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Unleashing the Inner Fangirl - KAT-TUN'S 'LOCK-ON' PV Review!!!

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I am in no way a KAT-TUN fan, and I am pretty sure that you all know that. I don't really like their music, because it's different to what appeals to me... but I have found a sound that I do like from them, and I was really surprised that is from their newest PV, Lock-On, which is a song from their recent album (if I am correct) Chain, which I think my darling friend really likes, considering she did her own review of the album here. Check it out, it's quite funny. Well, at least it is to me.

Anyway, as I said - in no way am I a fan of this group, and I don't really aim to be. However this song, this PV... wow. I don't know why, but when I first saw it, I was struck. The song is just...

Oh man, we need a pic-spam before I turn into goo and babble!

I love the setting for this PV! It's really futuristic, to me xD

Badassery FTW!

Kame: "BITCHES Out of my centre, I am FABULOOOOOUS~"

Kame is fabulous and knows it

Er... wtf is going on with Kame's hair here? That random curl looks weird :/

Because broody men are SEXY MEN!

Kame has his orgasm face on!

Your voice is beautiful!

And you are just beautiful! And your voice is good, too! ;o


Some of these dance moves are really funny XD


Oh my... -melts and turns into goo-

So... this is the chick they're pining after? -pulls the plug on her-

I bet you, that if we played 'Guess Chiima's Bias' you wouldn't guess who it is by now ;D xD

Er... is he petting that case?

You are cute! -drools over him-

Oh man he is HAAAAWT!

Now I wish that I knew all of their names, other than Kame's Dx

I couldn't help but LOL at his expression xD

All fawning over their Robot-woman... :/

This guy... -drools more-

Admit it - this is an epic clip. He looks. HAWT!!!

Break it down, boys!

In all honesty - his acting scenes are the most sincere, and that is why I like this guy!

"Oh God... Why..."

And yes... I will admit this, right here, right now... and, this is hard for me to admit, but...

Kame. Is. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!


Honestly, this guy bores me...

Oh, fuuuuu---- MEWTWO'S ALIIIIIIIVE!!!!!

But don't worry, because Kame has is LOCK-ON!!!

Oh God... The emotion!!!!

Kame wants YOU!!!

Has anyone else noticed that he is the only one to not look at the robot? xD

Damnit, too dark! I can't look at their backsides D;

E.T Phone... Home...

So, this review has been something I have wanted to write for a while now - and it never got done. Why? Because I like to put things off, and wondered if doing a KAT-TUN PV review would actually be worth it. In the end, I decided 'Time to write about how much I really like this song and PV', and found myself writing this right now, instead of reviewing C-ute's latest PV, which I have a feeling I will kind of... not do, if I can help it. It depends.

Anyway, I never intended to watch the PV for this, or even listen to the song. But when it came out I listened to it a lot, and was surprised by how much I really liked the song. Then, I decided that it was time to watch the PV to see how it fared with the song - and honestly? This is simply bliss for me.

The PV is done so simply, but is so effective. It isn't something cheap and tacky, and you can tell that there was work and effort put into this. Yes, it takes place in one room, and there really isn't a plot line of any sort - but the expressions, the motion that some of the members bring across, the dancing and the absolute beauty of it all is what makes me really enjoy this. I really enjoyed KAT-TUN, and not some PV that is made to enhance the quality of the song at all. I saw pure talent, and I saw an absolutely amazing performance from this group, and I don't really see many amazing performances from AKB or Hello! Project any more - rarely do they effect me in a way that I enjoy how the girls are rather than what they are obligated to do in the video. Yes, I like the videos, and certain girls appeal - but in this video, I just had an enjoyable time reading the emotions on their faces, rather than being distracted by a background and pretty things.

Oh lord... I just admitted that KAT-TUN are enjoyable D; What is this world coming to!?

Anyway, I can't deny that these guys are all talented - I was amazed by this PV. Okay, some of them aren't really that great at the acting portions of the PV, but others are - however, they are all amazing at creating an atmosphere around them, and all of them are beautiful singers. Especially that guy who has such expressive emotion. Seriously, he amazed me. I want to know his name. At that guy who is so beautiful that I want to kiss him. Seriously, spikey-haired guy who looked so broody throughout the whole MV? I like him. He is my bias now.

But yeah - the PV was nothing like I expected. It is really, really good. Simple in how it was executed, but ultimately powerful in how the men present themselves - especially Kame. This PV just showed me how beautiful Kame is, even with a weird little curl in his hair that looks... awkward. But all of these guys... wow. They are great singers, awesome dancers, and great entertainers. They kept me entertained throughout the PV, without having to even do a lot. That's talent.

The song itsel fis wonderful - I liked it after listening to it the first time. The amazing power behind it is why I like it, I think. It's also freakin' catchy, which helps. I honestly did not think that I would take to this song so quickly when I did, and I thought that I would have to replay it to death to try and even like it - but it is such a great song! It's cool, powerful and magnetic, I just love how it sounds. It really gets me energised, and makes me want to write a lot faster than I normally do. It's such. A Great. Song!

The power and beautiful voices just make it wonderful, I really can't express how much I like it. Seriously, this makes me want to listen to more KAT-TUN and to like them more and more. Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if I become a fan of theirs by their next single if it is as good as Lock-On is. I adore this song, and all of these men are beautiful. Beautiful, beautiful men who have gorgeous voices and make me want to love them.

Damnit... I'm turning into a fangirl... crap...

I have finally unleashed my inner fangirl for a real boy group... e.e

Oh boy...

So, do you have any thoughts on KAT-TUN's amazing song, LOCK-ON? Are you as crazy about it as me?

Also: Phob, I BLAME YOU! ;A;


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  1. My work here is done >'3

  2. To help you with putting names to faces, the broody guy with the short spiky hair is Ueda Tatsuya. The one with the voice you really like and longish hair is Tanaka Koki. And for the other guy with the mohawk-ish hair is Taguchi Junnosuke, but is more commonly known as Junno.

    Honestly Junno and Ueda are my faves from this group so I must commend you for your good taste. XD

    1. Excellent tastes, mhm hm~ XD XD XD

      Dude, they are GORGEOUS <3 I want to marry Ueda.