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Orgasmic Expressions and Puppy-Dog Eyes - Hey! Say! Jump!'s 'Super Delicate' PV Review!!!

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I think that the saying 'Better late than Never' really applies to both SUPER DELICATE and LOCK-ON right now, because whilst this PV has been out for a while now, I never reviewed it straight away - why? Well, it is mostly due to laziness, and not wanting to corrupt my fangirlishness of girl groups. But seriously? How could I have ignored the gorgeous Ryosuke for so long? I am such a failure! Oh my!

Anyway, this review has been a long-time coming post, one which I have wanted to do for a while but never got around to doing. But, I'm reviewing it now - mostly because Ryosuke looks simply gorgeous, this song is beautiful and there are some laughable costumes which makes me question how much the wardrobe department must hate some of these guys, because seriously, what are some of these guys even wearing!?

So, without any delays, let's get on with this (quite long) pic spam and then a review! GO!!!

The opening is so. DAMNED. PRETTEH!

Ryosuke, don't hide yo pretteh face! We want to see you!

Oh. God. He looks so orgasmic...

I don't think that these sort of moves will ever get old, they just look amazingly cool xD

Obligatory crotch shot <3

Ryosuke: Damned pretteh and he knows it.

Yeah, you work that catwalk girlfriend!

... Wait... is he wearing pearls? Dafuq?

Pearl Dude: "You bet I am! I work these pearls!"

Oh no... it looks like Willy Wonka and a Farmer mated and then coughed up this hack-job of an outfit...

Oh man, the costume department must hate this poor son of a gun...

Man that suit pattern is gross. But the guy? He's cute as a button! I just want to hug him!

Okay, this guy is hot... I want to jump on him And look, he has a decent suit!

Please, pelvic thrust... please...

I love the colour of his tie xD And by far, he has the best freakin' suit <3

Look at Ryosuke, checkin' himself out... that sexy dog


Oh man, those pants... Someone in the wardrobe department does not like Ryosuke...

Though they do suit him, weirdly enough...

Oh man, the palm flip face thing is mine and my sisters favourite move... xD We do this when we're bored, because it's just so... epic? xD

Hottie (who is Yabu Kota methinks) says Calm the Fuck DOWN

Whilst Hikaru begs for the stylists to forgive him and to do his hair and wardrobe better. He's sick of being the unfortunate one.

Poor guy, that hair is ugly and so are his clothes

Okay, let's dance to distract from Hhikaru's misfortune!

Oh, Daiki, I adore you <3 Such a cute little guy!

Face Palm Lvl: Hey! Say! Jump!

Ryosuke is using his mind powers to undress you...

Does it work?

Iis Hikaru wearing pink tights?


Wardrobe hates him... a lot

Daiki looks like a puppy here! So adorable!!!

This guy is pulling the duck face, omg, so cute xD He looks moody but cute!!! XD

Strip, strip, STRIP!!!!!

Oh gawd I'm a pervert today

The JE army is here! Ryosuke is the leader, of course. Hotties unite!!!

Even though he wears a pearl choker with a tie attached to it, he looks hawt as heck here...

Such a tragic suit, but Daiki still manages to charm me... especially with that back reflection staring so intently...

-dies of cuteness/hawtness overload-

What is with unfortunate trousers/pantaloons in this PV!?

Oh lordy Ryosuke looks freakin' hot here... I could melt from that gaze, even if it's meant to be a death glare...

Take me now!!!!

Now that is one orgasmic face! Yes, you have that orgasm of absolute pleasure! This PV deserves it!

I just took this screen cap for the pure awesomeness of Yabu. God, he looks hot here. Mhm-Mhm!

Ryosuke at the front line of the JE army, looking as sexy as ever!

And... END with a CGI stage! Floating in the air, no less...

I'm reminded of Sexy Zone's floating castle in their debut PV... :/

Oh man, I am hyper right now... but I guess that's what happens when you stay awake until nearly 2:00am, hyped up from chocolate and sugary fizzy drinks. Meh!

Anyway, as I stated previously before I started the long and much needed pic-pam, this review has been waiting around to be done, I just didn't know when I would do it - but I knew that this is the review that I wanted to do before LOCK-ON appeared and blew me away. And honestly? I really like the video for this PV, and I really enjoy the song. I think that H!S!J! did a brilliant job with it, other than a few questionable outfits, of course...

With the PV in question, I love the simplicity of it all, for the pure fact that I am a sucker for simple things. I think that the main reason I liked this, though, was the facial expressions - there's some great ones in this PV, more so the orgasm-like ones, but Daiki blew me away in this video with his innocent look. I noticed him the first time I watched Super Delicate, and I fell in love with that puppy-like appearance he has here. Ryosuke also stole the show, of course, because he's just gorgeous and yummy, but Daiki is probably my favourite member in this entire video - his innocent, puppy-dog like look really took me in, and I fell for him. If he becomes my favourite member because of this video, I won't be surprised.

Anyway, let's get my adoration for certain members out of the way and talk about the visuals of the PV. Visually, this PV probably isn't that interesting. I mean, it all takes place on a main stage, and a room with mirrors, pretty simple, and easy to do. In fact, this PV is really similar to Morning Musume's Onna Ga Medatte Naze Ikenai in that sense, and this PV reminded me of that video because of the elements this video seemed to borrow from Onna Ga. But, Hey! Say! Jump! definitely made it their own - there was a really good dance, the guys all looked good (some more than others) and I just enjoyed it. There really isn't much else to say on how visual the PV was. No, there was not much there, but what they did have, they worked with, and they all worked with it well. I think that the end result was an amazing job.

Now, the costumes - Oh lord, the costumes. What. Did. They. DO? I mean, some of those outfits were just tragic, especially poor Hikaru's... Really, when I see him in the PV now, I just think that he is the Aika of Hey! Say! Jump! because of his tragic hair and tragic clothes... That poor guy, he really got the rough end of the stick here, because... wow... those clothes were ugly. Both the casual wear and the catwalk wear. He looked like a Farmer.
 But it wasn't just Hikaru, it was most of the members who got really ugly and puke-worthy suits. Daiki had something hideous on, and Ryosuke's pants were just awful. Really, is it so hard to take out a snazzy suit and give them all something nice? I wish they had found something more appealing for the guys, rather than give them something that not even a dog would barf on. I honestly believe that the wardrobe or costume department did not like certain members.

Okay, wardrobe malfunctions and dislikes aside, the PV is good. The dance is nice, but not totally awesome like it could be. I adored the arm movements they used, and Ryosuke is nice to look at in the front. The camera-work was great, I liked the different shots that were used throughout, especially when Daiki was shown in his hot/adorable glory, and I think that the scenes were done well. A simple PV for someone who likes all things simple and sweet.

Also, those sexy faces they pulled were just wonderful. Don't deny it!

Now, moving onto the music itself - Super Delicate is a really nice song! When I first listened to it, I was pretty sure that I wouldn't really like it, and therefore, would not listen to it more than once - but after I listened to it once, I wanted to listen to it again, and I really did get into it. The song is very nice, it's calm and beautiful, and really showcases how wonderful Ryosuke's voice is. When the opening line came in, I melted the first time I heard it. And then the beautiful face of Ryosuke appeared. It was amazing for me the first time I heard that beautiful Ah.

Now, I would have honestly preferred a better line distribution between the members of the group, rather than Ryosuke + other guy feat. H!S!J!, but I know that when I think that, it's all wishful, much like line distribution becoming fair in Morning Musume or Berryz. I know that it won't happen, even though I want it to. But that's honestly my only complaint with the song. I think that, whilst the line distribution is disappointing, everyone sang really well and made a gorgeous song that sounds wonderful. It certainly shows off their 'delicate' voices, and it's a nice change of pace from Magic Power.

So yeah - The song is nice. It can get a little boring after a while, I will admit that, but I like it, just as much as I like the PV. It won't become my favourite song any time soon, and it certainly did not leave such a big impression on me like LOCK-ON did, but it is a great edition to the track list of H!S!J! (which I still need to listen to, omg) and is a nice calm song to counter the happy, up-beat ones.

And this is where I will end the review. I'm tired, and I know that half of what I say, I don't even understand myself. It all looks like gobble-dee-goop to me right now, which is not good. So, this is where I will end my PV review, and hope that you guys can read what the heck I have written @.@

Sadly, I can only find a live performance of the song. It seems that all the PVs have been taken down, which sucks!

So, what do you guys think of this PV, and who is your favourite member of Hey! Say! Jump!?


PING!!! International Wota Recommended Reading: March 15th, 2012


  1. Well I've already done my review of the PV on my blog so you probably know what I think.

    My favorite member pretty much has been Takaki Yuya from the start. I love how he looks cool but is honestly a big kid at heart.

    1. Actually I haven't read it! WHY!? -goes to read it-

      I had to find Takaki Yuya, then remembered that he was the 'cool' looking one xD I really don't think much of him right now, but he had one of the best suits in this video xD