Wednesday, 21 March 2012

OMFG THIS IS EPIC!!! - A much needed quick Review of the 'Renai Hunter' PV

Do you know how much I love this song and video!?

I honestly wasn't expecting anything so epic to come out of Morning Musume for Gaki's final single, but oh man... UFA have finally opened up their minds and created something awesome!!! This is, by far, the best graduation single for any Morning Musume leader. It beats out Ai's, for crying out loud! And it isn't even a double A-side, and Gaki does not get as many lines as Ai ever did!

Seriously... UFA, I applaud you. Well done for getting off of your cheap, sorry asses and doing something awesome!

I don't think that I can express how much I love both this song and video in any other way than what I am expressions right now. I mean, I couldn't have asked for more for Gaki's last single as a Morning Musume member. I mean... wow. I am at a loss for words.

When I first saw that this video had popped up in my youtube newsfeed, I immediately ran to grab my younger sister. She recently moved into her own place with her boyfriend and baby, and so I had to go and get her, because I promised that if Renai Hunter came out any time when she wasn't visiting, then I wouldn't watch it without her, and would go and find her. A few minutes later, out of breath and excited, we began to watch the epicness that is this video. And we seriously didn't expect such an awesome, wonderful video!

I mean, it's beautiful - from Gaki being just sexy to the costumes. Everything is wonderful here, though I will have to note those Yume Miru 15sai-esque curtains that they seem to use in the video. But really, everything else is wonderful. The dance is great, the costumes look so badass and Gaki as a centre position, where the dance revolves around solely her during some parts? Yes, I am in love.

I mean, the fact that there is a lot more Aika, and a whole lot of Gaki love going on is just pure epicness. I was kind of expecting something with Reina as a centre, with Riho backing up, and Gaki just being there on the side, but still a front girl. Then again, I was also expecting the girls to run around with guns, hunting each other like something out of Battle Royale. That would have been awesome, yes, but what we get here is just every Gaki fans fantasy: Gaki taking on the main role, despite not having as many vocals as certain members, and dominating the scene like she deserves to.

When me and my sister finished the video, we were just simply in awe - the pure amount of Gaki amazed us, and we knew then that Gaki's last single, though she may not have haid as many lines as Reina, was far better, and much greater, than Ai-chan's was. Whilst Ai got two A-sides, Gaki takes on a role where she is seen, heard and remembered. This video has her right, left and centre, and she did much more than Ai here. Hell, the freaking dance revolves around her a lot more than Kono Chikyuu revolved around Ai-chan! I mean... wow. Even the ending, where it shows Morning Musume's name, is solely Gaki based and just shows how important Gaki is, or was, to Morning Musume as a whole. This song and video literally screams 'This is the end of Morning Musume's longest running member, this is the end of an era'. Well... that's what it says to me.

I love this video and song, and whilst this isn't a full review, I really needed to post this - I needed to express how much I loved it, and why I loved it. I'm too excited to not do that. I hope that you will anticipate the pic spam plus a better written review when I just explain stuff.


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  1. I agree with you on, like, EVERYTHING! I was absolutely stunned when I saw this video! It's just amazing!!!! And of course a few minutes later I thought "I wonder if Chiima will like this..." XD

    1. Yaaay, glad you agree! I absolutely adore it <3 It's the best in a while, so to say, in terms of how it represents the girls :D And haha, you thought of me >.< Thank you >3< <3