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Fluffy Idols in Boxing Rings!? Let's Fight! - Erena Ono's 'Erepyon' PV Review!

All opinions concerning the Idol, her song and her PV are my own and no one else's, unless otherwise stated. I have the freedom of speech on my blog, as do you - however do not de-value my opinion just because you might not agree with it. If you respect my opinions, then I will in return respect yours. Respect everyone's opinions, regardless of how they feel towards an Idol or a song or a group you might love. We have the freedom to choose what we do and don't like~

I recently started to gain interest in a certain Idol and her solo debut that was coming up, the Idol being Erena Ono. Reading Tokyohive about her up-coming debut this June, I found out that she was once an AKB48 first generation member, and that intrigued me. In general I don't care for AKB, but I don't really know of any artists who were in AKB and have had a successful career since their graduation, so I was rather interested in this girl.

... That, and the song is called Erepyon - My favourite Morning Musume member is Eripon, so I'm going to be interested.

A while later, and her PV was released, though I was rather clueless about it until recently. However I did eventually find it by accident, and got to experience the song that is 'Erepyon' as well as the Idol Erena Ono.

Well, let's just say that if I was into AKB around the time she was in, she would have been my 'Oshi'. I don't know why, but she just appeals to me more than the other bags of bones in AKB right now. I guess it's cos she's fresh faced.

This warrants a Pic Spam!? Everything warrants a pic spam!!!

Oh, this is starting off kind of dark...

Erepyon: "Di 'Chuu~' miss me?"

Ah, there's that fluffy, glitter-infused Idol scenery we all know and love/hate~

... And we're back in darkness, though it's interesting to see a serious and an Idol side to this girl. The darkness also contrasts nicely with this bubblegum-sugar party we seem to be holding...

Kay, she's damn gorgeous - Something about chubby cheeks and well shaped lips always get me. Love her hair too <3

Erepyon: "Gonna beat up some AKBeyotches..."

Erena's getting ready for a round of 'Stop hitting yourself' with Maeda Atsuko and Oshima Yuko...

Oh my... aren't those two quite, erm... perky?

Especially the one on the left...

Seriously, that dancer on the left is too perky, but also rather entertaining and frightening to watch at the same time...

Are they in a pimped up Boxing ring!?

These are some nice touches to the video - it adds a more light hearted feel to the darker scenes, I think.

'Let's be BUNNIES!!!'

Isn't her dress absolutely adorable?

Erepyon is prepping for her match, and is oh so serious~

Seriously, how is she so damn gorgeous?

I do enjoy these training scenes, they're quite motivational.

... What move is this now? The Bunny hope, the Nyan Kitty Nyan Nyan?

The Puppy dog Crawl? I dunno, we'll just pretend that they think they are animals for now because I have no clue what they are doing.

-pinches cheeks-

Oh, that dancer on the left just gets perkier and freakier...

POW!!! Right in the kisser!

Oh no! Erena's out for the count!!!


Oh lord, I am reminded of Manatsu no Sounds good

And we're returning to her earphones, where she is listening to some good ol' Aitakatta and then her own song~

... Well, at least it motivates her to get up before the count is at 0!

This is also my favourite part of the entire song and video! <3 Squee!~

Okay, get ready to eat Boxing gloves, bitches!

Oh, why so sweet?

I like how tough but delicate she seems in this shot~

Erepyon: "Let's fly!"
Perky and Perkier: "YEAH!!!"

Erepyon: "Oh look, there's my career~ Looks good."

She looks so adorable...

Erepyon: "Will you let me be your Oshi?"

Seriously, I could just sit here watching that very smile all day. It is so beautiful.

Erepyon: "Okay bitches, here I come!"


SHE GOT HER! The Idol is going down!!!

And what would an Idol PV about boxing be without comical falling to the ground?

And the Perky dancers go to help her as the screen fades to that bright, comic style that the editors seems to like.

Erepyon: "Fuck YEAH! Erepyon~"

And Erepyon basks in her success.

I think that Erepyon is an interesting first single. Whilst some felt that is was a rather generic Idol song, I found it to sound quite different to what other groups bring out. Yes, it has that up-beat sound to it which brings up your spirits, and it has that undeniable cuteness laced with autotune that seems to drag you in. I also found the PV to be something I never expected, especially when I watched a preview of this song and PV. I was very surprised with the full PV and song when I was finally able to watch it fully.

The PV is, in my opinion, quite motivational - you get a good amount of clips showing Erena training and preparing herself for a match in the ring with her Idol counterpart, and when she gets knocked down, she brings herself back up to win the fight. Now, if that doesn't yell motivational then I don't know what does, because watching this video made me think that I should motivate myself to do more. It is an interesting concept, and gives us a moral of to pick ourselves up even when we've been pushed down, or to simply not give up trying and to just keep going until you succeed. It's a nice message in a video, and I really liked that about it.

I did, however, find the darker boxing scenes mixed with the fluffy Idol goodness in this video a tad strange, much like I did in Manatsu no Sounds Good when edgy was mixed with generic fan service. However, I do honestly like how the video is for Erepyon - we get a serious and a quirky side, with the more serious side giving us a great message but still reminding us that Erena is an Idol with the cute dress and the blinged up boxing ring. All together, the video just makes me think that Erena is an Idol who is fighting on and continuing to make her way through the entertainment business, despite whatever may bring her down. It's these aspects that made me really appreciate and enjoy this video, especially when she sings as she gets up from the boxing ring floor.

The only thing that I really was a bit unsure of in this video was the dancers - Whilst they are quite entertaining to watch, especially the overly enthusiastic one on the left, they did scare me with their perkiness and their over-excitement for the dancing. However, it did add to the silly charm of the video despite how weird and freaky the dancers could be. It made the video a lot more light hearted and fun to watch, rather than keep the serious tone throughout. I enjoyed the playfulness that was added in here, from the dancers to Erena punching her own Idol counterpart. It was funny and cute, and made this Idol PV into something a bit more fun and quirky in its own way.

And honestly, it makes me wish that AKB would choose their senbatsu this way - throw a few punches in a boxing ring and see who can make the senbatsu. It'd be certainly interesting, or at least they could do it in a PV. It would certainly be interesting to watch Yuko beat the crap out of another member.

I'm going off topic here, so let's move onto the song before I start talking about nonsense.

This song is very auto-tune happy, I will say - but it suits it, and I like the auto-tune in this song. It compliments Erena's voice (or at least I think so) and it makes the song what it is. Okay, they didn't get Vocaloid happy with the auto-tune, but it is there and it is noticeable - but it adds to the charm of the song and makes it sweet.

This song is quite Idol like in how cute and fluffy it is, but when I first listened to it I was impressed by the composition and how motivational the song itself was, just like the video. The song really picks me up, and makes me think that I should work hard, and it makes me feel happy. Watching the video and watching Erena makes me happy, but I love how the song feels and sounds motivational. I didn't expect to like this song so much, but the cuteness, the motivational aura behind it and how it just pulls me really makes me like it so much much. That, and Erena's voice is adorable. I think I am falling for her voice, despite all of its sugary, cavity-inducing pleasure.

It's up-beat, energetic, happy and fun - it has a moment where it gets a little more serious and really pulls that motivational feeling forward. I like the song, I like how it sounds. It's adorable! In fact, out of the two soloists who debuted recently from the AKB branch (Mayuyu, Rino) and Erena herself, I really do prefer Eren'a song - all three of these songs are auto-tune happy, but I think that Erepyon's is the most well structured and the most creative. I also love that the lyrics were written by her, as opposed to a writer or composer, though I have no freakin' clue what they mean. But who cares? It sounds pretty, and that is all that matters to me.

It's a cute song, filled with that sugary-sweetness that most Idol songs are filled with, but I do think that it offers more than a regular Idol song. But that's just me. It's sweet, cute, and I do think that the motivational song and PV do fit together well, despite the darker themes of her training being a bit surprising for such a cutesy, pretty song. However, it is all enjoyable. I loved it all, and can't wait to hear the other songs that she has sung.

If you have the time, check it out and see if you like it or not. It won't be to everyone's tastes, but it is to the taste of others.


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