Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Doom to My Ears - Yes, I don't Like This Song



Yeah, I'm not digging it.

Ever since the live preview of One Two Three appeared, I've been on the fence with this song. But today I concluded, after listening to it again, that I really do not like it at all right now. However, because everyone has been going on the hype about this song, I've actually decided to keep my mouth shut and say nothing - hence why this post is a bit delayed.

I've actually been ignoring the song up until now, because I was honestly so disappointed with it when I listened to it the first time round. I didn't know what to think - I just really did not care for it at all, and it surprised me. The only other song that I dislike this much is the God-awful As For One Day, but I never thought that I would listen to another Morning Musume song that made me feel the same sense of great dislike...

But as I said, I've actually been pretty quiet about what I think about this song up until now. I actually admitted to my sister today that I don't like it, and she was quite surprised that I don't care for the song. I have a feeling that she's hoping that I change my mind when the PV comes out with a good quality version of the song...

In all honesty, I think it is down to the arrangement of the song. I don't think that I like electro-pop, and I certainly don't like how everyone is auto-tuned to high heavens. Okay, FINALLY they used auto-tune on Riho to make her sound half-decent, but she still sounds whiny. But why the entire song? It gets annoying, it gets too... same-ish. Having a random auto-tune attack in a song like Only You and Renai Hunter is fine, because it's a random attack - this is like full-blown Vocaloid, and I don't really like Vocaloid. Heck, I can't even sit through Perfume, because I don't like the amount of auto-tune used in the song!

Another thing that I will gladly gripe about with this song is that it seems like a Reina-Riho fest with a bit of Sayu on the side and a small sample of everyone else. Okay, we're all used to this - but I honestly did think that, after Risa's graduation, at least one more member would get pushed to the front, whoever it just so happens to be. But nah. Looks like we're getting the same old faces at the front.

I'm also not overly keen on this 'Hype' that's going on, either - Whilst I like reading everyone's thoughts on blogs, I actually hate reading facebook comments from fellow MoMusu fans - especially the girls who go over-the-top crazy with their comments, openly slandering anyone who doesn't care for the song - such as telling girls to 'shut the fuck up, this song's amazing.' or to fuck off because people genuinely don't like the song.

Oh, I'm being too bitchy and negative, so let's get onto a good point about this new single:

The dance.

It rocks, let' be bluntly honest. The same with those outfits (they look like playboy bunnies), the hair and the make-up - I like how it all looks sexy. The only problem is the song right now, though I might just have to wait till a good quality MP3 appears...

I was honestly, honestly hoping that the way I felt about this single was to do with all the hype - but it isn't. I really just can't grasp the 'greatness' of this song. It leaves me bored, and with a headache. It doesn't stick in my brain, and I hate how it is auto-tuned to the max. In total, this song is probably going to be one of the most hated Morning Musume songs out of any of the new ones that I have liked or disliked so far.

I won't get psyched about this single now - I said it before on Facebook, and I will say it again - I won't get psyched for this single until both PV's are out, or else I will become royally pissed off. If I get hyped up about it when I seriously don't like it, then I might just end up hating the Matenrou Show as well.

A final note to be shared: With Sayu as the Leader of Morning Musume now, it seems that Tsunku finds it befitting to auto-tune the fuck out of everyone else. Let's just say that this is the downside to Sayu's reign as a leader, because whilst we get sexy-as-Heck costumes, we have one horrible song to pair those clothes off with.

Looks like this new Era will be called 'Vocaloid-Era', because Lordy, who knows how many MoMusu's need auto-tune now other than our beloved Sayu?

You can now stick me in with the wonderful minority of people who 'HATUUUR' this song.

Oh fuck it reminds me of the horrific 'Suki da na Kimi ga'... Which is fine live.

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  1. :O I actually Loooooveee this song. Reina and Riho domination <3. And tbh roboSayu has a better voice than normal Sayu XD. I'm actually really excited for RoboMusume era. I'm not a fan of vocaloid, but if RoboMusu take more of a Perfume route, I think they can actually save themselves from dying out, maybe if they adopt a new style they will be able to handle the eventual loss of Reina/Sayu, because let's be honest those two are carrying the group right now when it comes to fan bases.
    I have a bad feeling though that the other a-side is going to be a ballad. And while I usually love ballads, idol groups cannot come even close to piling them off.

    1. I can kinda hear WHY people really like it, but it isn't to my taste (weird, I know) - But I will agree that RoboMusu might be a saviour, because Perfume (and Vocaloid) are popular for their electrofide sound.

      And OH LORDEH please let the Matenrou Show be a BALLAD! I've wanted a balld for the 50th single since it was announced! <3 But yeah, now I am worrying after you say that XD

  2. I'm glad someone else is in this position. I saw on Idolminded how everyone was raving about this song, and it was a dissapointment in the same way Mikan was for nearly all Momusu fans (not me though, that song was pretty good).

    As a quick sidenote, what is your facebook?

    1. Yes! Not just me, haha. There are a few who don't like it, and I am thankful for the ones who do come out and say it, because then I don't feel alone. I might change my mind later on, but we will cross that bridge when it appears. Also, I love Mikan~ Mwahaha (though I wasn't aware of Morning Musume's existence at that point in time when it came out XD)

      My facebook is Chiima Musume (lol)

    2. Mikan was after Yossie left. And I loved the Yossie era, I thought the whole thing was going to die when she left and the inclusion of Lin Lin and Jun Jun seemed like Tsnuku was clutching at straws to try and get interest from other countries as Japan was getting bored.

      Maybe this song will be a Pyoko Pyoko. Hate it at first but once you force it into your ears a few dozen times it's not that bad. But tbh, it's not looking likely.

  3. I really like the song, but I understand why you don't. But I definitely agree that the line distribution is terrible. I don't mind Reina and Riho getting the most lines. Reina is a great singer and Riho, while not having the best voice, is very reliable because of her stamina and, of course, extremely popular. But why aren't Mizuki and Haruka getting a good amount of lines? Mizuki and Haruka are both really good singers and popular (especially Haruka). I'm just really confused right now.

    1. I can understand why Reina and Riho get lots of lines, I don't mind that they do. They honestly are not my favourite members, but this is how MM works... But as you said, it's confusing why Mizuki and Haruka don't get lines when they are great singers, and both popular as well. I have a feeling UFA just don't know what to do with these girls. It's really quite unfair that they aren't pushing these two awesome singers @.@

  4. Sooooo... what you're saying is this is your PyokoPyoko Ultra? :D

    The song isn't terrible for me and I will say it's rather catchy! Every time I listen to it I always have to try hard to get the chorus out of my head! But it's definitely a mixed bag with the electro style. I think the reason I don't mind the copious amounts of electronics in the song is because I listen to so much Perfume/capsule/KyaryPamyuPamyu stuff.

    I agree with you on vocals though. They really do suck. But I kind of expected that and the fact that only three people would be singing in this song. Maybe I'm just learning not to care! Speaking of horrible singers, I have now developed a theory that Riho is really GLaDOS in disguise. Don't ask me how. They just have the same voice.

    1. Yeah! :D I was originally going to comment about how everyone hated PPU, but I loved it, and now everyone loves this, and I don't XD

      This is ma PPU of MoMusu's new era XD

      I do find the song catchy, but I'm just not that keen on electropop (I also don't care for Kyary, actually XD But Perfume are fine depending, I liked Spring of Life). I actually listened to a good quality radio rip of the song and it was better to listen to that the concert preview XD

      LOL GLaDOS! Honestly, she reminds me of Kiyahara Sayaka but tone deaf.

  5. Wait a sec, you don't like this OR As For One Day?

    ....I can't talk to you anymore.


    1. No, but I'm going to try and give this song room to grow when the PV comes out.

      XD XD XD differences ;D