Sunday, 15 April 2012

Getting High with Ebichu - Ebichu's 'Karikeiyaku no Cinderella' PV Review!

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If you are unaware of just who Ebichu are, they are the 'sister' group of Idol group Momoiro Clover Z, a group which I personally don't like very much. However, I do like Ebichu, but that's probably because all of the members bar one seem to lay off of the helium and actually sing properly, unlike some of the MomoClo members. Or maybe their music just doesn't appeal to my tastes, I dunno.

Anyway... I don't know why, but no one's posted anything about Ebichu's latest PV release for their major debut single, Karikeiyaku no Cinderella, and honestly I wasn't going to either, until I listened to the song more and more and realised I actually liked it. It's also around 7am in the morning and I haven't slept yet, so some comparisons to MomoClo and Ebichu are in my head and I feel like making a PV review.

So, onto the pic spam!

This setting is somewhat recognisable... but I don't know where from...

Hot dang this girl suits being a guy - I'd date her if she was a he o-O

And the 'Shindererra' of the plot. I didn't know that she was a middle schooler...

Fairytales just got a tad bit creepier o-O

Shindererra: The Japanese Re-telling

That is one high as fuck smile

... What the hell is this?

So, it's some sort of contest to determine who gets the shoe and becomes your bride, now? He's a lazy prince...

Not even I can do that!

Her mole is distracting me, but her voice is good.

And here is prince-kun in her female form! I think she'll become my 2nd favourite...

I didn't know that they let boys into Idol Girl groups!

Those outfits are absolutely adorable! <3

"Welcome to the land of the Winking Wota! Kyu~n"

You do know that will be my quote now, right? xD

Absolutely adorable


Looks like someone found the MomoClo helium and special Sake, cos her voice is fucking horrible and she slurs like a sailor.

'K' for me! WHOO

Moolah makes the world go round for this Yakuza prince!

Stop smiling, girls, that kid's gonna beat you to a bloody pulp with that pillow...

This game is popular...


Oh well, at least Ouji-sama of the Yakuza thinks it's hilarious

Hey, she looks as high as fuck!

But she's pretty!

This middle schooler won! WHOO give her the shoe, NOW!

This dance is fucking weird, but it is certainly entertaining!

I like this girl, she's so pretty~

Yes, bitches, Shindererra got that mother-fucking shoe!

... And turned it into a Pumpkin with Servants! Who said shoes were absolutely worthless?

Awww, they're all dancing with each other...

But this girl is lonely, and why is her bow crooked? Slaves, fix her bow!

I think this girl is adorable, and her braces are distracting. But who cares? I want to hug her <3

Much needed High School Musical Jump - it is always relevant in a PV.

This girl is a doll, she has such a pretty face and a bloody good voice

... Who are you? She suddenly appeared

I don't pay much attention

The prince decides 'Meh, I don't need some bitch and her shoe, wasting ma moolah' and tells the girls to get lost.

I'm not going to go as far as saying that I adore Ebichu, because I don't, but I bar far prefer them to MomoClo, and I think that that is mostly because MomoClo has singers who's voices are horribly annoying,whilst Ebichu have one member who's voice grates my ears, and thankfully, that singer only has to slur her way through a few solo lines rather than most of the song, because Ebichu have nine members, not five. So yeah, I prefer Ebichu over MomoClo any day for the reason that they have relatively decent singers, as opposed to helium-sucking kids. So yeah... I just needed to say that for some odd reason.

Anyway, enough about how much I dislike MomoClo - let's get on with this review~

At first, I honestly wasn't that impressed by this video, but the more I watched it, the more I started to like it. This is a really cute and fun PV, and I really like how the creators managed to tie in the story of Cinderella whilst still maintaining some creativity and originality. It was nice that the producers didn't have to rely solely on the simple plot of Cinderella to make this video interesting, because this is quite entertaining. I mean, it's actually quite funny. I like how the girls actually have to fight each other to get to the glass slipper, whilst the prince watches on the sidelines idly whilst counting his money. It was an interesting twist, and showed a more self-centred, sadistic side to the prince and the desperation of the girls who wanted to be with him.

The dance was also a really fun aspect to the video - I thought that it was a really fun and weird dance that fit the song really well. It was very energetic, and during the slower parts of the instrumental, really incorporated the slow ballroom styled dance that the girls did. Whilst the video doesn't focus on the dance as much, the scenes we do get see are fun and energetic, with a lot of jumping and turning as well as changing positions.

The song itself is really fun - it's an up-beat and energetic tune that really gets into your head and makes you feel happy and energised. I think that this is a really cute song, and it's already stuck in my own head! Of course the song does have its problems, such as the one helium-voiced member who slurs her way through this song. Those parts where she had her solo's actually made me feel like I was high (or drunk), and at first sounded really out of place in the song, especially when there are quite a few strong singers in this song - however, after listening to the song on a loop, her voice seems to fit the song, though I still find it weird hearing her slurring.

But yes, a catchy, poppy tune that is sure to fill you with energy! The cute, hyper tone of this song will be sure to make you smile and might even make you a fan of this group!

Before I finish off this review, I would like to point out that, whilst I was watching this, I actually didn't see much of a reflection of MomoClo here - I did, however, see a similarity between Ebichu and S/mileage, and even thought to myself that this is how S/mileage should be now if they weren't flopping around like a Magikarp out of water. I mean, the two groups both share the same quirkyness, and whilst they aren't extremely weird and out of this world like MomoClo are, both Ebichu and S/mileage are quite different to an Idol groups standards, in a tame way. They have the same amount of eccentricity, but, Ebichu are pulling it off better. And when I watched this PV, I noticed that, and couldn't help but realise that  Ebichu are basically what S/mileage are trying to be, but are failing at. Or at least, that is what I think.


This PV and song are seriously cute - the costumes, close up shots, dance and story line really make this a cute and hyperactive video. Whilst I initially wasn't impressed with the video, I have started to see how good it really is. I love the twist to the traditional Cinderella Fairytale, and I love how they have portrayed the Prince as someone who is selfish and money-loving, rather than compassionate and looking for the girl who lost her shoe.It was an interesting take on the storyline, and Ebichu have made it their own.

If you haven't watched this PV yet, then be sure to check it out and see what you think of it!


  1. This helium-voiced girl name is Hirota Aika, aka. AiAi. In my opinion she is the best singer in group. Her helium-voiced vocal is just an act, her actual vocal is rather low and stable and of course is not annoying at all. Just hear her part carefully and I hope this can change your opinion for her :)

    1. Ah, thanks for that! I'm just not to keen on vocals that are acts, it's the reason I don't really like Momoko from Berryz Kobou in songs, but Momo's normal voice is really good! Hopefully AiAi will show her true voice in the next single, and then I will like it more xD