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Let's Be Genki and Take Over the World! - Berryz Kobou's 'Be Genki! (Naseba Naru!)' PV Review!!!

All opinions are my own, and no one else's. In no way do I feel that you have to personally take my opinion, nor do you have to agree with everything I say - I write what I feel, and if you want to express your feelins, do so - but do not flame me for what I like and do not like! What I say about this group/song/PV is what I want to say.

I don't like Berryz Kobou - they're the group that I rank the least when I think of Hello! Project as a whole, and the group I do tend to avoid. This is mostly due to my major dislike of Momoko and Risako, though I do adore Miyabi and Chinami. The rest? Meh.

That said, I haven't liked a song from Berryz since Heroine ni Narou Ka, which I absolutely adored when it came out. The rest of last year was a disappointment for the lack-luster singles Berryz kept producing, an my interest in them just kept getting lower and lower. And, I was pretty sure that I wouldn't like this single when it came out - especially with those god-awful costumes which need to be burned.

But, surprisingly, I like it - especially as it is a nice throw back to old Berryz in terms of how the music sounds. But, no matter how much I like the song, those costumes need to be burned in hell along with those fugly Ai no Dangan costumes. Eurgh.

So! Let's get to the pic-spam part of the review for Berryz new single, Be Genki! (Naseba Naru!)!!!!

Super Berryz are HERE!!!

This reminds me of a Fudanjuku PV that had TV's... and 9nine's Shoujo Traveler... :<

Epic Miyabi is in the middle! She looks effing AWESOME!

Miyabi: "That's because I AM awesome!"

Man, she's pretty in this video!

I don't know why, but I seem to liken Risako to a pigeon in this PV...

Kappu: "Nap time! Nap Nap!"

No, Kappu, we have to finish the rest of the song!

I hate it when Risako pulls her 'sexy face' because she just looks like she's passing gas, or like she is having a hard time concentrating/looks like a pigeon :/

She looks like a scousewife

Chinami is just pure cuteness in this! Kyaaaa! >//3\\<

Poor Maasa, she looks like she wants to cry all the time in this video! Though at certain points, she reminds me of Risako... o-O

Ri-Suck-OH!: "Duck Faysche, myesh?"

Nope, you're doing it wrong - but you have pigeon face down!

Yurina: "You wanna mess wiv ME?"

If you don't watch it, Yurina will punch yo' lights out!

In all honesty, those pigtails are ugly and don't suit Momoko - but she looks quite cute here

We be the Super, Super-Super-DUPER, Super-Awesome-Cool-Beans, Super Berryz Kobou! DUPER-SUPER-NYAN-NYAN~

This scene is so effing pretty!!!

Chinami loves it, too!

Miyabeam: Bitches, I am your overlord, Miyabeam the Only! BOW DOWN TO ME AND MY ARMY OF GNOMES!

... Gnomes?

Chinami: "I'm a centre now!"
Ri-Suck-OH!: "Not for long, bitch!"

Da-da-da-da-da Da-da-da-da-da Da-dala-da-da Da-dala-daaaaa~~~~

Oh, look! Miyabeam can see us through her goggles of coolness!

Miyabi: "Actually, they're my X-ray goggles!"

Miyabeam: "Who said I wasn't cute!? I am cute, just look at me!"

Don't worry, Miya, those K-pop fans were wrong ;___;

Saki looks like she wants to cry... Dx

So does Maasa! Cry together!

On the other hand, Yurina is really happy! Genki-desu!

They're all lining up to bow down to Captain Saki!

Kappu: "But... I don't want that..."

Who looks like she wants to cry, again...

Yurina: "Bitches, bow down to ME! I am your Giant Overlord now!"
Kappu: "Kyaaaaaa! Yurina shot everyone down!"

Yurina: "I am the Berryz Overlord now! Bow down to ME, unworthy swine!"

Ri-Suck-OH!: "F**k off, teehee~ Is there anything in my teeth?"

At least she ain't pouting like she usually does...

Maasa: "Oh my Gawd, Yurina's taken over Berryz Super Team!"

Yurina: "First, Berryz, next, the WOTA-WORLD!!!!!"

Yurina: "I am so effing cool!"

Ri-Suck-OH!: "I'm sexy, myesh?"


Damn, Chinami is hawt! This was the only time I felt that any of the members looked sexy...

Momoko: "Nyaaaan, if Yurinyan takes over, can Momokanyan be second in line, nyan nyan?"

Ri-Suck-OH!: "What can we do? Yurina will take over the world if we don't stop her!"

Miyabeam: "All hope is not lost! I will save you all from this terrible fate!"

Chinami +  Momoko: "We will be saved! Nyaaan!~"

Miyabeam: "For the sake of Love, Peace and Paradise, I WILL save the rest of the Berryz Team and stop Yurina from taking over the Wotadom!"
Yurina: "I would like to see you try!"

Okay, time to reference Guru Guru Curtain! Wave the capes, girls, WAVE THEM!!!

Chinami: "How will this save us from Yurina?"
Miyabi: "Shut up, Chinami, this plan is flawless!"

Dramatic Dracula pose!!!!

As I said before, Berryz Kobou are not my favourite group under the Hello! Project umbrella. Their songs tend to bore me, and I don't like most of the members, with Chinami and Miyabeam being an exception here. However, I do like some of their songs - namely Heroine ni Narou Ka, which still remains as my favourite Berryz song since its release. I think the song is amazing, and I honestly wasn't expecting to come out of this PV thinking 'I like this just as much as I like Heroine ni Narou Ka', but I did. And I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the video and the song.

I originally listened to the song as a concert rip, and detested it. I hated the beginning, and even now, I still don't like it - but the song is really good, so I was surprised that in the end, I began to like it more and more. But we'll get to the rest of that in a moment. Right now, I want to talk about the PV portion.

The PV is okay. It isn't exactly ground-breaking, but it's pretty good - better than Pyoko? Heck fucking yeah. It's nice to see the girls out of the bloody studio (please, MM, take this in a note! NO MORE STUDIO'S!!!) and actually out in the open. I like that they are on a freakin' roof, dancing in the night with lights surrounding them. I like that they are in a random warehouse, in super hero costumes, singing about being energetic. I like that this is different to what H!P seem to be giving us lately. Okay, so the hero costumes aren't exactly new - but this is the closest we will ever get to Berryz rangers right now.

Talking about the costumes - those are tacky as heck, and I hate them. They need to be burned, and I don't get exactly why or how they are relevant to the song or video at all. Maybe H!P decided that, because MM were getting chicken suits, then Berryz would need super hero outfits to run around in. Well, they're fugly, and I wouldn't wear them. I think that's one of the real downers about the PV.

All of the girls - especially Yurina and Miyabi - look amazing in this video. There are some parts where it looks like Maasa and Saki want to cry and jump off the roof, and Risako is pulling her usual 'I think I'm sexy, but really, you are NOT' faces that piss me off a little, but other than that, everyone looks good. I especially loved how, out of everyone, Yurina looked like she was the one who was having a blast. Every time we see her, she's got this huge smile on her face and she looks so freakin' pleased to be there. It makes me wish that she got more lines for this song - and I hate her voice, so her happiness just means something to me.

Visually, this PV is awesome - there are a lot of scenes in the video and I love the dancing on the roof. I don't think that UFA use roofs enough, so it was refreshing to see the girls performing there. It was also nice to see a night scene - both me and my sister were impressed by that, and really enjoyed it. The dancing is really good, and it's energetic and fun - something suited to a song like this. My sister couldn't help but voice her disapproval at the lack of dance scenes in this video, because she seriously loves that dance.

Anyway, moving away from the PV and it's gloriousness, it's time to look at the song itself.

When I first heard this, I likened it to Chotto Matte Kudasai and Piriri to Yukou, but that's only because I don't know many of Berryz songs - but this song reminds me slightly of another single of theirs. If you guys know which one it is, please, tell me. Anyway, it reminded me of the weird and crack-potedness of Chotto Matte Kudasai, because of how energetic and different it was compared to the newer singles from this group. I was surprised, and though I still don't care for the beginning of the song, it sounds really good.

But the chorus is amazing. It's really catchy and energetic, and the girls all sound really good - especially Miyabi. Now, I would like to point out that this song is very Miyabi/Risako based. Someone commented that Momoko had a big part, too, but honestly, Momoko was pretty much left in the back here, which is surprising. But it was nice to not hear her freakin' squeak over the cool voiced Miyabi. And, surprisingly enough, I liked Risako's voice in this song - it suits her, she sounds bloody amazing, and she and Miyabi do a freakin' good job at leading the vocals with everyone else backing them.

Yes, I do wish that everyone else had gotten a few extra lines - more so, Chinami, but that's because she is a bias for me, but I would have liked to hear more Momoko as well. When she wants to, she can sing in such an amazing voice. However, the solo's that the girls did get were all really good - even Yurina's, who's voice I don't like much. I loved her lines when she sang them, because she seemed to really suit this song. I think that all the girls did a brilliant job in making this song energetic and fun. They sound like they loved singing it, and I loved listening to them.

Now, there's one thing that actually bugs me about this song, and it's a certain part of the backing track - it usually comes up when they are singing solo lines, before their Na Nai's. The backing track has a certain sound to it which reminds me of game soundtracks, more specifically, Pokémon soundtracks. Because of this, I keep wondering if I left my Pokémon Pearl running on my DS, and every time I heard it, I would look around and then remember that it was the song. I have no idea if it's just me who hears it, but it is seriously annoying me for the pure fact that it sounds so similar to my Pokémon music, and it makes me wonder if my DS is still turned on xD But, I do like that it was added in - it gives the song a more game-like feel to it, which is always good.

So all in all, this is a winner. I just hope that the rest of Berryz' songs don't go downhill after this like they did last year.

So, what did you think of this PV, and are you a Berryz fan?


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  1. HA! Attack of the Yurina! This is only the first step in all the tall people of the world uniting together for world domination!


    Or not.


      Though I am short XD

  2. Awesome post. I agree with most of it and laughed throughout

    1. Haha thank you! This is my first real Berryz post because I l-o-v-e-d this PV :)