Saturday, 4 February 2012

Okay! Musume Time ~15th Poll Winner~

Hey everyone, and welcome to the first Okay! Musume Time ~Poll Winner~ of the month. I am most likely a few hours late with this post, but, at least it isn't like... 2 weeks late, like one of the earlier ones... :/ oops?

Anyways, before I dish out the winners, let's get a few updates over with!

Recently, I have had some time on my hands - I just finished a play that I was doing with my local drama group, so I am less tired, sleeping a lot later and writing a lot more. However that time will once again be out of the window, unless I don't get a part in the next play. Oh well.

Also, I've really been into Alice Project recently thanks to Skeleton Sky's release, and I updated Chiima's Corner (other blog) with profiles of the groups and what not, just for those who want to know who is who. There isn't much information there, as the website was rather vague and my Japanese skills are non existent. That, and it was early in the morning when I wrote about it...

Wait... what time is it now...?

6:13am Holy buggery...

Let's move this post along so I can sleep, shall we?

Congratulations, MoMusu! Morning Musume gained 42 of your votes for this poll, and are the group that you are looking forward to in 2012!

... And yes, it was necessary to use the chicken picture. Why? Because it's the newest, that is why!

And now, let's look at the other results in the lazy fashion!!!

2. S/mileage - 35 votes
3. C-ute - 25 votes
4. Buono! - 23 votes
5. Berryz Kobou - 19 votes
6. SKE48B - 15 votes
7. PASSPO - 12 votes
8. Momoiro Clover Z - 10 votes
9. AKB48, NMB48, Sakura Gakuin, Tokyo Girls' Style - 8 votes
10. Hey! Say! Jump! & Sexy Zone - 7 votes
11. Houkago Princess, Fairies - 6 votes
12. NEWS - 4 votes
13. 9nine, KAT-TUN - 3 votes
14. Arashi - 2 votes
15. Pre-Dia - 1 votes

Now, I would say that I am surprised... but I'm not. Most readers are Morning Musume fans, or new fans who are looking forward to this big change that they are having - so it's understandable the anticipation for the group this year. However, I am surprised that people are excited for SKE in 2012 - then again, they're getting better whilst AKB has been getting lazier in PV execution and originality. I will also say: I am that KAT-TUN and Arashi got less that Sexy Zone and H!S!J, but oh well.

Anyways, that is that now! To everyone who voted, thank you! Because of the extension I gave the poll this time around, there was a massive 60 votes for this poll! Just a little thing can make me very happy :D So to everyone who clicked, thank you muchly!

For the next poll, I will be asking you all this:

What was your favourite PV release for January?

I will list some of the groups/artists that brought out a PV this January, because there were quite a few in terms of the ones that I watch. I would incude Alice Juban's Skeleton sky, if it wasn't for the fact that it was uploaded on the 1st of February, same with Mayuyu's Synchro TokiMeki. But hey - C'est la freakin' V~

Anyways, updated and done~ Thank you everyone for doing the poll, and I will be back next time with Okay! Musume Time's poll

See ya ;3


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