the composition, everything. The two lead vocalists, Kotori and Mikoto, are really great singers and really pulled off this song. They added both maturity and cuteness to it with their voices, and with the group parts, you get a really great song. Okay, so not everyone gets a solo line - but Dream5 have always been a Vocal/Dance unit, like TGS, and with both Mikoto and Kotori as lead singers, I can see why they were chosen. Those two are amazing with their solo's, and when put together they sound so wonderful. When I first listened to this, I was absolutely amazed by how they sounded when alone, together and in a group. I was so impressed by Dream5 because of this.

I was really surprised by how taken away with Dream5 I was when I finished this PV and song for the first time. Just by this song I was left with such a strong impression of them, despite having watched their stuff beforehand, but I★my★me★mine has left such a big impression on me now. It's made me really see what a great group this is, and how good they are as singers, dancers and performers. They are entertaining and all very talented, and clearly winning me over with what they have produced.

I think that Dream5 are such an underrated group right now - they deserve more than just the Top 20 (currently, they are at Number 17 on the Oricon) with a great song and video like this. For such an amazing group with so much talent, I am surprised that they aren't getting as much coverage from Avex as TGS is, when both groups are just as good as each other.

I really do believe that Dream5 is a great group - but that is my opinion. To me, this song and video are a winning combination that must not be missed, and I sincerely hope that this is the song that will keep me coming back for more from Dream5, because it is such a good song.

Are you a fan of Dream5 or TGS? Which group is winning your heart right now?

Dream5 I★my★me★mine (お試しFull ver.) by kabaman2001


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  1. YAY!!!! Another fan of D5.

    I'm gonna give you loads of links now so sorry in advance.

    Their ustream channel has videos of their dance lesson for the single and other video

    My Dailymotion channel has videos from their last two releases

    and the H!O thread has other videos as well like a live version of both I My Me Mine and EZ DO DANCE

    Oh And this song is the opening for Tamagotchi, as was their last 2 singles and EZ is the song promoting a brand of dance clothes called Dancingooday

    Yes, i am a huge fan of this group.

    1. Oh my gosh this is AWESOME *^* Dream5 are sooo good, I really do like them more than TGS and wonder how the heck I could ignore them for so long...

      Thank you for all of these links! They will really help me to fall in love with Dream5 even more! <3 It's wonderful when other fans help out the newer fans :)