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Doom to My Ears - Yes, I don't Like This Song



Yeah, I'm not digging it.

Ever since the live preview of One Two Three appeared, I've been on the fence with this song. But today I concluded, after listening to it again, that I really do not like it at all right now. However, because everyone has been going on the hype about this song, I've actually decided to keep my mouth shut and say nothing - hence why this post is a bit delayed.

I've actually been ignoring the song up until now, because I was honestly so disappointed with it when I listened to it the first time round. I didn't know what to think - I just really did not care for it at all, and it surprised me. The only other song that I dislike this much is the God-awful As For One Day, but I never thought that I would listen to another Morning Musume song that made me feel the same sense of great dislike...

But as I said, I've actually been pretty quiet about what I think about this song up until now. I actually admitted to my sister today that I don't like it, and she was quite surprised that I don't care for the song. I have a feeling that she's hoping that I change my mind when the PV comes out with a good quality version of the song...

In all honesty, I think it is down to the arrangement of the song. I don't think that I like electro-pop, and I certainly don't like how everyone is auto-tuned to high heavens. Okay, FINALLY they used auto-tune on Riho to make her sound half-decent, but she still sounds whiny. But why the entire song? It gets annoying, it gets too... same-ish. Having a random auto-tune attack in a song like Only You and Renai Hunter is fine, because it's a random attack - this is like full-blown Vocaloid, and I don't really like Vocaloid. Heck, I can't even sit through Perfume, because I don't like the amount of auto-tune used in the song!

Another thing that I will gladly gripe about with this song is that it seems like a Reina-Riho fest with a bit of Sayu on the side and a small sample of everyone else. Okay, we're all used to this - but I honestly did think that, after Risa's graduation, at least one more member would get pushed to the front, whoever it just so happens to be. But nah. Looks like we're getting the same old faces at the front.

I'm also not overly keen on this 'Hype' that's going on, either - Whilst I like reading everyone's thoughts on blogs, I actually hate reading facebook comments from fellow MoMusu fans - especially the girls who go over-the-top crazy with their comments, openly slandering anyone who doesn't care for the song - such as telling girls to 'shut the fuck up, this song's amazing.' or to fuck off because people genuinely don't like the song.

Oh, I'm being too bitchy and negative, so let's get onto a good point about this new single:

The dance.

It rocks, let' be bluntly honest. The same with those outfits (they look like playboy bunnies), the hair and the make-up - I like how it all looks sexy. The only problem is the song right now, though I might just have to wait till a good quality MP3 appears...

I was honestly, honestly hoping that the way I felt about this single was to do with all the hype - but it isn't. I really just can't grasp the 'greatness' of this song. It leaves me bored, and with a headache. It doesn't stick in my brain, and I hate how it is auto-tuned to the max. In total, this song is probably going to be one of the most hated Morning Musume songs out of any of the new ones that I have liked or disliked so far.

I won't get psyched about this single now - I said it before on Facebook, and I will say it again - I won't get psyched for this single until both PV's are out, or else I will become royally pissed off. If I get hyped up about it when I seriously don't like it, then I might just end up hating the Matenrou Show as well.

A final note to be shared: With Sayu as the Leader of Morning Musume now, it seems that Tsunku finds it befitting to auto-tune the fuck out of everyone else. Let's just say that this is the downside to Sayu's reign as a leader, because whilst we get sexy-as-Heck costumes, we have one horrible song to pair those clothes off with.

Looks like this new Era will be called 'Vocaloid-Era', because Lordy, who knows how many MoMusu's need auto-tune now other than our beloved Sayu?

You can now stick me in with the wonderful minority of people who 'HATUUUR' this song.

Oh fuck it reminds me of the horrific 'Suki da na Kimi ga'... Which is fine live.

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Friday, 25 May 2012

Let's Make a Little 'Magic' - Show Luo's 'Magic' PV Review~

All opinions within this post are solely my own and no one else's, unless otherwise stated. Please respect my opinion, and I shall in return respect yours - there is nothing worse than someone who expects you to agree with their opinion after bashing and ridiculing yours. Thank you.

For some reason it feels like it's been forever since I last wrote a PV review... Then again, I focused on Morning Musume, graduations, auditions and the like a lot more recently, so yeah... but now, it's time to get back into the swing of things with a brand-spanking new PV review!

And who better to review than the rather delicious and divine Show Luo?

If you are unaware of just who the gorgeous Show Luo is, he is a Taiwanese singer, dancer, actor and TV host. I was introduced to Show Luo through the Taiwanese drama Hi My Sweetheart where Show played a dorky, but rather loveable young man who then turns into a reckless playboy after his heart is broken by his ex-girlfriend. As Show Luo sang some of the songs from the TV series itself, I became interested in him. Then, in 2011, he debuted in Japan with an album, Only For You, and had his official single debut this year with DANTE. And now, here we are in the present time with Magic.

Magic is Show Luo's second Japanese single and shows a total contrast to his previous single, DANTE, in which Show showcased a dark and mysterious side of himself which looked cool and tough. In this single, however, we get a more refreshing and carefree Show Luo.

Honestly, I haven't been following Show much since his debut, but I absolutely adored DANTE, so when this video popped up on Arama I was extremely intrigued, and wondered if this single would be a Mandopop release or a Jpop one - It's Jpop, so I'm happy that Show is continuing to release in Japan, because seriously, he's adorable and a wonderful singer... and hot. How hotness and adorableness tie together is beyond me, but he pulls off both.

Anyway, enough of my fangirlish antics... Let's get into the magic with a pic spam!

The opening has Show Luo creating the title... Yes, I am happy, I'm in Heaven... -dies-

I want to hold his hand, though... ;^;

Oh, she's pretty... I kind of approve, Show, but honestly, you and Rainie should get together.

Show: "I wana touch your heart~"

I wanna touch you...

Ouch, that's gotta hurt! It's not this girls lucky day.

Either Show Luo's attempting to whistle, sing, or he feels the girls pain... either way, this is a funny screen cap xD

Ow! That's gotta hurt!

Yeah, he's in pain.



Oh Show, why are you so perfect? Seriously, why?

Look at him! He's adorable! Look at that face and tell me he isn't as cute as a derpy puppy. TELL ME!

Show: "Your wrists are weak, WEAK!"

I like the umbrella...

Show: "Give me give Little Kiss"

Yeah, I'll kiss you, but it won't be little...

Okay, her smile is infectious and she is gorgeous, NGL.

Girl: "What's in the bag?"
Show: "Take a wild guess."

Show has decided to let this girl borrow his secret stash of weed for later

... Oh wait, it was just a hot dog to feed to the dog.

That. Derpy. SMILE <3

-rolls around fangirling-

Show: "Here's my number."

Lucky cow :/


I'm sorry, but I had to xD He reminded me of the Success Kid meme when I saw how I had paused the video xD

My sister made up the sentence, btw XD Clever bean is she~

She seems happy to have Show's number, lucky duck

Looks like that weed came in handy, cos she's trippin' now!

Oh wait, no, Show is an Angel. Then again wasn't he always?

Sending her back so soon, Show? Has she bored you that much already, or maybe she doesn't compare to Rainie?

... Wait, are we replaying the day where she basically created catastrophe by injuring herself?

Looks like our darling Show is a stalker! Oh my!

Show: "BAKA! This is a TREE! Don't walk into it!"

Show lectures the girl he is guiding about how tree's can't jump away from her just because she isn't paying attention.

Oh lordeh, he is sexy <3

Show, make magic with me, kay?

Oh dear, it's raining! And this time, there is no randomer to pass her an umbrella OR a hot dog!

But wait! Show has returned! But this time, she can't see him!

In all honesty, these scenes were so cute and entertaining with how she reacted.

Okay, Show, I have fallen in love with you all over again - Marry me!

Wait, Show, why is there American symbolism in this video? Your scarf flag, and now the hot dog. It isn't the 4th of July, is it!?

I bet America is his next target for a new debut, oh please! Then ENGLAND!!!

And we end with an Angelic scene, befitting for this Angelic-voiced figure of Supreme adorable/sexyness.

Okay, let me melt into a puddle for a second...

Show Luo is probably one of my favourite male artists. Even though I actually don't generally care for male artists (well, as of late I have enjoyed JE quite a lot...) I grew a great liking for Show Luo's music. I don't listen to his music constantly, no, but I do have songs of his that I like and will listen to depending on my mood. I guess it's because I just enjoyed his acting, and that lead me to enjoy his music as well. I mean, it was pretty much the same with Niigaki Risa. But that doesn't mean he is a bad singer, because honestly, he is a wonderful singer!

Anyway, Magic is such a cute song and PV! After such a cool and mysterious song like Dante, I think that Magic is a nice change of pace and really works with a more refreshing and slightly summery theme, whilst showing off Show's cute and charming side. This video, in my opinion, definitely works in his favour as he gets to show off his lovely smile and a few funny faces which really show how cute he can be. In Dante, the video was more focused on his dancing skills as well as how mysterious he can be, but Magic shows off his dorky and adorable side, and that's the Show that I honestly do prefer to see.

The PV is pretty much about a Guardian Angel who watches over a clumsy and rather unfortunate girl who is falling over everything and getting into trouble. Show decides to help her by posing as a human, and guides her along despite how confused she is, such as giving her the umbrella, and then the hot dog to befriend the dog with. Then, when he gives her his address, she visits him and he seemingly takes her back to the day where she went through such misfortune, and follows her. She can't see him, but he helps her because she never looks where she is going, and he doesn't want her to get hurt. In the end, Show Luo helps the girl to have a normal day without getting hurt.

I found the PV to be very sweet and extremely cute. Show Luo showed off such a sweet and charming side that he didn't show in Dante, and he really played a great part as the Angel watching over the person he was guiding. I thought that the storyline was nice, and the PV very refreshing. The scenes that were shown, such as Show walking down a path in pale blue clothes, reminded me of summer, and I liked that the American flag scarf and the hot dog reminded me of the 4th of July. I found every clip entertaining in its own way. Show's expressions in each scene were cute or funny, and it was just a great, feel-good PV that made me laugh and smile. Both Show Luo and the actresses smiles were infectious, and I just thought that, overall, the PV was well put together and really quite sweet.

It was also nice how the song title was incorporated into the video itself. Magic make me think of magical things happening, and that is exactly what this video delivered - Show Luo performed his own magic to help the girl along, because he is an Angel, and there were even scenes with a little CGI added in there to show off that 'magical' essence of the video. I liked how they had somehow put in the magic, and I think that it worked well.

The song itself is extremely cute - it's a relaxing and cute song, one which is happy and refreshing. It's summery, the sort of summer song that I could listen to happily if I wanted to relax on a sunny day rather than play about and jump around. Show's voice is so calming and gentle in this song, and he really adds such a happy and carefree atmosphere with just his voice.

I do, however, think that the song itself is quite forgettable if you listen to it only a few times, however that doesn't mean that it isn't good, because it is. Show Luo is a fantastic singer, and he really made this song wonderful to listen to. His voice is soothing, and I loved how he sounded here. The song is enjoyable and really nice, and I just really like the overall feel of it.

Overall this is a really cute PV and song. It's a great combination, and I enjoyed the more relaxed and carefree feel to this song and video. It's a wonderful change from DANTE, and Show Luo is absolutely adorable here. From cool to cute, I really love what Show Luo is doing right now. He certainly knows how to keep us all entertained.

If you know anything about Show Luo, even if it is a little, what do you guys think of him? Do you like his adorable pieces, or his cool work more?

Anyway, please enjoy the adorable Show Luo in his latest PV, Magic!

Alternative link to youtube, because embedding is disabled, boo!:


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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Morning Musume Look HAWT!

It just so happened that today, or yesteryear, who knows... a few pictures were leaked on the Interwebs for the Wota world to bow down to. What pictures, may you ask? Oh, these pictures that you will see soon...

Anyway, I was traipsing through Facebook and came across a Hello! Pro Time (soon to be deceased, btw) picture that a friend of mine had uploaded (and tagged me in, mwahaha) and I was surprised, and extremely happy, because it seems that these are picture from a jacket shooting of Morning Musume's 50th single - what song it is for, who knows, but my bet is 1 2 3. Anyway, I toddled off to Hello! Online and found a few more glorious pictures, including the one above, that show off the lovely MoMusu girls in all of their glory!

And lordy, Harunyan and Sayummy both look like some hot Playboy Bunnies, they just need the ears

Seriously, I don't think that I have ever seen Harunyan or Fukuhime look so god damned delicious, er, I mean gorgeous. And Hey-llo, Zukki seems to be taking over from Aika as the boobs of Morning Musume! Good going, girl!

Seriously, Winky and Sayummy should be ashamed that Fukuhime and Zukkini both have bigger busts than them, cos I swear, they have been stuffing their shirts! We know they're both flat!

And lordeh, Haruka looks damn hot here! I'm sorry for being a perv, but that girl does not look 11 here... Yeah, she is some serious Loli-bait, and that hair is stunning on her. I actually anticipate how great she looks in whatever PV this shooting is for - And if these are just regular pictures, I will laser beam UFA for not showing us the gorgeousness of Haruka dancing around in a corset.

Anyway, AMEN to these pictures.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Anticipating the Change and A New Era! ~My Thoughts on Morning Musume's Change!~

All thoughts and opinions stated within this blog are my own and no one else's. If you do not like my opinions or my thoughts then you do not have to read my blog. Also, I do not mean to offend - I honestly will respect your opinion as long as you respect mine and do not trample over what I think. Thank you.

I know that these Morning Musume posts are getting a bit annoying, but honestly, so much has happened and there are a few things that I do want to address, because I love Morning Musume. They are my favourite Idol group, and I cherish this group a lot right now, so I do want to write all of my thoughts down.

On Idol Minded, Ray posed a question to us about what we thought of the future of Morning Musume, and it got me thinking. So much that I thought I would even make my own post on it. So, please go check it out and read all of our different opinions! Anyway, here goes...

I got into Morning Musume at 2009, we all know that - but that's the year all of the change in Morning Musume started. After being so docile and stable for a while, the first graduation happened - a graduation that would lead to many more. Koharu Kusumi then graduated during the Autumn concert of '09, and then a year later, it was revealed that there would be a triple graduation - Kamei, Jun and Lin would all leave Hello! Project and Morning Musume. That graduation had more of a blow on me than Koharu's, because at that point, I had liked Morning Musume for well over a year and had gotten attached to each of the members, though none of those three were my favourites. However, hearing that announcement made me cry. A lot. But then 9th generation auditions began, and I became even more interested in Morning Musume. 2011 as probably the year that was the biggest change to Hello! Project in years - The 9th generation were added, MoBeKiMaSu was formed, Takahashi Ai (finally) graduated, and 10ki were added soon after as well. And then, finally, in 2012, probably the biggest change (for me, at least) happened to Morning Musume - Niigaki Risa and Mitsui Aika graduated.

And then the 11th generation auditions were announced. And so here we are today!

But what does all of this change mean for people? For Morning Musume? The group has just lost two OG members, meaning that right now, there are actually only two of the 'original generation' left that older and current fans know of - Michishige Sayumi and Tanaka Reina. The rest of them are all new members, with one of those generations just barely passing by their first year in the group, and the other generation only just being added and getting a hold of the ropes. However, this is all very exciting for me and other people, because it means that Morning Musume are returning to the way they used to be - the sort of Morning Musume I was never able to experience.

When I think about what is happening to Morning Musume now, I only feel positive about everything. The sudden change in line up only means that Morning Musume are going through a new era, and that thanks to these sudden announcements - including the rather surprising and quick graduation of Mitsui Aika - this means that Gen 9 and 10 will need to do a lot of growing up, and to start working harder. It happened before, when the 9th Gen were new and shiny, only to realise that Gen 10 would be added. It was this kind of thing that made them grow up in a way, and become seniors to the new girls, even if there were a couple who were older than them. And it's happening again.

Gen 9 and 10 are all young and new and inexperienced in their own ways, but with all of these sudden changes going on, it helps the girls learn to grow and to work harder than they did before. Now that there are only two older members in the group, there will be less time for Sayumi and Reina to train Gen 9 and 10 when the new 11ki members come along, however many Tsunku plan to bring in. So, it will ultimately be up to Gen 9 and 10 to help them as well. There really aren't any more adult members now - The hard-up Mitsui, who proved to be such a good teacher and leader-like girl with the 9th gen, is gone, and so is Gaki. No doubt the new generation will be scared by Reina (it's sad but true) and less than intimidated by Sayu, so it will be pretty much up to the new generations to guide the 11ki and to help them grow as Idols, whilst still growing themselves.

These sudden changes are, in my opinion, good. Some people may disagree - some people may not like how rapidly Morning Musume is changing, ho quickly the group is losing members, but honestly, this is what Morning Musume was about before they had their stability until 2009 - the group was about new faces, the ever-changing girls who came in and out of the group. This is what made fans interested in Morning Musume, and this change is what makes me even more interested in Morning Musume. I have no doubt that at some point Morning Musume will be stable for a while once again, but I have a feeling that that will be during Fukumura's reign as leader, and I honestly doubt that that time will come for a while. But in the end, this is what Morning Musume is about, and whilst fans may not like it, they ultimately have to live with this inevitable change.

Though I am happy with this change that is happening in Morning Musume, I honestly don't see anyone graduating in the next 1-2 years. Michishige Sayumi and Reina are the last shreds of the older generation, but with so many new and inexperienced girls, I can't see Tsunku or UFA asking either one of these two to step down any time soon. If Aika hadn't have graduated, I would have probably seen a graduation somewhere in early 2013, but not now. Morning Musume has lost 2 more members, and so I do feel that neither Sayu or Reina will graduate unless any of the new girls are ready enough to take up the leadership title - but again, that is rather doubtful. Fukumura is only 15 and is still too young to be a leader, and far too naive and shy - kind of like Ai-chan. UFA are most likely going to wait it out for another year or two before they even think of giving Fukumura the title of leader or sub-leader.

I can see a great change in Morning Musume - ever since 2011, UFA have really pulled their socks up. We now have two amazing new generations in the group, with a third along the way, as well as Morning Musume's 50th single, the 15th anniversary of Morning Musume! So much has changed, and Morning Musume (and the rest of Hello! Pro) has been receiving so much promotion and good publicity, that I am eager to see what the future has in store for the group. This new Morning Musume is a Morning Musume that I am eagerly anticipating. I am excited for it, and ready to experience a new era!

What about you? Are you all ready to experience this new Morning Musume?


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Friday, 18 May 2012

It's Still so Unreal...

Even though I have already made a post about the graduation of these two members, I felt a strong desire to create another one. Before, I had only known that these two members had graduated - I had not seen any pictures from the event. However some pictures have now emerged, and when I looked at them, I couldn't help but cry.

Seeing their graduation costumes made me so happy but so sad. I wasn't exactly surprised that Aika didn't get a graduation dress, because her graduation is so sudden, but when I saw the dress that she was wearing, I realised that she would be singing her first and only solo song in Morning Musume, Watashi no Miryoku ni Kizukanai Donkan na Hito, which translates to 'The Insensitive person who didn't notice my charm', which I find somewhat rather fitting, considering she is one of Morning Musume's least popular and most under-appreciated members. But, knowing that she got to sing that (though it was honestly predictable) is still wonderful. It is her song, and to be able to sing it one last time is great.

Niigaki, one the other hand, does have a graduation dress - when I saw it, I actually really did not like it at first, but when an up-close shot was available, I saw how cute it was and how much it suited Gaki. The top is very traditional, like a Kimono, and the bottom resembles something a Queen would wear... or at least to me. But then, when I found out that Lord Gaki had sung Never Forget, I nearly cried from happiness. It is the one song I wanted her to sing for her graduation, the song I thought would fit her the best... and she sang it. The first time I ever heard Never Forget was during a concert for Tnajou 10nen Kinentai, and Gaki had sung Never Forget as a solo. I love that song, so when I found out that she had sung it, I was so happy and overwhelmed, because it is such a perfect song for Gaki.

But the thing that got me the most was these pictures - the moment I saw that hall filled with those glowsticks, I really wanted to cry. Especially when I saw the sea of purple for Aika. Honestly, I didn't think that the hall would be filled with purple, because Aika's graduation was so unexpected and so sudden, and she is not the most popular member - but it happened, and it overwhelmed me. Seeing those glowsticks for Aika just showed how much she was loved by the fans of Morning Musume. But that sea of green... it is amazing. I am so amazed that everything was lit up for Gaki, and also for Aika. These two girls are really amazing, and it's still so unreal that they are no longer a part of Morning Musume.

It's weird, but these two are no longer a part of my favourite Idol group. However, I am anticipating the future of Morning Musume happily.


Morning Musume 11th Gen Auditions!!! FUCK. YES!!!

OH HELLS TO THE FUCKING YES!!! Thank you, Tsunku!

Oh look, another prediction has come true...

OMFG!!! YES!!! YES!!!

My sister woke me up with this news - Actually she seems to be the one who always wakes me up with incredible news regarding Morning Musume... But she came in and asked me if I had been asleep the whole time, which I replied to 'Since 4-5am' and then proceeded to tell me that there was news on Hello! SayuNii, and then told me that 11th gen auditions had been announced! Seriously, I squealed, brought out incoherent nonsense and then probably cried - Not that she knew I cried, of course. But SERIOUSLY FUCKING HELL, I AM SO FUCKING HAPPY!!!

I can't express it any more than in capital letters and curse words! OMFG!!!

Seriously, I am so happy... When I was writing out my 2012 predictions an hopes and wishes (etc), I put that I wanted Morning Musume to bring in their 11th Generation. And I still want it, I really want it, because then it means that Morning Musume have more members, and it is going back to the way they used to be. I never experienced that Morning Musume until now, so I am, of course, deliriously happy by this news.

I can't wait for this new generation - Honestly, I want just one member to be added, but I doubt that Tsunku will do that. If anything, 2 members would be enough, because we don't need 14 members in Morning Musume (or do we...?). I know that the new members are probably going to grow up a little more now that there is only Sayumi and Reinyan, but I don't think that they could handle more younger members (unless another surprise 16 year old appears). Anyway, I am hoping for one or two members... Namely Cuca (Youtube dancer) and probably Karin. But I am actually still holding out for Karin to become a soloist, so yeah... xD

Anyway, I am so excited about this news! What about the rest of you!?


Niigaki Risa and Mitsui Aika have Graduated Morning Musume.

Today, on May 18th 2012, Niigaki Risa and Mitsui Aika have both officially graduated from Morning Musume. Whilst Risa is also leaving H!P to pursue a career in acting, much like her Gen 5 companion and best friend, Takahashi Ai, Aika will continue to be a part of Hello! Project. Whilst it is unclear what Aika will be doing, it is wonderful to know that she can still be a part of the agency.


I wanted to make a really formal post saying nice things and what not, but seriously, I am sad. I cried at around 5am in the morning when I first thought about it, and then I went to sleep. After waking up I am still really sad about it, because two really great members have now left Morning Musume, and are going to do new things and improve themselves more.

Graduations are always sad things, though I've never experienced losing a member I loved so much until now. Both of these girls are special to me in their own ways, with Gaki being a bit more important to me - but to have Aika graduate so suddenly was shocking and heart breaking. In fact, Gaki's graduation announcement was also a big surprise and a shock. Many had thought that she would lead MM for another year, but she left this year instead. However, I am so happy that Gaki was able to be a leader, even if it was for a short while. I wish I could say the same for Aika, because I was anticipating her leadership years. But, as I said in her appreciation post, that will never happen, and it is very sad.

These two have been a big part of Morning Musume for so long now. Aika may have been in for less time than the other OG members, but she has certainly made her mark, or at least to me - These two girls are both so wonderful and loving, and it is so sad to see them graduate. But, that said, I am happy that they are graduating together, because they are so similar in their love and dedication for Morning Musume. They are both wonderful girls, and they have really cherished Morning Musume from the days that they both were accepted as members of this great group.

In the end, this has to happen - and it's sad that Aika went so soon, but I do think that this is for the best. This is so that the new Morning Musume can grow even more quickly. Niigaki Risa and Mitsui Aika graduating is now the beginning of a new era. With whatever they do, all of us fans can only wish them luck and to look forward to their futures and what they do afterwards.

Niigaki Risa, Mitsui Aika... Omedettou!

And now it's time for the reign of the BUNNIES, BETCHES! WHOO!