Monday, 9 April 2012

Pimp Suits and Diamonds for Kids! - Sexy Zone's 'Lady Diamond' PV Review!!!

All thoughts and opinions on this single, PV and the group are my own and no one else's. If you do not like my opinion, then you do not have to read my blog. However if you choose to read my blog, please remember that you must respect my opinions, like I must respect yours. Thank you.

It's the return of Pre-Pubescent Zone, who are currently my second in-line to favourite JE group, though if they continue to bring out PV's and songs like this, I might have to re-consider where Arashi stands and shove them behind Sexy Zone.

Ever since their debut, I have been anticipating the newest release of this group - and whilst I was unhappy about the release date of this song (it clashes with MoMusu), I am now unsure about which group to love more and who's CD I would like to buy the most... It is a trialling matter, but I think that both Renai Hunter and Lady Diamond are awesome songs, for different reasons.

Anyway, enough about MM - This post is dedicated to the Pedo-Happy and child-friendly group, Pre-Pubescent Sexy Zone, who's latest PV has been revealed! And let's just say, I really do love it!!!

Onto the pic-spam of wonderful flawlessness! >3<

Extremely cheerful, colourful and camp - Just the way we like our JE PV's!

Shori looks really cute here, I like his hair in this one

Humana Humana Humana Humana Humana... Oh Kento!!!! -jumps-

Marius in all his cute, awkward glory! >3<-pinches cheeks-

Whilst I am not overly keen on Sou, or his teeth... my sister thinks that he is absolutely adorable!

Oh, Fuma, looking as emotionless and moody as ever, I see xD

Kento: "And this is where I hid the body!"
Marius: "One Rival down..."

The circus is in town! Whoo!

The watch is gorgeous, and I love how plastic those 'Diamonds' are... xD

... Yup, the circus is in town!

I'm suddenly reminded of Michael Jackson, Balalaika (Koha) and extreme happiness! >3<

Shori looks lively in pink!

Oh lord, Fuma and Kento are absolutely wonderful and camp in this, it's awesome xD



No, seriously, that was pretty much my immediate thought!

Johnny's Juniors are looking especially adorable here! OMG >3<

If MM can dress up as Chicks, then Juniors can dress as bugs, kay?

Fuma, you actually look like you're having fun!

-spits out juice- WAIT you can make expressions!?

Fuck he looks cute... <3

But, my heart and future marriage license belongs to Kento!

Too cute, too hot, too SEKUSHII!!!

Shori: "I can't get this song out of my head..."

Marius: "I fucking LOVE this song, Yo!"

Epic posing is needed for an epic PV

Oh, Marius, I just want to hug you! >3<

I spy a heart on his cardigan! *^*

Wait... is that a... smile? Fuma expresses emotions... -faints-

Shori used Pixie Dust! It is super effective!

Sou is loved by bugs!

Marius looks so. Freakin'.ADORABLE!!!!

Fuma is gettin' all bad ass and looking as hot as hell <3


Not gonna lie, I thought that this was a bit wrong when I saw it, especially with that face Fuma is pulling xD

Camera angles Change! And Jazz hands!

<3 Kento! -gets out fangirl flag-

I am loving that back drop!

This kids a pimp in the making, just look at that pose!

Yes! Head-spinning Junior is back! And Kento is presenting him! Whoo!

Oh, Marius, I do adore thee <3 He's too cute!

Oh! Shori has found Jin Akanishi's secret porn stash!

Kento's surprised, Fuma looks disgusted, Sou's excited, Marius is too young to understand what is going on and Shori is absolutely shocked.

Sou: "Jack pot!!!"

I can just see him sparkling... <3

My heart has been stolen by absolute cuteness >3<

Ah, emotionless pouting, where have you been? Fuma has missed you!

Sou has quite a quirky and cute smile, I failed to realise that...

I still think that this ones future as a pimp is bright...

Okay, so Buono!, Arashi and now Sezy Zone are using these trousers - is this a trend?

And a finishing picture - those bug costumes make me lol xD

Ever since I watched the preview of this song, I have really been anticipating it - probably a lot more than Renai Hunter, actually. I've also been thinking about this song a lot and humming it because it really does get stuck in your head. Heck, this song is so powerful and good, my sister likes it.

It's the power of kids, I swear.

Anyway, you've probably guessed that I adore this PV right now - I became a Sexy Zone fan recently when they debuted, though I didn't want to be their fan originally - but I enjoyed their first song, and seriously, Lady Diamond is so much better and this group has just continued to impress me the more I listen to the song and watch the video.

It's all enjoyable, honestly - the video and the song. The video is just one big bundle of campness, colour and bad clothes that stick out and make you love the cheeseyness and wonder of it all the more. I mean, I don't like the costumes - but they fit with the video and look like these kids have stepped out of a circus, or a Michael Jackson MV, and it really works. The background is really great, it reminds me of an upgraded Balalaika without the orange hue, and I love that the Juniors have returned for more, though they're not as apparent in this PV as they were in Sexy Zone.

I really enjoyed everyone in this PV - I thought that Kento and Fuma were the best though, they expressed such happiness and campness in this video, I was left giggling whenever they came up to the front and danced their silly dance. They have really great chemistry in this, and it was very apparent - you could see that they were enjoying it, and I absolutely fell for Fuma in this - he expressed emotion (finally) and really played with the camera and made those scenes his. I thought that they were both really entertaining, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching them and falling in love with the two older members more and more.

I also found more appreciation for Sou and Shori in this - I liked Marius from the beginning,though he still acts and looks awkward in this, but all these kids look like they're really enjoying it. I loved seeing Marius with everyone else - he looked a lot more comfortable around the others than when he was alone.Sou is just adorable, he has such a charming smile, and Shori, whilst I'm not majorly over the moon with him, really owns the video - he has such a great way of showing himself, and you can see that he is confident and I can see why he is the centre of the group.

I think that the PV is wonderful - I love the colour and the fun atmosphere, and how great these guys are. The dance was pretty funny and really energetic, and it fit with the song. The costumes, whilst not to my taste, really added a fun and silly element to the song, and made it all the more circus-like and camped up. I also loved the little magic element to bring the still figures back to life. I guess my only complaint is that Sexy Zone have stolen the Only You backdrop idea with the diamonds, though it really fits with the song, and it looks great! So, it's not a complaint - just a thing I picked up and thought was funny or ironic.

The song itself is wonderful - it's infectious. I've had it stuck in my head for a few days upon hearing the preview, and my sister also has it stuck in her head. It's the sort of song that, when you think of it, you forget whatever else you were thinking of, and it's there for a while. It's extremely catchy, and really fun and energetic - an adorable song for a really adorable group!

I enjoy this song - especially the Lady Lady, Diamond - Are you ready, I love you and Kira Kira La. These lines really add those cute quirks to it, and make it all the more catchy and easy to sing. This is the sort of song that I tend to pick up quickly on certain parts, and sing along to it - it's that catchy and fun and loveable! I guess my only real complain is the line distribution - Sou and Marius are kind of given nothing, though a few 'Yeah Yeah's' are present, so they're not completely without - however, the Touch Me and Kiss Me lines were absolutely hilarious when I first heard them. How ironic that Marius and Sou got them, as opposed to the three older members? It shocked my sister, but it made me laugh!

Anyway, this song and the PV are absolutely wonderful - a great release from a really good group. And in all honesty, I think that Sexy Zone are winning against my love for Renai Hunter with this song, but I honestly don't really care right now - this song is amazing. It's upbeat and fun, really catchy and the PV is absolutely cute and magical, a bundle of fun created by a fun group! Maybe later, my conflict will begin - but I have a feeling that Sexy Zone will be taking that Number 1 spot on the oricon, because this release is amazing!

All hail Pre-Pubescent Zone! -bows down-

If you haven't given in to these Gods as of yet, then do so now! Bow down to Pedo Bears favourite group!

Higher Quality Video available on Facebook! Sexy Zone: Lady Diamond Video

PING!!! Idol Minded Recommended Reading: April 9th, 2012


  1. I actually like their debut song more than this but I think song is adorable! The PV I have to admit is just super adorable! ^-^ The song, not my fav though and it kind of reminds me of Magic power but I guess it's catchy enough for me to sing lol. Also about Marius, I love that kid! He's so cute and I just want to hug him lol.

    I was really upset at first when the release date was announced for this because like you said, Morning Musume is releasing on the same day. And I was already planning to support Morning Musume more because it's Gaki san's last single and I really like the song but eventually I decided to support both groups and buy both CDs. I'm still upset that Lady Diamond is out on the same day but I honestly think both groups deserve to be #1 but only one group/artist can be #1 sadly :( And I think these guys worked really hard. They had a rough start and all that and I think they came a long way from where they started. Also because of the fact they had a rough start, it really made me want to support them. :)

    1. I think that Lady Diamond is more my sort of song, but seriously, I adore their debut as well! And I agree about it reminded you of Magic Power, I actually felt like that too (I LOVE Magic Power! Crazy love <3) but I love catchy songs xD And Marius, I seriously want to adopt him! xD

      When I heard the announcement, I was upset a little - my sister was angry, but she actually loves Lady Diamond now after watching it with me! I am actually supporting both groups - my sister has bought me Renai Hunter, as I didn't have money at the time, but I have bought Lady Diamond, I like it so much. But I am supporting both artists. I aim to buy another Renai Hunter in the future, hopefully soon, so that I have bought a copy myself :)

      As you say, Sexy Zone had a rough start - I myself was against the group, because I wasn't a JE fan then and also because of the name, but I adore them now and wish that I had not been so judgemental or catty towards them, because they are a great group. I hope to continue supporting them whole-heartedly! <3

    2. Ahh I see. I guess Lady Diamond isn't my sort of a song. I didn't really like Magic Power at first but now it sort of grew on me. I think I like more cool, mature type songs like Super Delicate, Renai Hunter, Only you, OVER etc. Ikr! Well Marius is actually old enough to be my brother but I already have one that's around his age so I don't think I'll be able to handle another one but hes so cute!

      I like both songs especially cause they're really different. Renai Hunter is a cool mature type song while Lady Diamond is a catchy kidish type song. Since it's close to my birthday and I have relatives who lives in Japan, my mom asked my aunt to buy me both CDs but I'm kinda worried about what version I'll get. I'll be fine with whatever version I get for Renai Hunter since the CD all has the same songs even though I want the Niigaki Risa version. But since Johnnys, I kind of think they're sort of a rip-off cause you can only get a certain song or a DVD on a certain edition. My grandma bought me Super Delicate and she bought me one of the limited editions which I didn't really want because I wanted the regular edition because it came with the instrumentals.

      I honestly didn't care for the group at first lol. Since I was already a fan of Hey! Say! JUMP, I didn't have any interest plus they were announced on the same day as the 10th generation members of Momusu. I hated their group name I still do but I'm more used to it now. I saw them on Msute and I thought they would be pretty interesting and after I figured out they weren't selling well, I felt really bad and I ended up buying their CD with my own money. :) I wasn't expecting at all to like them but now, they're like my 2nd fav Johnnys group! :D Yeah, I do too! ^-^ But I just hope their 3rd single isn't on the same day as any other group/artist I like.

    3. I'm the sort of person who likes the generic or overly happy songs xD But sometimes, I love cool songs ^^ depends which ones though! And Marius looks like a little brother, doesn't he? I have never had a little brother, but I have a sister who is a year younger than me ^^

      I also like the difference in the songs - I think that if groups bring out different songs, it's great.I love how MM went with a cool song and SZ went with something happy and over the top, the diversity really sets the singles apart. And with the versions, yeah, it is worrying. My sister has ordered me Niigaki Risa's version, which is what I wanted, but I ordered Limited A for Sexy Zone because I wanted the PV. I agree it's weird that there are not instrumentals, however, you get three songs plus that video - Morning Musume, you generally get 2 songs, 1 instrumental and a specific video. And the limited editions actually cost less for Sexy Zone than what MM's are xD

      The group name is still controversial for me - I said to my sister 'It's going to be awkward getting the CD and seeing the name' and she said in response 'Imagine if someone saw it, and then noticed the kids on it - awkward xD' - but the name is okay I guess, the guys just need to grow into it. And I was so against this group at first, because I just wasn't into JE that much and the name! But I am glad that their single is the first non-H!P single I am purchasing, I adore this group, they are my first JE group that I really do adore!

      Hopefully, their 3rd single comes out when AKB have a single out xD

    4. Ahh I see. Yeah I do like happy, cheerful songs. It just depends on what they sound like and all that. Yeah he does! Sou-kun also has a little brother type image but he's actually my age so yeah...I kind of think Marius is more of a person I would want as a son even though I'm hardly older than him. I never had a younger sister so I wonder what's it like. I only have a younger brother and he can be a little annoying sometimes lol.

      Yeah, and since the songs are different, you can't really compare them. But if both of the songs were the same, then it's possible to compare. I used to tell people to get me a certain version but I stopped telling them that and I think should've told them but I don't think it'll matter too much anymore because I won't be able to put them on my computer XD cause my CD thing is broken :( Yeah what I like for HP singles is that all the CD tracks are the same so I don't have to worry about not getting a song I want. Oh I didn't know that lol. But come to think of it, I bought the D version for their debut single and it was just a little more cheaper than Maji de suka ska but it didn't come with a DVD so yeah...

      I used to be embarrassed about their name so I didn't tell anybody I liked them. But I think it was better for me to tell someone because if I did, I would've gotten the regular edition for their debut single but I'm happy with what I got. But the problem was for me buying one of the limited editions was that I had to go everywhere to find the instrumentals and I even had to ask people for it. :( It will be weird if people saw the name and saw the kids in it. I still want them to change it because I don't think it appropriate for them even though they just need to grow into it. It's just a name that you have to just forget that it's their group name and really get to know the members instead. Plus I don't like the word "Sexy" so yeah...

      It's seems like NYC is releasing their new single on the same week as AKB48. AKB48 is way too powerful for any group to beat them. Even Johnnys and they're really strong. It's not a surprise that they're always #1 on the charts.

    5. I like how different Renai Hunter and Lady Diamond are - they are a direct contrast to each other, it's amazing. You get a cool song, and then this completely happy and over-the top song and video. It appeals to different people, and also doesn't clash xD

      I like HP singles but I wish they would do more than one instrumental, sometimes I think they are stingy like that xD

      And yeah, it is awkward having to ask for the single instrumentals and saying such an awkward name D8 Sexy is a word for grown ups, not kids xD

      I don't really listen to NYC xD but I do wish them luck against AKB xD

    6. Yeah. I can just vocal remove the songs that doesn't have a instrumental but yeah, it's better to include one. I think all record companies are just stingy and they're sort of a rip-off.

      I wonder what Johnny-san was thinking when he chose the members. And even the name. I always wanted a group that's around my age but this wasn't something that I was expecting.

      Yeah. I stopped buying their CDs after Wonderful Cupid which I didn't really like. But yeah, I really do want them to beat AKB48 but they're too strong.

    7. I will ~download~ the instrumentals most likely xD And I agree, record companies are blah, but I do prefer groups that give out all the instrumentals in singles - HouPri have instrumentals for all their songs xD

      I think Johnny thought that it was the age of the Sekushii LoliCon xD And wait they're around your age?

      Wonderful Cupid was the worst - it was the first single they released after I got interested in JE and it sucked badly, I was like 'Y NYC? YOU SO GOOD!' but meh, every group has a bad patch every now and again.

    8. Ahh I see. If I can't a find a instrumental to a song, I usually just vocal remove it but other than that, I usually try my best to find one.

      Yeah maybe lol. I notice some songs have the word sexy in it like I'm sexy and I know it and stuff. Not a huge fan of that song. Yup, they're pretty much in my age group. Nakajima and Kikuchi are a little older than me and Shori is a year older and Sou's my age and Marius is a few years younger.

      Ikr! I really didn't like it and plus, it didn't sell that well but they were lucky enough to be #1 on the charts. Yeah, every group does have a bad song or 2. Like Morning Musume. A lot of people hated Pyoco Pyoco Ultra when the radio rip first got out.

  2. HUGE FUMA FAN HERE~~ Fell for him during the NYC Boys debut. He was insanely adorable in the making.
    He's changed a bit since the Sexy Zone debut.
    If you saw him before, he was such a cute, happy, kid :D
    Perhaps it was puberty.
    His live voice on Music Japan is pretty amazing for Johnny's. I'm surprised they didn't lip-sing like Hey!Say!JUMP.

    Also~ Marius<33 Cutest kid everrrr. He's the kid all the sempais want to meet. I remember reading how Kamenashi Kazuya was excited meeting Marius.

    1. I can only ever see Fuma as he is right now, this cool, calm character who pouts xD But I want to see his childish, happy side! >3< Though I really loved how cheeky and playful he was in this video!

      I watched the live, his voice is good! >3<

      Marius <3 I seriously think he is so cuuute and sweet, I want to hug him and have him as a brother! And wow, everyone loves Marius! He seems like the little brother type, really!