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Refreshing Spring with Smiles - SUPER☆GiRLS '1,000,000☆Smile' PV Review!!!

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I have recently started to get into the Idol group SUPERGiRLS, who are quite a charming, though rather generic, Idol group. I'm still not at the stage where I would probably purchase their CD's, however they are slowly but surely winning me over with their charm and sweetness.

So, recently, SUPERGiRLS revealed their latest PV in time for spring! 1,000,000Smile is a sweet and charming PV that is filled with flowers and refreshing cuteness, where the girls all look charming and sweet with their beautiful smiles! So, whilst the song may be far too generic for some people, please watch this adorable video and feel the spring aura that the girls have created for us all!

So, let's look at a 1,000,000 picture pic spam! Joke! That would probably bore us all, and would take forever to screen cap! Instead, please enjoy the pic spam I have created, or watch the cute PV!

Kyaaa, Café!!! I Love Café scenes! >3<

Legs: Always a good sign in PV's ;)

These menu's, though sugary sweet, are really cute! But that smiley face looks creepy too!

Oh, look at all dem LEGS! <3

Maid costumes are cute, but these waitress outfits are even better! Who agrees?

She looks so proud, and who wouldn't be? She didn't kill her plant!

Saori: "Dis bucket is heeeavy!!!" -pouty face-

So adorable! >_< I might have to marry her!

These girls are so psyched that they have a Café filled with flowers and cute girls!

It's official: Saori is my waifu in SUPERGiRLS. She's adorable!

I love the flowers in the background, it really reminds me of spring and it makes the video colourful and refreshing!

I also want those outfits, JS

We don't want the flowers to die! So let's get green thumbs! Wa-hey!

No girls, don't cry! The flowers will live, I promise!

Aya: "Nom on dis C00kie, SLAVE!"
Rino: "Nommy!~Oishii desu!"
Kaede: "I wants da c00kie..."

Eating cookies adorably... My heart has been stolen!

I think that those dresses are adorable, like the girls are... Can I steal them all?

Kaede wants us all to look at her cute face!

I think that this dance move is absolutely adorable and very necessary, it's so cute! >3<

Caaake <3 If you're serving me some cake, please allow Saori to serve it to me? Onegaishimasu~

I think that this scene is cute! Though Rino looks like a creeper here! xD

For me!? Why thank you! >3<

I want to sit at the table Saori is fixing up! >3< Pleeeease!!!

This... looks... creepy, and murderous... DX Please don't kill me, I need to marry Saori first! DX

Whilst I am not a big fan, Aya is really gorgeous, isn't she? >.<


Saori: "Would you like me to serve you Cake, or... me?"

YOU!!! <3

Rika: "Today's special is Cake with a side of Rika-chan!"

Yeah, can I order that too...?

If you all sit on the job, no customers can come in and get served by adorable Idols!!!

Hikaru: "How may I serve you today, Master~?"

You may serve me cutely, please!

PEACE bitches!!!

Ami: "Today's Super Special is '1,000,000 Smiles!', so is that your oder?"

Haha, FAIL!!!!!

Seriously, this is probably the goofiest, but cutest, dance move in this video >3< It really adds quirk!

Everybody JUMP!

I actually think of High School Musical when this jump happens... xD

Rocking out with the Eiffel Tower, and a nest on your head!

My sister has dubbed this girl as 'Legs', but to me, she is the '1,000,000 Smile' Girls~

SAKURA PETALS!!!! Now that is spring!

You look like a creepy bug...

No, seriously, she does... ._.

This is cute, but Rina seriously sticks out to me for some reason, and it looks weird... o-O Dunno why

Final picture of all the lovely ladies, with Saori in centre! YES!!! <3

Truth be told, I am a casual listener and/or fan of this group. I actually never watched the previews of this song, and I actually didn't know it had come out until I randomly looked on Pure Idol Heart, and found the full PV there. It was actually Easter Monday when I saw the full video, so it was a nice Easter Surprise for me and  other fans of the group.

Actually, this video reminds me of Easter a lot, in terms of the colours used, the flowers and the pastels - to me, this is a true spring PV, filled with refreshing, calming and soothing colours as well as a sweet song which isn't too overwhelming and cutesy, but just the right amount of happiness and energy. So, when I watch this video, I really feel like it's spring and it makes me enjoy the season all the more, especially as spring is my favourite season.

As I said - the PV is, for me, refreshing and calming. I love the amount of colour used in it! From the pastel skirts and aprons, to the burst of colourful flowers displayed around the white room. Just these little touches made this video all the more colourful and enjoyable, and really added to the spring-like atmosphere. I also enjoyed the Sakura petals that fell down on the girls during the last bits of the dance shot - it reallyadded to that element of Japanese spring, without being too over-done. I mean, I love that Japanese Idol groups celebrate the spring with pink PV's, but sometimes, there is too much pink, and in this PV we get to see different colours, bright and pastel, that show off spring to its fullest. SUPERGiRLS really brought out the spring season in their PV without having sakura blossoms dominate everything, and I liked that.

The scenes and costumes in this video are interesting as well - I liked that, whilst they used on room for the entire video, we get to see two aspects of it. There is the Café filled with flowers where the girls work, and then the dance shot where we see the girls in play-suits or dresses that make them stand out, in the empty white space. I love that the dance shot is simply the focus on the girls, but the room brightens up the whole video as well. However, my favourite room is definitely the Café! I have a bit of a weird liking for Café's, I just think that they are very spring like and cute! These scenes also remind of the song My Secret by Mizuno Saaya slightly, and that is one of my favourite videos. I just like the entire atmosphere in the video with the Café scenes - we get to see the girls working together, acting silly, eating cookies and even fighting. It looks cute and playful, which really adds to the video and makes it all the more likeable. I also loved all the little scenes where the girls started to set things up - more so the bucket scene with Saori, it made me really notice her more,and she has peaked my interest!

And finally, the dance shot - The dance, though not overly interesting, is really cute - there were certain parts of it which made me think 'Oh man, so cute! I love it!', but there wasn't anything outstanding about it. If anything, it is a very Idol-like dance, but it also brings out a bit of goofiness during the dance break and shows off the playful and energetic side of the group, and makes it really cute and funny. I also loved that in the dance shot, the sakura petals fell over the girls to give that spring-like feel and a bit more variety to the dance shot. I also adore the costumes play-suits really give you that spring-like feel, or at least, they do to me.

I guess my only problem with this PV would be that sometimes, it felt like these girls smiles were a little fake and over-played, though some girls looked like they were genuinely happy. But other than that, this video is extremely cute and refreshing, a perfect spring video for spring fans like myself!

But it's time to talk about the song! And what a cute, generic idol song it is - the sort that I do like, actually! I enjoy the song, though I doubt it would be strong without its PV, as it's easily forgettable unless you've listened to it a few times. The song we get here is a very cute and happy song, one that isn't over the top with sugary sweetness, but isn't so subdued that your sugar dose hasn't been seen to. It's calming, refreshing, and gives off that spring-like Idol vibe. I actually think that it matches the PV well, and it makes me happy listening to it - I also think that the girls' voices are all very sweet and soothing in the video, and I enjoyed all of their solo's in the song. Their voices are soothing and well-blended, and very cute! It adds charm to the song, really. I especially loved Ruka's solo line - she has the best voice out of all the girls, I think, and she deserved that slow, sweet solo line towards the end of the song.

A cute and refreshing PV and song, SUPERGiRLS have really delivered something sweet to their fans! Whilst this may not be their best song to date, I do find it nice to listen to and rather calming. It's that perfect spring-like video and song that will make you think of flowers and sakura blossoms, and the video makes me want to run around in a play-suit and visit a flower-filled Café! What about you?

I was lucky enough to get to see this PV before it was taken down, and to also download it via a converter, but luckily I have found another video site which has the PV!

Are a fan of the cute SUPERGiRLS? How spring-like do you find this video, and who is your favourite member?

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