Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Full Blown Happiness - BeriKyuu's 'Because Happiness X Shaiawase no Tochuu' Review!


Holy rainbow sprinkles and Nyan cats, Tsunku is a mother-fucking genius!

Okay, so before I really get into this post of craze-filled happiness, I'm sorry for not being on in a while - my computer's decided to officially kill itself and stay that way, so I am currently computer-less (and pissed off) and borrowing my sisters computer instead, which is good because I love her keyboard! But anyway, I've said what I needed to, now onto the review/craze-filled happiness that is this perfect song!

So, Tsunku is a genius - I have said that already, but seriously, I think he is - I mean, it's pretty much common for fans of certain groups to mash up songs together to see what can be created, but for a producer to take on that idea and implement it into two of H!P's most popular groups is something that I think was beyond any fans' imagination. First, Tsunku brought in Dub-step with Morning Musume's newest single, and now he's been trolling the Youtube basement and making what fans do all the time - a song that was made up of two totally different songs. In my mind, that is absolutely genius and also absolutely wonderful.

I actually didn't know about this until my sister told me when I got home from college today, but holy hell, I love it! It's just perfect! The happiness in it is so great, and the girls sound so beautiful! It actually makes me wish that this was the song that Berikyuu brought out instead of that shit piece of fail Amzuppai blahdy blah. I mean, this is just so great... It's beautiful, it makes me think of happy things, rainbows, sparkles, Nyan cat... all that good stuff, you know? It's so sweet, and really original. It's something I haven't heard.

The most surprising thing about this track though, is that the songs are totally different. Now, I haven't heard Berryz'z Because Happiness yet, but from what my sister tells me, it's a very disco-like song, whilst C-ute's Shiawase no Tochuu is a slower and calmer song, so these two tracks are the total opposit eache other - but, they make the perfect song. As my sister said 'The Piano in Shiawase no Tochuu really compliments the disco beat of Because Happiness'. She is totally right - these two songs really do compliment each other. If they didn't, we wouldn't get this absolutely beautiful piece.

I think that this song is the best thing that Tsunku has probably ever created. I love that he has taken what fans do all the time, and create an official song from it. People say he's losing his touch, but look what he has created -- a really great song, on purpose, that is made with two different songs that are totally different to each other. It's amazing that nobody noticed it for so long, especially as at some parts, the two groups say the same lyrics! My sister pointed that out to me, and she was so excited and surprised and happy by it when she told me!

This just shows how amazing Tsunku is, and it shows how amazing both C-ute and Berryz Kobou are. If this doesn't show how close the group is, then nothing else will.

This song is going to become my favourite Berikyuu song, I swear it will. It's filled with full blown happiness!



  1. To be honest... I don't like the mashup. The songs are awesome separately, but together it just sounds too weird. I thought I was gonna love it when I first saw it (I love the Buono! girls so I love it when they're all together) but I could only listen to half of it before I got annoyed.

    1. That's sad to hear, but also really understandable too! I don't like most mash ups in general on youtube, I find them messy and hard to listen to sometimes, but I adore this one, mostly because it blends well, and because it is, in all honestly, purposeful. But yeah, I can see why you would like the two songs separately :)