Friday, 4 May 2012

Aika to Graduate, H!P to lose their Fucking Nuts...

Hi H!P... Fuck You.

What the Hell is going on in your little heads right now, seriously? I mean, Ogawa Saki's half-arsed graduation announcement was mother-fucking outrageous, and you're doing it again, but with Aika? Seriously, H!P, what the mother-fucking HELL?


So, Mitsui Aika is graduating, as you have probably heard. It isn't the most pleasant thing to wake up to, though I was expecting it. But not this soon and not this half arsed!

Please excuse me whilst I go get something to harm the H!P staff with...

As I said, I was sort of expecting this... Hell, I pegged 2012 as the year Aika graduated when she first got her injury. I even predicted it in my 2012 predictions, but I actually didn't expect that it would be so sudden - by that, I mean that it was announced a few days, or a week before, the graduation date. Heck, I didn't even expect it to be the same day as Gaki's graduation. And now here we are - and I feel just as cheated and angry as I did with Ogawa Saki's graduation last August.

If she was to graduate, I would have preferred it to have happened at a Hello! Project concert or something. But no - Oh no fucking way, H!P have to go and give her the date of Gaki's graduation. If it isn't bad enough that we only just find out about her graduation now, we also have the pleasure of watching the poor thing being overshadowed by Gaki's graduation. Fuck the photobook, fuck the bus tour, fuck everything else - just let her share some glimmer of spotlight with H!P's longest serving member and she will be fine.

Seriously, H!P, go fuck yourselves.

Yes, I am pissed off - but who wouldn't be? Aika is not my favourite member, but there was a point where I really did adore her. Heck, I still do. I have so much respect and adoration for her as a member. She is such a strong willed girl and really proved how much of a leader-like person she is when she was helping the 9th Gen to train for their first concert.

Okay, I understand the reason for her graduation - it is actually why I thought (and wanted) her to graduate. But I didn't expect... This.

So this sudden graduation announcement is a bitch-slap in the face for me, and also for my sister. I feel so bloody cheated, I'm just reminded of the horrible graduation that Saki got when she suddenly left S/mileage, though she only got the pleasure of 3 days notice. I have a feeling Aika might get a little more than what Saki did, but I also expect her to get the same treatment as JunJun and LinLin in terms of being overshadowed and shafted under the spotlight that Gaki will get.

Honestly, I expected that she would have gotten her own ceremony. But no.

H!P, you're all fucking cunts. Go fuck yourselves.


  1. But the good news is that she's not graduating from H!P, just Momusu!

    Either way, I think I'm gonna bawl when I see her and Gaki graduate at the same time...

    1. I'm happy that she will still be in H!P, but it makes me wonder what she will do... I am hoping that she will help out with PV's and song compositions, because Ai and Sayu were creative when they took charge (Ai with her last single, and Sayu with her PB) and I would love it if Aika did that...

      But her and Gaki graduating together, you are going to lose two girls who love MM so much. The others may love MM, but Gaki and Aika were the two who loved it the most. It's going to be so sad...

  2. I think you might want to tell Aika to fuck herself.

    She's the one to push for the immediate graduation at the soonest date possible, not the H!P

    1. You also might want to remember that this an anger/rant post, and that this was made BEFORE I re-evaluated everything - and whilst she may have said that she wanted it asap, it was H!P to decide THE DATE she graduated

    2. Again it's kind of a sort of. They have a contract with certain places for holding graduation concerts so it was pretty clear where it was going to be. Also, you can't say Aika didn't know it would be there; Aika and the company asked Niigaki if it would be okay that she shared her graduation.

      The process went more :
      I think I should graduate at the soonest moment absolutely possible.

      That would be at Niigaki's concert, are you sure?

      Yes, I'm sure let me ask her favor for this.

      And Niigaki gave up her big solo moment in the sun because she had wanted to graduate with someone and because she's a good person and Aika deserved to at least get a few solo songs, too.

      At no point in time did UFA force Aika to pick the soonest moment or go trololololol you pick this one; screw allayall! It's a bad situation but the reason why its so sudden is that everyone's getting what they asked for.

      And I know this is an anger/rant. That's why I posted in response. Anger rants tend to frequently be deeply skewed. Fans love to hate companies but... in comparison to most of the big ones UFA is really not as bad as people would like to make them. No huge molesting scandals, no girls working as hostesses to make ends meet, no girls getting fired for crossing a more popular girl. The idol world is rife with things like this. I just think it's good we CAN be upset about line distribution as a big huge thing because that's really one of the worst big huge things.

    3. In all honesty, I don't care that she and Gaki are graduating together - after re-evaluating, I knew that if anyone should graduate beside Gaki, it would have been Aika. I prefer it that way. I'm honestly glad that it was Gaki she chose to be with rather than anyone else, because they are similar. I also know that Gaki would like to graduate with another person - she wanted to be with Ai, but that didn't happen - now she still gets that chance, but with Aika.

      I don't hate the company at all - H!P and UFA are awesome companies, they look after their girls. They just don't know how to promote the girls. Honestly, I think UFA is a great company, it does far better than the agency(ies) that AKB is under.

      But as I said, I have re-evaluated this. When I write posts like this, it is generally under the circumstances that I need this time to vent, and then generally, I write out another post that basically brings out the rest of my feelings on the matter, after I have calmed down. I do not leave it at one post full of absolute hate.