Sunday, 25 March 2012

Get Out The Wine, Party Poppers and Balloons, cos Haturs' Gunna Celebrate...

If you take the title seriously, then wow... xD My opinions = my own!

So a surprising news article appeared today, stating the graduation announcement of AKB48's leading lady, Maeda Atsuko. I wasn't intending to post anything about it, because really, I don't care about AKB enough to write about who is graduating (unless it's Takamina or Yuko, ofc), however as there is a lot of hype around it, why not jump into the deep end and swim with the fishies as well?

Now, I have stated on several/millions of occasions that Acchan is in fact that member of AKB48 I do not like. There is something about her than genuinely irritates me, and I don't mind admitting that. That said, I do not hate her - so anonymous comments who say 'OMG U HATE AKB, U HATUUUR!!!' - please go and play butthurt somewhere else. I don't hate the girl, I just don't like her like you do. I won't follow her just because you want me to. End of.

Okay, getting back on track - I was quite surprised to see this news pop up, though at first I thought it was a rumour. I was on my facebook account, and one of my friends on there had written a status in french, and it said 'Maeda Atsuko... leaving...', and that was how I first found out about it, but put it past my mind as Arama or Tokyohive hadn't really said anything about it, and I couldn't find news articles online about it (not even in Japanese, then again, my research sucks). So, a few hours later, guess what popped up?

Yeah... and I was enjoying the comments on Arama, but that's mostly because I like to take on the role of being a sadistic cow once in a while and revel in other peoples' misery. Okay, that's a joke - but it was fun looking at all of the reactions people were having concerning this news. Especially one that said 'The Acchan haters will now have something to celebrate...', and honestly, that makes me want to go and get a glass of wine to toast to her departure. But I won't, because I am not wasting any of my wine on Acchan.

... I also don't have wine to waste, so yea...

Anyway, let's cut to the chase - I wasn't expect Acchan to go now. I actually expected her to be in AKB until it disbanded, to be quite honest. Actually, I was more so thinking that Mariko would graduate (a lot of people seem to think so), so this was somewhat surprising for me. It also makes me wonder what will happen to AKB48 as a whole after she leaves...

When I was talking to my sister about, she gave me her speculations on the matter, and said that, because of this, she has a feeling that AKB may start to dwindle popularity wise, as Acchan was their biggest money maker and the girl who pretty much lead them to their victory for a while now. She is the face of AKB48 and the most recognisable member - even when I didn't know about AKB48 that well, it was Acchan who I always saw, and because of the amount she was plastered on the internet on English News sites that were Japanese based, I became more aware of who she was and the group she was associated with. That is pretty much how powerful/popular the girl is. So, it really does make me wonder if AKB will be able to go on without her?

Well, my guess is yes. I mean, if Morning Musume did fine with Gotomo, Abe Natsume and Ai-chan, then I think that AKB will do fine without Maeda. Considering Yuko's popularity as well as Mariko's kind of 'eh' popularity, AKB still has a lot of strong front girls. And, I hear they are bringing in SKE48 member Jurina and an NMB48 girl who are also popular? Aki-P is probably trying to do a lot for AKB now that his front girl is going off into the wilderness to seek fame and fortune in, apparently, acting (lol).

So, what do I think of this move, overall?

Honestly, I am pleased. I don't like Maeda Atsuko as an idol much at all. I find her acting rather crap (Hey, I speak the truth - you hate it, then go somewhere else where people praise Idols) and I don't care for her. However, she is the face of AKB48, the centre, the girl that everyone knows in the Wota world (if you don't, can I move into the rock next door to you?) and one of the biggest money makers in terms of being an Idol right now, I think. She is popular, and I think that her graduation might hurt AKB48 a little bit. I don't know how much, so I estimate a little bit.

Anyway, let's just say this - I'm gonna be quite happy to not see her face in future PV's, however, there will probably be a small feeling of 'WHERE DAFUQ IS SHE?' for the first few videos that she isn't in, and I am saying that truthfully. Also, to add to that, her graduation message was quite nice. It's weird to think that an Idol has mood swings...

Now, it's time to kick back, relax and watch the reactions of this news roll in, or to read existing comments...


I feel like a bitch, MWAHAHAHAHA

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  1. The news is still very surprising to me. Again, she's not my favorite member but she was one of the better front girls to me... So I wonder now who's going to fill that vacant spot she'll leave. Hopefully Yuko. Or Takamina. Or Sayaka! (kidding, she'll never be in Senbatsu again...)

    I'm a terrible person for thinking this but whenever I picture Acchan announcing her graduation, I picture Yuko backstage laughing maniacally in triumph XD

    1. In all honesty, waking up and seeing the news again... it is surprising for me as well, even though I am not keen on Acchan in the slightest! And I would love for Takamina to take up the full centre position! And Sayaka? I'm guessing she was in a sort of scandal?

      Mwahahahahaha, wow, Yuko, you go! xD Joke, but that would have been hullu funny!

    2. Sayaka sort of had a scandal (a dumb one involving her 60 something year old teacher spending the night at her apartment that caused her to momentarily step down as captain of team K even though I don't think anyone really thought anything other than the whole thing was overblown), but Nia is right to say she'll never be in sebatsu again....the problem with most of most of the early generation AKB members at this point is that they are really as popular in the group (or were) as they are going to get, Yukirin aside, although she may have already had her 15 minutes with the last election.

      I can't see any of the Kami7 taking over Maeda's spot other than Yuko, who isn't a long term solution. Girls demoted through the years to positions like Sayaka's (basically everyone in the 30-15) positions who are "older" I doubt will see anything other than minor fluctuations in ranking with the end result being a slow decline.

      The solution will probably be Yuko for a time.. then hopefully a promoted KKS or Team 4 member who could step up. Hell, it looks like they may even just try to work Yurina to death and have her become the face of AKB.

      I'm not terribly attached to Acchan, but after watching the graduation of Goto Maki way back in the day and seeing what's become of MM now... I feel this may be the beginning of the end unless Aki-P pulls some really smart moves. =/

  2. i really wasn't expecting to see this so soon. But i'm glad that boring as **** girl is leaving the idol scene. I don't hate her, can never hate someone i've never met let alone know, i just find her lacking in talent and personality.

    I honestly can't see Yuko staying much longer what with her various scandals that are coming out but i guess Aki P migh be regerting putting all his hopes for the group on a few girls. He really need to start promoting the girls who have been in the group just as long as Maeda but get no love from him even though they have more talent.

    1. ah, I didn't think that you did not like her! Then again, I half expect people who LOVE her to come on and comment and call me a hater xD But I agree, I feel that she lacks in both talent and personality. More so, she is a terrible actress as opposed to singing - her voice is quite nice.

      I have seen a few of these scandals popping up, but I honestly hope that it doesn't damage her career. I seem to have taken a bit of a shine to Yuko recently. But, I agree that Aki P should begin to promote other girls - he has over 90 of them! He needs to seriously help these girls work their way to the front, rather than sitting them in the back to do pretty much nothing...