Wednesday, 11 April 2012

How I View Idols

On this blog, I am pretty open about how I feel about Idols - I openly express that I think these girls are sexy or beautiful, and all of you readers accept that. But that doesn't mean that I would be accepted by other people for what I like.

I was recently talking to my sister, and she said she didn't like how some fans of the Jpop culture saw female fans. Apparently, some fans seem to think that most female fans of Jpop are lesbians. Whilst that might be true, that still isn't fair - I am straight, but does that mean that I can't express my appreciation of female beauty? Yes, there have been times where I have wondered if I am a lesbian because of how I see Idols, but in reality, I just really appreciate how beautiful these girls are. However, some people don't see it that way, but I have come to accept that.

But I also started to think about how I view Idols as a whole - I recently posted a topic on Arama, about the new PV from boy-group Sexy Zone, and one of the comments was 'Fucking Paedo's' - a comment that was pretty much aimed at all Sexy Zone fans, though apparently this person is a troll. However, it did make me wonder why people would view fans this way, and it also made me think about how I view Idols as a whole, male or female.

I'm going to use both Marius Yo of Sexy Zone and Ikuta Erina of Morning Musume here - The way I view them could be totally different to how you all view Idols that you like, but in all honesty, when I look at these two, I see them as a little brother and a best friend. Actually, I see Marius as a person I would want as my son, which could be seen as very weird, but that is how I honestly view him. Eripon is someone I see as a girl I could easily be friend with, someone I would want to laugh with and talk to openly about things. The reason why I see Eripon this way is probably because she is a fangirl herself - she openly expresses her love for Idols,and fangirls over the people she adores, much like a wota, which is why I would love to be her friend. Marius is obviously a totally different matter, as I see him in a different way - but I honestly put that down to maternal instincts, and his age. I don't think that I could be a friend with a 12 year-old, though I would love to play Pok√©mon games with him! But, I would like him as a little brother as well. The closest thing I had to a little brother was my nephew when we were growing up!

But you could also question how I view Eripon as well - I will sometimes express how beautiful she is, or how sexy she can be, and yes, that could question how I see her as a little sister or good friend figure - but in all honesty, that is my appreciation for her. I think that Eripon is a truly beautiful person, and for her age, she has a certain aura that is mature and sexier than other people's, and I don't mind expressing that. I still see her as that friendly figure I would love to meet and hang out with, and nothing more. I just choose to express how much I appreciate her beauty.

With older idols, I guess it's a bit more difficult for me to express how I view them. Niigaki is my example because she was my first (and currently only) girl crush. I won't deny how much I love this girl - but my love is the love of a fan, not a lover. I appreciate her beauty, her voice, her skills and her personality as an Idol. I love those aspects about her, and I think that she is gorgeous. But, I don't think that she is as sexy as other Idols that I have seen in PV's, I will openly admit that. But this is how I view Niigaki - I see her as an Idol who I can stare at and fawn over, someone who I can admire for her vocal skills and her acting ability. She is the sort of Idol that I actually love for their talent as opposed to her looks like some other Idols that I like. Basically, I am simply fan-girling over her. I actually view her as a singer that, whilst I support and love her, know is a long way from actually ever meeting me or ever actually conversing with me. I just see her as someone who I simply fangirl over, and that is all.

And then there are boy groups. Now, I won't use any specific group for this, just JE in general right now, but boy groups are my most recent trip into the Jpop world. I'm still new with them, but I am also embracing how much I can fangirl over them. I actually find it easier to fangirl over these boy groups rather than girl groups, because it's probably a lot more accepted in my culture than me going Gaga over a female Idol group, however, I don't have any crushes on any members of these boy groups - I just really like their music, and I see them as boys that I would probably think are cute, but would never date. In all honesty, I don't see them any other way - the only one I view in a different light is Marius Yo, for some reason.

But that is how I view Idols - some I will see as little sister figures, little brother figures or people I want to be friends with, or I will see them as people who I want to Idolise, and people who I want to appreciate for their skill and beauty. I have yet to officially fall in love with an Idol.

But yeah, that is how I view Idols. How do you guys view them?


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  1. I'm with you on that one! I'm constantly going on about how pretty certain idols are, but I am 100% straight. It's like you said, I just appreciate their beauty. :)
    As far as boys, I mostly just look at them with "OMG, look how cute he is!" My only idol crush is Jay Park, lol.
    To be honest, I don't keep up with idols because of the way they look. That's never been a factor. What I care about is the entertainment value, because after all, isn't that what they're for? If they can deliver good talent with good music (and a nice sense of humor helps!), then I love them!

  2. I am so happy that people can openly appreciate a woman's beauty, but how people could judge us does make some fans worry! And I think my crush is on Show Luo! I think he is so handsome! >3<

    I do enjoy them for entertainment purposes - I adore Eripon because of how funny she is! But there are also other reasons why I like other members - I mean, I like Niigaki because of her acting talent and her singing, but I love her skill as a leader and her leader-like personality. But I agree, Idols are there to entertain - however I do seem to prefer how my Idols look or act over their vocals xD

    1. Yeah, personality does help. :) Like one of the reasons I love Sunye (the leader of the Wonder Girls) is because she's so caring and always looking out for others. Personality also has negative effects, though... like I love Kanana for her kawaiiness, but her clingy personality really irritates me... XD

    2. Yes! Though I somewhat understand Kanananananana's clinginess - I'm a rather clingy person with the people I truly love, so I understand her, though I am surprised at how personal she is for a Japanese girl! She's a lot more in your face than other H!P members are. But Zukki was the same, and Satou is that way too I think xDor Satou's just an air-head ;D

  3. That needed to be said, and you said it pretty accurately.

    I would see them more as how I think young girls should be and how I hope my daughter will grow up. Althogh how an idol presents herself and how she feels is totally different. But I like the image of fun-loving, innocent, polite sometimes a bit silly. I would see them as daughters more than anything.

    I can see cuteness in the idols, but unless they're Ishikawa Rika (jaja uma paradise days..) or Yossie I woldn't find them sexy. I can appreciate the beauty but for me young girls should never be put in a position to be called sexy. That's just asking for people to think pervy things about them (not hating on anyone at all here, just that stuff ain't for me).

    1. Something's stuck behind my u key. Sorry for multiple typos OTZ

    2. Whilst I will say things like 'She is sexy!' I generally don't mean it in that sort of way if it is an underaged Idol! But, it is also me appreciating their beauty! xD

      I understand where you are coming from, though - if I started to call Haruka sexy, people would probably see it in a different light to me xD

  4. I would not worry too much about trolls like that. There was a lot of that kind of thing going on when Hey! Say! JUMP debuted as well and people complaining how they were too young to debut. Though it you look at the ages of members from semapai groups they were about the same age so the argument is rather silly.

    As an older Johnny's fan I do feel pressure about being a fan of young groups and Juniors but honestly my view on them is akin to the way you view Marius. They are cute and would be an ideal younger male relative. I really cannot see them as sexy, especially as I have nieces and a nephew that are around the ages of the younger ones so that kind of thinking just creeps me out to no end. And I have so much trouble seeing the members of Hey! Say! 7 as sexy because I still remember them when they were much younger and those thoughts were so repellent to me.

    The only Johnny's I would say I have a legit crush on, as they are my ideal boyfriend material, are Nagase Tomoya and Matsuoka Masahiro from TOKIO, who are both older than me. And while I have favorites in younger groups I see them more as the kind of guys I want to be friends with or admire because I feel like they are the kind of person I want to be.

    When it comes to female idols they all fall into the kind of people I would like to have as a friend or admire and want to be like. I mean sure, I can see that they are pretty and all that but for me it is personality first and foremost.

    1. Haha, yeah :D I don't mind trolls in general, I find them quit humorous if anything, but it does get me wondering, and wondering leads me to writing xD And yeah, I had a feeling H!S!J would have been like that- I mean, I wasn't around for their debut, but some of the members are younger than me... xD

      Marius <3 I will forever see him as a brother or a son now xD I think, despite the name, they will never be sexy in a Wota's eyes unless a wota came a bit later - considering I have seen him as a young kid,like you said, you don't get that out of your head ever - but with idols like Ryosuke, I kinda can see him in a more manly, crush-like way because this is the time I saw him - I never experienced when he was a little Junior xD

      Older men <3 I will openly fawn over Arashi, they are beautiful people who I would totally crush on and date! xD but the rest I would probably see as brothers or good friends.

      And yeah, I do somewhat idol the girls more than the guys, but I see them as girls I want as friends >3<

  5. I'm a gay guy... But I really love watching H!P girls performs... It's just so much fun to watch and the two hours I spent every time I watch one of their concerts and countless hours of internet browsing is totally justified... I don't find it weird, that sometimes when i see their photos i say 'that's so hot' or 'gorgeous'... I can appreciate their talent and beauty without questioning my sexuality...

    Meanwhile, the supposedly handsome guys/boys from JE don't do much for me... I always think they look awkward, or maybe they're just not my type...
    Same for K-pop boybands... Kangin is an exception though... I always have a huge crush on him... And SuJu has been going downhill since his departure... Their last album is a hot mess, even half-naked shiwon couldn't save it... (well, it's debatable, but it's not our main concern here)

    1. Hello! ^3^ I do agree that watching H!P girls perform is great, they are always very energetic - I love how they all enjoy themselves, you can see that they love it! And it's great when people can openly say they appreciate other people's beauty, regardless of sexuality.

      In all honesty, guys don't do much for me either - I don't know why, but maybe because I don't care about boy groups as much,I just have an immunity. I will say some are cute but I haven't had a crush on any of the JE boys yet! O-O

    2. oh, by the way... I love that you mention Eripon here... You're totally right, for a fan like us, she's possibly the most relatable girl in the whole japanese idol scene... She's one of us (and one of them at the same time)... I totally love the fact that she cried when meeting Yuko, fangirls over Gaki, sleeps with gaki's photobook... I can totally picture myself hanging out with her chatting about how Gaki is so full of awesomeness.... XD

      I'm really glad that she (or the management) shows this side of her more since her initial defining personality became really tame after Masaki came... (which is totally adorable by the way)... but, unfortunately, this make Mizuki left without any standout trait... she's just the pretty one among pretty girls in momusu...

    3. *correction*
      ...but, unfortunately, this leaves Mizuki without any standout trait...

      (I knew something was wrong with that sentence, realized it just now...)