Monday, 13 February 2012

Wake Up Your Naked Soul, it's Study Time! - StylipS 'STUDY x STUDY' PV Review!!!

All thoughts and opinions on this group, their song(s) and PV are solely my own and no one else's. I have a right to say what is on my mind and how I feel, just like you do. Please do not disrespect my opinion, and I will not disrespect yours. Thankies!

StylipS are a brand new 4-nin vocal unit which is basically the revival of Team Dekaris, a UFA unit which seemed to be popular. This unit is also a voice actress unit and will sing songs for anime shows, with their debut single STUDY x STUDY being the ending theme for the anime Highschool DxD, with the girls voicing some characters (whether or not they are minor characters or main ones is honestly beyond me).

Before I came across the PV, I watched the preview as well as listened to the radio rips of the B-sides to this song and really enjoyed them. After that, I anticipated the release of the video to STUDY x STUDY, as it looked like a really fun song that didn't sound overly anime-ish at all. But, I heard nothing after a while, so decided to see when the single itself was meant to be released. I found out that it was released on the 8th of this month, so I got annoyed that no PV had come up. In the end, I searched for it and came across the PV itself on JPLOP. I was really happy that I had found it on an English site, but it didn't take long to find. I actually wonder why Lantis haven't uploaded it to their youtube yet...

Anyway, that aside, I was really excited to see this PV from another UFA group to see what they were like. I already knew that YuiKaori were a part of this group, and I like them quite a lot, so I wondered what they would be like in this unit, and if my Kaori bias would still be in tact after seeing two other girls I didn't recognise in the song.

On a random, funny note - I was reading manga yesterday, seeing if anything peaked my interest, and started to read Highschool DxD to see if it would be interesting. In the end, I stopped reading it, though it seems interesting... funny how I decided to look for STUDY x STUDY today, which just so happens to be the ED for the anime to the manga... lol.

And with that... onto the pic spam!!!

I love the style they have used to make the title StylipS. It's really cool and cute at the same time.

Roofs will never become overused in UFA related PVs, cos they're barely used.

This dance is really fast-paced and fun!

... Sorry, but I don't think that Noto Arisa is overly cute.

She reminds me of a bug

And Yui looks like Watanabe Mayuyu and Maeda Yuuka's secret love child

Kaori is freakin' cute in a weird way


... My Kaori bias is being... challenged by Matsunaga Maho...

So Arisa and Kaori are the sports bias? BTW Arisa looks real cute here, less like a bug.

Lesbian Love!

And Yui and Maho cover the preppy bias?

This is cute, but Yui's smile is a little forced, and those eyes... remind me of Mayuyu...


Naked party?

Now, smoosh it into someone's face!

o-o crap...

Girls, turn around... Yui's looking crazy with that knife... seriously, turn the frick around before she murders you all

Yeah, I wonder if she's okay too, Arisa, cos she looks like she's trying to restrain herself from murder...

That, or she's trying to not pass gas... (I felt so uncomfortable typing this XD)

Arisa: I mean, I don't really wanna murder someone, but sure!
Yui: I meant the cake...
Arisa: Tsunku?

You... Oh god, forever YOU KAORI!!!

Wanna try cake on you? Sure!

New dance location? I prefer it!

One question: Why are you having a party/picnic in a garage where there is a security van? Gosh, girls, go hijack it and have some wild fun!

No, seriously... hijack it!

... Planes work too

-face palms- Whatever, dancing works better than hijacking vehicles or planes...

Yeah! We're Team Deka--- StylipS!

Maho is becoming my bias for StylipS...

Seriously, girl! You look like Mayuyu and Yuukarin's forbidden love child!

... You will forever be flawless, and will always be my bias for YuiKaori~

Heck, still my bias with Maho now. You're also my waifu with Koharu, kay?

She looks cute here...

Can't say much else xD

And we are: FABULOUS!

And so concludes the pic spam of this really cute and fun PV~

But not this review! Mwahahaha, you still need to stay for more writing! Mwaha!

Okay, so silliness over and done with, I am happy that I waited for this PV - it was pretty much worth the wait, despite how impatient I can be when it comes to videos from groups I am interested in or really like. In the end, the PV was something I didn't expect - cute, silly, fun and really well put together. It doesn't look cheap, and it's simple but effective.

In the PV, the girls all look really cute and energetic, and seem to be having a lot of fun in the song. I really enjoyed the change of scenes in this song, especially when it came to the girls having their picnic in the large open spaced garage with all the vehicles in it. I also liked that a comic-book theme was put in there to show a more relaxed atmosphere and to give the video a bit of a storyline or direction. One of my favourite parts of the video though was the dancing. The dancing is energetic and fast-paced, and I liked the fact that whilst the main dance scene takes place on a helicopter pad on a roof, it changes with wherever the girls seem to be like in the garage or outside of where the helicopter is parked. It gave a nice change of pace the video.

I really enjoyed this video - the girls all looked great and energetic, and it really added to the atmosphere of the video. The way they danced energetically with such happiness and skill really made the dance a lot more fun to watch, and their expressions and cute acting skills in the PV made it really enjoyable and cute from beginning to the end. The added effect with the sub-text in english and comic-book style type of layout was a really nice touch to the video, and made it a little less serious and more fun. This PV is definitely worth a watch, so if you still haven't watched it, do it now... or after I have finished this review!~

Now, moving onto the song that was coupled with this really nice video... wow~

I love anime songs, but in all honesty, I wouldn't pair this song with an anime ending at all - it seems more like an independent song than anything, but I guess the amount of energy put into this song kind of helps it fall into that anime song category. Anyway, other than that, I really think that this song is amazing - it's fast-paced, up-beat and really energetic, so much that it puts me into a really energetic and happy mood. It's the sort of song that you would probably listen to to give yourself more energy or to make you feel a lot happier, because that's how it makes me feel.

I absolutely love the lyrics of this - in a way, the lyrics are motivating for people who want to study, as it encourages the listener to study (hence the name of the song). However, the lyrics can be really funny as well, much like this one for example:

Hahaha! When I saw the lyrics to this song, I laughed at that line, because it's quite cute but also humorous in a way. What made it funnier was that it was in the PV - more so, with Yui's murderous creeper smile face in the background whilst holding a knife.

In the end of it all, this is such a cute song which is really energetic and happy. It's fun and kind of makes me want to dance to it, but I also like that it is encouraging studying for the people who listen to it, especially the anime lovers who will watch the anime that this song is the ending of. It's a great message, and the energy of the song makes it a lot more encouraging and fun.

In conclusion, I love both the song and the PV - they are both a really nice contrast to each other, as the PV shows the girls having fun and playing around whilst eating cake and stealing getting into helicopters, whilst the song itself is more about studying and trying to get the attention of your loved one. However, the PV and the song are a great pairing despite this - it is cute and different to other PV's that I have recently watched, and is a great debut single for what will become a really great vocal unit.

I can't wait for their next release now! Whoo! Also, here's a cute pic to end this review with!

Now, if you feel like you need to study after listening to this song, then whoop whoop, message delivered!

Still need to watch the PV? Or you want to watch it again? Good, because here it is! I highly recommend it!~

Have fun guys, and I hope that you all enjoy this wonderful song by StylipS! <3


PING!!!! International Wota Recommended Reading: February13th, 2012


  1. YUI IS MY FAVORITE IN THIS GROUP BUT NOW I CAN'T SEE ANYTHING BUT AKBCHICK AND MOLE-CHAN OH MY GOD @~@ It's kind of weird; she looks so old in the beginning of this PV. Like overly old. (like how Miyabi did in early Buono! vids) But her psycho smile is crazy cute. And speaking of cute, Maho reminds me of a chubby chipmunk xD I think it's those teeth paired up with her cheeks.

    Overall, I really like the song and PV. Another awesome release from Nice Girl Project. Their quality keeps going up. I agree with you, the song isn't really anime-y. (Then again, the stuff Buono! released after the first season of Shugo Chara wasn't really anime-y either...)

    1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA I destroyed Yui for you LAWL xD and psycho smile = WIN ;D Maho is MY chipmunk :3


      That's still alive...? XD

    2. I think so xDD At least they're still hanging in there I think :x and yes, yes you did xDD